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Wantable Fitness Collection Shipping 9/24!

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Wantable Fitness Collection Shipping 9/24


Wantable Fitness is now live on the Wantable site! You can take the quiz and get first access to this Fitness Stylist subscription when it launches on the 24th.

Here are the details from Wantable on how it works (very similar to Stitch Fix):

Welcome to our newest collection, Wantable Fitness. We wanted to give our loyal customers a sneak preview of this exciting new collection featuring the latest trends and technology in athletic apparel.

Β Our quiz allows you to select your sizes, the types of workouts you participate in and the types of apparel you’d like so your personal stylist can select the perfect items for your fitness wardrobe. Choose from athletic tops, bottoms, hoodies, undergarments, and accessories. You’ll pay a $20 styling fee and your personal stylist will handpick 5 premium fitness apparel items priced at around $65 each. These items feature the hottest styles and latest innovations in fitness from brands like Nux, Nina B. Roze, and Body Language Sportswear. Once they arrive you can try them on in the comfort of your home and decide what you love and what you’d like to return. Send back the items you’re not in love with with the hang tags attached and we’ll only bill you for what you keep. The styling fee will be applied to your final purchases. If you keep at least three of the items you’ll receive a 20% discount. If you keep all five you’ll get 30% off. The more you keep, the more you save.

What do you think of this new FItness Stylist service from Wantable? Are you going to try it?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. They don’t have plus sizes, so it is kind of a moot point, but I’m really surprised at the model they decided to use for this. If they were offering this box in my size and the box followed their previous model of $36 for 4-5 items that are customized based on my profile, I might have considered trying it for a month or two. I have a hard time imagining that there is a very large market for a fitness clothes subscription box that has an entry level of $20 just to try the clothes on, and then an additional $43-65 or so per item. I guess I assume people who acquire 5 new fitness clothing items a month are athletes who have pretty specific clothing requirements that a subscription box model can’t provide.

  2. Oh no! I’m looking at the website. It looks like *all* the Wantables are moving to the Stitchfix model. Wantable intimates and accessories are my two favorite boxes, but I don’t care for the Stitchfix model, where I would have to pay twice as much or more.

    This makes me sad.

    • Wait, where are you getting the sense that the other subs are changing to that? I was looking at the quizzes to see if they’d changed, and I know they mentioned a stylist for the other collections, but I just thought that was who put them together. I’m just hoping they aren’t changing too!

      • I hope I’m wrong. I’m suspicious because this is new on the “How it works” page:
        Return what you don’t. We’ve made returns simple and hassle free!
        It used to be that you could only return single items if they were defective or wrong (size/preferences). So I’m wondering if it will now be a “buy what you want” model.

        • OK, I posted on their Facebook page to ask them about that. I’ll report back if/when they respond!

          • Good news! I got the following response on Wantable’s FB page:
            “ Hi Jill – Thanks for your comment and support of us. There are no immediate plans to change any of our existing categories. We are still working to improve each of them, so that doesn’t rule out change however. Ultimately we want you to have the ability to discover new fashion items each month at deep discount. And all of this is hand crafted for your unique style. If you have other questions you can email or call us anytime. #loveourfans:

        • I think maybe it says that because if, for example, you get an accessories box that you really don’t like, you do have the option to return the entire box and they will refund you your money. I have done that once before when they had a really off month and I just did not like anything I got. I sent it back, no problem, and they refunded me the whole amount I paid. That is always an option for the boxes, so maybe that’s what they mean when they say keep what you love (if you love your box), return what you don’t (send it back if you don’t)? Maybe..? Just a guess πŸ™‚

  3. I took the quiz when they first sent it to members and then again when they redid their dashboard, and I was so excited! But now, seeing this, I agree with everyone else. I take my Fabletics every month and love getting 2-3 stylish fitness items for $49.95. I would not pay $20 for a stylist to pick out $65+ clothing that I can buy if I want or be out $20 if I don’t – and I was hoping for other fitness items, too. I was really hoping this box would be like their other $36 subscriptions which are totally awesome! I am not worried because a rep told me yesterday that they will be adding a place for stylist notes on their other boxes and I really hope this means they are not switching the model on these, too.

  4. This is so upsetting. I have been literally counting down the days for this to launch, but who can afford a box this expensive? $300?? Really??

  5. i was all set o go mainly becayse i like the stitchfix model so much (but also was wondering how many new fitness items I needed each month). What stopped me is the “preview” cost of $36 when I was expecting $20. It’s a small thing — but that’s enough to have thrown me off so that I didnt complete the registration . purchase.

  6. That price point is crazy. Fabletics is a much better deal and I think the quality of the clothes is good. I have two or three outfits from them and the sportsbras are so soft!

  7. Yikes that a big price tag. 65 per item is a lot plus a styling fee. No thanks. This would not be worth it to me at all and I see others feel the same. I think they may have just made a grave error in their fan base.

  8. Eh. I’m kind of over Wantable. This piqued my interest as I work in the fitness industry and I’m always in need of new workout apparel (love love love Fabletics) but I am disappointed in this. And I was disappointed with my last Wantable Intimates shipment as well. I’m expecting one more box from them and if I’m not wow’d by it I think I am done with Wantable for good.

  9. I was about to sign up and then read the comments here… I think I will be going with Fabletics. I’d been hesitant because I’ve read other reviews of them that are negative- not the quality of the clothes but just the having to skip a month by the 5th or you get charged thing. But I’ve heard good things here and I think I can remember to do that. I only started running a couple months ago, so I definitely need more clothes for it, especially now that it’s getting colder. Just wish I’d ordered when I first signed up, now it’s too late for the $25 first outfit πŸ™

    • I’ve been with JustFab which also has “skip by the 5th or get charged” but it’s never been a problem. I just automatically skip the moment I get the e-mail on the 1st, then go back and order stuff I want later, if I’m planning to make a purchase that month. The price for purchasing later in the month is the same and it gives you more time (although I hear Fabletics clothes sell out fast).

    • If you sign up with a new email account you should get the deal as long as you haven’t bought one before (then they would have your credit card info etc already in their database). But if you are willing to call, and you tell them hey, I never used my deal, you still have that deal available and I would like it – they should give it to you. They did for me!

  10. Nope, not interested. I think Fabletics is the way to go for fitness apparel as long as they don’t start drastically changing their model like Ellie did. I would probably shop with Fabletics even more if they could fix some of the kinks within their customer service, sizing and stock issue; the sizes aren’t very consistent between pieces and often by the time you try to exchange the item is sold-out and you can’t get a refund in this scenario without the stocking fee. If Wantable would have set up this box like all the other boxes they offer it would have been more enticing.

  11. I subscribe to Wantable’s accessories and intimates box and they are both two of my favorite boxes every month. I was really looking forward to this but I am really disappointed. Like everyone else said, $65 is WAY too expensive for one piece of workout clothing, even with a 20% discount it is still too expensive in my opinion. I do subscribe to Stitch Fix but I usually only purchase items that I feel justify the price and that I use on a regular basis like jeans or jackets. Workout clothes can change size based on how much weight you lose, sometimes they shrink, etc. which doesn’t make it a good bargain for me. I was expecting it to be their $36 price and was excited for it, but I won’t be signing up for it like this. I also echo other girls’ sentiments about it going up to a large. At least Fabletics offers larger sizes for those of us who have big chests….

  12. I am puzzled. I didn’t realize that workout clothes had such diversity that you might need a stylist. (I mean, I realize they are diverse but I did not know it was so complicated to match tops and bottoms for whatever activity you do.) Also, I dislike that this is different than their typical method of doing boxes and they’re trying to charge a styling fee.

  13. Hmmm. I much prefer Fabletics, as others have said!! $65/item is much too expensive for me for athletic wear, when I can head down to Target and get items for $20/each. However, I DO like that they have a 20% discount if you keep 3 items (bringing the price to ~$52/each), but that’s still a little too steep for me….

  14. I think this is a misstep with their customer base. How does a company go from $36.00 boxes to a potential $300+ per box? Did they send out surveys or focus groups that showed there was a need for this service?

    I will pass on this if the business model isn’t changed due to feedback prior to going live.

  15. I don’t like fitness related subscriptions that don’t have sizes big enough. I’m a bigger girl who is really trying to lose weight and I can’t get in on this box because the biggest size they have is a large… it doesn’t make sense that they don’t offer sizes big enough for people who are bigger… who want to lose weight and be healthy too πŸ™

    • I totally agree! I don’t want to wear leggings and a giant t-shirt at the gym while I’m losing weight but it would seem to be the only option. πŸ™

    • I was looking at Fabletics and they used to only go up to a large but now they go up to size 20 if that helps.

  16. Echo everyone’s sentiments, was super disappointed that it wasn’t a set price like their other subscriptions. This puts this off my radar for workout gear. Total bummer.

    • I feel the same way. I was excited for this one because I could really use some new workout gear. But I think I will be buying it at TJ Maxx…

  17. I was going to sign up, then saw it’s $36, when I was expecting $20. Also, the biggest size they have is large, which may or may not fit me, depending on fabric used, which made me put all clothing related items on the like/dislike list.

  18. Fabletics is a much better deal. I’m a runner and while I care about high quality I don’t really care so much about brands for my running clothes. The 3 brands that they list are new to me and I would need to be convinced that these brands are worth paying premium prices. Idk. This just doesn’t appeal to me at all.

  19. Yeah, I was expecting it to be like the other subscriptions, too, with a set price. Hope they don’t change their other subscriptions!

  20. No, not trying this as described. The $65 each piece average sounds WAY too high for me. Fabletics is a much better deal, where you pay $49 for most 2-pc outfits, and with Fabletics you actually get to choose your styles/colors.

  21. Oh man! I already took the quiz but apparently didn’t read the details before. I wish it was a set price like the other Wantable subscriptions, and they could just send a couple pieces. :/

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