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POPSUGAR Must Have September 2014 Complete Spoilers & Coupon!

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New POPSUGAR Must Have $10 Coupon Code

We have the complete spoilers for the September POPSUGAR Must Have Box! (Thanks to instagram user godessy)

Each box will include:

POPSUGAR Must Have September 2014 Spoilers!

Letter C Design Pencil Set – Value $7.50

Oribe Superfine Hair Spray (Purse Size) – Value $21.50

Nicole Miller Round Interlock Earbud – Value $20 (color of headphones in Instagram is black, but I’m guessing colors may vary by box)

Rifle Paper Co Card Set – Value $18

Ghirardelli Milk Chocolate Sea Salt & Almond minis Pouch – Value $6

Tulo Scarf – Value $125


Also includes:

Urban Remedy Vegan Almond Brownie – Value $7

Nike $20 Gift Code


What do you think of the September POPSUGAR Must Have spoilers? FYI – if you haven’t signed up for the September box yet, you still can, and use coupon code THIRDLOVE to save $10 off your first month!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. This was my first box, I have to say, while not overly wowed, I did like it and will order another one using a code. I will gift the scarf to my sister mainly because I just don’t wear them. I will use everything else and have already used the nike gift card. I will most likely use the Urban Remedy coupon, but I eat that sort of thing, so I liked the brownie. I wish the chocolate was Dark, but I was impressed with the size of the bag. Everything else for me is just kinda meh, I will use it I am sure, but nothing spectacular.

    Now waiting on an email back from Popsugar about my coupon code item.

  2. I just got my box – I’m okay with it – All the products are usable – The value is great – The scarf is very soft and light, I really like it, yet I do not grey, therefor it is up for swap. The headphones look fine, and can be regifted. If I would use headphones I would keep them. The brownie was okay, the chocolate where good. The cards: bla, I wish they did not have people and faces on them, they are also up for swap. The nike card was nice. – I like this popsugar enough to keep my sub, yet not enough to buy 1 more box.

  3. I just got my box! I am totally in love with the scarf, I wasn’t expecting it to be so big and super soft! ORIBE is my hair brand so I was thrilled to get the hairspray. And who doesn’t love chocolate??? I was pleasantly surprised in how much I loved the card set (Made in the USA!) and the pencil-sharpener- set! So cute! the brownie thing was more of an odwalla taste and proves to me to go big or don’t bother. Little disappointed in the flavor! The NIKE gift code was a nice surprise, I wasn’t expecting that at all. The earbuds will definitely come in handy and I hate buying them because I know they will eventually just break. I bought this box just for the scarf and I am pleasantly surprised! I was planning to cancel until the next spoilers came out but I am going to wait until the website is finished revamping!

  4. I just got my boxes today!
    I liked the boxes all items will eventually get used. I ordered more than one box, and I received the scarfed picture which is lovely. The pencils aren’t wowing but I’ll use them, I draw so having extra pencils are nice. My ear buds were all a navy blue in color, and the nike GC is nice I just wish I could combine them.. They expire next month so I’ll prob use one and put the others on the swap site. All in all I liked this box. It had more items than the LE box- so that alone is a plus for me

  5. After seeing some of these posts, I was a little concerned that this box may be a bit lackluster and I signed up for this box based on past boxes. I just got the box today and I am quite happy with it. The scarf is gorgeous and feels great. I do have use for all the other items as well. As a mom of an elementary school aged kid, we are always in need of pencils and I was happy to see the sharpener as well!

  6. Now that I have the box in-hand I’m really pleased with it. The scarf is absolutely gorgeous. SO soft and the color gradient is sublime. I love the blue color of the earbuds — it’s hard to make those look stylish and sophisticated but this color achieves that. The Nike gift code is beautifully packaged. I’m neither vegan nor ‘raw’ but I’m so intrigued by that brownie. And I seem to be in the minority but I love the notecards. I just moved into a new office at work with a huge cork board on the wall that I’ll be using as an inspiration/creativity board; they’ll become part of that.

    • I agree with you Amy. Once I got to see the items in person this box became so much better. The scarf is just perfect!

  7. I don’t think this box looks good at all. I only signed up to get the scarf to gift to my mom for Christmas. I’ll probably keep the headphones and hairspray, but gift everything else. Those note cards are the most hideous things I have ever seen, and I can’t imagine to whom I would send them. I will probably end up throwing them away or donating to good will. Honestly, if you don’t have kids, who uses pencils? Kind of disappointing, and I will definitely be canceling my subscription.

    • I used to love pencils (and office supplies in general). But I have literally hundreds of pencils in my condo so I wouldn’t be terribly excited to get more. While I don’t have a problem with the contents of the box, nothing has ever actually screamed “Must Have” to me, which is probably why I don’t subscribe.

  8. Got my box today with the exact items shown in the pic except there are 5 pencils with a sharpener PLUS a $10 Urban Remedy gift card. The Nike gift card presentation is a cute surprise! My wish came true with my bday month getting at least one thing in blue; the earbuds. Overall, with the $30 price using the gift code I am super happy! I plan to swap that scarf for the previous blue and black one if possible. Now, I’m going to have a glass of vino and a bite of that delicious looking brownie 🙂

  9. It’s not the super amazing box from last month, but it is CERTAINLY impressive. I’ll use every item! Also, sometimes when you get the box, its even better than in the pictures, so I REALLY have to wait to decide how I feel. In the meantime: Outlook good.

  10. I love absolutely every item in this box. They hit it out of the park this time! Why does it take my box over a week to travel 4 hours?….. but oh well, its worth the wait.

    • Seriously! I got mine today but it was only an hour away from me two days ago! FedEx is the worst.

  11. Oh Lord,more complainers. I don’t know why I bother to read these anymore.
    Doesn’t anyone keep a few pencils and pens around the house for jotting down notes or making lists? I, for one, love the idea of designer pencils. It’s an easy way to bring you a quick smile during an ordinarily normal task. Love the scarf. Can ALWAYS use another of earbuds. And Chocolate. Seriously? What’s not to love? It’s gift box. If you’re compelled to the point of complaining on line, then perhaps you should find something else to spend your money on?

  12. Disappointed. Aside from the scarf and hairspray, I don’t consider the other items “must have” and it seems to be less about curation and perhaps more about being an outlet for companies to promote their product.

    I primarily subscribe to boxes to discover new things and brands I might not have come across on my own. Finding pedestrian drug store staples like note cards, pencils and candy isn’t what I was looking for.

    I hope I get the scarf pictured. I’ve been to the Tulo website and wasn’t thrilled with many of their other designs.

    • I agree! There is nothing “must have” about pencils and those cards. (Who would you send one of those cards to?) I also often feel that sometimes sub boxes are taking our money to unload promotional products.

      • Send one of the cards to a friend you haven’t seen in a while! I would never buy one of these cards, but I will definitely use it as an excuse to send a letter to a friend back home as an alternative to just talking on Facebook or text.

  13. Not sure about this box, I wish there was more makeup or different beauty items and the scarf sounds great but I need to see it first.

  14. I’m so happy I’m a subscriber to this box now! I’m addicted to scarves, so that absolutely makes this box for me! I do like the other items and will most likely use everything myself. The chocolate and brownies, definitely!!!

  15. How fast do these usually sell out, or how long are they available for? I can’t get mine ’til Thursday!

  16. This box looks so good to me, but I’m worried after reading the chatter on MUT about a possible orange tiger striped scarf……..that would be so disappointing I love the colors of the scarf pictured.

    • Oh Lord, I hope I don’t get the orange one.

    • Oh NO!!! I bought this box for that scarf. I loved the colors… I would be mad! No no no… I normally would love an orange one. BUT NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! lol

      • It’s not as “orange” as I was afraid of, but I still far prefer the original spoiler scarf colors. Check out Makeuptalk’s post 266 under PopSugar September 2014 forum. Or this link

        • Thanks for the link. I’m loving all the scarf’s they are showing so I would be happy to get any of them. I’m actually really excited about this box (my 2nd box). I know that I will be able to use a lot of these items as Christmas gift so that’s a plus for me. I’m hoping to get the earbuds in black so I could use it for my husband’s stocking but if it comes in another color I can just gift it to my mother-in-law instead.

          • Sigh… Thank you for the link. The other ones are not bad but I had my heart set on the one. I will keep my fingers crossed… But I have no luck so I will try to trade for it. 🙁

        • Thanks for the link, I actually would like to get the peachy/grey/white one, looks gorgeous and of course the original one.

    • No, no no no. Can. Not. Do. Orange. Makes me look dead. Nope, no orange please!

  17. I love this box. I think my favorite was the box that had the Too Faced Natural Eyes palette; however this is a very close second.

    When do the boxes ship? I can’t remember. Did anyone receive a shipping notification yet?

    • I haven’t received a shipping notice from PopSugar, I did track in Fedex and it’s on it’s way! (Go to Fedex. com, track by reference, enter your subscription number under reference number, your zip code and country). You can find your subscription number under your account in the POPSugar site, it also will tell you when shipped but the Fedex way is a little faster for us impatient sorts:)

  18. The scarf got caught around my neck and MADE me order once again….after the disappointments of late!!!! This is a ?????? box for me, if the scarf is the one shown I will be HAPPY ~ please don’t disappoint PS. I’m on a month to month basis now ~ Thank you soooo much Liz for all you post for us ~ great job!!!

    • Of course! 🙂

  19. Give me all the Oribe!!!! The scarf is cute too, I don’t have any others like it. I’m overall pretty satisfied with this box and always love travel size hair styling products for travel and overnight trips to the in-laws. I’m getting married next spring, so I’m sure I’ll find a use for the note cards. I currently use bose earbuds, which I love, but I’m sure I’ll find a use for these…maybe leave them in my office. I’ll probably gift the pencils to my sis-in-law who’s in college…I don’t even think I have a sharpener! Unless I can use an eye pencil one:)

  20. The scarf alone is worth it. The other items do not interest me. The headphones I like but have a ton. I guess the scarf is the only thing that is great about this box.

    • The $20 gift card is great and snacks. The scarf is the best spoiler by far. The other items are blah. Oribe is a great brand but I sure don’t need anything for fine hair, that’s for sure.

      • I don’t think it’s for fine hair, I think they are referring to the hairspray feeling superfine on your hair, like not being sticky and globby

  21. I’m excited! The scarf alone has me thrilled, but I can definitely see myself using everything else in the box! The notecards aren’t really my style, but if I’m sure I will use them. Last months box was just okay for me, but I’m thrilled with this one! Just wish my package tracker would update so I knew when to expect it.

  22. I am coming from a different perspective of being newer to subscription boxes and having a family that can use items I don’t. I’m excited about the box and can’t wait to see it. I ordered the box for the scarf spoiler which I like better than the one in the LE box.

    I don’t use headphones. My 15 year old can never have enough headphones and doesn’t have any specific for his phone. He doesn’t care about the color since it will be used in the house or in the car. Chocolates are always welcomed in my house. I will give my sister the brownie since it is made from gluten-free flour.

    I like the Oribe line and it will be useful to have hairspray although I rarely use it. The pencils and notecards are a nice idea especially if there are variations.

    My older son goes through 3 pairs of sneakers each sport season. 3 pairs each for cross-country, indoor track, and outdoor track. Plus his regular everyday sneakers. Hopefully Nike has something he like. Somebody in my family will use it.

    • I must be one of the old people on the list LOL. Pencils and pencil sharpeners are necessary tools for a first grader 🙂 . The comments did make me think about whether pencils are becoming obsolete. My teen will not touch a pencil unless he absolutely has to use it.

  23. I am not excited about this at all. This might be my last box. This box combined with the serious fail of the fall style box has me pretty bummed out. May be time to try out fab fit fun.

    • I completely agree…am so beyond bummed with popsugar right now. The LE box was a total loss for me and this box will be as well. If I wanted crappy earphones and chocolate, I’d go to Marshall’s and spend $10 for both. Hairspray, pencils, and fashion note cards? Really? Is this a throwback 80s box? I also am not a scarf wearer, but I suppose if I tie the one from the LE box and the Popsugar monthly box around each of my dogs necks, I’d have the most stylish dogs at the dog park.

      Am thinking about calling popsugar to see if they can’t at least give me the 45 minutes of my life back that I will spend unboxing and subsequently listing the items for swap. Bummer.

    • I agree. I was not at all impressed with the LE box and this box does not seem that great. I am brand new to PS and sub boxes in general and just subscribed to FFF and Nina Garcia. I have one more left of PS as I did a 3-month sub and will likely cancel after Oct box. August box was okay though, not great but okay. I have high hopes for FFF and Nina Garcia box but really love the monthly box thing. We shall see how Oct PS box is I guess.

  24. Kind of a practical box…I can always use new earbuds, but they’re not very exciting…the scarf I still love, but not if it ends up being orange :/ I don’t know when I’m going to use lead pencils…I don’t think I’ve used a pencil since I took the SATs. I don’t really have use for hair spray…I’m not doing a lot of updos on a regular basis. Not a huge chocolate fan, but I’m sure I’ll eat it. I’m curious if the Nike code has restrictions. If not, that could help up the value of the box for me..

    All in all, it’s fine, I’ll use everything, but there’s nothing that FUN in there. Bummer for the fall, my favorite season.

  25. As a vegan, I’m super excited about the brownie. Yay, something I can eat for once! 🙂

    • Me, too! 🙂 The ladies at work will appreciate the other chocolates. I like the box. I don’t use hair spray, but it’ll be a great stocking stuffer. I like the pencils…I actually use them at work. And earbuds are always useful. A little excitement would have been good, but it’s not the worst box I’ve gotten from my subs (ahem…Birchbox).

  26. I wasn’t going to peek at the spoilers, but I couldn’t resist! I’m excited about the scarf, everything else is kinda meh?!?!? I would love the cards if they had a different design on them. The fashion girls are not really thing.

  27. If I never again received ear buds/headphones, Purlisse sunscreen or tattoos it would be too soon! And the last time they sent us Ghardelli chocolates (last Dec) it really didn’t go over well so I was surprised to see them again. I like chocolate regardless of the brand but the popular complaint was that they are drugstore products and not something we expected to see in a curated, higher end sub box. I actually loved the pumpkin chocolates and the peppermint and bought more at CVS for the holidays. I’m just disappointed to see they didn’t really absorb feedback. I’ll always eat the chocolate!

  28. Wow! This box looks awesome! 🙂

  29. Thanks for posting, Liz! I knew you would have this today somehow. 🙂

    • 🙂 I was hoping for full spoilers today!

  30. I actually like this box much more than the LE box. Pencils and stationary scream fall to me both because of back to school and it’s the time of year that I start thinking about greeting cards for the holidays. Chocolate is always a yes, so double win there for me. I’m way overstocked on hair stuff, I still have the Oribe spray from the Nina box, guess I should list it for swap. Earbuds are only useful for me if they’re sports ones that are guaranteed to stay in, so swap or gift. And I actually like the other two spoiler scarf options that Tilo advertised too, so any I’ll be happy with any of those. Way better deal than the LE box, especially considering that this one comes with a $20 gift cert too. This box rocks!

    • Where did you see the other scarf options?

  31. I think the box looks great. Hopefully I’ll get the scarf pictured and not something in orange or yellow. The NIKE code is a nice extra. I’ll use everything in the box. I don’t understand why the earbuds connect back to back (interlock). All will be revealed in time!

  32. Liz, did u get the scarf as shown? I too am worried about a different colour so wonder what people are getting. Please post those of you who have received 🙂

  33. I decided to order my first PopSugar because of the scarf spoiler (and used a $10 coupon). Though I’ll use that and the headphones, not interested in the rest.

  34. I got this box with the Turkish Towel addon coupon (they ran out of the August box, but the coupon still worked and my shipping weight is a little heavier than everyone else’s), so I’m happy with the value. $39.99 for a turkish towel and an awesome scarf is a good deal for me. I’m actually looking forward to trying out the hair spray because I needed some more. Everything else is pretty meh, though. Glad I’m subscribing box by box.

    • I also signed up with the Turkish Towel coupon but it’s missing in my box! Did you get yours?

  35. This somehow manages to be very close to what I like but not actually containing anything I want.

    I’m a scarf addict but I don’t like that one. I adore Rifle Paper Co. and use cards constantly but wouldn’t use those fashion random girl ones–I’d much prefer floral. Chocolate would have been a hit if it were dark. Pencils are cute but at the same time aren’t worth much to me. And earbuds… these are in sub boxes way too often. I have a bunch, from dirt cheap to high end, sports versions, etc. Everyone else I know also has a bunch too so I wouldn’t be able to gift. As for Oribe, I’ve heard of them, find their prices ridiculous, and never wear hairspray. But if it were the Oribe styling cream, I’d be happy. This box was so close and yet so far off.

    • “This somehow manages to be very close to what I like but not actually containing anything I want.” LOL this line is perfect.

      • Yes, exactly!

  36. I haven’t even received a shipping confirmation yet, but I was wondering how everyones chocolates held up in transit– I have had the problem with melted/ liquified chocolate with previous sub boxes. And I could be wrong, but is the notebook not included with the pencils? The description does state “Pencil Set.”

  37. This is my last box with PopSugar, only got a 3 month subscription and after two disappointing months it’s too expensive to renew. The only things I really like about the box are the ear buds and the chocolate. I don’t really wear scarves, and $125 is an insane price for one, it’s pretty though. I don’t like pencils, I hated them when I was in school and notecards and hair spray? It’s almost like a who’s still using these products box. Sorry to say, people rarely send cards anymore, use hair spray or pencils. While the items are cute for someone who uses them, it’s not me unfortunately.

    • This makes me happy, once again, that I don’t subscribe to this box. Things don’t have a value to me unless I would have bought them (or something like them) anyway, and the only thing in this I would have bought in this is the scarf, and not for $125. (Up-pricing retail values is one thing I hate in boxes….)

      It’s a nice scarf and I do think it’s worth $40 so if people like the scarf then I think they got their money’s worth. Especially if they also need to buy something from Nike.

  38. I caved after seeing the code and the scarf spoiler and ordered a box this morning. Now I see the entire box spoiled. I really don’t think this is a very good box. Pencils….really? Are we in kindergarten? Ghirardelli makes a decent chocolate but I vastly prefer dark chocolate. And, besides, can’t we get this at any CVS? I know someone who is very into ‘papers’ so I can probably add that to her Christmas gift. Otherwise, I would be even more disappointed with this box.
    Pencils! I can’t believe someone thinks we’d be enthralled with pencils. I would have preferred more Skintimate and pantiliners that we got in a previous fabfitfun box.

    • I did the same after the June box, I saw it and loved everything. Then I got July’s box and hated it and September’s doesn’t look too great. I bought a 3 month subscription though and this will be my last one.

  39. Ahhhh such a good box! I love it! I can not wait to get mine in the mail and start wearing that scarf!!! I love popsugar, it’s the only box that I consistently get month after month.

  40. This is my first PSMH box and I’m excited about it, I think Ill be keeping the subscription. After the fall LE I didn’t know what to expect, the only item I’m not crazy about is the card set but I’m pretty sure I can find some good use for it along the way.

  41. Sadly this will be my first and last pop sugar box. I got suckered by that cute scarf and have no use for anything else in the box.

    • The same thing happened to me! The scarf looked amazing and I figured this would be a great month to try, and maybe there would be some cute fall items in there, but this is pretty disappointing. The only way I would continue my subscription is if the spoiler for next month is reeeeaalllyyyyy good.

  42. Totally agree about this being a really practical box, not really a WOW box but still very usable products! At least I know I will use most of them and that’s hard to say with many sub boxes! Overall I think I will be very happy with my first/birthday PopSugar!

  43. Love the Scarf and I love Oribe!!! The rest is a bonus!

  44. I’m excited to get this box. The scarf is beautiful, I’m always losing or destroying earbuds and I’ve been wanting to try an Oribe product, so those are all perfect. And I have zero complaints about a bag of delicious chocolates and cute stationery items.

  45. Darn it, my bday is this month so was hoping so some kind of sapphire colored item! Maybe the earbuds will come in blue! This box is so-so for me, kind of bland and boring and not nearly as good as last month which was my first box. I will gladly trade the pencils (which could have been in a cute color btw if you look at their site and not black) & card set for the hairspray or earbuds. And, maybe trade the scarf for the blue one in the past. Oh well! Thank you Liz for posting this spoiler!

  46. Nothing extremely exciting, but this is a very practical box. I already have many items like these, so I will be mailing this to my college-age sister who will be thrilled.

    Best rule of thumb I’m noticing with PopSugar: If you wouldn’t spend the box amount on the spoiler (usually the item with the highest value in the box), it’s probably better to hold off purchasing that month.

    • Kerry that’s a great point, I seem to be liking their box every other month, and am always on the fence. I will keep that In mind.

      As for me I love every item, Oribe is amazing. Super excited for this one, I’m keeping it all!

    • Very good point, I was really on the fence until I read that. No, I typically wouldn’t spend that much on just a scarf, especially when I’m not sure what print I would receive! While the other items are veru practical, they just don’t blow me away. I’ll wait until next month. 🙂

  47. I’m excited for this box! Mine is still processing but hope will ship soon. I hope that I get the ombre scarf from the spoiler, I’ve seen other spoilers say “colors will vary” and I’m scared to get a color that I won’t like..

  48. Lord be a muzzle when those chocolates arrive!!!!

  49. I love everything! A win for me:) thank you for posting so quickly! I love the price breakdown list!

  50. Kind of a boring box… I’ll wear the scarf but I swear I just have sooooo many scarves now. I’ll probably eat the chocolates too, haha, but everything else I really have no use for.

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