Allure Fall 2014 Beauty Box on Sale TODAY at Noon EST!

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Reminder - Allure Beauty Box On Sale Tomorrow


Get Ready! The Allure Fall Beauty Box goes on sale today, August 26th at noon EST. The cost is $44.95 plus $10 shipping. Limit one per household.

It will be available for purchase at

UPDATE: Keep refreshing even if it tells you the box is sold out! 

Somehow Allure made the website even worse this time around – very frustrating!

Here is the list of every item in the box:

Good luck everyone!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. So I waited and refreshed a LOT, and finally got to the screen where you can actually BUY! Maybe the “sold out” message is a bug that happens when the site gets overloaded? Not sure, but either way I just scored one!! Hooray! Keep trying ladies!

    • Same thing with me. Anyone that comes back to this site, Allure Facebook or wherever else to complain they didn’t get through is just missing an opportunity. Everyone knows the site goes down at noon & you just have to keep refreshing until you get in the queue. Sometimes it works in your favor, some time it doesn’t. Just keep refreshing.

      • “Everyone knows the site goes down at noon & you just have to keep refreshing until you get in the queue”

        I’ve ordered before and I didn’t know this! I ordered not last box, but the box before and they actually opened about 11:59 and I got right through!
        I did end up ordering this box, I literally couldn’t stop myself…..I guess I won’t be needing any hair products for a few years.

    • Thanks Allison! I gave up after a few attempts and the sold out message appeared. Then I read your post and tried again and bingo! Scored one! I wasn’t excited about the box this time, however, I think that now it has turn into a thrilling adventure.

  2. Got one!! Just keep refreshing!

  3. They are still available. Use Chrome and hit refresh if necessary. 12:10 pm

  4. Got one!!!

  5. Well, that was a giant cluster-youknowhat.

    After 5 minutes of alternately getting 404’d and being told it was sold out, I finally got to the payment screen. Then the thank you page failed to load. When I refreshed, they failed to give me an order number. If they charge me more than once I’m going to be so annoyed. Yeah the box is a good deal, but Allure needs to get its act together.

    • The same thing happened to me… but since it is a limit of one per household this time, I’m assuming they can’t charge us more than once! And i only got one confirmation email so I think we are ok!

  6. Just keep refreshing that screen. I did it continually for 8 minutes even though it said “Sold Out” and it eventually got me to a screen I could purchase it from. Frustrating as all heck though!! Not sure why I put myself through that.

  7. I just checked I can still buy another one, they still have some just keep refreshing the website is having a melt down.

  8. Keep trying! I saw the sold out message kept refreshing and got through at 12:08.

  9. stick with it I got through at 9:05 and placed an order and got email confirmation that it was received

  10. I also had same issues, getting the sold out and system issues. I kept refreshing anyways and got a screen asked for my email…got a timeout, refreshed again and got the order entry screen for my payment. Just received the order email. Just keep trying!

  11. It is not sold out. I just got two at 9:05 and 9:08.

  12. Got one at 12:04! They aren’t sold out- though it said that right after the sale went live. Keep refreshing!

    • Update: Got second box at 12:13. Used my iPad 2 on Chrome, almost no refresh issues.

      • Did you use the same shipping address for both boxes?

  13. I went on the dot and it was still sold out. SMH

    • Got one at 12:18. Just keep refreshing. F5 is the easiest way.

  14. My order went through at 12:07! There’s still hope!

  15. I got one! But its a pain – I was on for the countdown and as soon as it said “Buy Now”, the site crashed!

    Then after refreshing for about 3 minutes with messages saying they sold out – which I don’t believe they sell out within 30 secs – I finally was able to get to a purchase page. I hope it went through, I did get a confirmation number though.

    Keep refreshing and trying.

  16. keep refreshing, I just got one at 12:07pm

  17. omg i actually got one. lesson: do not believe the website when it says they are sold out. just refresh until stuff happens.

  18. I followed the commenters advice and kept refreshing. Just got one myself! Y’all are awesome, thanks for sharing your experiences here. 🙂

  19. Got it!! Just keep refreshing! And if it looks like it’s finally loading DO NOT HIT STOP! It’ll come up!

  20. just keep refreshing – I was able to get one. it crashed at 12:01, and it couldn’t have been sold out then. it must be problems on their side.

  21. 12:07pm! GOT ONE!!

  22. KEEP REFRESHING! i just helped my grandma buy one!

  23. Just got mine! Keep trying ladies, and good luck! 🙂

  24. Wow, this is the first time I haven’t been able to get one. I couldn’t even get the site to load until 5 after, of course they were sold out by then. Nice one, Allure.

  25. Keep trying! They’re not sold out. I just got one. The site is just screwing up. Keeping hitting refresh.

    • Thanks! Just got one too 😀

  26. Liz, maybe you can get feedback from Allure? they are not prepared from a tech standpoint and to show sold out at 12:02pm? something is odd

  27. To everyone who is upset that it sold out in seconds: it’s not actually sold out. The website can’t handle the traffic and it takes a ton of refreshing to get to the purchase screen. I did a countdown along with the website and clicked “buy now” the split second that button became available, and I got the sold out message or temporarily unavailable message for 4 straight minutes, but I refreshed every few seconds and was able to buy one at 12:05. I think it’s a website issue, they haven’t sold out (or at least they didn’t a minute ago when I bought mine). Keep trying if you want one, I got through. 🙂

    • Where do you see the buy now option?

  28. KEEP TRYING!!! I just kept refreshing and BAM it went thru, just got the confirmation email.

  29. What a disappointing day, first time trying to get a box and can’t 🙁 It says website temporarily unavailable.

    • I just got one! Thank you!

    • Keep trying! I got one at 1207. used IE and comcast connection. Also tried with safari and RCN connection. good luck!!!!

  30. Keep refreshing, I just got in and got one, they aren’t sold out!

  31. “Website Temporarily Unavailable”

    F*cking hell…
    I did make it through in the end, and got an order tracking number, but good grief, I thought they’d have things better sorted this time ’round…

  32. WTH As soon as it went live I clicked the Buy Now it was already sold out! theres no way that can happen, so I am guessing it sold out before it was out for sale. So disappointed.

    • Ladies you can still buy it!!! I just got mine

  33. sold out in 90 seconds…ridiculous


  35. That was super painful but I got 1. I had to hit refresh a bajillion times.. even after I entered my CC information it timed out so I was worried it would over bill me from hitting refresh.

  36. The site crashed again!! I was watching the countdown, it went to “buy now” and when I clicked it says “website temporarily unabilable.”

  37. Sold out at 12:02 EST. 🙁

  38. already not working!!! ugh!!

  39. at 12:01 pm

    Due to high demand and limited quantities, our Allure Beauty Boxes are sold out. If you missed out this time, check back here for details on our next sale.

    • WTF??!!?

      • then I was able to order it at 12:19

        • and 10 min later the box I prepaid came in by UPS. they didnt even send me shipping email

  40. I have no idea how people get these!! I clicked Buy It the SECOND it came on my screen, and I immediately got the message that “due to limited quantities and high demand we are sold out”. What the heck??? Did anyone actually get one of these?

    • I got sold out message, too. 3 minutes!

    • Keep trying Allison honey….. it looks like they are still available.

  41. anyone getting through?

  42. Gone. I got the Buy Now button about 10 seconds early, but in my haste, refreshed the page and missed out.

  43. Meh. Countdown finished. Clicked “buy now.” Got “website temporarily unavailable.” Refreshed the page a few times. Got the same error.

    Not worth the trouble.

  44. already sold out the SECOND it went live. what b.s.

    • I know! I waited diligently! I am so over this promo.

    • Right?! Then you go to the main page and says buy now still. hmmm fishy fishy. Guess we didn’t REALLY need it!

  45. Good luck ladies! I have card number copied so I can just paste lol and ready to do this, I’m excited as this is my first time, is like Black Friday in August 🙂

    In a side note I would love if there’s somewhere a box like this for babies fill with body wash, lotion etc I think it would be neat.

    • Great idea! Thanks!

  46. Hey,

    How long will this be available for? I don’t get paid for a week? ? 🙁

    • I think you’ll be out of luck, then. Last time, these sold out in just a few minutes.

  47. Time to start stressing and refreshing soon. LOL I got two last time it was offered and got it in the first wave so I’m hoping I can be successful again. Good luck to all of us!

  48. I have tried and failed the last two times as well! I’m always at work so I can’t give it my full attention. I hope I get one this time.

  49. I think I’m going to try for it. There are only three items I’m not sure about:

    *blonde hair spray (I dye mine black…)

    *dry shampoo (could be convinced to give it a try sometime, though, maybe)

    *Jergens natural glow lotion (I notice this comes in 2 shades and probably both of them are too dark for me)

    The rest of the things would be useful and/or fun. I’m not above trying out drugstore items. Can always use cleansers and body wash, for example. Interesting that they have products for both straight and curly hair, though it looks like I could try to make my hair curly with my ceramic heat styling tool (have only used it as a flat iron so far, but it’s supposed to do both).

  50. Please oh please can I get this box this time?! I have tried & failed the last two times so I am going to try until I get it.

    Also it is worth noting that the “Tresemme 7 Day Keratin Smooth Heat Activated Treatment” has been upgraded to the “Keratin Smooth 7 Day Smooth Control Starter Hair Treatment Set”. It was on the website this AM.

    • I got one! 😀 Finished my order at 11:14 CST.

    • were you able to get one?

      • Yep! Finally. =) Now when do they usually ship? Just curious if it will be here before I go out of town next weekend or not.

        • Hi Crystal! It says on the form it should arrive between Sept. 2-5th so hopefully that is accurate!

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