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Blush Mystery Beauty Box August 2014 Spoilers!

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Blush Mystery Beauty Box August 2014

The spoilers for the August Blush Mystery Beauty Box August 2014 Spoilers! BB Cream Blush Mystery Beauty Box August 2014 Spoilers! Items

dr. brandt BB Matte – FULL SIZE! Value $39

SkinMedica Dermal Repair Cream

Nailtiques Nail Lacquer

Nick Chavez Plump N’ Thick Thickening Shampoo

Neuma Style Texturizer

Pixi Lid Last Shadow Pen

What do you think of the items? I’m excited to try everything out – but I am really disappointed to see that they are including a full-sized skin tone specific item when they don’t customize boxes based on skin tone.

FYI – if you don’t subscribe you can still get this box – either with a subscription ($24.95 a month) or as a one time purchase ($34.95). 

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Lip factory is awesome. You should def. sign up. Their customer service is great, one of my items were damaged the other missing. And they sent replacements fast!
    Sample society I was with for 2 months, found their samples too too tiny and cancelled. But I signed back up do to there relaunch. In hoping they continue on the track their on with deluxe size items otherwise I will cancel again. Glossybox I cancelled. I find their samples to be small. They aren’t tiny and they’re high end stuff, but there’s never any full size items and I just don’t use the items enough. I think I’ll sign back up once I use up all the samples I have. But right now the wow factor just isn’t there for me. The boxes always arrive late. But they do have the best packaging which I love.

    Birchbox is great just for the points and their customer service is pretty good too.
    I need to start cutting back on boxes so right now I’m just keeping the full size items! Another box you might wan to try is starbox. The cost is 15 and it’s always full size items!

  2. Any coupons out there, or someone want to “refer” me for the Blush box?

    • Hi Patti. I wasn’t able to get any of the codes to work but maybe someone out there knows of one? But, it did say that you get a “free gift” when you sign up. Not sure what the gift it is yet because I just subbed this morning. I can send you a referral link if you want to send me your e-mail address either here or you can post it privately in a comment to me via my swap listings if you are on the swap site.

    • My favorite boxes are Blush and Boxycharm and I definitely wanna try lip factory !! 🙂

  3. After reading all your comments and good reviews, I caved today and subscribed. Mainly due to the full size Dr. Brandt, that alone is worth it! I feel like I have a surplus of makeup and hair care and I I am trying not to add any more subscriptions, but I just can’t resist. $24. 95 sounds like a steal to me! I am excited to check this box out. I was possibly going to do Sample Society but I opted for this instead.

  4. So far I have not recieved any facial cleansers or body wash in any of my several subscription boxes. I’ve only recieved one hand lotion so far and that was last months Blush box. I’m new to subscription boxes going on a few months. I’ve recieved tons of hair care and some skin care and makeup. I’m wanting to try some good cleaners.

  5. I can do without hair care products for awhile. I have an overload. I would like more skin care and makeup. I wish there was a nice facial cleaner this month. I REALLY love Blush Beauty Mystery Box!!

  6. I know, I’m addicted to sub boxes, all thanks to Liz.
    I now sub to, make up boxes, just started trying jewelry boxes, mommy boxes, baby boxes and some food boxes.
    My fave makeup are: boxycharm,blush mystery, star box, lip factory ( they also have a box for Tweens called candy girl I can’t wait until my little girls are old enough for thAt!) and wantable. Their all full sized items.
    I also sub to birchbox their point system is awesome. I have a few accounts just to rack up more points faster.
    Ipsy I just started a couple months ago I like their bags.

    I seem to just shop online everyday with sub boxes. It’s a new obsession. Lol I’m on the MSA site everyday!

    Thanks Liz for all your hard work, it’s much appreciated 🙂

    • I have blush and boxycharm. I am way more then tempted to try lip factOry. Wantable is a little pricey. I am getting my first ipsy.

      I’m only with Birchbox for there points basically and I have Beauty box 5.

      I don’t have glossy box or sample society. For some reason the value doesn’t seem like it’s there. Birchbox too.

      I am very tempted to get lip factOry this month. I keep viewing the web daily. I love full size items!

  7. Hey if anyone has wanted to try the Mirenesse makeup. They currently have a free trial on a lot of their items. You just pay a S&H fee per item. Most of their makeup is 40+ a shot so this is a cheap way to try out their stuff for about 10 bucks a item.. They have some pretty good flash sales on too. I bought some of their items when they were on Hautelook. I like it so far. A lot of their lip items were in hautelooks lip makeup bag and I loved their red lipstick. Just thought I’d share the sale for those who wanna try their stuff on the cheap well cheaper…. Lol

  8. I’m getting too addicted to sample boxes and can’t stop reading reviews. Like I mentioned that Blush and BoXycharm are my favorites.

    I finally have ipsy coming and my third month on Birchbox I’m not happy with. I also have Beauty box 5. It’s just okay. ..

    I’m getting too spoiled by Blush and boxycharm.

    Now I’m getting so addicted that I’m more then tempted to try Sample Society, glossy box and lip factOry. Wantable too.

    This addiction is hard. Lol. I love receiving surprise goodies each month. Any recomendations on which one that I should try?

    What is usually a higher value Glossy box or sample society? I have read the dreaded customer service issues with Glossy Box.

    • It’s really hit or miss with Glossybox and their customer service. I’ve never had a good experience with them and their CS, but some have and love it. I do love the products you get and the value is always really good. If you do sub to them you just have to forget about them and know your box will usually show up the first week of the next month. Their limited edition boxes are always super nice. Also, don’t forget you can go through ebates to get cash back on Glossybox and they often have codes for a free product for new subscribers. Liz often has those codes in her reviews. You also get to review the products for glossydots that can then be used for a free box when you get to a certain amount. I can’t remember how many. So the only thing is being patient when waiting on your box. They charge the first of the month and then ship the 3rd and 4th week.

  9. This is my last month with Glossybox for a while, so I’ve decided to try Blush. I’m really excited, the past reviews are fabulous! Hopefully this will be one of my favorites, so far my top two that I’ve tried (and still sub to) are Boxycharm and Sample Society! It looks like Blush almost always includes hair products, and I love those! So (hopefully) this is a win for me!! Yay!

    • Yay!

      My two favorites are Blush and boxycharm. Blush being number one..

      I should be getting ipsy this month. I also have Birchbox and beauty box 5 that I may cancel.

      I am very tempted to try glossy box, sample society and lip factOry. Lip factory has awesome reviews and Wantable looks nice but pricey. Elf is also tempting.

      Right now Blush is my favoriTe. I always love every item. BOXycharm was not too good last month. I can never say that about Blush. The items are always top of the line mostly full sizes.

      Plus they send you samples and nice freebies a lot. I receive my items at the beginning of the month two days after shipment. Customer service is amaaaazing! 🙂

  10. I seem to be in the minority as I am not that thrilled with this month’s bag. None of the products really appeal to me. Since I am not a subscriber, I guess I’ll be saving my $34.95.

    • I feel the same way … I liked the hair products in the last 2 boxes much better, yet the more product reviews I’m reading about this box, the more I’m thinking I’ll get use out of some of the items and swap the rest.

  11. I am getting truly addicted to subscription boxes watching this site. I have subscribed to quite a few already. I was looking at this one and BoxyCharm. Can’t really decide which one I prefer but this month looks good for Blush. I am curious, though. Are they always heavy on hair products? I can’t say I am truly enthused about a lot of hair products. I color my hair and it is thin and straight, not thick, wavy or frizzy. It seems a lot of products address frizz which would be a no go and too heavy for my hair.

    Would appreciate any tips.

    • I am in the same boat with you. I already subscribed to birchbox, sample society and pop sugar, so the monthly total is at $65. I just subscribed to love with food at $12 a month, but I am not really counting this one cos it is food. I also subscribed to fabfitfun and Elizabeth and Clark which is quarterly. I have barkbox but I paid annually. So I am deciding between boxy charm and mystery box and do not want to go over the $100 mark. It seems that boxycharm has mor make up products. I think swapping is a hassle for me. I might just try both for a couple of months and decide, which will bring my monthly total to $111.

  12. The skin dermal cream alone is worth the price of the box. Amazing reviews and about $117 for a 1.7 ounce size. I would say that for me even in a small size it would be worth it. Plus the tinted cream and also the texturizer has glowing reviews. This box has to be valued between $100-150. My guess is about $150. Gotta love Blush Beauty!!

  13. You can buy that Dr. Brandt Skincare
    BB Matte with Signature Shinerase Light to Medium on Gilt for $24 today and tomorrow I think :). That must be the only shade it comes in though because I didn’t see a darker or lighter one listed on there either.

    • I take that back, I looked again, and they also have a medium to dark shade for $24 on Gilt as well

  14. I am so glad that I don’t “need” bag this month! Light to medium would probably be too dark on me-and I have thick, wavy hair that doesn’t need plumping or texturizing. I am not a fan of the Pixi brand. I wouldn’t mind having the nail polish, and the Skin Medica. I just got off the wait list for your swap site! So, maybe I can swap for the skin medica with somebody who can’t use retinol.

  15. I’ve heard of this box, but never gave it a second thought. These spoilers look amazing though!
    Is it possible to subscribe with the subscription, cancel, then sign up again with the subscription every month so I could always pay $10 less?

    • If you sign up for the subscription it will always be $24.95 a month. (The $34.95 a month price is only if you want to buy this box only without a subscription). Hope that helps!

    • This is basically what I do. I try to watch what I spend, and since I am already hooked on several other subscriptions, I only buy Blush when I will use most or all of the products based on the spoilers. I will “subscribe”, and then cancel after receiving my bag. I suppose I buy a bag every few months, but I always pay $24.95.

    • I had unsubscribed at the end of July because I needed to take a break from so many boxes and product overload. I had signed up for the annual subscription and was able to cancel with no problem. Once this spoiler came out, I immediately resubbed and was able to choose annual subscription once again. I have gotten the last 3 months of this box and really liked it! The $25 price point for all that you get is really great!

      • I did something similar, I subscribed to 2 boxes, yet really needed a beauty break, and called them and told them I only wanted one for this month, they are the nicest people, and I had no issues canceling the one. – What I like most about about the customer service is that I can contact them via phone, verses waiting 2 or 3 days for an email. It is nice to have that acknowledgement and that immediate response. – I’ve been subscribing to a lot of boxes since my first box, and Blush Mystery Box has been #1 in customer service and value. Being able to cancel and resubscribe at anytime without any hassle or a long list of questions.

  16. Does anyone know which it’s are full size, it looks like a couple this month? I am going to let my boyfriend try Nick Chavez because his hair is thin and starting to bald out some.

    The rest of the items I will use, they look awesome. I will probably try the Nick Chavez one time and see how it works. I have super thick hair!

    The texturizer for frizz and flyaways, I am super exited to try because the reviews are fantastic. The shadow stick looks nice as does the foundation and above all I am very excited to the anti aging cream which has glowing reviews and is very very expensive. It looks like a small .25 oz though.

    I hope this is the month where they toss in a nice freebie! I bet they will since its been a few months. Plus they always toss in a few small samples.

    Above all they ship super fast and I receive in 2 days at the beginning of the month. There customer service is amazing and always the highest value in boxes. The only one so far that WOWS me.

    How do you guys feel about Blush Beauty MysTery box?

    • If you look under the picture of the product, it will say “buy the full size of this product”. . .that has always been a sign it’s a sample. If it doesn’t say that, the product will likely be full size! 🙂 Though it seems impossible that the skin cream ($100+ on its own) would be full size, but wouldn’t that be awesome!?

      • I totally agree!! The cream in full size would be an amazing deal. 🙂

  17. I cancel all my old others subscriptions, but this one I can’t :). I really don’t need any more skincare ,makeup or hair products, buuuuuttt I can’t resist so great products on Blush Mystery Beauty Box. This month is awesome ( like always) . Thanks for the spoiler, I was anxious to know what they have for this month. 🙂

  18. I’m super exited about this box, all but maybe Nick Chavez because I already have super thick hair. The skin care is suppose to be amazing and extremely expensive so I’m very glad to have that. The texturizing item is suppose to be fantastic also. Thankfully I have Light to medium skin. I think they should FollOw surveys on foundation products when offered. That seems only fair but all in all this is a huuuge value! I love Blush!!

  19. If the Dr. Brandt had choice and was not light to med – I would have bought this box. I am definitely med/dark as I have olive skin.

    For those of you not familiar with Skin Medica – it is a great line normally sold in drs office. I have been using a luxury sample of their eye cream and love it. It is also very expensive so it’s a great addition to this box.

    I also would love to try the thickening shampoo as I recently got a new cut with way too many layers and am looking for a good shampoo as well as the texturizing hair product.

    Pixie is a great line, but I have a ton of those lip pencils and don’t need another one. Same with the tiny bottle of nail polish.

    since I subscribe to the Allure box and am watching my spending, I will pass. But again, if they run a sale I may order one just can’t do the full price right now. But love reading your posts Liz!

    • Cheryl, I would recommend Davines It’s a Sea Salt Spray as a texturizer. I just got my hair cut too and hated it and I was looking for a product to help and ran across it on Birchbox’s site. It’s amazing!! I have tried everything and I will use this product forever 🙂

      • Davines is awesome! I’ve had samples of there line and am amazed!!

      • Thanks for the product recommendation Ally! I have tried BB Surf spray too tacky, Spent a $30 on Kevin Murphy’s Hair Resort and that totally dries my hair out. I have never heard of Daivnes but will definitely check it out. I used to sub to BB so I think I still my account is still active to purchase and dart points xoxo Cheryl

  20. Million Dollar Tan makes a product called Shade Booster that can be added to foundation and/or plain moisturizer. It works great for summer so you don’t need multiple colors of makeup. It’s in a pump and a pretty good size. Really lets you get the most out of your season-specific foundation. Smashbox sells three shades/types of luminizers that can be used the same way. Of course they add the reflective shine so for day I prefer the Shade Booster.

    • And there are only 2 shades of the BB cream in this box so it covers a wide range of skin tones anyway.

  21. Looks like a fun box. Do they do much in the way of paraben, thalate, 5 free etc items? Or more mainstream???

    • I think Blush Beauty is a mix. I have received some nice products like Klorane and La Bella Donna with them, but also the more mainstream.

      • Thanks – just started with subscription boxes a few months back. Still learning about all the boxes out there. This is a great site.

  22. I agree that with skin tone specific items they should be customized, however it seems this particular item only comes in two shades, light -medium and medium-dark . My tone is more the second option, the one we aren’t getting, however I’m hoping the one we get is more medium than light, it might work as a good concealer if nothing else. I love blush mystery and I agree they’re CS is awesome!! One of the best I’ve experienced 🙂

  23. I am so excited to try out this month’s bag. I am thrilled with the item selections!

  24. Liz:

    Thank you for posting this 🙂 – I was wondering what was going to be in the box. This is my favorite box. I agree with you on skintone specific items in a box. It is so hard for me to find the right shade of makeup, and I’d rather not try something full size that might not work with my skintone. This is when I would prefer a bunch of tiny foil samples, to see which tone works best. I’m also not fond of Thickening Shampoo or Texturizer. I like Shadow Pens, I just hope it is in a neutral color. Based on the spoilers I know I’ll be swapping most the box, this box is not for me, i liked the other 2 so much better. Yet blush is one beauty box i can not see myself canceling. I really like the value, the full size products, and they have nicest customer service people. Also I’ve had no issues on getting any of my boxes. Hoping September box I will like better.

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