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Saffron Rouge Beauty Subscription Box Review – July 2014

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Saffron Rouge Beauty Subscription Box Review - July

Inner Circle is a natural beauty subscription box from the organic beauty site Saffron Rouge. If you like discovering new natural beauty products – I highly recommend this subscription!

Saffron Rouge Beauty Subscription Box Review - July 2014 First Look

The Subscription Box: Inner Circle by Saffron Rouge

The Cost: $24.99

The Products: Receive a beautiful package of deluxe samples from various leading and upcoming organic beauty brands from around the world. You also receive a discount code to save on your favorite full sized versions from the package.

Ships to: US, Canada

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Saffron Rouge Beauty Subscription Box Review - July 2014 Info

Each box comes with a fold out sheet from Saffron Rouge detailing each item selected for this box.

Saffron Rouge Beauty Subscription Box Review - July 2014 Lip Gloss

Vapour Elixir Plumping Lip Gloss in Vivid – FULL SIZE! Value $22

Lily Lolo Blush – FULL SIZE! Value $18

This lipgloss is super shiny, and it has some sparkle and color too. I like it a lot since it isn’t sticky at all, and a little goes a long way!

The Lily Lolo blush is new to me, and at first look I thought the color would be too light for me, but I found that I really like it because it’s pretty difficult to accidentally overdo application, and it has a nice subtle shimmer!

Saffron Rouge Beauty Subscription Box Review - July 2014 Bamboo

Juicy Bamboo Natural Facial Cleansing Cloths (2) – Value $1

Bamboo Tapioca Beads – .2 oz Value $4

I liked both of these products, but I probably won’t buy the Juicy Bamboo cleansing cloths again because I like my cleansing cloths to be able to also remove eye makeup, and these didn’t do a good job at all with mascara. These tapioca beads were interesting – you mix them with water to create a paste. I gave it a try and I think it’s a nice and gentle exfoliating cleaner.

Saffron Rouge Beauty Subscription Box Review - July 2014 Serum

Primavera Revitalizing Serum (2 packets) – 3 ml total Value $8

I’ve sampled Primavera skincare products before, and I really like their line – I just hate foil packets! (I shouldn’t complain too much though since there are two full sized makeup items in this box!)

Saffron Rouge Beauty Subscription Box Review - July 2014 Weleda

Weleda Millet Nourishing Shampoo – 18 ml Value $1

Tallulah Jane Aiyana Natural Body Oil – .1 oz Sample

Verdict: I paid $25 for this box and received about $54 worth of beauty products. The smaller samples are good to try, but I’m most excited about my two full sized makeup items! The blush and the lipgloss alone make this box a great value for me!

What did you think of the July Saffron Rouge Inner Circle Beauty Box?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. The writing was on the wall for the last few months that the Inner Circle monthly sub was coming to an end, hence the craptastic foil packets, repeat brands and in general lackadaisical attitude toward subscribers. Not only is this attitude unprofessional it’s also unethical to treat new subscribers to what appear to be half assed leftovers when they paid the same (full) amount as everyone else who were longtime customers and had gotten decent products and sizes in the past. Frankly it’s just a short sighted way to do business since if they ever decide to restart it after a break or a sub revamp, they’re likely to need past subscribers’ support once they re-launch. And even if they don’t, they do still have an online store. Not a great way to inspire customer loyalty. I just wish I’d had a chance to get the Saffron Rouge Inner Circle others got in the past year instead of the ho-hum ripoff from the last 3 months.

  2. Boo. Sad to see that they’ve discontinued the Inner Circle box (got the email today). I just started subbing this April, which coincidentally seems to be when everyone says they started a sharp decline, but I was still pleased to discover new brands and feel good about what I was putting on my skin. I spent a long time researching boxes and so few offer “non-toxic” cosmetic/beauty products, which is all I will use. There are so few out there and SR really represented a good value for the target audience, I think. I ended up loving both the blush I received and the gloss this past month even though I initially thought I’d swap both. I’m going to miss this one.

    • Thank you for posting the comment. Even though I canceled last month, just because I dont like small samples and I did not like the box before. I was hoping that the box would be more to my liking, and have a higher value in the next 2 months, because I was going to resubscribe. I’m still subscribed to Petit Vour and really like them. The value is good, and the product selection is always nice. – Hopefully Saffron Rouge will restart Inner Circle, they really have a niche going, it just would been nice to see the values higher.

  3. I just got an email from Saffron Rouge that says

    “Unfortunately, we’ve come to the difficult decision to end the Inner Circle Program”

  4. I also cancelled last month. Besides not getting one of my boxes and leaving message after message about it and nobody responding, I was very disappointed with the contents on the last box I received. The same brands over and over again, and the samples are small and not worth the money I’m paying. I really enjoyed this box before but the size and variety of products has drastically changed lately. I want full size face creams, decent colors of lip gloss (the other month was a very nasty smelling clear minty one that i HATED), and some conditioners. Come on Saffron Rouge!

  5. I’m always so disappointed to read so many negative comments about Saffron Rouge’s box. This is my fourth box and I’m absolutely thrilled with it every month. I will admit that last month I was not entirely blown away but it was still a great value and I used everything. Within the last year I’ve been slowly switching over all my mainstream products to natural/organic choices. This box as well as the Petit Vour box have helped introduce me to products and lines that I love. I personally am a huge lip gloss fan and was really excited to see a second one in four months. It was a perfect color for me! I’ve been hoping they’d send a blush since I’m looking to switch from my old brand and this one is so sheer and pretty. It’s also great layered over my Vapor cream blush stick I’ve been trying out. I’m looking forward to next month already 🙂

  6. I’ve been subscribing to Inner Circle since last fall and truly loved receiving the collections from them, but I was quite disappointed with last month’s Saffron Rouge, and this month’s box was overall even more disappointing. I agree with Amber C. about the shampoo being the absolute worst I ever sampled. I dont generally care for lip balm, got one recently in a prior Saffron Rouge box that I’m not crazy about, and the one I received this month is a garish color I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing. I liked the mineral blush, but I also received a similar color mineral blus from SR several months back that will alone last me several years. The teeny tiny bottle of Aiyana body oil – really? A perfume sample size flacon of body oil? For whose body – Barbie? And those foil packets, too many of them ~ the bane of all sub box subscribers! I really want to love my Saffron Rouge boxes again, but for me they’ve been bombing out big time, and it’s such a disappointment to see this particular sub go downhill.

  7. Liz, I have to ask do you have a room dedicated to your boxes? Where do you keep it all. I think I have a good size home and I now have products coming out of my ears. I am totally addicted to boxes. I love my mailman, ups man, fed ex you know what I mean. It’s like a kid at Christmas when boxes arrive.

    • I’m so glad you brought this topic up — Every now and then I can not find an item after I’ve accepted a swap, the more boxes I get the more I can not find items. It is always 1 item I’m searching for for an an hour, till I finally have to ask to substitute or cancel the swap. — I really need to get more organized — yet the more boxes I get the less organized I am.

      • I have a decent organization system, I think. For stuff I use regularly, I have acrylic organizers on my bathroom counter (2 for lipsticks and one for other stuff like brushes, mascara, moisturizers, and oddly-shaped small items, plus things like tweezers and nail clippers) and for larger items I use regularly (lotions and toners and cleansers but also contact solution, etc.), I have a multi-shelf organizer hanging over my bathroom door.

        Then I have a bunch of Sterilite 3-drawer organizers for items I haven’t used yet. For large bottles, I use a large organizer. One drawer is for face stuff + SPF, one is hair stuff, and one is body stuff (shower gel, etc.). I have boxes inside the drawers to further separate some items. For sample sizes, I have three small organizers, with drawers dedicated to different things (i.e., face serums, perfume samples, single eyeshadows, foil packets of moisturizers, etc.).

        I’m not really doing any swapping but every time I run out of whatever moisturizer I’m using, for example, I just go open the drawer and grab something equivalent.

        The only problem is, I have NO IDEA which subscription most of these things came from.

        • Oh yeah, and a nail polish rack on the wall. But it is full so I might have to get another one…

          • wow – you are really organized – I think I will get another rolling cart with wheels – I use 1 for my craft supplies – so I should get another for swaps.

          • I have an entire closet filled with craft supplies. And random Rubbermaid tubs full of beads and yarn and stuff in my second bedroom. They’re not nearly as organized…maybe that will be a project for the future.

      • I keep all the stuff I’ve listed for swap in a separate box (or boxes at this point!). As for stuff I’m keeping, I have the stuff I plan to use soon in the bathroom and other stuff on my dresser. Well, and the food items in the kitchen or pantry!

    • My husband and I have a three bedroom house, and we’ve each taken one bedroom as an office…and both of those offices are filled with a lot of subscription box stuff! 🙂

  8. This is the end for me. It’s the same brands over and over (I literally made a chart and it was very telling). The sizes aren’t great nor is the variety. For $25 I definitely expect more. I’ll spend it somewhere that I can get better value. Foil packets are a cheap Charlie move in my book. Fine if they’re an extra but unacceptable if they take the place of a legit deluxe sample. It’s rather appalling they use so many so often. All told, my 3 month sub was a bust and almost $75 I count as lost.

  9. I’m glad I canceled after last month. This is the third month in a row their big item has been lipgloss. I wear lip balm daily, my lips have too much color for most lip color still.

  10. i do not mind foil packets because i would rather try new products every day or every few days than using the same ones all the time. i put my lip gloss and blush up for swap because i rarely wear makeup. i, too, cancelled after this month because it was too much makeup for me. i did like everything else, though… i will probably re-subscribe in the future.

  11. I’m in agreement with most of u. The value is just not there! June was my first month receiving this box, and I was disappointed with it. I decided to give it one more try and it was a big miss for me again. I’ve decided I’m going to cancel.

    I’m pretty sure that this months lip gloss is also a plumping gloss just like last months. Last months gloss gave me a fat lip. I must have had a bad reaction. Also I’ve tried the shampoo from this month and I have to say it may be the worst shampoo I’ve tried.

  12. I might try this one some day, if I cancel something else. I don’t mind getting makeup — would use most of it, and most colors work for me (I’m pale with neutral undertones). But, I’ve got too many boxes right now so I will keep this on the list for a later date if I get rid of 1 or 2.

  13. After seeing this months box – I’m so glad I canceled after last months box – Last months box had lip gloss to – that one I liked better because it was clear – this months lip gloss seems to similar in the one from blush mystery box. The value is just not there for me, because even if I would have gotten this box the only thing I would have used is the shampoo and maybe have tried the lip gloss. I wish boxes that sent makeup would go by someones skin tone for selecting colors – Summer – Winter – Autumn and Spring — Besides not wearing a lot of makeup that is one reason why I don’t like getting a lot of makeup in boxes. – The colors are never right for me.

    • Also glad I cancelled after last month’s box for the same reasons that others mentioned. I like the idea of natural skincare and makeup, but if I’m not going to use most of the products, it’s not worth it.

  14. I actually was disappointed with this months box and the same with last months. I have decided to cancel my subscription with them. There is way too many foil samples coming lately and although I like the lip gloss, the rest of the box 4/5 is a total loss for me. So it is not worth it. Canceling this box upsets me somewhat due to the fact that I really use to love this box, but lately they have just really gone down hill. . .

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