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My Subscription Addiction App – Would You Use it?

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Would You Use an MSA App?

We’ve had a few requests to build an app (which is awesome), and I wanted to get a better sense of interest in a My Subscription Addiction App before we might start building it. (FYI – this would take a while so it would be an early 2015 type of thing).

  • Would you use an MSA app?
  • What would be post important for you in an app? (Swaps? new coupon alerts? etc?)
  • Is there anything that doesn’t exist on the site that you’d like to see in an app? (And maybe on the site too?)
  • Any other feedback?

Thanks as always!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Would love an app!!! It would be great to get notifications instead of always having to check my email, which sometimes has a lag time or I don’t get the email at all when someone requests or responds to a swap. I think this site is awesome so I don’t have any other comments other than keep up the great work!!

  2. YES!!!! All of the me to on wold be awesome..ay be option for notifications also..

  3. Yes, an MSA app would be awesome! Would primarily want this for notifications of boxes etc that come available briefly only and then sell out right away (time sensitive), followed by swapping, then followed by everything else you do on this site.

    Thank you for asking!


    • yes!! Definitely agree about the boxes; I miss out when I am at work.

  4. I would love an app. I’m always checking my phone and MSA webpage. Having features like your webpage for reviews and swaps would be the best part.

  5. Yes! I rarely use my laptop anymore and an app would be great and so much easier. Notifications on new reviews would be great!

  6. Yes! Yes! Yes! I check for reviews on my phone multiple times a day, so an app would be awesome!!

  7. Yes please! One request though don’t do the whole is only first, that’s always so depressing. Especially when android occupies the majority of the market. That being said I do have the find sub boxes one and it’s nice to get notified of posts. In your case it would be so awesome to be able to select reviews or spoiler type notifications, swap stuff…

  8. I would love an app that gives push notifications for flash sales (e.g. Modcloth stylish surprise, Bare Minerals mystery box)! Also, I’d like the option to get push notifications when new coupons are released for specific boxes (e.g. signing up to get Glossybox codes only).

  9. Absolutely, I would love it and use it!

    Whenever I check from my browser I always have to sign in (even though I’ve checked “remember me”). So a “stay logged in” feature would be awesome.

    Also, as others have said, notifications for flash sales and things like that would be great.


  10. Yes, yes, a 1000 times yes! I was surprised to see there wasn’t one already, actually! I’d use it mostly for swaps, and maybe some box reviews.

  11. Yes I would absolutely use it!!

  12. I would use it for swaps, new coupons, and any special alerts that are time sensitive. thanks Liz!

  13. YES. Absolutely would use it. I have an android, so as long as it is for android and iOS I think that would be wonderful.

  14. I’ve been wanting an app!! I don’t use the swap site (I sell anything I don’t want on ebay) but push notifications every time you update with a review would be awesome! Instead of checking the website multiple times a day, I could just glance at my phone!

  15. YES! Have the page on my home screen and check it all the time but it would me AWESOME to have notifications right away for deals and new posts.

  16. It would be nice if there was a button in the swap section where we could see a list of people who follow each of the items that we have listed.

    • Yes!! I have been thinking about that too when I really wanna get rid of something LOL so I know who I should try to swap with.

  17. Liz,
    I think building the app would be a great idea. It would make it more convenient for people like me that visit your sight on a daily basis. Ya know, some of us just can’t get enough. But I guess you already know what that’s about. Lol
    Steph Gambino

  18. I would definitely use it for swapping, and also if you included push alerts for big news–like when ModCloth has a Stylish Surprise, or there are other random special sales that sell out very quickly. I read the newsletter every morning and when I see those types of posts I get very excited–but by the time I click to the website to read the post, I realized the sale was the previous day and was already sold out, or something like that.

    If you did push notifications each time you had a new post, or a new type of post (so you could customize to only get push alerts for certain boxes, or for things like special sales) then that would be AMAZINGLY helpful!!!!

    • Seconded! I always miss these too!

  19. Love this idea and I have been wishing for a MSA app for a long time. The number one reason to use app would be for swaps. The second reason would be reviews. The third reason would be for alerts for special deals or boxes. Please we need this app!

  20. I wouldn’t use it.

  21. I would absolutely love to have this APP! but then again, I love APPs so I may be biased! I think it’s a great idea!

  22. Probably not.

  23. I would love this if it included the swap functionality. Perhaps it could change the format of the daily emails so that you get a notification when the daily reviews are up. This would be awesome!

  24. I would definitely use it! I would love to have reminders about ending/renewing subscriptions and skip reminders. Sure I could just use a regular calendar, but I think it would be more fun to have it incorporated in an app dedicated to subscriptions.

  25. Yes!!

  26. yes yes yes yes I would absolutely love it !!

  27. I don’t think I would use it – I would rather just look at the site online. Unless it was an app just for swapping….well maybe I would use it.

  28. Making the swap site into an app would be awesome! I don’t think I’d use an app for reading the website or purchasing boxes or coupons, but I’d DEFINITELY use it for swaps.

  29. Yes yes yes yesssssss!

  30. YES YES YES!!! I actually have the swaps page added to my Home screen so I can easily access it. I would LOVE an app! I would use it for Swaps, to check out new box reviews, coupon codes, etc. I would love giveaways only for app users too. And if something hot popped up would love an alert!

  31. Yes please! I would dl it asap.

  32. I wouldn’t use it. With the daily e-mails, I don’t really need more notifications for subscription box deals. All it would do is encourage me to spend more money than I already do because of this site 😉 LOL

  33. YES!!! Would love it. Most important would be swaps and new coupon alerts and spoilers…so pretty much everything you post! 🙂

  34. I wouldn’t use an app. I have a smartphone but I just don’t use apps very often. I just scroll through your FB page when I want updates.

  35. I don’t think I’d use an app – the site works fine for me – but if there WAS an app, could you please not make the site try to redirect mobile users to download the app every time we hit the site? This way, the people who want the app can get the app from a link or the App Store, and the rest of us can still enjoy the normal, awesome site.

    • Yes definitely – that annoys me so much when sites do that!

  36. I think I must be a dinosaur; I don’t have a smartphone or tablet so I don’t use apps…

  37. Liz, What are you trying to do to us!? Do you know how many of us will now be hit by buses! ;p Well, there went anything like looked like a social life for me! 🙂 WOOHOO!!!!! I’m ready for it!

  38. Yes, I would love an app! I’m an Android user though so it would have to work with both iOS and Android for everybody. I would love to see reviews and coupons on the application. I’d also love to see giveaways or something along those lines for app users, if available. I think it would be a great way to get people to download the application as well as get more people to check out the website.

    • I agree! I hate when there isn’t an Android version of an app. I don’t bother ordering from or checking out stores and sites who are i-Biased. LOL.

  39. I would definitely use it. It would be nice to be able to respond to swap requests on the go instead of having to wait until you have the time to access your computer. Also, it would be nice to be alerted to coupon deals or specialty boxes that sell out quickly, such as the popsugar limited addition boxes, etc. Also, it would be nice if the app was made available to both android and iphone users. I often find that apps are for either or and not both.

  40. Yes yes yes!

  41. YES, YES, YES!!!!!! Please enable my addiction, I get on here 15 times a day at least. I would love push notifications about my swaps or at the very least whenever you had a new post or review up! You could give it to us for Christmas or my birthday or Halloween… Please! Pretty please with sugar on top? Or pretty please with a vegan, gluten free brownie on top and a delicate gold piece of jewelry!

    • Haha this cracked me up – thanks Angela! We’ll do our best 🙂

  42. Yes! Please oh please! Pretty please with sugar on top.

  43. Let’s say your app notified users of when a new subscription box deal was made available, for example the modcloth grab bag, many people missed out on that deal. So whenever there was a new deal for any type of box, the app would pop up on your screen sort of like Instagram does when you have a new notification or twitter when you have a new mention, I think that would be awesome.

    I’d definitely use it for that.

  44. I would love an app. I actually do use the ones for Ulta, Hautelook, Birchbox quite frequently – mostly on an iPad, but it would be great. I also would love to be able to log in using Facebook and have it keep me logged in – I am always having to re-log in.

    I read a lot of your reviews using Bloglovin’s app or within the emails that come out, but the swap site is where I find I really park myself for a long time.

    One other request, when you cancel a swap it would be nice for it to then take you back to the ‘your swaps’ page.

    • I totally agree with Christine. I dont love how it leads me nowhere after cancelling a swap. I also think having notifications (ie, facebook )after logging in to show new swap request or update on current swaps would be nice too. Thanks Liz!

  45. Definitely would use an app! Please for android users. I like to able to respond to swaps and enter tracking info right away. Usually using my phone but it is tedious. Also coupon alerts would be great!

  46. A MSA app would be the best thing ever! YES!!

  47. Yes, I would definitely use it! Would love to be able to use it for swaps, because I’m not crazy about how the swaps display on the mobile site.

    • I would also love to be able to “follow” certian boxes and be notified when they are for sale… such as modcloth and other boxes that are only one time instead of subscription

  48. I wouldn’t use it, I rarely go on the website on the go, and when I do the plain website works fine for me.

  49. totes m’goats. you are my new obsession. 🙂

  50. yes. App. I would love it!!!!

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