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FabFitFun VIP Fall 2014 Box – Complete Spoilers!

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FabFitFun VIP Fall 2014 Spoiler

Thank you Marissa for sharing the complete FabFitFun VIP Fall 2014 Box spoilers with us! (FYI – if you haven’t signed up for this box yet and you want to, use coupon code Flash10 to save $10!)

Fab FitFun VIP Fall Spoilers!

Jessie Steele Apron – Value $32

Dermalogical Skin Hydrating Booster – Value $56

Gramr Gratitude Co. Thank You Card Set, Sealing Wax, & Wax Press – Value $20?

Great Soles Pink Ribbon Ballet Barre Ped – Value $13 (I think this is the right item)

Beauty for Real true Color Lip Cream – Value $24

CHI 44 Iron Guard – Value $15?

The Honest Co. Hydrating Shea Butter Cleansing Bar – Value $5

LaNatura Travel Size Body Butter – Value $18

FitFusion 3-Month Digital Subscription – Value $30 (Not sure if you have to enter Credit Card info)

Mary’s Gone Crackers (sponsored)

Numi Organic Tea (sponsored)

What do you think of the spoilers for the FabFitFun VIP Fall Box?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. I just opened my box and it was full of black bugs!!! I had to throw the stuff away,. They looked like giant ants and were below the shredded paper…looks as if they had a nest in the paper below the tissue. Beware when opening the box

  2. Did everyone get the same FitFusion coupon code?

  3. received my box today! I love it. I avoid spoilers if at possible because there just aren’t that many surprises anymore.
    My apron is cream with black polka dots, so cute.
    Skin care is always a win!
    The lip gloss is a pigmented bright pink but pretty.
    The wax kit made me go “huh” at first but once I figured out it says “Thanks” in text speak, I thought it was super cute. And the cards are beautiful.
    Everything else was fine. I probably have enough hair heat protection stuff to last forever.
    I don’t know why people gripe about boxes. I purchased this one for 29.99. So it was like I bought the apron and got the rest of the stuff for free. That is a pretty amazing deal!!

  4. Awesome!! Love the items!

    • Mine showed up with busted chi hair product. I wrote them a few days ago but I haven’t heard anything yet b

  5. Alcohol induced spoiler peeking…bye bye 40 bucks. Doh! lol

    • Cheers! 🙂

  6. Does anyone know how the FFF shipping works? I have a confirmation email from when I ordered the VIP box earlier this month, but no word yet on when it will ship. The website also was super unhelpful, I can’t even tell if I’m getting the fall box or not.

    • I also would like to know. I have been checking my email everyday and I still haven’t seen any tracking numbers from them except for the confirmation email I received when I ordered earlier too.

      • I’m right there with you ladies. I even emailed them, and all they said was boxes will be shipping this week, thanks for your patience. That wasn’t really the answer I wanted, or helpful for that matter.

        • I called today and she said they are shipping in waves or groups and that mine had not shipped yet. I believe she said they were all supposed to he shipping this week.

          • Not sure if this helps – It seems that people who subscribed for the full year received their boxes first which is how we found out about the spoilers. Next are the ones that pay their subs every quarter. I have my box in that category which will be arriving on Monday and read on MUT that a few people are receiving theirs Mon-Wed next week. I am hoping that the next wave will have my second box which is for my sister since I ordered that before the shipping date cutoff. That wave could be all the new subs and additional orders such as my second box. I hope I will be receiving my second box. It took 2 tries in 2 different weeks before it took.

    • I still haven’t received any shipping notice and I signed up for a “regular” subscription. When I log on, it still asks me if I want the summer box. I was charged for the box so if I don’t get any word today I will be calling them.

  7. I purchased the two box certificate on Ruelala and received the my first one as the summer box. I was then charged for the fall box. I contacted customer service on the 20th via email and still have not heard back. Great customer service 🙁

    • The exact same thing happened to me….I called and they took the charge off. Try calling!

    • I’m in a similar situation in that I emailed CS almost a full week ago and have yet to hear anything in response. Their site isn’t optimized for mobile devices and it makes logging in virtually impossible. I had more than enough referral points for a free box yet was charged full price for this one. I got a shipping notice on Mon yet tracking still hasn’t updated, as in the box has yet to be given to FedEx – 4 days later. That’s a major pet peeve of mine, when companies send you a shipping notice but then don’t bother to actually ship for another week. As if we don’t notice the order not arriving for weeks. Sigh. This is probably my last FFF box, primarily because of crappy customer service. Calling can take forever, just FYI. I’ve gotten lucky once and only waited 5 minutes but have been on hold as long as 15+ before.

  8. Those thank you cards look awesome!

  9. I’m excited! This is also my 3rd box with them. I loved the spring box, was just okay with the summer box, but this box looks to be full of things I will use! The only one I won’t use is the hair stuff, but I have plenty of friends I can give that to. I’m also happy that the sponsored items seem more interesting than last time as well.

    Can’t wait to get it!

  10. I was surprised when I got home this evening, my box had arrived. I only had seen the two spoilers, so everything else was a surprise. I really like this box, a lot of variety! I love the cards with the wax sealing kit, very unique, the soap smells great, pilates socks are perfect since I go twice a week, the lip gloss is the a pretty shade, cute apron, etc. I think I will use everything in the box. So pleasantly surprised!

  11. I don’t know how I feel about this. I was expecting more of a fall box, and nothing in here really says fall to me. I’m excited about the apron, the Dermalogica, and the wax press kit because I’ve been looking into purchasing one of those for a while. I will actually use everything in the box except for the subscription, but I’m not really excited about anything except the first three. I was looking forward to a more fall-themed box like yours was, Liz, and this is kind of disappointing to me. I LOVED my first FFF box (it was this year’s Spring box), and thought the Summer box was okay. With this Fall box just being okay, I’m not sure what to do about the Winter box, and considering you have done such a great reviewing job that I now subscribe to 21 boxes thanks to you (plus two for the dogs and my boyfriend gets two), I might have to cut this one out.

    • WOW, 21 Sub’s ? I would be in heaven.

  12. The full spoilers convinced me to wait on subscribing. I subscribe to PSMH, and since the two are so often compared, and I love PSMH, I thought I’d try it, but the apron and dermalogica (though nice) didn’t have me convinced. I like everything in the box, but nothing just grabs me and gets me excited. Maybe next time.

    The comment about 14 boxes made me count up mine– and it’s six at the moment. Yikes. I hadn’t realized my problem had grown so big. I should probably cut back (though I don’t know what I’d cut) or at least not sign up for any new boxes.

    Also, I liked MSA WAY better than this box. I got the first box for only $25 by stacking coupon codes, so it was a steal for me, though I would have gladly paid the full price. Comparing the two boxes at the same price point makes me feel better about skipping this one.

    • I just realized I have 6 too! (Glossybox, Birchbox, Love with Food, PSMH, FFF, Escape Monthly…plus Stitch Fix and Fabletics although those let you skip months). Thinking of cancelling Glossybox after my 3 months are over…my estimated delivery date was last Friday, but it still hasn’t even shipped!

      • I did cancel my GlossyBox. I didn’t get my august box until Sept. 5th. I was really upset.

      • I don’t want to count my boxes LOL. One more and hubby will freak. But honestly with two teenage daughters, birthdays, Christmas, my mom. Everything does go use. There are many things I haven’t had to buy in a long time. Popsugar got it all started. Of course I loved Liz’s box. Stitchfix has me down to a t now and I really can’t justify $200 plus a month. Fit fab fun, I can do for quarterly. I skip just fab, fabletics and a a lot of the food ones. I have just gotten into the jewelry boxes. The lower priced beauty boxes I think I get all of those. Does anyone use blue jean bar? They sent me 2500.00$ worth of clothes at once last time. I almost fainted.

  13. I received my box today and am very pleased with everything! The note card, sealing wax, and wax stamp set is a nice surprise. It includes thank you themed cards and a wax stamp with “THX” in fanciful lettering. The soap and body butter smell wonderful. I got the cream and black apron. I think this is a fun assortment of useful items.

    • Okay – I’m SO glad that you pointed out that the was stamp is for “thanks.” I was all – this is nice but….my initials aren’t tHx. Lol.

  14. WOW! Just got my box and this is the first time that I have liked all the items in this sub! I got the black and white polkadot apron (which I chose.) I LOVE the pilates socks! I was soooo close to canceling after the summer of suck box, but you have me at pilates socks, FFF!

  15. So excited for this box! I ordered an extra one after I saw the apron because my friend who is obsessed with the 50s and 60s loves to cook and I thought it would be perfect for her. Love the yoga socks, too. I think it’s a good box overall. I wish they would offer a monthly sub.

  16. Wow. I love everything in here. I’m so thrilled for the note cards with wax seal! I love these boxes. They have such a great mix of products! I can’t wait for it to get here!

  17. I love it all! I want my box now but I haven’t gotten a tracker yet!

  18. The Dermalogica spoiler and $15 coupon code sucked me in on this and I have zero regrets. This looks like a solid, very usable box. Not the *most* exciting, but fun nonetheless. I’d call it basics with a twist. Several items nice enough to gift if they’re not quite your thing. I’m excited to receive it.

  19. I was so worried at first, but now I don’t know why! I’m so pumped for this box! The wax press/card kit rocks my socks! The apron & the Chi really do it for me too. I’ll swap the fitness deal; no desire for that, but that’s really it! LOVE this box!

  20. Very excited about this box! I have used dermalogica for years, (exclusively, until I became sample addicted!) and the CHI iron guard is a wonderful product for use with a straightening iron, especially if you straighten frequently. This box blows the POPsugar LE box out of the water. Just ordered a second box for my daughter. Oh, and this is my first comment, but I feel like I know you all. 🙂 And, Liz, thanks to you I am up to 14 boxes (including MSA, which was spectacular!!)

    • 14 boxes? I am IMPRESSED! 🙂

      • yes, it all started with birchbox over a year ago, then ipsy; and then I found all you enablers. I’ve got to start making some cuts now though. My husband is so funny, anytime a box shows up, whatever it is, he says, “You got another birchbox”

  21. Love this! So much better than the summer one. I’m very glad I resubscribed with the 10$ off coupon.

  22. I am THRILLED with this box and so happy I decided to get it. I’ll be able to gift three of the items, the apron, the socks and the infuser bottle (there was some offer to sign up and get it…) and doing so will pretty much cover the cost of the box so I can enjoy the rest of the products guilt free AND cross 3 gifts off of my holiday list. Win-Win!!! (If I can part with them all…)

    The only thing that doesn’t excite me is the hair stuff, but perhaps I can swap that.

  23. I’m looking forward to my box arriving on Monday. I think it is a fun box. Count me as one that is excited about the FitFusion subscription. I’ve looked at it a few times. Everything will be useful except for the hair product. I can’t wait to try out the wax press and send cards. I’ve noticed people generally enjoy receiving cards even if they don’t have time to send them. Can’t wait to give everything a try.

  24. SUPER cute. I love the wax kit for things like invitations (I have a bachelorette party I’m planning for my bff that I might just have to save that for!) I for one am excited – I love the variety, I can’t wait to try the body butter and the “barre” socks (gonna go ahead and call those yoga socks, LOL!) I also really loved Beauty for Real when we got the gloss in December, so I’m stoked to try a new product.

    Fab Fit Fun is always worth WELL more than what I paid for it, so it’s usually a win for me!

  25. Cannot wait for my box to arrive soon! Looks great!

  26. Super excited for my first FFF box! The wax press makes my strange little heart very happy.
    I’m crossing my fingers like mad that I receive the pink spotted apron. Perhaps someone will swap with me if pink’s not their thing!
    Well done FFF, you hit it out of the park with this one!

  27. Great!

  28. I think I’m in the minority: the full spoilers tipped me into buying when the apron/dermalogica did not. The apron’s cute, but I’m 52 years old- I own about 10 aprons. The dermalogica looks good but it wasn’t enough to persuade me. I bought the groupon when it was $29 but I still was thinking of waiting til the winter box — and these spoilers convinced me to buy now.

    While it’s true that few people send real cards, it’s always good to HAVE a card…. when you need to send a thank you in to a teacher with your kid, or when you remember at the last second on your way to a party that you don’t have a card, etc. Plus if you’re giving money as a gift, it’s nice to put it in cards. I love wax sealing but why would I seal with a G? So I’m unsure about that one. Love the socks. High end lip cream looks good. And can always use quality soap and lotion. Only thing I don’t care about is the weird hair thing. That’ll go to a son’s GF…

  29. Glad I cancelled!

  30. I paid $29 for this through the Groupon deal. For $29, it is definitely worth it for me. Some items may sit around for awhile before use, but I think everything will get used eventually.

    Not keeping my subscription after this because I’m trying to cut back (have a $$$ HVAC repair coming up next week and some car issues). But if I didn’t have to worry about that stuff, I’d probably stay on.

  31. I’m okay with this box. They did a great job at being different from the standard boxes. There are some items I like such as the apron, some I dont like the didgital subscription. The sponsered items of: crackers and tea seem fun to me. When I clicked on the link for the lip color it says something about the lip color having an LED light, super cool, I hope it is the same one 🙂 – I got one in my memebox that has an led light and it fun to use. Even though some of the items are a bit boring, i like this box a lot, and am glad I subscribed.

  32. I think the slip on sock/booties are adorable. The body butter is something I need for my really dry areas. The bar soap looks moisturizing and love the ingredients. The Chi is highly rated and I like to protect my hair from heat styling. The lip gloss with lighted mirror looks nice.

    Now I am happy but kinda disappointed. I would have loved to see a facial cleanser and more makeup; a cute scarf too.

    I like ALL the items and exited for Dermalogica but do not love them. So it is kinda both ways for me. I was expecting higher value items. I have been wanting to get some greeting cards for thank u notes and such so this will be fun.

    I just do not recognize anything but 2 brands here. Dermalogica being one and the bar soap. Seems like a low value!!! I cannot complain as I got the box free.

    I also realize after people complaining and comparing this to PSMH that I am sure they are trying to do something different and it really is different and I like that aspect. I am just always interested in MORE makeup and skin care then anything. I know I will get good use of Dermalogica; the body butter and soap. I was hoping for a good face cleanser and more makeup as well as a scarf and using my phone for internet I am not sure if I will get use from the digital excersize program.

    I think I preferred the summer box but I am probably in the minority here.

    • I think I’m one of the few people that wasn’t disappointed in the summer box. And I know I’m in the minority, but I love that this box didn’t have much makeup. I’m black, and when I look at box reviews, the colors are typically not ones that would be flattering to my skin tone.
      Do you think maybe there wasn’t a scarf because a lot of Fall boxes were already including them? PopSugar included a scarf in the September box and the Fall Special edition box. I love scarves, so I wouldn’t have been upset to get one in the FFF box.

  33. I can’t wait to receive my box!! I love that there is a wide range of products for me to try! I’m especially excited for the Dermalogica skin hydrating boost and the CHI 44 iron guard I’ve herd great things about both products and I can’t wait to give them a try!

  34. I feel like FabFitFun sent out that brand of lip gloss before, but I could be wrong.

    • They did, it was the light up one in December. I do think it was a different formula (not “lip cream”)

  35. This is my first FFF box and I was excited for the apron and dermalogica product but the rest looks meh to me. May sound silly but was hoping for a scarf

  36. This box has such a great variety! I can’t wait until I get mine. I will definitely continue to subscribe.

  37. I was so excited for this box after the apron spoiler and the dermalogica and I signed up for a year’s subscription at a discounted price. I just had to click on the full spoilers and not as excited about this box now. I’ll probably use everything but the wax press set, I mean wth? It’s cute, but people rarely send hand written letters anymore. I duno not as excited now, but I definitely loved the summer box, which I know a lot of people didn’t.

  38. I think this box is great! This will be my first one, but from the reviews, unboxings, etc that I’ve seen, this one is definitely the best! I’m excited to try the digital workout subscription! I am currently doing Daily Burn on my iPad, so this will save me some money! I can cancel DB for 3 months and then stick with whichever program I like best! They both cost the same. Basically, I think that even though I may not use everything in this box, I am definitely getting my money’s worth! Especially since I saved $15 on this one 😉

    P.S. For those of you that are excited for the wax kit, I will be posting mine to swap! I love it, and I think it’s totally cute… I just know I will never use it!

  39. The sealing wax definitely tipped me onto to “buy this” side of the fence! Yay!!

  40. Does anyone know of a $15 off code? I really want to order this box but I’ve been holding out for a better coupon code.

  41. Omg the fall box looks like best so far!! Obsessed!!

  42. I couldn’t resist looking. What I like about this box is that it has different items in it, not just another version of what comes out in most boxes. Not everything is a hit for me, but I appreciate the variety here.

  43. I love this box so much! Couldn’t be happier.

  44. Can’t wait to receive my first FFF box! I love that there is such a variety of items, it can appeal to many different people. The thank you card set with sealing wax looks like so much fun! I’ve never been so excited to send out thank you cards 🙂

  45. I love this site!

  46. After seeing the full spoilers I’m disappointed with this box. I’m definitely canceling this and switching to the my subscription addiction quarterly box because it looked so much more awesome than this and they are the same cost.

  47. Hm. Well I ordered this because I liked the apron and dermalogica spoilers, but not terribly excited about the rest. Although the sealing wax kit with the greeting cards is kind of fun. I love to send hand-written notes and I may enjoy that. Ah well. I think I got this at a bit of a discount, I’m sure I’ll make good use out of at least half of the things…

  48. I am happy to see that full spoiler and I like almost everything in it! I feel great that I signed up this box! Everything is super right for me. And I’m lookin forward to try the booster by Dermalogica since I’ve read a lot of positive feedbacks about it.

  49. Hopefully I’m not the only one excited for the wax press 🙂 I’m happy with the box but I wish instead of a digital subscription that we actually got a DVD because if you dont have the time to do it , the subscription will expire and you got nothing from it.

    • Vianny, I absolutely love that wax press too! Now I’m excited. I just got a shipping notification from FFF but my package will not arrive until next Tuesday! Long week……..

      • Lucky! I haven’t heard anything yet 🙁

  50. I think this looks like a great box! It’s my first FFF, and I’m excited. The digital online thing though doesn’t really seem like a value to me. I can’t see myself standing in front of my computer monitor, or ipad exercising. I would have preferred a DVD, or anything for that matter that I could actually physically hold. With that being said, and not including that item, I think it’s a great vale, and I’m happy.

    • I received my box today and I loved the contents. The CHI spray was missing from my box. Customer service was very nice and said they would replace it when their supplies arrive. Also, the box was not properly sealed. The cards were sliding out of the open space. However, this is my first box. I really enjoyed the contents. I receive the same black and white apron!

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