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Cloud 9 Subscription Box Review – July 2014

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Cloud 9 Subscription Box Review - July

Cloud 9 is a monthly sample box designed to “take you away from the every day.” Every month, they send out artisanal snacks and natural beauty products.

Cloud 9 Subscription Box Review - July 2014 Summer Fun

Each box includes an informational card detailing the items included in the box, as well as a paragraph about their monthly theme. This month, it’s “Summer Fun.”

Cloud 9 Subscription Box Review - July 2014 Info

Cloud 9 Subscription Box Review - July 2014 Items

The Subscription Box: Cloud 9 Sample Box

The Cost: $15/month

The Products: Natural beauty products, snacks, tea, and other items with the goal of making your everyday a little less ordinary.

Ships to: US

Cloud 9 Subscription Box Review - July 2014 Chips

Chef Jose Andres Potato Chips – 1.41 oz, value: $2

Del’s Lemonade in Watermelon – 2 oz, value: $1.50

These chips are good – they taste just like a name brand potato chip, but less salty, which is how I prefer them!

Cloud 9 Subscription Box Review - July 2014 Oloves

Stall Mates Wet Wipes – 2 individually-wrapped wipes, value: $.80

Palmetto Derma Eye Lifting Cream – sample, value: $1?

OLOVES: Black Olives with chili and garlic – value: $1?

I was kind of surprised to see these wet wipes in the box. They are flushable, natural, and hypoallergenic, but I definitely didn’t think of these as an item that would “put me on cloud 9” or make me feel pampered. However, I do know that a lot of people (moms, especially) carry around wipes with them, so I’m sure someone was happy to get these! Also, don’t you just love the packaging for these olives? The design is really great, even though I don’t personally care for olives – these will get passed along to a friend.

One thing I do have to say is that I was disappointed with the size of eye cream sample. It’s a little tub (maybe about the size of most Clinique cream samples), but when I opened it up, I thought it was empty at first. I could see the bottom of the tub. According to the website, it’s definitely an expensive eye cream, but I wish they would have provided me with enough product that I could use it a few times to see how I like it.

The Verdict: I was really looking forward to Cloud 9 based on their vision and reviews of other months I had read, but overall, this specific curation was mostly a miss for me. I think Cloud 9 is a really great idea and probably a more affordable alternative to other similar-visioned boxes like Escape Monthly or Hammock Pack, and I really hope to see what future boxes hold!

What are your thoughts about July’s Cloud 9 box? Have you tried a Cloud 9, or a “getaway in a box” subscription service before?

Written by Haley Faye

Haley Faye

Haley Faye first discovered Beauty Army and Birchbox in 2012 and instantly fell hard and fast for the world of subscription boxes. Over the years of writing for MSA she has found many subscriptions to fuel her addiction, but her favorites include fashion, geeky, beauty, and mom/baby boxes to share with her son.

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  1. They have made an announcement that they have discontinued their Subscription Boxes to “move in another direction.” Refunds will be given on remaining subs…

  2. What was so wrong with Cloud 9s post? I personally wouldn’t get the box, the value does seem to be off in my opinion.

    • That’s what I was wondering too, I didn’t see their post as demeaning or anything and certainly not worth a long response lol.

      Aside from value this isn’t a box for me anyways, but if a company wants to respond to a post I’m okay with that. Least they care enough to respond unlike the CS of some other boxes.

  3. Personally, I find it off putting when companies chime in like this. I like the ability to be uncensored here in my opinions of sub boxes. That’s harder to do if you have to worry the company you’re reviewing is going to crash the party and justify a miss or string of misses. I agree with the comment that the defensive claim of the cream being worth the box value literally doesn’t add up. They would do well to listen, digest and act on ALL feedback rather than posting defensive, condescending responses on a review website, or worse arguing with customers. That leaves a really bad taste in my mouth and guarantees I won’t buy or subscribe again. It’s the same as being told I’m clueless about product value and that my opinion is clearly wrong because it’s different than the company’s. Any time a company touts their “curation” as the source of true value it’s a signal to me that the low dollar value model will continue. Such a shame. I found the “We know subscribers and bloggers are adding up each item to justify the cost…” comment particularly obnoxious, as though customers are wrong in doing so. Of course they are. Seriously? Sorry but most subscribers aren’t going to be so generous regarding curation as the primary value point. That’s just how it is and that is the case with subscriptions of all kinds.

    I’m really enjoying Haley’s reviews by the way. It’s nice having another reviewer’s perspective (not that I don’t love Liz’s reviews of course). In all honesty, I would prefer it if companies weren’t allowed to post in comments here without a prior review and authorization by/from Haley or Liz.

  4. Haley – I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your honest, yet positive reviews. I enjoy checking out a subscription over the course of a few months of reviews on this site before I venture into a new box, so I look for boxes that I feel are a good value or offer an excellent variety of products. This site as a whole keeps it positive and offers lots of “this isn’t for me but it would make a great gift” type of comments that I really appreciate, so Thank you also for pointing out items you would pass on to a friend.

    If I had purchased this box I would’ve been very disappointed in the low value and assortment of items and I think lots of others would be too even if I hadn’t seen your thoughtful review.

    I don’t care for watermelon flavored products or olives and found the inclusion of the Stall Mates wipes a little odd (and if I’m being honest the name of the product was kind of off-putting) so this box would’ve been a major miss for me although perhaps the previous month which included a brownie (according to the company that posted several times in the comments of this review) would’ve been more to my liking. I’ll be interested to see what next month holds for you although I know that I would probably prefer a different subscription at the same price point. I think Eco Emi which also sends a box with a wide variety of beauty, snacks, vitamins and lifestyle items would be comparable, and I know from experience they send out an amazing box in a cute reusable pouch or package each month.

    I do have a question for Cloud 9 – If the eye cream is $68 for 1.2 oz. how exactly does a 1/8oz. sample exceed the cost of the box? Even if the sample in this review was low volume 1/8oz. would be under $9 for the sample size you mentioned. The other box items don’t seem to have a $6 value collectively even if their prices are unlisted. Even taking into account the duration, don’t you think your customers want to discover new products to love at an amazing value? If I am relying on the curation aspect of the box is there a way to customize your box to suit your customers’ preferences, or does every box contain the same items?

  5. I don’t think they will be in business for long, based on the items they have been sending out.

    • We’ve been in business for 14 months and still going strong!

  6. Wow…that’s a low value box.

    • Yes, it is. =[

      • Thank you Haley for the review. I’d like to clarify a few things if I may. We are not a “getaway” type box like Escape Monthly is. We are a combination snack and beauty or lifestyle themed box. Our mission is to give our subscribers a chance to sample snacks and decadent goodies they either may not have heard of or haven’t had a chance to try. That also includes beauty and lifestyle products (such as the Stall Mates or in previous boxes all kinds of beauty and other treats). Each month our box is filled with items reflecting a theme (this month was summer fun..items that are easy to pack for the beach, picnic, road trip etc). Last month we celebrated items made in NY (Fat Witch Brownies for example). While we know subscribers and bloggers are adding up each item to justify the cost of the subscription boxes we also pride ourselves in curating new, innovative, and delicious brands and products. The Palmetto Derma Eye Lifting crème as you mentioned retails for $68 in a 1.2 oz jar. The sample we included was 1/8 oz which puts the value well over the price of the box with just that one item. Not sure what exactly happened with your jar (you indicated it wasn’t filled 100%) but I’d be happy to send you another in our August box. Hopefully next month you will be much more satisfied with the value of each item keeping in mind what was just mentioned. Thank you for taking the time to post the review and we welcome all the comments and feedback! The Cloud9 Sample Box Team ([email protected])

        • Had I been deciding whether or not to subscribe to your box, this comment alone would have convinced me not to.

        • “While we know subscribers and bloggers are adding up each item to justify the cost of the subscription boxes we also pride ourselves in curating new, innovative, and delicious brands and products.”

          In other words, please don’t pay any attention to the fact that sending you a box with a low value. When I am deciding whether or not to buy something, the fact that it was curated doesn’t make me decide to pick one subscription box over another. All subscription boxes are curated by someone and there are much better boxes out there with a much better value.

  7. Geez! $15 for $5 worth of stuff? Well that sounds totally fair and not even weird at all!

  8. While i would like the items it didnt even equal the paid amount. Is that common?

    • Sarah – yeah, the value definitely wasn’t there. Since this is my first box from Cloud 9, I can’t say if that’s common or not without doing some research of other reviews. =\

  9. I don’t get the “getaway in a box” in this product. It just looks like snacks, a wet wipes (napkin?) and random eye cream thrown in for whatever reason. Doesn’t make me think vacation at all. /shrug

  10. I had the same thoughts, although I did like the olives and chips.

  11. I am from MA and Del’s lemonade was created in RI where my parents live….its probably the best thing since sliced bread!

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