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POPSUGAR Must Have October 2014 Shipping Updates

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POPSUGAR Must Have October 2014 Shipping Updates!

POPSUGAR has emailed subscribers to address the shipping delay issues. We can expect our boxes to ship out in the next 7-8 days. I know a lot of readers have been concerned about what’s going on with POPSUGAR this month – so I wanted to post this asap.

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I understand that there was a screw up. They probably regret it more than we do. But I find it pretty interesting that the bloggers and youtubers all seemed to have received their boxes. This is what pisses me off. Because they chose to get them their boxes. They obviously did not chose to double charge people and all the other mess, but they made sure their bloggers had the box. Also, those individuals on Facebook that are complaining about double charges and now occurring bank fees – can you afford this box? I understand the little luxuries but get birchbox not this box.

    • You are so right. I said the same thing! I was fine until I went on YouTube and saw people reviewing their free box. I haven’t received an email about shipping delays or with shipping confirmation. I did receive an email today about spending $250 on the Neiman Marcus box. HAHA

  2. I finally got an email that says my box has shipped with a tracking number showing it has left CA and will be to my house on Oct.30. I am glad it FINALLY shipped. I am a little disappointed it will not be here in enough time to use the Halloween stickers, but fingers crossed next month will run A LOT smoother. I hope they plan on sending us a FABULOUS box to help make up for this months delay.

  3. My box arrived today without any notice or even a response to my email requesting a chargeback. I don’t have time to open up the package yet to check over the items.

    I’m curious if that means Liz received hers today. I noticed that I usually receive my box around the same time that others do in western PA.

    • I never got a shipping email either – but this gives me hope! 🙂 My mail hasn’t arrived yet, but fingers crossed!

    • Did you get the email about the shipment delay? I’m trying to figure out if mine will be even later since I got that email.

      • I did not receive the email delay. Everything arrived in perfect condition and shipped from the NY location. I also checked my credit card and was charged only once. I never did receive a response to the chargeback question, but that is no longer relevant now that I have a box.

  4. I had cancelled in Aug. and in reviewing my cc charges, I saw that I was charged on Oct. 5. Went into my account and sure enough, it was active again with no shipping address in their system. I also did not receive the delay email. So disappointed as I had planned to re-sub but was taking a break from all sub boxes for a while. Not sure about re-subbing.

  5. Popsugar is my favorite sub box, but I cancelled. I will come back once they get everything sorted out, but for now its too unstable. Still no october box and never got any emails. hopefully it will just appear on my doorstep this week 🙂

  6. I wrote a note on the Facebook wall for PopSugar tonight. They responded immediately. I asked a question about why I did not get any communication from them. She insisted I did receive it and copied the note in her response. I did not. I have received no communication at all from PopSugar. However, they found a way to take my prepaid subscription money from me in early Oct during their system issues. Yet, they cannot seem to send me a box. My note was not rude on Facebook. I believe the tone of their response to me was rude. I am sure something catastrophic has happened over there. However, they need to remember that they should keep the customers happy or informed. I am worried and quite unhappy with the tone they are taking with their subscribers.

  7. I don’t think I received the email, but my box arrived today. I think it’s a great box, and I’ll enjoying using everything!

  8. I did not get this email, but I arrived home yesterday to find my PSMH box on my door step! That was a pleasant surprise 🙂

  9. So, according to PS, they have not received any of my emails (the 5 emails that I sent in response to their “billing error” emails).

    Today they decided to respond to the last email I sent, literally within hours of me sending it…I asked them what was the “billing” issue that they kept sending me emails (threatening to cancel my account) about. They sent me this hugely long response about a bunch of other stuff, BUT DID NOT TELL ME WHAT MY BILLING ISSUE WAS. They said that the “billing error” email was sent to everyone – which we all know it wasn’t.

    I sent them a response, asking (again) what the billing issue was and what I needed to do to fix it. They responded in minutes by saying “as long as everything is updated you’ll be receiving your October box.” Seriously, again, they did not answer what the issue is/was, nor did they say when they would try to charge my card, or when mine would be shipped.

    I just don’t get it. My account is the same as it always was (for 2 years), all of my information converted to the new system (I can see my card, my address, etc), so nothing is “wrong.” Does anyone else think that this new system overhaul just really screwed everything up? Why are they being so evasive and rude to us?

    • Amber, I believe I have seen your exchanges with the rep on Facebook and they have been extremely condescending. In fact, exchanges like that are why I canceled my subscription. I don’t even know what’s going on with my box now. I got the email (so my box will be one of those extra late ones). On my account it says canceled with no information on shipping and no card on file, but they billed me for the box on the 16th, two days after I canceled. My PS account says it was billed on the 4th, but my credit card shows it on the 16th. It’s weird, and I’m doubtful I’ll get it at all.

      • Sorry, I wasn’t every clear. The rep has been quite condescending to you, which in my opinion is pretty awful.

        • Leah, you’re absolutely right – they are very condescending, and I appreciate you saying so. You wouldn’t believe how rude their emails have been. I feel like they’re blaming us for what is happening.

          What happened with your account is scary! Makes me wonder if they’re going to hold on to everyone’s payment info and continue charging them after cancelation.

          I’m curious to see what happens to them in the next few months.

          • I had a taste guru rep try to hack my Facebook account after I questioned their poor customer service on their Facebook page. I guess experiences like that make me over sensitive to things like this, but as soon as I see rudeness from a company I run the other way.

    • I am having the exact same problem! I keep getting these “error” messages about my account. I have checked and rechecked and put in a new credit card and done everything I can think of (which also includes emailing the company several times in the past ten days). I am not one of these subscribers who comes and goes. I have had a continuous subscription since the second ever box! I have bought all of their special edition boxes but one. Yet I can’t seem to get my account to be “active” and no one emails me back or contacts me. Sigh.

  10. Hi Ladies. I haven’t heard anything about my box- no e-mail, no shipment. So, I just went into my account and my shipping address was completely blank so I entered it. After I did that, the status changed to “shipment pending”. Just a heads up, check your address info! (go to Subscriptions and click on Manage Shipping)

    • I noticed this a week ago and did this too. I did not get my box yet. However, I did not get the late shipment email. I am not sure if it benefited me to put my info in there. I resubscribed for a three-month subscription this month, so they were paid around Oct 1st.

  11. Hoping PopSugar is reading these comments – – it’s not just the shipping delays, but from the spoilers the box looks cheap and targeted at a very youthful demographic. A teeny-bopper box (nail stickers, holiday socks, candles) does not line up with a higher-end box with a higher price point in a competitive market. So… I’m anxious to see what they do next month to FIX THE PROBLEM.

    They’ll have to come out strong in November or their user base is gone. Most of us are either about to cancel or would cancel if we could get the site to work. By luck, they will probably keep their subscribers into November. WOW US. Send things that your target demographic will enjoy – hint: not nail stickers. October looks like a box from a grandparent in another state that doesn’t know a kid very well for Christmas. Your demographic loves jewelry, accessories, rare finds, high end brands we recognize and admire, lush make up goods, and did I mention jewelry and accessories? Remember how much everyone liked the Kendra Scott earrings?

    Do that again. Or we’re gone. Seriously.

  12. I guess I am one of the lucky ones – I was oblivious to this whole debacle. My box showed up on Wednesday without any notice. I hope you guys get yours soon and love it as much as I do!!!!!!! The candle smells DEVINE!

  13. They didn’t 🙁 I just started in August, but I was reoccurring. I have yet to receive tracking info or anything. Honestly I love the box, but I’m going to cancel until they figure this out.

  14. I am signed up for popsugar on a recurring status and I received my box already. I know a lot of people sign up every month and cancel every month to use a coupon code every time. I hope they at least got all the ones out of those that don’t beat the system.

    • Mine was the last month of a three month subscription so they didn’t need to bill me to send the box. I wonder if that’s why it went out in an earlier round?

      I work in IT and I suspect they made a bad hiring move when they had the new website developed and that now they have to deal with issues of data not getting transferred over. Being told it would require the site to be down for a week should have been a red flag to them but they probably just don’t know enough about how all this works to realize this. Using the new product excuse backfired because it meant the new site got hit pretty hard when it came up and because people were all excited for nothing. Then add a whole bunch of new clients coming in through RueLaLa…

    • I’m a recurring subscriber, have been since June and I just got charged yesterday. It seems to be random.

  15. I think this whole situation might get a little uglier! I just checked my bank account and lo and behold, there is a new PopSugar charge for next month’s box. I know A LOT of people are going to be upset that they are being charged for the November box before the October box has arrived.

    I am rolling with it because, well, doo-doo happens, and I think it smacked PopSugar in the face this month. Does anyone know what the delay is for? Missing product? Problems w/ the new site?

    • I also had a payment from them but I think its for Oct’s, even though it says they charged me the 5th nothing was showing up. I also cancelled for the time being so I knew it wasn’t Nov’s. Did you made sure they charged you for Oct and that payment wasn’t it?

  16. Thanks for posting the update, I used the Rue La La deal for Sept and got a gift sub from my ex for Oct. and was wondering when the boxes were shipping. They should look at Birchbox’s customer service, the best! You actual can call and get a live person and speak with them, leave a VM and they will call you back as well as, follow up with an email regarding your phone conversation.
    Maybe hire a customer service team to handle calls and emails. I find it strange they have no phone number. I did track down a live person in their tech department who took my info and passed it on to another person and she called me back but it was like finding a needle in a haystack to get a live person, that was a couple of years ago. Heck I live near SF I can be on the Customer Service team and handle the complaints. I hope all the kinks get handled on their end and they don’t lose a lot of loyal customers.

  17. This is my favorite subscription I’m OK with waiting just as long as I get it. Now, if my Fit Fab Fun would finally arrive I’ll be a happy girl. That one is later than this and i have not seen anything about that one. I guess some boxes were not shipped per an email I just got from them and mine was in that batch. Is anyone else still waiting on that box too?

    • Yes! I have been having a terrible time with FFF. No response to any of my attempts to contact them. I don’t think the boxes are coming and that’s why they are not responding or taking calls. I cx PS awhile back and went with FFF, now I’m going to cx FFF. If they ever get back on track I’ll think about starting up again. If I don’t get a response by Nov 1, I’m contacting my cc and reporting them to the BBB. I am not giving my business and hard earned money to any company that does not respect me enough to respond to my inquiries. And not send the product I paid for! (My DVR box just broke and I lost a ton of recordings and can’t use that tv so I’m not in the best mood).

  18. Really?! It seems like my long post went Poof. So here is another one. I know that a lot of people are mad because they should have from the beginning said that some people may not get their box in time. But to me it seems like they were trying there hardest to get all the boxes out. when they realized that they couldn’t do that… that they sent out an email. Some people are already getting their boxes. On a good month, I am still one of the last people to get my box. If they had sent an email out to everyone that there might be some shipping delay with some boxes. Well, there would have a ton of emails asking if it was their box.. people screaming and yelling. But this happens from time to time… In fact… just about every sub box I have had, at one point in time had an issue with shipping and waited to say something. Hoping that they could get caught up. Hell, I wont get Sept. Nina Quarterly box till Nov. If there is an issue with you not getting a reply with email. Keep emailing them. They probably have 1000’s to go through. Hell, I am still waiting for FFF to respond to my emails and it has been almost 2 weeks. It took Golden Tote about two weeks to answer an email I sent them. It happens with a lot of boxes. They are over loaded. Keep sending out emails but understand that they are having some trouble. If their mailing system is blindly sending out emails… it could also causing problems with incoming emails. They tried something new and it went very wrong for them. The people that got Sept box. Well there is a couple reasons that might have happened. if you used that sale the had for I think it was $24.99… or something like that. It was only for the Sept box. I noticed that a lot of people overlooked that. Also, if you had the “waiting list” marked when you ordered. you told them that you would like the sept box over the oct if they had any left. Then again… It could be like what SS did this month. They made a mistake and sent out some of last months boxes. Which was nice for those people because that eye cream was a awesome value. Popsugar seems like a good box. I like my FFF better. But I like Popsugar because it is not all make up and face creams. I have sent them a couple of emails outlining what I think their issues are and what they can do to improve and grow. They take some of those emails and give them to the right department to look over. Understand that they thought this would be something awesome, that everyone would love the change. If they had any idea that it would cause this mess, do you think that they would have done it. Send them your ideas and concerns. Help them recover from this. I would hate to seem them go under because of this month.

    • Well said Tara. I have to be honest, I am a bit saddened by all the subscription box nastiness that seems to be out there lately. It seems like if a company screws up or has growing pains people go crazy. Nasty words are thrown around, attacking not just the company but people’s personal character. I wonder if people have ever had to work in customer service. It seems it is easy to sit behind a key board saying terrible things because you don’t actually have to own up to them.

      The people that work at these companies are someone’s kids, someone’s daughters and sons, someone’s parents and someone’s partner. Would you want your kids/loved ones talked to the way some of you ladies talk to other people? There is a polite way to express discontent and a terrible way to do it and it seems in all subscription box “land” our first instinct is the latter.

      I am not suggesting we don’t contact companies when we are experiencing problems or that companies don’t screw up. What I am suggesting is perhaps we have a little perspective. Treat people how we would want to be treated. Some people can’t afford to feed their children. Be happy you have $40 to spend on something like this. And, if at the end of the day, you aren’t getting good vibes or the products you paid for from a company, contact your credit card, end your subscription and be on your way. Don’t attack people. They are people. Not subscription fulfilling robots.

      These subscriptions are supposed to be fun and everyday I feel like it is just a new company getting attacked for delayed shipping or growing pains or not sending $300 worth of name brand items for ten dollars. It is ruining the experience for those of use that just want to enjoy it, talk to each other on here, compare likes/dislikes. The world has enough negativity, this is just not an area that warrants more.

      • I’ve seen zero personal attacks on this thread. Zero. People are frustrated because of a lack of communication, that’s it, and it’s their right as a customer. For a lot of people $40 is still a big chunk of money and it’s hard when a company takes it and then seems to be hesitant to fullfll their end of the bargain (shipping out a box). And I certainly don’t expect $300 for $10, just the products I paid for in a timely manner.

      • I don’t think anyone is bashing the cs people.

  19. Well, they just send me ANOTHER billing issue email. It doesn’t have my name on it and says nothing specific. This after they sent me one a couple weeks ago saying they would cancel my account in 5 days if I didn’t correct the (as yet named) billing issue.

    This is pretty insane, as I’ve emailed them regarding this 4 times now, and they’re not responding – I never got the “delay” email, and my account doesn’t say “pending.”

    I’m glad for all of you that are getting your boxes! I just think this is so weird and arbitrary, with some getting boxes, some not being charged, and everyone being ignored, LOL!

    My feeling is that their “new” system is shooting out random emails at folks. I can’t believe all the marketing emails I’ve received in the last week from them, but zero responses to 4 emails from me.

    • I’m going through the same thing! I’m not giving them my info until I get some reply. I checked my account and have an order number.

  20. My box came today! No e-mails, no indication on the website, just a bright pink package waiting for me at home. So there’s hope for the patient. I hope they don’t end up losing too much business from all this – while it’s justified (they could have handled all this a lot better!) I don’t think they deserve to go under.

  21. No email for me either….not in junk mail, but I checked my account and it says “pending”. Bummer.

  22. What I think is lame about all of this is that they were waiting until their deadline to say “hey, we need more time this month, sorry!” They had to have known for quite some time that they will be shipping at least SOME of the boxes out past their 15th of the month guaranteed time frame. I don’t understand the unwillingness on Popsugar’s part to be forthcoming and upfront with their customers from the get go.

  23. I received mine this morning (I’m in New York) so it seems like at least some people must be getting theirs close to on time.

  24. I got the email, which I guess means I’m waiting another 7-8 days before they send my box. Add on the 10 days it takes to get to me, and it’s going to be November before I get the October box. I canceled my account, but from what I’m reading on Facebook that doesn’t matter if it’s after the 1st. In my opinion, if they violate their terms (sending it out by the 15th) then I should be out of the contract (buying this month). That’s how it typically works. I don’t buy the “this was unexpected” line. Please, it’s only now occurring to Popsugar that the boxes will be late? They definitely realized this 2 weeks ago when they weren’t sending out boxes at the usual time.

  25. I got my box yesterday, and it was SEPTEMBER!?!?!?! What the HECK!?! Of course I can’t find a phone number to call and that drives me insane! Why would they have sent me September again???

    • That’s happened to a couple people it seems! I ordered the September box as a present for a friend 3 weeks ago and I haven’t heard a thing about shipping for it. Yet some subscribers are getting a double dose of September, while my friend has been waiting 3 weeks for her box!

  26. They said on Facebook that if you didn’t get an e-mail (I did not) that means you’ll get a message with tracking info “shortly”. My order doesn’t even say Pending, just that my next box will be October 2014. I had bought a three month subscription (of which this is the last pre-paid month).

    • I haven’t received an email either, I was expecting my first box to be the October box since I joined in late September (3 month subscription, which was paid). It says the same thing, the shipping status is “Pending”.

  27. I didn’t get this email in my inbox or in my spam. 🙁 My account still just says pending. I don’t even want the box any more. I’m not excited about it.

  28. I did get the email, but my account still shows my shipment as pending, and I haven’t been charged yet (despite the account showing I was charged on 10/5). I was hoping to send some of the decals to my niece in NM for Halloween, but at this point I’ll be lucky if they get here before she gets home in November!

    • I’m on the same boat as you. I was charged on 10/5 and my account also says pending. I cancel and I wont subscribe until they sort their business out.

      • The PopSugar charged just showed up as in process on my bank account.

  29. I received an email from them but the body of the message just said “null” so I had no idea what to think, so thanks for the update. Hoping to get it soon. It’s only my second month subscribing but I wanted to see what I thought of the items in person before deciding if I wanted to continue my subscription. Hoping it arrives sooner rather than later so I can cancel before I am charged for November otherwise.

    • I received the same email this morning. I emailed Popsugar and received a reply stating email should have included the information posted above regarding the shipping delay.

  30. I not only received this email but another one about updating my CC info. I checked my account and they already had an order number for the October box. I sent an email asking why the update since my CC was current, and they sent a “we’re busy” email a couple of days ago. I haven’t heard from them since. Pretty disappointed by their CS.

  31. I think it is safe to say that only a select few actually received this email. If you look at Facebook, you’ll see the many complaints from individuals who did not receive the email, and PopSugar telling everyone to check their spam folder, LOL. The fact is, the email was too little too late. It only says what they’ve been telling us for weeks – that it will ship in the next week. Anyone remember them saying that last week & the week before?

    I’m glad their new system couldn’t figure out how to bill me this month. Makes it so much easier to just walk away.

  32. I never received this email. (Checked my junk folder, too.). Of course, I had just sent myself a 3 month gift subscription that started in September. I have emailed customer service with no response other than the standard. “We’re busy and we will contact you someday.”

    When I logged in to my account after the website went down, there was nothing there. I even filled out my preference questions all over again. I had to re input my address. I purposely did NOT put a credit card. (The gift was charged in Aug. Under another email address.)

    I’m getting annoyed and frustrated. At least the gift was to myself. I would feel AWFUL if I had given one to someone else and this happened. Embarrassing!

  33. Thanks so much Liz! I was just wondering about this today and I appreciate your mind-reading capabilities:)

  34. haven’t personally received an email, even though I sent in a CS message over a week ago. I requested to have my subscription canceled and to refund me for October since I won’t receive the box until November, but again have heard nothing. Pretty disappointed, and may have to file a request with my CC to refund me if they don’t reply soon. So sad since I have loved PS in the past. I know issues arise, but their overall lack of transparency is the real thing that upsets me 🙁

  35. I’m a tad disappointed that the nail decals are for Halloween, and will look tacky being used after Halloween. (& it doesn’t seem I will be getting them before Halloween) this is my first month subscribing to pop sugar, the box is on the pricey side… do things like this normally happen?

  36. I’m not sure if this helps, or gives anyone hope, but I received my box today. I never got any shipping email, or any indication on the website that my box had been shipped. And I’m not a blogger or anything – just a regular ol’ paying customer. I hope everyone that wants it gets their box soon!

  37. Interesting, I did not receive that email and I still don’t seem to have any movement on my box. What bothers me about this whole thing is that they had to know before today that this was going to happen I mean its not like its just shipping a day or 2 late 7-8 days late is a pretty late yet on Facebook and other replies customers have posted they came across as annoyed that people wanted to know whats up and at times even borderline rude. Yes its probably frustrating from them and I am sure they are being inundated with complaints and such but come on just be honest and apologetic. I dunno just kind of puts bad taste in my mouth As companies grow there are often growing pains but you gotta handle them with class pop sugar has failed to do that in my opinion. And I ll be really sad if we all get our boxes too late to use or gift the nail decals to someone who ll get a kick out of them. Bummer but they missed their own deadline by a lot and they need to do something to make up for that. I m curious to see what actions are taken if any. Oh well here s hoping we all get our boxes earlier than expected, maybe they should just send the november box to while they are at it. lol

    • LOL agreed just send me Nov. too while you are shipping boxes!

  38. Patience is a virtue! And I know sometimes things happen and it doesn’t always go like it should and I think having to deal with thousands and thousands of boxes would put me behind sometimes too. At least they wrote a note to everyone and told them why. I plan on being patient and I know my box will soon be on its way. Lots of goodies coming my way!

    • The fact is, and I was just going to post this by itself until I read your post, they did not say why the boxes are delayed. (I’m sorry if I missed it). If I remember correctly, when Liz’s first box was going to be delayed by a day or two, Liz posted the information right away with the explanation. Another sub I get was delayed by a week or so and they contacted everyone and gave the reason why. This makes a lot of difference and is just good marketing.

    • You’re right, patience is a virtue, but poor customer service and repeated dodging of customer questions is their fault, not mine. I emailed on Wednesday, October 8th and have still no reply on unrelated billing issues. Why would I want to continue to do business with a company who obviously doesn’t value their relationship with me?

  39. If you havent received one, check your junk mail. That’s where mine was. I had asked they not send me one and still hoping they dont regardless of this msg.

  40. Does anyone know if it possible to cancel this box at this point? I won’t use the items this month (a gamble that we all take with sub boxes), but if they won’t even ship out for the next week, I won’t even receive it by Halloween/the end of the month.

    • I’am not sure, but if you call or email them to cancel your box before it arrive they might just do that and also refund your money.

    • I tried but their FAQ and terms say if you cancel within a subscription month, you still get billed for that month but not the next cycle.

  41. I don’t subscribe anymore, but the last time they had a major shipping delay, they added an item to the next month for all those affected. Maybe they’ll do that again?

  42. I just got this email too. I am really bummed that I won’t receive the nail designs before Halloween. I am glad they finally said something though. It was obvious there were some troubles this month. I am not canceling just yet, but I hope they turn things around before next month. Next to MSA Quarterly box this is probably my favorite subscription.

  43. I received one too, at least they came forward and made an explanation instead of keeping everyone in limbo.

  44. I’m a Popsugar subscriber. Should I be nervous that I did NOT get that shipping email?

    • Maybe you are one of the lucky ones who will be getting their boxes soon?

      • Fingers crossed. I would also like to add – one of the main reasons I love your site (and MSA Quarterly) is your sunny outlook. You always keep a positive spin and I appreciate that! Thanks, Liz!

        • 🙂 Hopefully it all works out!

        • Thank you for posting the email. I did not receive it in my email.

    • I also did not receive this email. I checked my Popsugar account and it looks like I’m supposed to receive the October box but no email. Oh well, on the positive side I just got my Boxycharm shipping email, Yippee!

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