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Update – Total Beauty Collection Clearance Now 3 for $30!

Total Beauty Collection Labor Day Sale! 2 Boxes for $30

UPDATE  – this deal is now 3 for $30!

You can get three Total Beauty Collections or Grab bags for $30 with coupon code 2FOR30, or save 20% off one with coupon code SALE20.

Options are selling out but I was just able to buy these three:

Total Beauty Order

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I ordered both summer prep and anti aging. Received summer prep almost 2 weeks ago but not the anti aging. I have sent an email and left a phone message with no response. I did think the summer prep box was great and hopefully will get the anti aging box.

    • Did you check Liz’s review of the Summer Prep? In other words, are you sure you didn’t get both together in one box? If you read what I and others wrote, most of us had 2 bags worth combined into one box, with no descriptor cards identifying them. In my box I got the summer prep items and the summer prep card, plus 5 more items with no ID, which I have since deduced are supposedly the anti-aging bag.
      The Summer Prep was: Purlisse SPF, Gleam Body Radiance, Kitsch hairties, 3 Nelson J Foil hair masks, Suntegrity foil primer/SPF packets, teeny Cotz SPF.

      My “Anti Aging”: Revlon nail polish in Trade Winds, Revlon lipstick in Sorbet, duplicate purlisse sunscreen, tiny single use packet of Juara candlenut body cream, tiny vial of eye cream, really tiny shampoo foil with enough product to wash the hair of a toddler.

      Which brings me to a rant: It irks me when they (& other companies) say a bag is worth some inflated amount to make you think you’re getting a good deal, when most of that amount is based on one overpriced product: In this case the Purlisse SPF valued at $55. For one thing, it sells for $33, not $55, on amazon anyway. And for another, I personally would never spend $55, or even $33, on a tube of SPF. Never. So unless you (general you – not the poster I’m replying to here) would, then this bag – or any similar bag basing it’s worth on one overpriced item – is NOT worth what they say, and is NOT a “good deal”. it’s only a good deal if you would have gone out and spent $55 on SPF anyway. / rant

  2. I wanted to let you know how great Total Beauty’s CS is:

    I contacted them since one of the items in my bombshell grab bag was not included.

    They promptly replied, sand soon I had a package in my mailbox. Not only did it contain my missing item, it also contained a NYX lipgloss, a Your Best Friend Primer d/s, and a ruby crystal sugar scrub d/s!!! 😀

  3. This was the worst $30 that I’ve ever spent. I bought Illuminating and Anti-aging grab bags but since everything was in one box, I can’t tell which product belongs to which bag. The majority were so tiny – yeah, samples – that I don’t care about. I’m sure I can punch some numbers and figure out how much these packets really worth, but why bother? I would never pay for teeny samples like these anyways. The lip gloss and the lip butter are so “tween” looking, I would never use. I should have gotten a box from the Sample Society ($15/box!), instead of spending $15 each for these pathetic boxes.

    • I was so disappointed about these boxes so when I saw a card to give “feedback”, I’ve tried to log into my account. Apparently my account does not exist (I even tried the help with lost password button).

    • Good point. I wish I would have spent my $15 on Sample Society. These boxes were pretty disappointing. Oh well, you live and learn.

  4. I got it today. What a bummer. Never got a shipping email. I emailed them the other day, no response but the box came. Was that the response? I can’t believe what I got. I wish I knew how to post a photo. Never again total beauty. What they meant by grab bag was left overs. They shouldn’t have named them it backfired from marketing to losing customers. I got green, anti aging and bombshell. This is not worth $30 and I can’t believe they charged some people more than $10 for these. I got
    Bosley hair treatment spray 2.5 oz full deluxe sample?
    2 of the Nelson j “styling conditioners” 4oz spray full! Two of the same thing! And I don’t use hair spray ever. This was the biggest product. Eww crunchy hair.
    Evolvh shamp/cond deluxe sample 2oz each
    Revlon colorstay quad eyeshadow in sea mist full
    Revlon lip butter in pink lemonade full
    Nyx roll on shimmer in platinum full
    Neutrogena natural lip balm full
    Illuminating hair serum deluxe sample
    Cotz face spf tiny bottle sample
    Élan Veda skin oil sample in one of those teeny perfume samples but smaller
    100% pure shampoo teeny foil enough for a pixi cut, mine is to my butt
    Dove hair oil deluxe sample 0.4 oz.
    The green:
    Green polish isn’t natural it is just green color but at least 4 free lol full
    Cuticle conditioner full
    Blue pencil liner full
    Eye mask full?? It’s tiny foil packets but they say full
    Lash food deluxe sample
    Eye serum teeny sample
    I guess I’m upset because I got so much hair stuff! I would have ordered hair if that’s what I wanted. 8 of these were hair. Im picky with hair. 5 makeup. 7 skin/ conditioning. At least boxy charm came the same day. Maybe they spoiled me?

  5. I received mine today, not ordering from them again but what do you expect for $10 a box? Nothing at all bad about them, great customer service. I would just rather spend my money elsewhere. I received three……..the thing is when you look at the box and realize you spent $30 on the total items in the box, then it seems totally a rip off for $30…….but if i had just received the hair box for $10 or the summer with the Purlisse it would seem like an ok deal…..i know this probably doesn’t make sense.

  6. Got mine today. No idea which was “bombshell” and which was “anti-aging,” but here you go:

    Revlon Colorstay nailpolish (full size) in “Trade Winds” (basically nude, which I don’t really need but oh, well)

    Purlisse SPF 30 (full size) — this will get used, for sure

    Nelson J Beverly Hills Argan Oil 7 Styling Conditioner (4 oz)

    Revlon Colorstay eyeshadow quad in 585 Sea mist (blue, purple, turquoise, and a peachy nude)

    Cotz Face Healthy Mineral Complex SPF 40 (2g I think but the print is small and I can’t read it with my contact lenses in)

    Juara Candlenut body creme 0.17 oz (I think, tiny print again)

    Semi di Lino Diamante Cristalli Liquidi illuminating serum (no idea if that’s the brand name, there are a lot of foreign words on the package and I can’t tell), size not listed

    Skiin Soothing and Smoothing eye cream ampule (3 mL)

    Neutrogena naturals lip balm (full size)

    suntegrity natural moisturizing face sunscreen and primer 0.07 oz (foil packet)

    Elan Veda Skin Renue (size not listed, pretty small but recloseable package)

    NYX roll on shimmer in light blue (think this is full size)

    100% pure honey and virgin coconut restorative shampoo (tiny ketchup packet, not even enough for one use)

    Two full size Revlon colorburst lipsticks in 053 Sorbet and 047 (can’t read the color name, see above re: small print and contact lenses)

    I am totally not above using drugstore brand products and I certainly couldn’t have gotten all of this for $20 at Walgreens, so I am satisfied (I got 2 grab bags for $20). Glad the lipsticks are different, the eyeshadow is a little bold for me, and wish the nailpolish wasn’t neutral (just not a fan of neutrals).

    Now if the UPS lady would only show up with my Sample Society box!

  7. I posted a message on their Facebook page regarding the tracking. Mine has also been stuck on “shipping label created on Sept 2”, and I haven’t received anything. Hopefully, they respond and don’t just delete my message.

    • They responded and said the sale made them super busy, and coincidentally or not, my tracking changed to “arrived at USPS facility”

      • They responded to my email saying they are overwhelmed and will check with the warehouse and let me know. I checked my tracking and it said the same as yours and also expected delivery Wednesday. I am so glad we did something.

  8. I am not sure I will ever order from Total Beauty again. My tracking number still says shipping label for a week and I just noticed in the corner it actually says pre shipping, even tho the email said your order is on the way. What I don’t like is they don’t have an 800 number and when I called their cs number I got a recording to leave a message and someone would call back. I just sent them an email asking where everything is. I would like to get the purlesse but just remembered I have another one on the way from Fab Fit, so if I could get my money back I would do that, but somehow I feel like they would do everything they can to send something out so they wont have to refund. I shouldn’t have to go through all of this “work” ……oh well, live and learn.

  9. According to USPS my package is at the post office undeliverable on Saturday because “the business was closed.” LOL! My house was closed?!

    • I was given that excuse once – good to know I’m not the only one

      • I got that twice for the blush box and when I called and asked both times the package had “fallen” out of the bins and they didn’t find it until it went back. Apparently they can just pick any reason and stick that to your tracking lol

      • I guess I’m lucky. I seem to have pretty good luck with the US Postal Service. They even deliver packages (mostly from Amazon) on Sundays now.

        On the other hand, I went through a one-month saga when UPS lost a 30 pound bag of dog food, and I’ve had arguments about signatures with LaserShip and FedEx (they wouldn’t leave packages at my door, even when the shipper didn’t require a signature). Although, FedEx did deliver a package to me only one day after a gunman opened fire on their employees at the facility where my package was sitting. I certainly wasn’t expecting that.

        I think I would just like some consistency. And for DHL to go away for good. Some nail polish I ordered from Julep LAST WEEK won’t be here until the 16th!

  10. My tracking info still says shipping label created Sept 2 Cincinnati OH. It was in the Your item has shipped! notification last week. I’ve never seen one stuck so long. It seems like they created the label and it was never actually shipped. I guess as long as it arrives before next summer so I can use the Purlese.. Haha. I still have one from pop sugar. They must have had an amazing deal for all of these subs. I am noticing dupes of items here and there on some subs. I wonder how the whole thing works, and who reaches out to who? Does anyone know?

    what I think happened – They were bombarded with orders and the people making up the boxes started throwing stuff in boxes like crazy trying to get it all done. Or is that just too obvious?
    I used to think foil samples were ok but now I think they are a big waste using all that foil to put in a drop of something. I would like to see an end to them all together.
    In the three boxes I ordered I can probably uses 1/3 of the items. I like Purlese so, I guess I got my money’s worth. Or will get it when it arrives lol.

    • My tracking number says the same thing! I was considering giving the package another day to actually be sent and then demand a refund. Based on comments from others, it may actually be good news if the package or order was lost and I can get my money back.

      • That’s weird, because my shipping label was also created on the 2nd but it arrived in Atlanta on the 6th (after a few days of no updates) and should be delivered tomorrow (I live in a suburb of Atlanta).

        I don’t need any more Purlisse! But, if it is the SPF kind I will use it for sure. I went through a full-sized tube of the SPF kind earlier this year and thought it was pretty good stuff. Plus, I have pale skin and a family history of skin cancer so I wear a lot of sunscreen.

      • I agree about it might be a good thing. I will try to call them tomorrow and post what I find out.

  11. I found this spoiler online. I haven’t received mine yet, but according to makeuptalk the Bombshell grab bag includes:

    Neutrogena naturals lip balm – I believe full size

    Nelson Argon Oil 7 Styling Conditioner [Volume] – nice 4-oz pump. This may be full-size

    Revlon Lip Butter in Pink Lemonade (REALLY light pink)

    Revlon Colorstay Eyeshadow in Sea Mist

    Alfaparf Semi Di Line Diamante Cristalli Liquid (nice size hair oil sample)

    Cotz Face small sample sunscreen

    NYX green roller glitter stuff

    Elan Veda Skin Renew sample (skin oil – little shorter than an average perfume sample)

    • Sounds better than the anti-aging at least….

      • I got Bombshell and Anti-Aging. They haven’t arrived yet (should be here Monday). The above list will help me figure out which products go with which set, since it sounds as if they just threw everything in together. That doesn’t sound too bad for the $10 I paid for it. Consider that a single Birchbox with 5 samples (some probably also foils) would also cost $10.

      • What’s in anti aging?? Mine supposedly shipped a week ago but hasn’t updated since the label was printed.

  12. I still have not gotten a tracking # or shipping email. All I got was a confirmation email and payment taken out. 🙁

  13. Does anyone know how good the customer service is? I ordered 6 boxes total and only received 4 today. It was missing the anti-aging and jetsetter box (I think). The cards didn’t say which box was which and no invoice. I emailed the company and now am just waiting to see what’s going on. Birchbox did something similar (forgot to ship my mermaid box along with other things) and totally hooked me up with 400 birchbox points. I hope this company hooks me up and doesn’t try to rip me off.

    • Most likely you got all 6 ‘grab bags’ in the 4 boxes. If you read what I and a few others wrote, most of us had 2 bags worth combined into one box, with no descriptor cards identifying them. In my box I got the summer prep items and the summer prep card, plus 5 more items with no ID, which I have since deduced are supposedly the anti-aging bag.

      So most likely your anti-aging ‘bag’ is mixed up with other stuff, like the rest of us. (Seems to be 2 revlon items, 1 purlisse, and some foil samples.) I doubt they ripped you off except in the sense that this ‘bag’ is crap. 🙂

      $40 in store credit for mailing something late is extreme, I wouldn’t count on that from everywhere.

      • Thanks Brooke, I’m pretty sure that’s what they did then because it seemed like one box that I thought was the Illuminate was awesome! But now that you said that it was probably two boxes in one 🙁 yep never order from them again. Yes, BIRCHBOX is my favorite for life!

  14. So this is weird. I think they bit off more than they could chew. For one thing, it took longer shipping than usual from them. But the main thing is – wth did I get?

    I ordered summer prep and anti aging. Today I received a shipping box with some crinkle paper (ie no trademark black TBC box inside) with the following, all loose together inside:
    – Summer Prep card with the summer prep items Liz got/ reviewed (purlisse, gleam, kitsch, foils)
    – no other card (no anti-aging card)
    – random other products that have few anti aging qualities: Revlon nail polish in Trade Winds, Revlon lipstick in Sorbet, duplicate purlisse sunscreen, tiny single use packet of Juara candlenut body cream, tiny vial of eye cream, really tiny shampoo foil with enough product to wash the hair of a toddler.

    Is this the anti aging grab bag??????

    • I got pretty much the same. I ordered 4 boxes and what arrived was 2 with lots of misc samples. Have no idea which box is which. Guess it doesn’t really matter. I really don’t need or want most of these. Have to remember that so I won’t be tempted next time.

      • My order arrived today, it contained 4 “grab bags” that were sent jumbled up in 2 smaller boxes (summer prep, anti-aging, illuminating and hair). Each box contained 1 set that had a description card, I figured out the rest on my own by searching for online reviews. The anti-aging was the biggest joke: it contained a couple of tacky revlon products I would never think to buy, a tube of that awful Pur-lisse spf, and a few random samples. Not even worth $10 IMHO (unfortunately I paid $15 for each.) I will not make this mistake again. 🙁

      • Sounds like we got the exact same thing for the “anti-aging”: 2 revlon POS, a duplicate purlisse, and some teeny 1-use samples. You’re right, not even worth the $10 I paid. I often regret TBC purchases and chide myself for buying into believing that I’m getting $100 worth of stuff for $20 (or whatever)…. but this is the worst yet.

      • I remember they said the anti-aging bag was worth $65. I guess since they say the purlisse is worth $55, then they always meant to send the purlisse plus random crap worth $10….

      • The anti-aging box had a $80 value – I was quite pleased with my purchase.

        I agree, I did not see the theme, but I got some very nice products for $15 🙂

    • Unfortunately it is… I only ordered the anti-aging and that is what I got in it, no card… Nothing anti-aging about it except maybe fore the eye cream? Either way I don’t feel it’s got the $85 value. REEEEALLY disappointed.

  15. Shipping label printed on the 29th…post office received on the 3rd…expected delivery on the 8th. Seems to be the month of slooooow shipping for me. 😛

    • My shipping label was printed on the 2nd. Then no activity after that. I placed orders with Birchbox, Ulta, and JustFab the day AFTER and I’m getting all of those today or tomorrow. (Although a Julep order I placed yesterday morning won’t be here for 11 more days…)

      Amazon Prime has totally spoiled me. I want that instant gratification!

      • Oh yes! Amazon prime is lovely! I guess that’s what it is. I’m just spoiled 🙂

  16. Got my first box today, anti-aging and illuminating.
    15 samples, some small, some medium, a couple that might be considered big. All in one box with some crinkly paper. No wonder they were vague about the different boxes LOL. Worth $30 for 2? (got them the 1st day). Eh, hope the others are at least the same quantity and quality for $10 each. Look for swaps comprised of groups of items. I’m happy.

    • I got tracking information a couple of days ago but the status hasn’t updated since the day I got the tracking e-mail. Granted, it’s USPS so maybe someone just didn’t scan something along the route. But I have no idea when mine will come. I’ve bought enough of their collections to know what to expect, so I’ll probably be happy with whatever I get.

      • Same exact thing here with tracking not being updated….I got summer prep, hair and green. I can’t wait! I doubt if I can use everything but hoping to get my money’s worth!

    • What are the anti-aging things? I got a box today. My order was for the hair and anti aging bags. However, the only thing I see that is anti aging is Purlisse.

      • wrong link, anyway here’s the list:

        SunTegrity Natural Moisturizing Facen Sunscreen & Primer (0.07oz sample)
        Revlon ColorBurst lip butter in “sorbet” (full size)
        Pur-lisse SPF 30 Sunscreen Pur-protect essential daily mosturizer (full size)
        Skiin Soothing & Smoothing Eye Cream (3ml sample)
        Revlon Colorstay in shade #320 “Trade Winds” (full size)
        Juara candlenut body cream (0.17oz sample)
        100% Pure Honey & virgin coconut restorative shampoo (0.067oz sample)
        I’m incredibly disappointed with this box… Most of the items don’t actually have anything to do with anti-aging, as the box’s name would suggest >_<

  17. I do hope people post what they received. It was hard for me to determine if it is worth it for me between the rosacea and the no-sulfates preference so I passed. At least I can now determine from others if it will be worth it in the future.

    • I got the green box – which already describes everything it has, and the Summer Prep – which Liz has previously reviewed, and the Anti-Aging – and I will list everything in that one.

      I typically get my TB stuff in 2 days.

  18. Thumbs up on that :). We will have to keep telling ourselves, if it sounds too good to be true…..

  19. Even though I know I won’t use most of what’s in them, I impulse-bought the Green and Hair boxes. I want to try the eyelash serum and I usually like things like argan oil for hair. I’m really crossing my fingers that I didn’t waste $20. My husband’s annoyance at me disregarding the budget is SO not worth it then! 🙂

    • Looking at the pic, I’ll probably use most of the Green box. I just don’t wear nail polish, so I can hopefully swap it!

  20. I got the green bag last week at full price ($25) (d’oh!) and it was only ok. Basically cuticle oil and an eye serum and another eyeliner. And half the value is some eyelash serum sample I don’t care about. I smacked myself because I hate when I fall for the old “$85 value for $25” when obviously it’s only $85 in value if I were going to have bought all those things anyway.

    So THEN I went ahead and got 2 for $20 (a good deal admittedly) – the anti-aging and the summer prep, completely forgetting that Liz had reviewed the summer prep already and it has almost nothing I want in it (more purlisse! more hair ties! more foil packets!) so now I am smacking myself again.

    All of this is a long way of asking people to smack me if I ever even think about getting another TB Collection box. While they may technically be a good value, they are not for me since I am uninterested in most of the contents. But I can really be a sucker. So smack me? Please? Thnx.

    • Well smack me too. I ordered hair, summer prep and green. speaking of green, please don’t send me the green nail polish 🙁
      I was so afraid they would sell out I didn’t bother to look for any reviews and have since seen what is in all of the boxes I ordered. I thought the green box picture was just a sample showing – and not what was in the box. I will barely get my $30 worth maybe. Well I’ll roll with it….if I ever get my FFF box I’ll be loaded down with Purlese …..but at least I can use that! It will still be fun to receive all of these goodies in the mail at once….says a true subscription addict. Can’t wait to receive all and play with everything 🙂

      • I got the hideous green polish but I gave it to my teenage son’s GF and she liked it so that worked out …

        We can be a no TB-collection support system…. 🙂

  21. Looks like as of today Summer Prep and Green routine are still available.

  22. Liz, thanks so much for letting us know. I had stuff in the cart and ready to go last night and just said nàaaa you don’t need it. Today I grabbed green, hair and summer prep. I’ve never ordered from them so can’t wait.

  23. All grab bags are now SOLD OUT!

  24. I ordered these when they were a deal at $15. I see now many are sold out so I’m glad I ordered when I did. I did also get 2 more @ $10 each. I was going to get 2 of one of them but when I did that they came up @$15 each so I just did 2 @ $10 each.

  25. I caved and thought it was to good a deal I got the bombshell, hair and summer prep boxes would have liked to get the jet setter instead of summer prep but I’m excited for what I picked

  26. I told myself no more boxes, but I cant just let it go. This is an awesome deal, so I’m caving in….

    • I caved too. I can’t resist! I cancelled a couple other subs recently so I hope that justifies it.

  27. Still only working as 2 for 20 for me. Anyone else having this issue? I put 6 in my cart but the promo code makes my total $90 rather than $60 🙁

    • I just tested it out – from what I can tell the 3 for 30 deal only works if you have 3 different boxes in your cart. (I tried it with two of the Bombshell gift bag and another box it only took $20 off). Hope that helps!

    • I haven’t tried this, so I’m not sure if it will work, but maybe try breaking it up into 2 separate orders of 3 each?

  28. The coupon did not work for me! Only gave me 2 bags for 30.

  29. I bought 2 the other day, jet setter and the hair one. I just bought 3 more..another hair one, the summer and anti aging one.
    50.00 for a little over 400.00 worth of products… I’m very happy with that!

  30. Sadly something is wrong with the website – it won’t process my order. I will keep trying.

    • I got that error at first, too. In my case, turns out I was typing the wrong expiration date for my credit card.

    • Ok finally went through.

  31. I couldn’t turn down the 10 per box deal. I got the anti aging, green, and bombshell cause the others were sold out. I would have gotten the jet setter, illuminating and essentials oh well. I kind of regret not getting the summer prep instead of the bombshell or green but I was worried it would be tanners and SPF. I just hope the bombshell isn’t bright red lipstick or really dark lipstick. So curious to see what I get!

    • The Summer Prep IS a lot of sunscreen, so good choice! 🙂 (I, on the other hand, need sunscreen, so I got one of the Summer Prep boxes.)

  32. Awesome…I just got 2 for 3o the other day. Used your tip today and got 3 different boxes. These will mostly be gift items for friends and my students! Thanks for the tip Liz….at this price I am sure I will love at least a good amount of stuff!

  33. If you buy more than one of the same grab bag, do you get the same products?

  34. Ah, well, I got 2 for $20 with that same code earlier today. Good enough for me. I bought the two CEW limited edition boxes from Birchbox yesterday, too, and I am already up to my ears in products…

  35. Thank you! I was waiting for a better deal and this just pushed me over the edge! I got the Summer Prep, Anti-Aging, and Bombshell boxes.

    • Same here! I was looking at all the sales and really wasn’t seeing much worth while until… this post! >_< I picked up the same three boxes as the others were sold out. Thanks so much Liz! 😀

      • I hope we love the boxes! 🙂

    • Yay! I got the same three. I was also waiting for the extra sale to push me over the edge. I wanted to try the Illuminating or Jet-setter but those sold out the first day.

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