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GlossyBox Mystery Box Sale – 3 for $30!

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GlossyBox Throwback Sale

GlossyBox is selling boxes from past months at a deep discount – and you can order 2 or 3 at once without having to worry about repeat boxes! You can get one box for $15, 2 for $24, or 3 for $30.

Thank you Karol, Birdie, Lucia, Katie, Kimberly and Samaria for letting us know about this deal!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I ordered on October 17 and got my two boxes today. I got the April 2014 and the Harpers Bazaar boxes. Highly disappointed that I got the HB box. Detested that lip tar, can’t even tell you how much. And that Bulgari hair conditioner….is it safe for color-treated hair?

  2. I got the 3 for $30 and I’m really happy with it. Yes, shipping took forever (though this time it wasn’t Glossybox’s fault – the package decided to hang out in Atlanta for a week for no good reason) but it was worth it.

    2 boxes were repeats for me (Harper’s Bazaar and Aug 2014), and the 3rd was new (July 2014). I got 17 items total, I’m keeping 9 of them and put the other 8 up to swap. I’d definitely jump on this deal again if the offer it in the future!

    • I wish my subscription boxes would hang out in Atlanta for a week instead of random places like Kentucky and Indiana. Although then it might be even more maddening, to know they’re within a few miles but that I can’t just go to the shipping company warehouse and pick them up.

      I was mostly happy with mine, too (have had them for a long time now), though all three of mine were repeats.

  3. My boxes have finally moved out of the “paid” section to the “packing” section. Still haven’t left their warehouse though. And ironically enough, my Nov Glossy box as also moved from “paid” to “Packing” on the same day. In addition I have received zero response to my email inquiring about where the location of my items were and the updated eta since it still claims i should receive them between October 25th- November 6th. Its the 11th and they haven’t even left their facility.

    I am now going on officially 4 weeks since I paid for my boxes, and they still haven’t even left the facility. That plus the complete lack of response (ie customer service). I am losing faith in this company extremely fast. I had been considering joining via a subscription, not just month to month – but after this stunt, that wont be happening.

    • I’m in the same boat-26 days since I ordered the mystery boxes and the order just moved to packing. At the same time as the November box. And customer support (Ha!) has ignored the last email I sent. I’m contacting PayPal and the Better Business Bureau…

      • I haven’t gotten mine and CS has ignored my email and facebook comments as well as private message. Really disappointed!

    • I also have still not gotten mine. I wrote them a while back and they said all the boxes would be mailed last Friday. This has been a disappointing experience for me.

    • My November box has officially been ship – yet these boxes STILL sit in packing. I have never heard anything back from customer service either – complete radio silence. If these boxes are not shipped by end of day on Monday I will be disputing the charge. I don’t need these boxes that bad, and honestly have no idea if they plan to ship them especially since I cant get a response from them. The fact that so many people received their boxes quite a while ago and mine still haven’t left their facility, and they refuse to respond or provide an explanation does not provide me with confidence as a consumer. While I have read about other subscription companies having issues over time – they all seem to have taken the time to respond to their customers – even if just a standard form letter, at least its some type of acknowledgement.

      • I also have NOT received my 2 throw back boxes. I ordered them on October 17th. I sent them an email last week and they replied with the whole back ordered products that others have said. My order did move over to the packing tab but that is where it stayed. Extremely disappointed with Glossybox.

  4. I received my t2o throwback boxes today and was very disappointed that both boxes were exactly identical to the Bazaar and Stars/Stripes boxes I’d already had earlier this year. Not a single new item. Plus to add to the disappointment the red Julep nail polish and Ayres lotion leaked. The lotion got on everything, but at least the nail polish was in a ziploc…

  5. I received my 2 box warehouse special today. The two boxes are the June Stars and Stripes box and the September Harper Bazaar Box. Everything arrived unbroken, no leaks, nothing missing. I’m happy about that. The box itself is solid. Now I can see why people use them to build jewelry chests.

    I’m pleased that I am able to use most of the Harper Bazaar box. I gave my older son the Rusk, and will give my sister the champagne eye shadow pencil. I can use the nail, body butter, and hand cream. The smell of lemongrass doesn’t bother me so I am fine with the hand cream. I liked this box when I saw the review and am happy to see it. My C Wonder gift card is $5.00.

    My variations for the Harper Bazaar box are the She’s Pampered Essie nail laquer and Black Dahlia Lip Tar. I thought that there is no way I could wear the lip tar, but it looks great on me. I’m surprised. The only item I can’t use from this box is the mascara. I fine with receiving conditioner because I go through more of it than shampoo.

    Overall, I’m pleasantly surprised with my experience with this sale. I’m still not going to be a monthly customer, but I am open to one time purchases as long as I can pay with PayPal.

  6. My 2 boxes are to deliver today.I’m predicting 2 September boxes. We will see. I’m highly curious to finally see a Glossybox because people love their boxes despite issues with the company.

    • They do have nice stuff. One of my throwback boxes had the Philip B detangling spray. I love what that stuff does for my hair. Only, I suggest using it only on wet hair. It smells like vinegar and the smell dissipates from wet hair but apparently not so well from dry hair — I used it 2 hours ago and my hair still has an odor…

  7. My invoice stated i should receive my boxes between 10/25/14 and 11/6/14….well its 11/6 and no boxes. Like Kerry, my boxes haven’t even shipped. They are currently in the “paid” mark phase (which occurred weeks ago). Its not even listed in the “Pack” part of the tracking section much less marked shipped w/a tracking code. Got to admit I’m a little flummoxed that I was supposed to have received my boxed by today at the latest, and they haven’t even been shipped yet?

    I’m glad to see some people have received their boxes already, yet it also concerns me that mine hasn’t even shipped…while others have already received theirs. October was my first actual subscription month to Glossybox. I jumped at the chance to get past boxes as any past month would be brand new to me…this is not a good initial impression though. They have already taken money for my November box yet they haven’t even shipped these “special” boxes I paid for last month.

  8. Ordered the two box deal on 10/17 before it was even posted on MSA, and my boxes have still not shipped. I was under the impression these boxes were overstock, so I’m not sure how they’re still ‘waiting on product’….. Very frustrating.

  9. I received a tracking number today. My package is currently in Indiana. I hope it is not 2 September boxes. Still I am happy it is shipped and on its way to me. I really thought I would not see it before Thanksgiving.

  10. I ordered the 3 for $30 deal. I only received two boxes (July and August) and two of the items in the August box were open and leaking (Eslor Cream and Nail Polish.) I’ve emailed them, but haven’t heard anything back yet. I don’t understand how companies can get things so messed up! Glossybox is not the only one. Popsugar is one of the worst I’ve seen to date, and GB is probably a close second.

    • At least popsugar responded to my email…

  11. I still haven’t recieved shipping confirmation. I emailed glossy box and it emailed back that the email address no longer existed. This worries me.

  12. I ordered the 3 for $30 on 10/17 and they were delivered on 11/1. Like some others have already stated, I also received the July, August & September boxes. I loved July (which was my first GlossyBox) so was thrilled to have a duplicate, however I was hoping to receive at least one box from earlier in the year and so was a little disappointed not to have a chance to sample anything new.

  13. Is Glossybox still offering the 3 for $30 option? The link above took me to a page that only let me buy 1 for $15?

    • They are running out and are down to one box only. A week ago, or so, it was two. The two and three options are gone now

  14. Still waiting for my boxes, I ordered 2 of the double box. I should have known glossybox would be late with their shipping

    • I ordered the set of three boxes for $30 on October 17th. They were shipped on October 31st and I received them on November 1st!

  15. I got the “she’s pampered” Essie variety of the September box – never would usually buy red, so happy to try it. The conditioner, Vichy, and mascara will be used. However, the lip tar looks horrible on ALL the female members of my family (who have varying skin tones) – was hoping for the other color – but that would probably look too orange.

    For $15 I got my money worth ($49 in products I will use). However, this sub is not for me – luckily I could “test” it at a discount without making a long commitment

    • Hey!

      I got the same box. At first I had the same thought about the lip tar but then I saw the note that said you can mix it with another shade. I bought a set of Nyx matte liquid lipsticks from Ipsy (IpsyMe offer) and a few of the colors were way too light (pink) for my skin tone. I was afraid I would never use them. A few drops of the Black Dahlia into each tube (along with a lot of stirring of the wand) and I had brand new, darker pink shades that were appropriate for my skin tone. Maybe you could use it in that way? I would never use the lip tar on its on but it has created some new liquid lipsticks in my collection.

      Good Luck!!

  16. I haven’t received anything from Glossybox yet. I’ll contact them late next week if there is no shipping confirmation.

  17. So still have not yet received shipping info, contacted customer service a couple of days ago, it’s been 2 weeks since I placed the order for 3 boxes. I was told they would start shipping in a “couple of days”. GlossyBox strikes again, Grrrr. And for those who have already received the order and have gotten duplicate boxes-it was stated very clearly that the boxes would be different. Start getting ahold of customer support. It will take awhile….

    • Same here – I don’t see why it should take them more than two weeks to throw already-packaged small boxes into bigger boxes…this is *not* a good sign for my subscription.

      • Got the standard email back – “The mystery boxes are still in the process of shipping. We are currently waiting for few of backordered items to arrive at our warehouse so that we can package the boxes and ship them out. We appreciate your patience as we are working our best to speed up the shipping process for all of our orders. Once your packages leave our warehouse, you will receive a shipping confirmation with tracking number inside.”

        If they’re sending us previous boxes, why are things backordered? Makes no sense, unless they’re recreating old boxes.

      • Argh – still nothing.

  18. I received my mystery box today. Don’t get me wrong, I know what is meant by “mystery,” and I’m still happy with my box. I have only been getting Glossybox for two months now (September and October), so I was really hoping to get a box from before I subscribed, but I ended up getting the exact same September (Bazaar) box. Kind of a bummer, but I will definitely get use out of it.

  19. I got July-August and September boxes. awesome!

    • Good to know, I got the 3 box deal as well. I hope I get some different nail polish colors, though. It’s not that I don’t like the ones I got, it’s just that I don’t really need 2 of each. My package has made it to Atlanta but who knows when I’ll actually receive it?

      • I haven’t even received tracking yet and I know we all ordered the boxes on the same day.
        Let’s hope they’re it’s longer because they’re ensuring that I get two different boxes! lol

        • Oops *taking longer, that makes more sense.

  20. I still haven’t received any shipping information. Anyone else waiting on this?

    • I am still waiting too. I hope next batch will be with two different boxes, I will get so angry if I get two September boxes, which I didn’t like…

    • I got my shipping information yesterday. So did a whole bunch of people on Make Up Talk.

  21. Just received my 2 box order and they are BOTH THE EXACT SAME BAZAAR box! I understood that if you bought a bundle that they would be DIFFERENT! Really disappointed. Duped again by Glossybox 🙁

    • Omg… I ordered 3! If they are all the same, I might have a conniption fit.

    • Seriously I will be so mad if I get two of that box. That particular box made me quit glossybox!

  22. I ordered the 2 for $24 and got them in the mail today. Even though on the website it says buying 2 at a time would guarantee two different boxes, I received two of the Harper’s Bazaar box. What a bummer 🙁 I’m wondering if anyone else had this problem.

    • Wow, how can they do that?!
      I thought that particular box was one of the worst I’d ever received from Glossybox. No surprise they had lots left over.
      If they send me two of the same boxes I’ll most certainly kick up a fuss. I’ve taken a screenshot of the page saying that Glossybox guarantee different boxes.

  23. Spoke to customer service today because the boxes had not shipped yet. I have no idea if what the lady said is true, but, she stated that they are awaiting a shipment of some backordered items in order to fulfill the orders. Supposedly, these are older boxes they they are selling off. I find it odd that they are awaiting items to be shipped. I have no idea what any of this means…just sharing.

    • I don’t think these are actual boxes that didn’t sell, I think they are just recreating past boxes. Some people were concerned about expiration dates because of these being “old” boxes, but I’m sure that won’t be an issue.

    • Thanks for an update! I hope it’ll still be within the 10/25-11/6 time frame. I’ve been really anxious to see what months going to be re-released.

  24. I read on another forum that after contacting CS, a customer was told that the single box purchases were “coming directly from the September pallets” (exact quote).

    • I’m glad I was able to grab 2 boxes. At least I’ll only receive one of the September boxes at most. That conditioner without matching shampoo, the awful lip tar, the rest pretty ‘meh’.
      Sorry, to the women who liked the tar, but it was an epic fail for me.

      • Totally agree. September box was a total miss.

  25. Am I the only one concerned about getting expired product? The last thing I want is rancid lipstick or perfume samples that have become “funky” instead of sweet…. How old are these “past boxes”? Anyone have any idea?

  26. DANG!! I missed the 3 for $30 and the 2 box deal. 🙁

    I’m ordering 1 now… Did anyone regret there 3 box purchase today?? 😉

    Does anyone know if I order 2 of the 1 box deal… And Get a terrible box if there returnable? Also what you think my odds are if buy a few 1 box deals of getting the same or the worst box at this point? Or are they random??

    I’m thinking Christmas presents too 😉

  27. Would have liked the 3/$30 for the best deal but did get the two. Hoping for good boxes!

  28. I snagged 3 for $30. Based on Liz’s sub box analysis, I figured if the average Glossybox has $75.86 retail value, I could get $228 worth of products. I’m sure it will be less because the super high value boxes sell out, but still think it’s a great deal and can’t wait to see which 3 months I get!

  29. Wanted the 3 for $30 but was too late. By the time I saw this, the only thing left was 1for $15 – still saved $6. I am not a current subscriber, so this will be a trial box for me – hoping for something good 🙂

    • The same thing happened to me. I’m really bummed. The 3 for $30 would have been an amazing way to try GB for the first time. Oh well, hopefully my 1 box will be great. Maybe I’ll sub for November. =)

  30. I got the email at 1 something, got on before 3 and the 3 for $30 was already gone! I was able to get 2 for $24 though. Even if I dont like what I get, that’s awesome stocking stuffers!

    • I’d like to give the two I ordered as gifts. I wonder if there will be a way to tell which month’s box it is, without undoing the seal.
      A Glossybox is a great gift, but I really would like to know exactly what I’m giving so I can give each person the most suitable box.

  31. Thanks for the shoutout! I clicked and purchased the second I got the email and I got the 3 for 30 deal, yay! I figured these would make great Christmas gifts.

  32. It sounds like a great deal, but with my luck I’d get another September box, when I already have 3 and 2 October boxes.

  33. I ordered the 3 boxes the second I received the email! AMAZING deal!

  34. Not that I need them, but I bought 2 for $24. Wonder if we’ll all receive the same boxes?
    I’m guessing that they’ll be boxes that didn’t sell out – so no Best of Britain or Bergorf Goodman then!

    • I wondered about that. But the BG gift card code would be expired now, anyway. Although the stuff in the box was pretty good.

  35. Didnt even get to see the 3 for $30 deal. But 2 for $24 is an awesome deal too!!

  36. whew! I made it just under the wire! Could not resist 3 for $30!!!

  37. This is a great deal but I’m already overloaded with beauty products as is.

  38. Could not resist. Bought the three box deal.

  39. The 3 for $30 sold out. That was fast. Had it in my cart and sold right out from under me. Bought two, 2 packs.

  40. The 3 for 30 is already sold out. I had it selected and when I went to pay it said sold out. I picked the 2 box special and paid with PayPal.

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