Petit Vour Vegan Beauty Subscription Box Review – July 2014

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Petit Vour Vegan Beauty Subscription Box Review – July 2014 Box

Petit Vour is a monthly vegan beauty subscription box. It’s a great box if you’re looking to try out new vegan and/or natural beauty products.

Petit Vour kindly sent me this box to review.

Petit Vour Vegan Beauty Subscription Box Review – July 2014 Items

The Subscription Box: Petit Vour

The Cost: $15 a month (Canada – $23 a month, Worldwide $30 a month)

The Products: Vegan and cruelty-free makeup and beauty minis.

Ships to: US, Canada and Worldwide!

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Petit Vour Vegan Beauty Subscription Box Review – July 2014 Info

Each box comes with a card detailing the items included, and tips for using them!

Petit Vour Vegan Beauty Subscription Box Review – July 2014 LVX

LVX Nail Lacquer in Lolli – FULL SIZE! Value $16

Modern Minerals Mineral Eye Shadow in Vixen – FULL SIZE! Value $14

LVX is a favorite nail polish brand of mine, and I can never seem to get enough classic pink creme polishes, so I’m thrilled with this Lolli color!

This Modern Minerals eye shadow is lovely, but it’s pretty sparkly, so a little goes a long way, and it’s not a look I’d use for everyday makeup.

Petit Vour Vegan Beauty Subscription Box Review – July 2014 Serum

Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant Lavender & Sage – .5 oz Value $2.50

Pelle Beauty Face Oil – .125 oz Value $12

I’ve tried so many natural deodorants and have yet to find one that works as well as conventional deodorant for me. I’ve tried Schmidt’s before, and I like their ingredients a lot, but the formula ended up irritating my skin after a week or so of use. (If you have another natural deodorant you recommend let me know!)

I love the scent of this LUXE Pelle Beuaty face oil – and I just finished up a face oil from another box, so this is perfect timing!

Verdict: This box has a value of about $45  – I think it’s great for the $15 a month cost. With the exception of the deodorant I’ll use everything, so I’m very happy with the value and the curation.

What did you think of the July Petit Vour box?



Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Just subscribed to PV and will be getting the July box then August soon after!
    These deos you’re mentioning… Are they also anti-perspirants (usually chemicals, I realize…) and cruelty-free? I like DermaDoctor and Fresh, but they’re so expensive.

  2. I received my box today. The only differences I had were the eyeshadow shade is Lola and the deodorant scent is bergamont and lime. I tried the Luxe face oil and saw a difference in the facial puffiness caused by rosacea. I will buy a full-size if I continue to see results.

  3. I’m thrilled with this box. (I was hoping to get Lolli – and I did! Way better than last month – shampoo samples are so boring to me.

  4. I cancelled Blush Beauty Mystery box and ordered this box. I think Blush is a wonderful subscription and well worth the money. Unfortunately I was only able to use half of the 2 boxes that I received. The value isn’t there if I don’t or can’t use the products.

    I’m going to give this a try. I think I am going to receive the July box which looks great to me since the products will all be new to me. Love reading all the comments. I have tried natural deodorants in the past with no luck. My mailman arrives very late in the afternoon so there is usually someone home. We try to meet him since our area is a hilly area.

  5. I got my petit vour box and the only 2 items I will use is the tiny deoderant and tiny face oil — The rest of the items are up for swap if anyone is interested in them. I’m dissapointed in this months box – I so bored with nail polishes and mineral eye shaddows in the boxes boxes. I liked last months box much better.

    • i agree, Lily. when my box finally comes, i will be putting those two items up as well.

  6. Ah… You guys are funny. 🙂 I am new at subscription boxes and this is going on my seCond month and I am already planning more subs for the coming month. I must admit I was kinda an eBay addict at one time and had so many packages coming. One time I received a neighbor’s packages who rarely ordered anything. Another time I had a package that was oddly lost but got to me a few months later. The box it was shipped in was a cleaning box cardboard from an eBay seller. Lol.

    I am a cat lover, had 11 at one time. I know a lot.. Never in a million years would have thought to buy litter online. Lol. I only have one now and he’s my boyfriend’s and trained to go outside.

  7. I went home to walk my dog at lunch time and the mailman was parked in my space (he’d just delivered my Petit Vour box). I swear he gave me a dirty look. Because I get so many packages, at least 2-3 times a week (and sometimes more), he has to get out of his truck and walk to my door. Probably slows him down a lot.

    Anyway, naturally I got PALE PINK nail polish. It is pretty similar to the Zoya polish I got from Ipsy a few months ago, but not exactly the same. I don’t know who decided I needed so many pale pinks (I’m not a fan of pale pink, or any pastels, for that matter) but I will try this one anyway (maybe on my toes) because I have never used LVX before and I want to see if I like the formula.

    I’ll try everything though I’m not expecting much from natural deodorant. I’ll probably stick with Dove…

    • lol, too funny! my mailman is a creeper. my dogs can’t stand him. he was always asking me personal questions when he delivered my packages, so i had to call and complain. now it’s really awkward, but i just grab my boxes and run inside.

      • I think mine was just annoyed that he had to do extra work. I’m usually not home when he comes.

        Now my UPS lady — she’s friendly when it’s one small box but kind of passive-aggressive when it’s like 5 boxes (Amazon has a tendency to split up my Prime orders into multiple shipments). Once she stacked them so I had a really hard time opening my screen door…

        • I’m going to give me mail person a box as a gift. Thinking glossybox might be the most neutral. Plus if she hates it the value is there. —- Just because my mail person is getting annoyed deliverying to me to – O to top it off, I’m getting 85 pounds of cat litter delivered to me monthly, that annoys them more.

          • I still buy my cat litter (about 75 pounds every 3-4 weeks) at Target or PetSmart. Target — when they have what I want in stock — have some really good deals. Once I got 165 pounds of potting soil (in 3 separate bags). That was not a happy day for the UPS lady, I’m sure.

          • The only litter I use is Fresh Step regular clay litter and it to much of a pain to go to the grocery store and get in the 35 pound bags – I used to do grocery shopping online – yet that I more fun shopping in store for. Plus I’m picky about my produce.

          • I have to use unscented, clumping litter (Fresh Step is my favorite) because one of my cats has a urinary tract issue and this is what the vet recommended. Fresh Step has at least three different varieties that fit that description (the Extreme is my favorite). But Target doesn’t want to carry it consistently and I have a hard time finding free shipping deals (unfortunately, Amazon doesn’t come through for me there as it’s only available through third-party sellers).

          • I’ve dealt with UTI issues with my cats – One is on a special diet because of it. One thing I’ve done that seems to help is I ad water bowels in 5 different areas of the house. The more water they have around the more chance they will drink it. I also only feed them chicken and turkey no fish products. Do you collect the Fresh Step paw points to? — This year I’ve gotten a few things with the paw points – last item was a cat dance shirt, it’s cute yet I wont wear it because it is boat neck. Wallmart gives free shipping on orders of $50+ even on heavy cat litter, that is why I use them

  8. After trying several different brands of natural deodorant Weleda Rose deodorant worked well for me. I plan to try their other two scents in the near future.

  9. Meow Meow Tweet Deodorant Cream is really great!

    • have you tried La Vanila deorderant? – I’m thinking of getting it online. I just dont know if I will like it.

  10. I just got the tracking # saying my box is on it’s way. Based on this review, I’m not excited to get this box, I’ll probably be putting most of it up for swap. Yet for $15 a month I have no intention of canceling yet. — I’ve gotten so many nail polishes in boxes I’m sick of seeing them in every box, wish they would ad a nice nail file or cuticle oil instead. — This week I tried a new brand of nail polish called “Mavala” – Made in Switzerland. Mavala nail polish – ree from harmful ingredients such as parabens, formaldehydes, toluene, camphore, cellophane, animal ingredients and heavy metal. – Makes all the other nail polishes I’ve tried seem like a dollar store brand. So I’m official stuck on that brand. Even though it’s hard to find. —– I will say overall the Petit Vour is one of my favorite boxes, as far as value, and curation.

    • I got my tracking e-mail late last night, too. I hope I don’t get pink nail polish (get way too many of those in subs). But I will at least try everything. I’m happier with this one for $15 than I was with Ipsy or Birchbox for $10 so I’m planning to keep it for awhile, too.

      • Ipsy was so bla this month – I liked the bag and the lip stuff that was it — This is one of the only natural sub boxes I’ve decided to keep because of the price and full size products,

  11. Does anyone have any experience with PV customer service? I signed up for this box on July 2nd and received no emails regarding shipment. Suddenly a box showed up on the 16th of July but it was June’s box. I have already been charged twice…I have tried to email them and have gotten no response. Such a shame, I was looking forward to this box but I’m ready to cancel based off of their inability to answer an email (the only customer service option they offer).

    • One time I had to change my credit card number (before I even got my first box) and they sent me an e-mail link to do so that same evening. As for getting boxes, I seem to be one of the last people to have mine shipped out. I do think I got a shipping e-mail for my first box, though (still none for my second but maybe this weekend?).

    • Hi Valerie,

      I have been a member of PV since November 2013 and every time that I have sent them an email, they have always responded within 24 hours. I have not received my tracking number for July’s box, but their FB post stated that boxes were being shipped out this weekend. You can always try sending them a message on FB. I have always sent my emails to [email protected].

  12. Liz, I tried the Real Purity roll-on deodorant after a friend recommended it, and I read the 40 five star reviews on Amazon. It doesn’t work in the 112+ degree summer in Phoenix, but all winter long, when it’s more like in the 70’s or 80’s, it works wonderfully. I do sometimes apply it again when I get home after being out for extra good measure and because I LOVE the way it smells. I’ve also tried LaVanilla (three or four different scents) and I like it, but Real Purity works better.
    I wish something natural worked in the summer here and maybe I’ll try the things everyone else suggested just to see! But what can you do when you live in the desert?

  13. Primal pit paste in unscented is the natural deodorant that I’ve found and LOVE!

    • I tried that, Primal Pit Paste, it was in my Goodebox two months ago. I wanted to love it, but it only lasted about an hour. I even tried reapplying during the day, but it still wasn’t enough.

  14. I’ve used Kiss My Face liquid crystal deodorant since I was 13, and I’m 31. It works great. And I run three miles a day and sweat like crazy- but it always keeps me dry and sweat free.

    Also- if anyone else is getting a lot of natural deodorant samples (I sub to all the Eco beauty boxes, and I’ve gotten a few samples) you can use the samples on the soles of your feet in the summer to keep your feet fresh, or use it to reduce chafing anywhere on you body.

    • Thanks for the tip about alternative uses. I am not really in the market for a different deodorant but I can definitely see the benefits of using it on my feet.

      • I am completely full of useless info like that, lol. 🙂

  15. My box isn’t here yet, so I had to peek at yours. I have trouble with rashes when it comes to lavender and peppermint oil. Both of those are irritants. I am currently using Lavanilla, my favorite so far. Be careful which formula you buy. I have passion fruit-it has none of the irritating ingredients. It DOES NOT work as well as traditional deodorants, but it works fine if you are willing to reapply once or twice per day.

  16. HIGHLY recommend greenbody deo! It has baking soda, but hasn’t irritated myself or my husband. To reduce irritation, generally, I’ve seen the tip to moisturize with coconut oil after you shower. We find it works AMAZING when topped with an alcohol based spray deo, like Weleda’s. For me and my husband (a huge skeptic…), this works better than any conventional deo every did!

    • I second Greenbody! Awesome stuff, and I’ve tried them ALL.

      • Also, I didn’t think Greenbody had baking soda. I’ll check mine when I get home, but I think it’s just corn starch and coconut oil based?!? Either way, if it does, it has miraculously never irritated my skin like most of the natural deos with baking soda have.

  17. Liz, I use Crystal Essence Chamomile and Green Tea mineral deodorant/body spray. I get it at a local health food store. I think they also have the lavender ones. You can try it out by buying individually wrapped towelettes which come in a pack of five. I carry them with me and if I am ever in a situation where I start sweating (like in front of a judge, haha!) I sneak into a bathroom and use one of them on myself. Instant refreshment!!

  18. Just a note about natural deoderant. I have also tried so msny abd always go back to regular. I mean who wants to be smelly and self conscious all day? I bought 100% pure pepermint deoderant 2 weeks ago and I am in love. Sometimes I will reapply later in the day but I can’t believe how great it works!

    • What brand is the pure peppermint? I’m always ready to try another natural version 🙂

      • It is from “100% pure”. The line has been in some subscription boxes, they have a website but I ordered mine from amazon.

  19. Good to know about the deodorant. I can only use Dove, everything else gives me a rash. Hope I don’t get pale pink polish, I have enough of those already and I’m not a fan of pastels (my polish color was different from yours last month although that might have been random). But, am liking the value of this box overall. Will stick with it for awhile. I have no idea when this box will come for me, I haven’t even gotten a shipping notice yet.

  20. I am waiting for my tracking number. I love, love, love Petit Vour and I am so excited to try the LVX polish.

  21. Liz. My mother and I make our own natural deoderant. It’s not hard to do at all. Maybe you should look into it.

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