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My Swaps

This post is just a quick update on recent swap site improvements we’ve made based on your feedback. As always, please let me know what you think and keep the feedback coming! We want to make the swap site as fun and useful as possible!

One of the biggest requests lately has been to keep all item details visible even after a swap is complete. We made that change last night, and now you should be able to see all product details of a swap, no matter what stage the swap is in:

Swap Details


Also, to make things a little quicker to see in the My Swaps section, if you have more than one item being requested from you, you’ll see this pink bubble with the + and a number.


Quick Swap Update - Improvements on My Swaps Page +2


So in this case, someone has requested this Sid Lid from me and two other items.

We also did some fixes that came up from the last update: 1) Recent swaps should now show the final outcome (including counter swaps), and 2) The issue where feedback wasn’t being counted in some cases was fixed.

Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions.

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Has anyone had this happen to them ? ……. I did a swap, mailed off all the items in the swap. Checked that items in swap were delivered. Looked to see if the person left positive feedback for me. Since the items were delivered. Then noticed that another item appeared on the swap that I was sure was not there when I agreed to the swap, ( it was at the very bottom of the swap ) now I’m having to find the item, and mail that item off seperately. — Also want to stop swapping for a while. If the item was there itially it was not clear, I really don’t think that extra item was on the agreed swaps. ——– Really would like other peoples imput on this.

  2. Been swapping from the beta stage and love it Liz! I had a idea, in your box reviews it would be cool if the items had a link directly to that item in the swap section. I would also like to see updated search options as the items on the site continue to grow it is getting harder to find a specific item. Thanks so much! πŸ™‚

  3. Hi Liz! Again, thanks for all your excellent work on these upgrades!!! I have another suggestion for future improvements. I happen to execute a lot of swaps myself and get many requests. There are days I get 10 packages in the mail from swaps, and I try to be prompt at going in and adding feedback. One thing that makes this process a little more cumbersome, is that when working in the “My Swaps” section, I find that the back button in my browser doesn’t take me back to the previous page. For example, when I sort to bring up my Accepted swaps, and then choose the Enter Feedback tab, I can select one of my swaps to complete the feedback. When done, I hit the back button in the browser to go back to the Enter Feedback tab to complete another one, but that is not where the browser takes me. I have to select Accepted Swaps tab again, then the Enter Feedback tab again, before being able to select another swap to complete the feedback. This same thing happens in other areas of the My Swaps section when performing sorts. Would love if the back button could take you back to the sort you had just previously completed! I second the suggestion to enhance the SEARCH field for keywords, as I have the same difficulty in trying to find items. Right now it takes much trial and error. Thanks again for everything!

  4. HI Liz, If you are in the swaps section and try to search for something and enter more than one word, the search function won’t find it unless you select it from the predictive text list. So say you type Nina Garcia, it will say Nina+Garcia not found. If instead you type Nina, everything from the Nina Garcia box comes up. The same things happens with a brand. I’m not sure why this is. It would be tremendously helpful if the search function allows you to enter more than one word and search.

  5. Hey Liz! I’d like to see an improved search capability. When I search for products, say Clinique, it doesn’t show me all the Clinique items available. I have to test a few key words until I can find the actual product I’m looking for. So maybe the search function can be for keywords rather than the exact name of the product! Thanks!

  6. Thanks for all the new features and for working so hard on this! One thing I’d like to see is on your profile page you can see the items you have listed and the items you have traded but I’d also like to see the items you have traded for. Sometimes I trade for an item and a few weeks later I decide I’m going to swap it since I never used it but I can’t find that swap again soI have to create an entirely new listing fir the item if I don’t know the name or box it came in and that’s hard.

  7. Thanks for the update. I was wondering if you can fix something on the site. When it says “so and so” is following items on your list, click her to see what items. When I click, it goes to a blank page. Never helps me out πŸ™

    • Hi Audrey – we’ll look into it. Are you using Internet Explorer? (That’s usually the browser we have the most issues with). Thanks!

  8. Thanks for update, Liz!! If you decide to put a time limit on swap responses please make it atleast a week. We all have other stuff going on in our lives and not all of us have regular schedules that allow us to check daily. Personally, I work retail and sometimes I’ll get scheduled 8 days in a row (the end of one week and the beginning of the next) where I don’t get home until 11pm. During those periods of time I am not checking the swap page. Other times, I check multiple times a day. If people don’t like waiting, they just cancel the swap. Seems simple enough to me. I don’t want this fun site to become policed to the point that it becomes a chore or obligation. Of course, I’m obligated to send my agreed swap items quickly and respond to a pending swapper’s messages, since we are already in an agreement. But if a swapper is initiating a request for an item from me and I don’t respond right away it does not mean that I won’t eventually get back to them with a swap that is desirable to both sides. Also, as someone requesting a swap for an item I want, I would rather wait 2 weeks and have them eventually respond than to have it auto cancel after a few days. That only inconveniences me, because if I really want the item I then have to send a second request. As of now, if I’m tired of waiting I just hit “cancel request.”

    • I totally agree with Mary Beth.
      It is up to the individual to decide how long they wish to have a swap open. There are times that I and another swapper agree to keep the request open pending future adds or other swap proposals containing requested items not being accepted and the item becoming available again. I set the time for keeping a swap open based on how badly I want an item. The site is so fun and hope it will remain so.
      Thank you for all of your updates.

  9. Hi Liz! I was just wondering if maybe you could add a chat feature to the swaps? For example, me and a fellow swapper kept changing our swaps and canceling swaps, and it got hard and confusing to answer to every single comment or question, because we would have to open up every swap. It would be way more convenient just to have a swap chat window. Also, I like to keep in touch with some of my favorite swappers as we have become friends through your site! Thanks so much!

  10. This is so helpful. Thanks for the changes. I always wonder the details after a swap is accepted, and now I can find out.

  11. I do sometimes like to leave a swap open if I am not sure if I want to swap based on the persons items, especially if I have just listed an item and I want to see if I get other swap requests. I would hate for those to automatically cancel after 2 or 3 days. If after a week I don’t get a response from someone or I don’t respond then fine, but I just want to make sure we have enough time if you auto-expire a swap request. I love this site, so thanks for all of the hard work you have done!!

  12. Thumbs up on the changes! Thanks so much!

  13. One thing that I think would be awesome would be to be able to change feedback after it’s entered. For example: if there’s initial dissatisfaction with a swap and some one doesn’t communicate about it before leaving negative feedback, and then the issue is resolved/compensated, the negative feedback doesn’t seem to be able to be changed. The 1 and only negative feedback I’ve ever received was an instance where they didn’t remember that an item had been only swatched/sanitized (and listed as such) and they thought they got it used before asking me about it. Now that the issue has been resolved, she is not able to change her feedback. =]

    • also some people dont check it everyday, or people with lots of swap going on might overlook a few…but lol i check mine alot, as well as others do. yes people with less items and lower feedback also might not check regularly. but you get email updates and such, so if you check your email you think ud see hey i got a swap to look at kind of thing.

    • I accidentally chose the “negative” feedback twice. The comment I made was positive, you could tell it was a mistake on my part, but it would be nice if I could change it to positive. I’ve sent a couple emails, but I don’t think the feedback has been changed yet.

  14. Thank You! – One suggestion I have: Is to have a swap automatically cancel if the swapper does not accept or cancel the swap. Irritating on how many swaps get ignored and get left open because the person that the swap is requested from does not go in and cancel the swap. 2 days I’m okay with, yet after the 3rd day, unless noted on the swap, I’m not okay with going back and canceling by the 3rd day I would have already gotten the item by swapping with someone else or purchasing the item online

    • Thinking along those lines because I do agree, it would be nice if there was a time limit or timeline and then a swap expired. I wish there was a way to request an item from more than one person at a time. For example I really wanted the hat from July PS box. When I went online there were 50 available, I only wanted the hat it’s a bigger ticketed item. So I had to go and request the hat over and over and over it took forever. I do this because so many people just don’t respond or ignore request ( back to Lily’s point.) especially with big ticket items where I just want the hat it would be nice if there was a button I could select that would send a request to all available hats at once. This may not be reasonable to do but I thought I would share. There has been many times mostly with larger cost items, I am online swapping when that popped into my head. Also along those lines of thinking, because so many swaps aren’t addressed I wish we could cancel request I send easier. Using the example of the hat, I sent a bunch maybe 25 requests. Most did not respond but about 5 did, once one swap was agreed to I feel like the right thing to do it to cancel the requests I sent to others, I have the hat now so no need to waste others time looking into swaps that won’t happen. To go back and cancel I start with “view your swaps” then select the swap then cancel and then back to “view your swaps” I wish there was a little button just like the new one added, the little red bubble that we could select to cancel. It would be one click verses four clicks per item cancelled. This maybe why so many swaps are not being addressed??

      • You did the same thing I did with the hat πŸ™‚ – I really liked it, so I put in 10 swap requests, out of the 10 swap requests I got the hat. The other 8 ignored my swap request. And only 1 declined it. — I really like your idea, that would have helped out a lot in my hat request. — I had to go back and manually cancel 8 swaps that where ignored 4 plus days. — I often think people are just seeing if they will get a better offer. which is fine for 2 days but after that it is not okay. I would rather be declined and resubmit the request if I’m still looking for the item then having the swap left open.

        • I think you and I think alike. I know that there are lots of people who swap and lots of different methods and styles. I love that about the swap site.

          As a follow up to my last post, maybe when placing multiple swaps for the same item, as we both did for the hat there is an option or box in front of each swapper and we can put a check in the box to select multiple swappers. So if 50 hats are available maybe I can select 10 swappers to send the request to at one time in stead of all 50, which might add to the issue of swaps being ignored.

          • What I’ll do, is I’ll pick the swappers with 0-5 feedbacks and there for I know they might be more willing to swap then others who have lots of stuff. Some of the newer swappers are great. Very, Very Nice and happy to swap. Your idea > So if 50 hats are available maybe I can select 10 swappers to send the request to at one time in stead of all 50, which might add to the issue of swaps being ignored. < The first swapper that responds with a reasonble counter offer wins the swap! —— I was so tempted to subscribe to pop sugar because of the hat, the rest of the items I either did not like or did not need.

      • Hi Megan & Lily! I agree with what you are saying about ignored swaps, but wanted to comment from the opposite perspective. I just wanted to throw my two cents in, in case you or any other swappers have been ignored by me. I know that I am probably guilty of exactly what you are talking about. There have been times when I have unintentionally left a lot of fellow swappers without an answer for quite some time. For example, I would list an item, not realizing that it was going to be one that was so “hot”. I would log in to find A LOT of swap requests with most of the swappers having several pages of listings each. If I know that I have a lot going on at the time and won’t have a chance to review, I try to post a quick message letting them know that I have been busy and haven’t had a chance to look through yet, instead of just outright ignoring them. However, sometimes those requests add up really quickly, and there isn’t enough time to even go through and do that. Sometimes, this even causes me to accidentally forget about other requests that aren’t even for the one item that everyone else is asking for, just because it has gotten pushed so far back in the queue. I sometimes just remove the item and think “ok, I’ll try again later after it isn’t so in demand, or I have more time”. I’m not saying all of this to argue with you, or to defend ignoring swap request. I’m just trying to explain (from my personal experiences) why it might happen unintentionally. Though it may seem just rude and inconsiderate, it may just be due to amount of time available< amount of swaps to review. So, if I ignore you (and I'm sure that this goes for a lot of other swappers), please feel free to ask me again if you are really interested, or later down the road for another swap πŸ™‚ Because of that, I think that a time limit is totally fair. If I don't have the time to get around to reviewing all of these swaps, that's my problem, not the person that asked. I don't think that it's fair for the requesting swapper to be kept in limbo waiting for a response, so maybe that would be a good solution.

        • My comment wasn’t to complain about the different practices of swappers, in fact I even stated early that I love the fact that there are sooooo many types of personalities on the site. I have found my personal style of swapping and love that everyone can do the same. It doesn’t bother me so much when swaps aren’t handled right away, I could be wrong but I feel like it’s like you said your busy and have stuff going on your not just ignoring them. I myself don’t always get to swaps as quickly as I like. Sometimes there can be so many swaps so quickly you loss track of them. With that said I think most people have good intentions but I am sure that isn’t 100% with all swappers. I myself have been swaplifted. πŸ™ My point was I didn’t mean to be negative about how people swap but more raise the awareness that there are a lot of swaps that don’t get addressed and it would maybe clean up the queues and the function of the site if we could cancel them easier. Hopefully I didn’t make you feel back, I wasn’t meaning to. πŸ™

          You brought up a good point that we all have a different timeline on how long we would like swaps to stay open. I wonder if we could set that for ourselves, so I could have a setting that my swaps expire after 48 hours (just throwing a number out there) and you could choose 7 days. I think that would be awesome if we could do that. There would need to be a notification of the swap of each swappers time line. I may have gotten way off track here.

          Have a great day!

          • I didn’t mean to imply that you were being negative or complaining, and I apologize if it came off as such. My intention was actually the opposite. Just as you mentioned that you didn’t mean to make anyone feel bad, the same goes here! I didn’t mean that to criticize what you were saying. The only reason that I posted that was to say “yes, I agree with what you are saying that a time limit might help to clear things out faster. And on a personal note, I don’t want anyone to feel bad if I ignore them”. If that makes sense… I just meant it as a general note to all- I’m guilty of ignoring, but don’t want anyone to take it personally or be afraid to try again! πŸ™‚

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