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Social Bliss The Style Box Subscription Review – July 2014

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SocialBliss The Style Box Subscription Review – July

The Social Bliss Style Box is a new fashion and accessory subscription box. Each month they send you a collection of items that all tie into the theme for that month.

SocialBliss The Style Box Subscription Review – July 2014 Items

The Subscription Box: The Style Box by Social Bliss

The Cost: $39.95 a month plus $7.95 shipping

The Products: $100 to $200 worth of products. Each box will contain an assortment of popular one size fits all fashion accessories and lifestyle products.

Ships to: US

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SocialBliss The Style Box Subscription Review – July 2014 Card

Each box comes with a card detailing the items included. This month’s theme is Summer Metallics. 

SocialBliss The Style Box Subscription Review – July 2014 Info

 Every box also has one featured designer that typically has the most expensive item in the box. This month it is Melie Bianco.

SocialBliss The Style Box Subscription Review – July 2014 Clutch

Melie Bianco Anastasia Metallic Clutch – Value $110

There are four color variations for the box, and I’m thrilled that I got the gold version! It’s really well made and I love the lining too:

SocialBliss The Style Box Subscription Review – July 2014 Lining

It’s an oversized clutch, which is great for me, and it has a detachable gold chain should strap:

SocialBliss The Style Box Subscription Review – July 2014 Clutch Strap

I have a wedding coming up in August, and this will be the perfect clutch – now I just need to find a dress!

SocialBliss The Style Box Subscription Review – July 2014 Perfume

Oscar De La Renta Espirit D’Oscar Rollerball – Value $25

This scent isn’t for me, but I do appreciate that they sent a good size of perfume – no tiny vials!

SocialBliss The Style Box Subscription Review – July 2014 Bodychain

Bombshell Jane Body Chain Necklace – Value $20

I can never pull off this look, but I managed to re-configure it in a way that I think looks nice as a necklace:

SocialBliss The Style Box Subscription Review – July 2014 Necklace

SocialBliss The Style Box Subscription Review – July 2014 Eyelash

Fit-to-Flare Lashes – Value $2

Drop of Gold Bead Earrings – Value $10

I’ve always heard that smaller lash pieces look more natural than a complete strip of false eye lashes, but surprisingly I don’t think I’ve ever seen them in a subscription box before!

Verdict: I’m happy with the value of this box just because of the clutch – I love it! I’m not sure if I’ll use the rest of the items though, some of them may get swapped! What did you think of the Social Bliss Style Box this month?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. I just saw the spoiler on their FB for the August box – It is a nice tote bag! I’m so excited! Hope I get any color except yellow – I’m glad I signed up.

    • I really like the yellow purse and I hope I get that one. With my luck I will get the green or the fushia one. If I do I plan on hitting the CANCEL button. This box has to make up for the last two disasters that I got.

      • If I get the yellow one and you get the green one – I’d be more then happy to swap bags with you. I was very hesitant about signing up after seeing the last box. I did not see anything I would use. Hopefully the rest of the items in this box will be great too 🙂 If not at least the bag looks nice. – I’ve noticed sometimes these sub boxes have 1 or 2 boxes not a lot of people like, then they have a great box.

        • I would love to swap. Excited to see what else is in the box.

  2. As soon as I press submit to get a subscription the code is not valid 🙁 ———– Does anyone know of any $10 or $15 valid coupon codes for a monthly subscription ?

  3. This box is total junk. I have got almost every box you can get and this is the worst one. They obviously have a connection to this one brand of cheap plastic purses and sent them often. They really send makeup and what they send is very low quality. They also do not answer when something is wrong with a box . Do not waste your money. Try popsugar is close in price and blows this away.

    • I get alot too- I watched the months on this one and really like it till I subscribed. My first month was June- that scarf thing was awful- at least I was able to sell it and cut the cost of the box considerably. My ring was different than the ones I’ve seen- much nicer so I was happy. This month was baffling. Seems like very LA trendy rather than truly stylish. I am probably cancelling.

      Question- you recommend Popsugar, I swear I’m missing something. I keep hearing about it but after seeing it this month I’m a little confused about all the excitement. Paper straws and plastic spoons would really irritate me. lol

  4. I thought this month’s Social Bliss was a hotter mess than last month’s Social Bliss. The body chain is for women that have a rocking body. If your body doesn’t rock, then this body chain is not the way to go. My body don’t rock. As far as the bracelet was concerned, not everyone was given an opportunity to get the bracelet. I thought the bracelet was great and of course I didn’t get one. The only offer I got in last month’s box was to send an email explaning how I used the scarf. The bonus had nothing to do with a bracelet. Needless to say I am unhappy with Socialbliss and will probably not continue this subscription.

    • I’m with you Deborah- at least last month I was able to sell the scarf and get back a large part of the amount paid. This month, that chain is just terrible. I keep thinking about the last two months- you mention it would be for a rocking body. I’m a size 6 (4 in my thin clothes) so I’m not huge, but I am large chested… it looked RIDICULOUS!!! Then I thought about the scarf- a tent. Sadly some pics submitted were cute. Seemingly if you are a waifish LA type who enjoys Coachella type fashion this is your box. lol. It used to be really nice. Wish I could order one of the older ones (well you CAN but they jack up the price on their unsold boxes).

  5. For those of you who got this box, is the purse heavy? I am thinking about getting it and wearing it with the strap but I don’t like heavy purses.

    • This looks exactly like the silver bag I received. I thought it was gold but the tag says silver. It looks like a white gold of some sort. It’s really a nice color and I usually dislike silver!

    • It’s not heavy at all in my opinion!

    • Its solid but no not heavy- Alicia is right too, I got the same one. Thought it was gold till I saw a gold one on ebay. The silver isn’t silver, its a pale gold.

  6. I got the pink clutch (had been hoping for any color but), but it is well made and I like it. I fiddled with the body chain forever trying to make it a necklace. Frustration got the better of me, but I’m persistent. Like the earrings and got the bonus bracelet which was decent for a bonus.

    Somehow I had a code in their system that when my 3 month re-upped, it comes out to only like $34 a month so I can’t complain. The clutch made it for me this month.

    • I also ended up with pink. The one color I detest. Too bad we can’t add a line to our profile of “detested colors” please never send as an option. Oh well.

  7. Yikes! Though I love the clutch, I gotta say that I’m glad I cancelled my Socialbliss subscription after last month. Is a body chain even a “thing”? I’ve never seen one before in my life, and I definitely wouldn’t wear one.

  8. Mine is on its way and I am very excited about this box! That purse is cute. I have been kind of blah on past boxes, but then over time I actually liked things that I did not like before, so even though this is my last box of my 3 box sub, I may re-up it!

  9. Wow, that’s a HUGE clutch! Very good value! As for the Oscar de la Renta perfume–I think that’s the one my mom wears, and I love the way it smells on her. Or it might be a different Oscar scent. Either way, I think that’s a good value too!

  10. Yikes, not a gold gal! What a bummer!

  11. Melie Bianco is FANTASTIC and has such wonderful quality bags. I have one of their bags that I’m using right now and it’s been through hell and back and after months of heavy use, still looks brand new. I’m glad that they are featured in this box, although none of the other items really look up my alley. I’m definitely jealous of that clutch though!

  12. I used to really want to try them out, but on top of the price increases, the past few months have been super disappointing. I have been totally turned off to this box.

  13. I can see that I’m in the minority, but I love this months box. Definitely hoping for the pink or silver clutch, but love them all. I think many of these items will be popular swaps.

    • I love it, too. It’s a sub for the fashion adventurous. The body jewelry is very on trend and all over magazines this season (and can be used in other ways, though it is pretty generously sized overall), the clutch is well made (and thank God they sent a purse since it’s been nonstop complaining about not getting them since they sent the last one in April), and the perfume is a good value and not exactly drugstore cheap. Everyone seemed to hate the first month when they sent edgy accessories including a hat, everyone apparently hated the kimono blouse last month, and people complained about the large patent leather clutch and scarf, too, which were quite lovely. I think unless it’s a box of full size purses, the majority won’t enjoy this sub. It’s just that this isn’t a purse sub; they exist, this just isn’t it. There will always be items that don’t suit some people’s taste and that’s fine. No sub could ever send a box of items everyone liked at the same time. Even if they did manage that fear, then something would be damaged in transport rendering the whole box a collection of “junk.” Or something included as a OS item won’t fit, making the box worthless. My point in all of this is to say it’s fine if something isn’t your taste. But there’s no reason to insult the item that others may really like. That’s why ladies get very defensive on these boards, because it feels like an attack on their taste/style. Constructive feedback is great, even the negatives since it all works toward improving the product. Calling it a box of crap isn’t terribly helpful to anyone. I’ve gotten lots of sub boxes over the past few years that didn’t suit my taste or lifestyle, but I didn’t feel a need to say the functional equivalent of “anyone who likes this has no taste or class.” This is one of the few subs I’ve kept and enjoy consistently. Have I loved every single thing? No. Do the hits outweigh the misses? Definitely for me. I’m still paying just under $48 so that helps too. The products here are much more my taste than what I was getting from PopSugar, so to me it’s worth it.

      Short story long, I would never, ever curate a box or start my own as a business. I’m way too much of a people pleaser!

      • I haven’t seen anyone call this box “crap” but I do think that it isn’t for everyone. The cost of the box and shipping puts this box toward the higher end boxes. I agree that you can’t please everyone and boxes are always a gamble…but you have to admit there have been some duds in the boxes. Its a style box and because of that…it won’t fit everyone’s style…I actually loved the sunglasses and lip gloss from last months box and am looking forward to the clutch and lashes from this box. But it just isn’t enough to keep me interested.

        • or “junk” not crap…but junk.

      • I am excited for this box too. It has a nice theme with quality items. This clutch is more practical than the clutches I recently received in both of Popsugar’s recent limited edition boxes (Resort and Summer Limited Edition). I receive a few subs and this one is vastly different than the others …but that’s what I like about it and why I continue to subscribe.

  14. Liz, you didn’t get the extra bracelet.

    • There was an extra bracelet?

  15. I think this is my last socialbliss box. The chain is pretty useless to me as i am a plus sized person. I am excited for the false eye-lashes and the clutch (which is a decent brand) too. The cost is really high and really, I’d rather have popsugar than this box…the last two boxes were really underwhelming. Maybe I will return to it later (or if they do a good discount on a 3 month sub).

  16. I had been a subscriber to Social Bliss since it first launched for some reason they raised their prices they included me. My new price was now $52. I do like some of their styles but am happy I cancelled last month and did not get get this box. Started off great withe the themes but last few months have been “eh’.

    • Sorry for the typos lol.

  17. Kudos to them for having a well-made lined clutch after reading some old reviews about clutches from other subscription boxes. Also it is nice that the chain was included. ‘ve been curious what small eye lash pieces look like and now I know. I can’t believe that the value is $2.00. While this box is not appealing to me, it does have a nice theme.

  18. Yikes! Darn, I am not a gold gal. If my box is the same it’s up sale. (is that aloud, I’m a newbe?)

  19. For me, it would be yet ANOTHER hot mess of “lose”. Nothing about this subscription has ever appealed to me, least of all, the price.

    • What were they thinking with that necklace?!

      • The body chain is ridiculous. Just because something is trendy doesn’t mean it’s stylish. Add in the fact that you need to have a very specific body type to even be able to physically wear it as a body chain lots of subscribers will have to modify it to become a necklace it seems a very poor choice. I know other boxes have had blow back for sending out clothing items in sizes that don’t take into account the wide range of body types of their subscribers.

        The Muito Cool hat in NGQ03 is a perfect example of why trendy is not synonymous with stylish.

        • I couldn’t agree more! Trendy isn’t always stylish. Body chain? I tried it on and my boyfriend walked in- asking why I was putting my necklace on like that. Needless to say he even thought it was ridiculous. Besides this product (like the kimono) I think has a body type- seems as though between this month and last I need to cancel. 🙁

  20. I just tried signing up and shipping is $9.95, I think that’s kind of expensive! It should be included.

    • I think many times we are so used to free shipping with so many boxes, but it is a business and ultimately someone has to pay to ship these products. You’re already getting accessories heavily discounted and even if the items added up to the cost of the box, if you purchased each of these items separately, you’d still have to pay for shipping for each individual product. I don’t mind the shipping as I understand they have to make money too and maybe if they provided shipping, it would cut heavily into their profit. You can’t survive as a business like that.

      Also, I try not to really compare boxes b/c some are backed by celebs or serial successful entrepreneurs, while some businesses start with a sole person right from their home. As long as the value is good, I’m happy. As for the box itself, the clutch is really cute and I’d love to try that perfume. I’m going to a wedding next month and I’m wearing a black lace dress, that clutch would be perfect. I think those are the only items I’d try from the box but it seems very well thought out and put together.

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