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ModCloth Stylish Surprise is Back!

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ModCloth Stylish Surprise is Back

The ModCloth Stylish Surprise items are back! (Thank you Jenny for letting us know!) Right now the shoes category is sold out, but you can still get a mystery dress for only $10, and if you spend $50 or more shipping is free too!

FYI – Sales are final but you can list ModCloth Stylish Surprise items for swap!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Liz, do you know how often they do the 10 dollar surprise items?

  2. Ordered 2 surprise dresses and received 1 dress and 1 top. The dress is not my style. Called customer service and they informed me that they will credit me back for 1 dress and I can keep the top. Rather disappointing.

  3. Did anyone get an email with tracking? I’m not sure if my order ever shipped. I did get a confirmation email when I paid though.

  4. I purchased 5 dresses and loved all of them! But, only 3 fit and looked good on. My only issue is that I’m having trouble finding the dresses online so I can get ‘swap’ information.

  5. Wow! I got my stylish surprise today and I am beyond happy. The dress is ok and I might try to trade it. The shoes are a pair of Rocket Dog boots! They are so nice and I’m super excited because I actually needed a pair of boots anyway. Even if I get next to nothing for the dress in trade I think $20 for a really nice pair of boots is totally a win!

  6. I got my dresses today. I bought 3 dresses and one shirt, the dresses are things I would never pick out for myself or buy. They’re cute, just not me, plus they were tight in the bust, so I’ll try to swap 2 of them and maybe keep a 3rd. I’m not sure yet, it’s got pockets so I love that. The shirt was a great surprise. I’ve always wanted to try peplum tops but they never seem to work on me and this one day. My only complaint is when I lift my arms the shirt rides up a lil too high. So I spent like $52 dollars for one shirt I like and 2 dresses I definitely will not wear and 1 I might. It’s kind of a toss up you either win or lose, not sure if I’d do it again, but I will probably end up doing it, on the off chance I’d get something I love and that fits perfectly.

  7. I got my three dresses today: two didn’t fit, but one will make a nice work dress. I’ve put one of the dresses up for swap. It’s a 24W baby blue polka dot dress which would be so cute for dressy parties, or school semiformal dances. The other is a Bea and Dot size 3X purple with a metallic sheen dress. It would be nice for dressy parties too, with a cute shrug. It has a square neckline, and is sleeveless. I haven’t listed it for a swap yet, but I’m thinking about options.

  8. I got my dress today! I absolutely love it! It’s a little white dress with a pink bow print & a pretty “lace” neckline. It came with a separate belt too, but I like it better without the belt so luckily it was separate. It fits great & I’m so happy with it! I only wish I knew the price

  9. Sometimes I think about getting in on these deals. But then the comments on this thread have totally put me off. Because receiving any WEDDING dresses would be weird, let alone multiples of the same one.

  10. Of my 5 dresses, I received 3 identical wedding dresses. The other 2 dresses were also identical to each other.

    I’ll keep one of the wedding dresses, have it hemmed to knee length, and pair it with a pink cardigan for a cute Sunday brunch outfit.

    These were all size 16, but the wedding dress fits like a 12. The other dress (same maker) fits like an 18-20. I’ll have to see how much it will cost to tailor that one- but its matching one will be swapped.

  11. I haven’t gotten my dress or an email even acknowledging my order even though the money was taken from my account right away. Any one else in the dark on this?

    • No I got confirmation emails and then another email when they shipped and received them all today. You should have gotten an email or confirmation.

  12. I got my dresses today! Did anyone else?

    • I received my two dresses yesterday. Both were cute, but one looks exactly like a wedding dress. If anyone is looking for a long, lace, empire waist wedding dress in a size 6 let me know. I’ve been married less than a year so I hope I won’t need it anytime soon.

      • Makes me wonder what it looks like? πŸ™‚ Can you share a picture, if not too much trouble?

      • I got my dresses today, though I think I am an impulsive shopper. I ordered 10 dresses (even though I have never ordered from them before.

        6 dresses were exactly the same and 1 dress was in the wrong size, other 3 plus one of the duplicates, so 4 were PERFECT!

        I called customer service and they were serioulsy the BEST customer service people I have EVER talked to!!!!

        They apologized for their mistake, removed the charge from my credit card and then said I could keep ALL of the dresses! ALL of them! And then the lady brought up that I should check out swap shops online to trade it or I could sell them since I had so many of the duplicates!

        Oh man, I’m like over the moon, and like on my honeymoon I am so in love! Maybe it’s that they were freaking awesome! Or maybe I just dealt with Citrus Lane’s snotty customer service… who knows!

        • One of the 1X dresses I ordered was a size 20. Does thathat seem like a 2X to anyone else? Do you think they’d help me with that or is 20 a legitimate 1X?

          • According to their website a 20 is a 1x, and 22 is a 2x etc.

          • Is the size chart different for different dresses? I’ve clicked on multiple ones, then clicked size chart, and it says a 20 is a 2X. It doesn’t matter. For $10 I’ll give it away to someone who’ll love it. πŸ™‚

        • If any of the dresses are a med. I might be interested in buying 1 off you. I missed out of the deal.!

          • I got two medium dresses and neither fit me. I will look on the site tomorrow to see if I can find descriptions. I am willing to sell to anyone who wants them for same price paid.

  13. OMGGGGG I signed up for the daily newsletter so I dont miss good deals, and how did I not see this post 2 days ago!!!! ughhh I have been waiting for their stylish surprise since the last time!! Im so mad at myself!!

  14. Ugh, I’ve NEVER made it in time to order a Stylish Surprise before selling out! Darn it, I need to find a way to be more looped in somehow! πŸ™

    • I feel ya! I was looking forward to this too! πŸ™

  15. So I don’t know how this happened, but I put in 5 dresses (so that I’d have $50 to get the free shipping) and when I checked my cart they had factored in a 20% discount. I haven’t logged into ModCloth in months, so I’m not sure where the coupon came from, but I won’t complain.

    I ended up getting 7 stylish surprise dresses for $56, some smalls and some mediums, so that hopefully some will fit my little sister too, because I definitely don’t need 7 dresses.

    Thank you so much for the heads up!!!

  16. I splurged! I purchased 10 Large Dresses, 3 Large Apparel, and 3 Size 10 Shoes! I’ve been waiting for this to come around again since March when I participated last time! Last time I purchased 4 Large dresses and 1 size 10 shoe. Kept the shoes and one of the dresses, then sold the other three dresses on eBay for a profit πŸ™‚ I highly recommend selling the items you don’t like on eBay, because people will pay a good penny for them most of the time!

  17. 8:38 central time 3 extra small apparel items added

  18. FYI they have added more xl dresses, there are some available now when they were sold out before

    • I just tried to order 5 and it switched in my cart to only 3 left. I think I might’ve gotten the last 3 in an XL. With the two 1X dresses I purchased yesterday, that’ll make 5 for $50. Of course I want them all to fit and look beautiful (and be an appropriate length), but at this price, even if I only fall in love with one I’ll consider it a win! Thanks Ava for that heads up.

  19. Last time around I got just one of the $10 mystery clothing items and unfortunately it wasn’t great, though I really do like ModCloth overall. The dress was an odd design and fit, made from a heavy winter fabric (in March), and was extremely short (granted, I’m tall – over 5’9″ – but it would have been really short on anyone over 5’6″). I was a bit disappointed but I did manage to sell it in a yard sale for the purchase price so I broke even. Just FYI to ladies over 30, their dresses often lean toward the younger end of the style spectrum in terms of design and fit/length. So I went with accessories this time.

  20. Argh! I triple-checked all my notifications to ensure I’d be alerted when Stylish Surprise came around again, but I never received an email! I managed to snag a few dresses, but I’m so sad to have missed out on shoes and apparel.

    When did folks get their email notifications? And is there a setting I’ve overlooked? I don’t want to miss out next season!

    • I would be interested in knowing asap as well for the future Stylish Surprise events!

      • I did some digging and it sounds like they notified folks a few hours ahead of time through their app. No guarantee they’ll do it that way again, but doesn’t hurt to grab the app and/or double-check your push notification settings!

        • Thank you Kerry! I have now downloaded their app and made sure I was set up for their notifications.

  21. Thanks for the heads-up! I’m in for 4 dresses – last year I got three and only liked 1, but I was able to sell those on eBay for a profit, so these are definitely a low-risk investment.

  22. I’m so sad that I missed this. I was at work when the announcement was made! Why couldn’t they have done this yesterday? I hope everyone gets amazing items (that fit)!

    • I have a feeling they may still add accessories and apartment categories. I’ll keep watching!

      • I hope they do, I love their stuff, it’s just overpriced sometimes.

  23. ordered one! XS was taken from my cart, so hopefully a S will work. They have some really cute dresses, so hope everyone lucks out πŸ™‚

  24. I don’t even wear dresses, but that was all that was left when I got there, so by golly, I bought dresses. I hope they will win me over when they get here (and they fit!). Last time they added other categories after the first ones, so I am going to try and watch this like a hawk to see if I can get in on anything else.

  25. Ughhhhh I have been waiting FOREVER for this and I missed it. Only size small dresses left now πŸ™ Its been a terrible day, and this just topped it off. Bleh.

  26. I did this last time they had this sale & bought one dress, one pair of shoes, & one home item. The only thing I liked that time was the dress! So I’m glad I was able to get one today too, hopefully I like it. I’m actually going to wear the dress from last time tonight to a wedding rehearsal

  27. I guess the plus size ones aren’t selling out as quickly because I was able to grab 3 dresses and a top. I got 2 of the dresses in 4x and one in 3x because I’ve never ordered from them before and I’m kind of between sizes. Id rather have to take something in than have it be too small. I hope everything’s cute! I’d really love to get some retro styles or unique patterns!

  28. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I always check what’s new at Modcloth at night before bed, which is why I missed last time they did this. So glad to be able to give it a try.

  29. I just saw this and I have school! Everything’s gone, I’m so pissed.

  30. Ordered 1 dress and went back in to order another and size sold out. I knew that once Liz posted they would sell out quickly. Thanks to the community and Liz. I appreciate all the fellow shoppers that let everyone know when there specials. I think I am also addicted to the My Subscription Addiction website too.

  31. Oh wow it all goes so fast! Was able to snag a dress though, hopefully it fits and isn’t too summery! πŸ˜€ However, even if not perhaps I then have some leverage to trade for a GT item on SWAP! ;D *WIN WIN*

  32. Thanks Liz! I also ordered 2 dresses although I cant remember if I ordered S or XS before. I ordered both sizes lol so I’m sure one will fit

  33. Thanks for the heads up Liz! I was able to grab a dress. πŸ™‚ I bought a dress last time in size medium (a lovely black and blue dress) which ended up being a bit big, so I’m trying out a small this time. Depending on which fits better, I may swap out the other dress for the better fitting size. πŸ˜€

    • This give me hope that the mediums will fit me, I always get so nervous when I order online!

      • I’m the same! Especially ordering the first time from a store or company. I’m usually a small in women’s, but I decided to order up, just to be sure last time. The dress is lovely but definitely needs to be taken in, so we’ll see if a small is better this time. πŸ™‚

  34. I got two dresses. I had five in my cart, but five surprise dresses make me nervous (I’ll kick myself for spending $50 and not liking them, but not $20 + shipping)… Especially when I’m not familiar with their sizing. I usually wear a medium, but I’m a little top heavy so from sometimes I need a large. Two mediums for me and fingers cross that they fit and I will like them! Thanks for the heads up!

  35. I’m so glad plus sizes are included in this! I love Modcloth, they’re just so expensive!

    • Crap as I was checking out they took one of the items out of my cart πŸ™ it went out of stock. Not fair that it was in my cart and then they took it out. Oh well, at least I still got a dress, hope it’s one I like.

      • I think they’re updating. I just ordered a dress and had an apparel item in my cart, but they took it out. I ordered the dress then went back and the apparel item was back, so I tried it again and was able to order it after 2 more tries. I just clicked back and now some of the dresses are back in stock. I was able to add 2 more dresses this time. I hope they’re different then the first one!

  36. Aw, the shoes and apparel were already sold out. I was able to grab two dresses, though. πŸ™‚ I love ModCloth. <3

  37. I bought five of the dress surprise. I love ModCloth dresses but they are almost never in my budget. Fingers crossed for some fabulous pieces! I wish the shoes were in stock, too.

  38. I wa going to their site regularly and now when I finally stopped the sale came up. I, too, took a gamble on a couple of dresses. I am hoping they wont be too small. Never ordered from them before so no idea how anything runs. Guess I can always give them to my SIL if they are too small.

  39. Comment

    • oops comment didn’t post. how am i just finding out about this now???!!! so upset that the shoes and apparel are sold out, but i just ordered a couple dresses! can’t wait to get them!

  40. So if I want 5 mystery dresses I just add 5 to my cart, correct?

  41. Yipeeeee!

  42. I have been waiting and waiting for this and hightailed it to their site when I read this. Everything in my size (XL) is already sold out! What a bummer! I actually feel a little ticked off right now.

    … I went back and ordered two of the dresses in a 1X. From pouring over their descriptions in the past, i know sometimes items run small (or large). For $20, I’ll take a gamble. At least I’ll be able to check out the quality even if they don’t fit. And at this price, I wouldn’t mind passing them along if the fit is off. I just had to, don’t judge πŸ˜‰

    • I’m in the same situation Tacie! I also ordered a couple 1X. Figured if they’re too big and I really love them, I can always have them taken in!

    • I went with a 1x also, since the L and XL were sold out. If I love the dresses, I will have them tailored down.

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