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Julep Jewel Heist Mystery Box Time! & $10 Coupon!

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Julep Jewel Heist Mystery Box

The Box: Julep Jewel Heist Mystery Box

The Cost: $24.99 (Free shipping if you’re a Julep Maven subscriber)

COUPON: Use coupon code 10foryou to save $10! (FYI – the fine print on the Mystery Box email states that discounts aren’t valid on mystery boxes. This code is currently working though, so keep that in mind when using the coupon).

The Products:

Packed with $100+ worth of mystery nail polishes and beauty must-haves, this tempting box is quite a steal. And if you’re lucky, you might end up with even more loot…

50 winners get all 12 birthstone polishes (including the three colors nobody’s seen) in a white lacquer jewelry box—a $216 value!

1 grand prize winner gets all that and a pair of gorgeous sapphire and diamond earrings. (1 ct tw)


FYI – If you aren’t one of the 50 winners, I don’t think your box will contain any birthstone polishes.

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I’ve never tried Julep, but had a code for this mystery box, so I gave it a try. Definitely will not be getting another. I was expecting a couple of nail polishes and I got only one hideous yellow color. The rest of the box was just junk makeup, a face mask, and some blotting papers. Now I know to stay away.

  2. I have been thinking about subscribing to Julep and thought this would be a good way to help decide.

    Soooo disappointed with this box. The only nail Polish was a horrible greenish yellow that MAYBE I might wear on my toes next summer, plus it is clearly marked 2012. The rest of the box was beauty products most of which were also from 2012 or 2013. In the whole box only the gel eyeliner was from 2014.

    I guess this box did help me make a decision – I will not be subscribing anytime soon. I wish they had a way to review or complain on their website, but clearly they don’t really care what customers think.

    • I agree with you 100%! This mystery box was my first ever Julep purchase and I don’t think I’ll be doing business with them again. I bought the mystery box with the code and purchased on the 3 mystery add-ons, which totaled to about $45. Today I received two of the exact same eye shadow palettes, a lip gloss, eye lid primer, 2 hair ties, flower seeds (because the end of September is when you normally plant flowers!) and 7 polishes.

      Granted the polishes alone cover my $45 investment but two of those polishes are yellow and everything in my box was from 2013. :/ I know it is a mystery box so I was buying a box of random stuff but if you’re going to send out polishes from 2013, at least send out 2013 FALL shades. This was my first and last time doing business with Julep.

    • It’s so interesting to see what other people have gotten in the box! I haven’t seen many posts on it yet so far and I’ve been really curious. This is the first mystery box I’ve ever bought and unless I get a really good deal again I prob won’t ever buy again. I just see it as a way for them to offload unpopular items… Which from the colors I got I can see I was right. Three are straight up diarrhea colors. Awful. I did get one really great dark purple color though.
      I also got an overnight repair for hands which is on sale at 19.99 – so that at least paid for itself since I only spent $14.99 on the box and is something I will actually use.
      I also got a lip gloss. Interesting since it seems most people have only gotten 1 polish so far and the rest beauty items…

      • Mine has been ready for transport to the USPS for like three days now. DHL sure likes to sit on packages for a long time before handing them over. (In fact, DHL is sitting on my MeowBox, too, although it has a scheduled delivery date one day before my Julep mystery box. Thankfully they eventually handed over my Bestowed box…)

        Anyway, I hope I don’t get a yellowish-green color because they gave me one in my last mystery box and it was a duplicate of something I already had. I really don’t need three of those. (They also gave me a gel eyeliner last time so I don’t really want another one of those, either.)

        I like the regular subscription well enough. I signed up for 3 months so I pay $60 for 3 months and still get customization. And you can choose your colors, plus you get Jules every time you take a box. I tend to spend those on add-ons as fast as I accumulate them, but it’s nice to get an extra or two in the monthly box. And I do like the polish formula (most of the time).

        • Sneaky Burrito –

          Well get ready because I got yellow, green, and brown polishes!! haha

          You can spend jules on add ons? I wasn’t aware of that… I thought you could only use it for one box once you got to 2000?

          • Last month I used my Jules for polishes. I didn’t have enough of them for a free box. I think you *might* be able to use them for upgrades (i.e., full collection), although I haven’t tried that yet.

    • Big ditto – I bought this box to evaluate Julep and see if it was worth a subscription and I am so disappointed.

      I know why they called it a mystery box – because it’s clear they had NO idea what they were thinking. Nothing in the box made any sense.

      Horrible yellow/green polish, completely a summer color. Then I got a blush brush, with no blush. Gel eye liner in black, with no brush to apply it. And brown mascara… um, can nothing in this box work together???

      Last, some kind of facial masque that I just don’t know if I’ll trust with my skin.

      Really, I couldn’t be more disappointed.

    • When they were still advertising this particular mystery box, I actually was able to write a review. HOWEVER, I think they filtered it out and chose not to show it…probably because it was fairly negative. The only reviews they chose to allow on their page, were 5 star reviews from people who hadn’t even received their box yet, but who were apparently excited enough for it to give it 5 stars w/o even seeing the contents, lol! That’s funny when people review products without actually receiving them. Anyhow, I’m never ordering from Julep ever again. Memebox has been my favorite beauty box thus far, and I think I’ll stick with that!!!

  3. I ordered a Julep box last month and was surprised at how much I did not like the polishes. The coverage was just awful. It took two days and four calls to cancel the box, and when I did they were really rude. The rep acted as if I was just making stuff up to get out of the subscription. But I also hate jamberry, so who knows.

    • Leah – can I ask what you don’t like about Jamberry? I keep seeing it on instagram and they look cute, but I’ve never actually talked to anyone that’s tried it.

  4. Am I the only one who thought this box was terrible?! Based off of past mystery boxes, I though I was going to be receiving multiple nail polish products, and maybe one or two beauty products. When I opened my box, I had 5 beauty products and 1 ugly green yellow/green polish from 2012. As if that wasn’t bad enough, one of the products was a gel pot eyeliner that I think was old, because it was crusty and dry. I feel like products from 2012 should maybe be given away for free, but not to paying customers! I wish they didn’t unload all of their products from 3 years ago on customers. That is really lame…

    • The gel eyeliner was from February – you’d think it should still be in good shape! I went through all my cosmetics yesterday to get rid of stuff I didn’t use and when I opened my Julep gel eyeliner pot, it was all dried up. I have never even used it. That really sucks that yours was dried up when it hadn’t even been opened yet.

      My Julep eye sheen had also deflated to less than half its original size and the texture was completely changed.

      Julep seems to have a lot of issues with their beauty products – I wonder how much testing they put them through before releasing them.

      I really do love Julep polish but there are things that make me want to stop buying from them. A major one is that their swatches rarely look like the actual color of the product. For example, the aurora pink lip crayon was a brighter pink than I expected and I was completely disappointed because I hate the color. Yet, some colors look much better than the swatches. So frustrating.

  5. Has anyone’s mystery box shipped yet? Normally Julep ships within 1-2 days, but not in this case…

    • Mine still says processing. Although it’s really only been 2 full days since I ordered and they’ve just started the work day a little while ago in the Pacific time zone. Granted, the polish I ordered on 9/4 shipped 9/4 (and won’t be here until the 16th…argh). I expect these mystery boxes to ship soon (crossing my fingers).

      • Just got my tracking e-mail.

    • I just got a tracking email a few hours ago and I ordered mine yesterday. Says it will arrive on Monday 🙂

    • Mine shipped today, they sent me an email. I live in Cali and it says I can expect my box by next Friday. I did the mystery box plus the 3 mystery add ons but this is my first ever Julep order. 🙂 I hope it has diamond earrings in it!!

      • Mine won’t be here until the 19th but it has to go most of the way across the country (to Atlanta, which has a DHL hub, which in turn likes to hang on to packages for a few days before sending them on).

  6. Are all the boxes the same? If I ordered two would I be getting the exact same box or are there variations? I had a 50% off code I threw away when I got my ms en box. Argh… Anyone have an extra?

    • With the last mystery box, there were definitely variations.

  7. Ah! The coupon got me! This is my first mystery box and I’m really excited.

  8. I need more nail polish like I need a hole in my head, but I ordered with the coupon anyway!

    • I think I used the same line in a conversation the other day!

  9. Aaaahhh I cannot resist Julep! I just canceled my membership because I kept buying too many things, even outside of the monthly boxes. And now I succumbed again. Their deals are just too good!

    • I’m the same — cant resist even though I have more than enough polish (AND I just bought the Fall Forecast GWP like 2 days ago)!

      They have so many sales and specials that I’m not sure that Maven is worth it ($20 for 2 polishes and a random item… I usually get my polishes for $4.99)… but the perks are good so so far I haven’t canceled.

      The only thing I don’t like about them is their maddeningly slow shipping.

  10. I’ve never done a mystery box before and typically always pass them up… But since the code is working and you can get it for 14.99 I figured why not! There’s got to be something in there I like for that cost. Thanks for the heads up about that!!!

    Also can anyone explain the Jules to me? I got 100 for when I joined, but I’ve gotten 3 boxes now and still none have been added to my account…

    • You should be getting Jules for every regular monthly box you take. (Mystery boxes, secret store, and regular purchases don’t get you Jules, by my understanding.) It does take awhile for them to show up in your account, but they should be there before the next month’s selection window.

      Assuming you didn’t spend them for add-ons, if you are not showing any, you should contact them. Although be prepared for a long wait either on hold or for a return e-mail…

  11. Can anyone share a 50% off coupon with me? Mine expired 🙁

  12. Coupon code still working. I’m not a julep maven so had to pay shipping but I’ve always wanted to try their products so this is a good way to try without committing and with 10 off it was cheaper than the cost of the box originally even with shipping and taxes. Thanks Liz for the heads up.

  13. Thanks for posting the code!!! I just resubbed to Julep yesterday and I have passed on mystery boxes in the past bc I didn’t want to pay the shipping for being a non member. This worked out so perfectly yay!

  14. Geez, I can’t resist these boxes especially when there’s a code. So, I went for it. Hoping its a good one!

  15. I just got mine this morning and was able to use the $10 off coupon. I too was on the fence, but with my Maven discount – I paid $14.95 with shipping and felt that was a really good deal.

    Hopefully, I win too!

  16. I have been waiting for the mystery box for this month and I just placed my order and the code worked. Thanks for the code discount. A $100 value for $14.99 can’t beat that. I have been a maven now for almost 4 years and it’s getting harder to pick from the monthly boxes so I enjoy getting the mystery boxes. I hope I win the extras.

  17. Damnit! Ramblings of a suburban mom posted this before you, and I ordered immediately. She didn’t post the code! I always miss that stuff!!

  18. 12:19PM EST the code worked for me!! my total was $16.32!! thank you so much for sharing!! (even though you are KILLING my bank account!!) lol

  19. Maybe any code works because I just used a 50% one from a past maven box and they took it! Getting this for $13.68 plus tax!

    • Actually for $12.50 – there was no tax! Such a good STEAL!

  20. Thanks for the coupon code. It worked for me. I loved my last mystery box and I wasn’t hesitant at first but after I saw the coupon I knew I had to go for it.

  21. I’ve been wanting to give Julep a try and this seemed like the perfect opportunity – only wish I’d seen your discount code first. Bummer…

    When will I learn to wait for your post???

  22. I so don’t need any more nailpolish but $15 for $100 worth of product was such a good deal, I ended up purchasing it! Thanks for sharing Liz!

  23. I was just able to use the code!

  24. Although I love julep and am a way too frequent buyer there, I have not loved their mystery boxes in the past.

    HOWEVER, $14.99 was too good to pass up, and I have been eyeing those (overpriced) white lacquer boxes….so I jumped.

    About the coupon- IMO ‘not valid with other discounts’ means your 20% maven discount or other website offers. Whereas the 10foryou is a coupon that came in our maven box…..?

  25. The fine print at the bottom of the email from Julep states that no discounts are valid on the mystery box. If the coupon code works when the order is placed, is it possible they will charge the extra $10 when the “glitch” is discovered?

    • Thanks for letting me know. I’ll add that disclaimer to the post.

    • Let’s find out. I was hesitant to order at $25 because I wasn’t so happy with the last mystery box. But I just ordered one using the coupon code and they (so far) have only charged me $14.99. I don’t even need all the birthstone polishes as I already have 4 of them plus the September one on the way.

      I have been on the good side of a billing error with Julep in the past and they didn’t retroactively charge me. There was a “3 months for $16.97” code going around awhile back. I used it. Somehow I ended up with a 5 month subscription. (Considering they gave a blogger $15 for a referral, they really didn’t make any money on me with that one…)

    • They charged me the full price after I used a coupon glitch on the last box. It took like an hour to get them to cancel the order, they only did it after I threatened to dispute the charge. Luckily I had a screen shot…

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