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BoxyCharm Beauty Subscription Box Review – July 2014

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BoxyCharm Beauty Subscription Box Review – July

BoxyCharm is a full-size and deluxe-size makeup and beauty subscription box. When they first started they were featuring drugstore brands like Revlon and L’Oreal, but lately they’ve been using mid-tier and high-end brands. (If you check out my earlier BoxyCharm reviews, you can definitely see the improvement in curation!)

BoxyCharm Beauty Subscription Box Review – July 2014 First Look

BoxyCharm kindly sent me this box to review.

BoxyCharm Beauty Subscription Box Review – July 2014 Items

The Subscription Box: BoxyCharm

The Cost: $21 a month

The Products: 5-6 drugstore beauty items that will include nail care, skin care, makeup, haircare, fragrance and more. (At least 4 of those items will be full-sized).

Ships to: US

Check out all of my BoxyCharm reviews and the Beauty Subscription Box Directory!

BoxyCharm Beauty Subscription Box Review – July 2014 Info

Each box comes with a card detailing the products included.

BoxyCharm Beauty Subscription Box Review – July 2014 Lipstick

Appeal Cosmetics Lipstick in Mock Up – Value $22

BellePierre Lip Liner in Truly Red – Value $18

I like BellePierre cosmetics, but this red is truly red – and a little too bold for me. I think it will be swapped! (I don’t wear lipstick that often, but I definitely like this Appeal Cosmetics lipstick color – and it’s a brand that’s new to me!)

BoxyCharm Beauty Subscription Box Review – July 2014 Nail Polish

BellePierre Shimmer Powder in Gold & Brown – Value $15

Lauren B. Beauty Nail Polish in Rodeo Drive – Value $18

These BellePierre Shimmer Powders are super shimmery! A little goes a long way for adding just a touch of shimmer to your eye shadow, so this one should last me a year! I also really like this Lauren B. Beauty nail polish. (I believe GlossyBox sent out a pale pink one a few months ago and I’ve been a fan since then).

BoxyCharm Beauty Subscription Box Review – July 2014 Purlisse

Purlisse SPF 30 Sunscreen – Value $55

Another Purlisse! Since their full sizes are still pretty small, I think I’ll be able to go through my now large Purlisse collection this summer!

Verdict: This box has a value of about $128 – amazing! BoxyCharm keeps impressing me every month! I thought they had a good mix of makeup this month too. What did you think of the July BoxyCharm box?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. I can’t wait to see your August review. What was your lipstick and cheek stain color? I wanna trade mine and the other bronzer, this one is dark. but this box is awesome!!!!!!!!


    • I should also mention the items what I just mentioned receiving is for August and not July. I apologize. This was a much better month! 🙂

  2. This was my first boxycharm, I thought it was a good deal. I got a hot pink appeal lipstick that is perfect for my theatrical make up kit.

    • July was a bad box for me. The only thing I liked was the eye glimmer. I already had Purlisse and the lipstick, etc were horrible looking on me.

      The August box looks much better! ! Please Liz post a revIew when you get your August box because I’m so curious to see what the two mystery items are. Please! !! 🙂 xx

      • July was good for me. I’m not looking forward to the bronzer in August. I am too pale to do bronzer, I just end up looking like my face is dirty.

  3. What did you guys think of the box in general? The only items that I liked was the eye shimmer and Purlisse ( This was my fIrst Purlisse).

    The nail polish was red and the lipstick toooo pale. 🙁

    What do you guys think?

    The spoiler for August is a bronzer worth $35. One looks way too dark, two different brands. That is the only spoiler. Hope they are including a nice brush. I’m not super thrilled about the spoiler but what about you guys?

    • I love the nail polish; I’m wearing it right now.

      I’m not sure about the Purlisse. I didn’t have any of their sunscreen and I was concerned that it had oxybenzone in it, as well as a rather long list of chemical sunscreen ingredients (I have gotten pretty bad rashes from sunscreens with those ingredients in the past). However, I tried it out and, so far, it hasn’t caused any problems.

      I didn’t mind the lipstick color. It’ll be good for certain outfits I have. And my lip pencil was a different color that actually matched the lipstick.

      I’m not thrilled about the bronzer (from the spoiler). It’s something I don’t use. Because I am so pale, pretty much no bronzer colors look good on me.

      • I think this is going to be a better month then July. I agree with bronzers, I have one by CG and it is very light so it gives me a subtle glow. Something too dark makes the rest of my body look pale and weird. I am excited about the lipstick because last month’s didn’t work out on me. If it had, I wouldn’t have been too excited about this but the brand is also awesome. I am happy to get a blush brush because I only have one or two. I am sort of hoping the next items will be an eye shadow palette and a nice skin care for the body. (No more Purlisse) lol!!

        I probably wouldn’t mind a primer or something different. I’ve had tons of eye liners and mascara for awhile. They may include hair care, I must admit there not my favorite items. Even a nice light body type fragrance beach spray would be nice. I bet many would disagree with me. Boxycharm and Blush still remain my favorites and I think that’s due to the value, Full sizes and good brands! 🙂


  4. I am new to the sub box. At 45 should I go with Glossybox or Boxy Charm? They both look great. I am afraid of getting bright colors I’m a fair skinned, blue eyed ginger. Thanks for the help of spending my money

    • BoxyCharm sends more makeup products, and GlossyBox tends to send more skincare, haircare in addition to makeup. GlossyBox might be the safe subscription if you’re worried about bright colors. Hope that helps!

  5. Since I’m a newbie in comparison to most subscribers, I haven’t had a chance to try Purlisse until now. It’s a good moisturizer but nothing special and certainly not worth spending $55 for. My Olay works better for less then half the price but doesn’t have spf so I’m kinda glad to try a new moisturizer. Btw Purlisse can be found on Amazon for about $20.

    I’m glad they have Purlisse for newbies but not so often, especially since I’ve noticed most of these subscription companies have them quite often.

    For those interested in Blush Beauty mystery box. They do give you a free gift (expensive eye lash curler) and samples with your first purchase. It has honestly been the best value box that i have ever seen thus far. It is $25 a month beauty subscription or a one time purchase of $35 and you can cancel anytime. They will WOW you… They ship and I received my box in 2 days from the order with tracking confirmed. They are 5 stars in every business aspect.

  6. This was my very first subscription box of any kind in the mail. I have to say i was not disappointed. Of course with my skin tone, some will best be used in the winter. But for$21 I received $127 worth of product. Sounds like a wonderful thing

    • Yay – glad your first box experience was a good one! Welcome to the addicting world of subscription boxes! 🙂

    • Blush beauty mystery box was my fIrst and this was tied with Birchbox and beauty box 5. Now I’m Finally off the wait list for ipsy and I’m going for wantable and lip factOry when i get paid….

      For $12 I enjoyed beauty box 5 and $25 for Blush beauty tops any subscription for me thus far. I’m thinking of canceling Birchbox, the value isn’t there.

  7. This box just isn’t as great as last month’s, however (minus the Pur-lisse) it’s still a good box. I’ll stay with Boxy for a while, they always have a good value… Right now I’m really debating on cancelling my Glossybox for a while and trying Blush Mystery. I’m a sucker for a good box!

    • Please do give Blush mystery box a shot, the value and pRoduCts are unbeatable. 🙂

  8. Hey look…’s another Purlisse sample…again. That’s about as welcomed as an uninvited dinner guest. Surely, other beauty products do exist.

  9. I dont like.:(

  10. I struggle with Purlisse not only because it seems to make its way into 90% of beauty boxes, but also because its on Hautelook sometimes for super cheap. So the “$55” value just doesn’t stand true to me.

    • Plus you can buy it for like half that on Amazon.

      I agree the listed value is overstated. But I am hanging on to (all of) my samples because I won’t have to buy moisturizer or sunscreen for a long time. It doesn’t irritate my skin so it’ll eventually get used.

      • Hi Sneaky burrito.

        I’ve seen you here I come to Liz blogs daily.

        What are your favorite boxes?

        So far mine is Blush Beauty Mystery Box and BoXychArm. I am canceling a lot of my small sample boxes. I just got off the wait list for ipsy to get the August bag and I’ve neVer tried sample society, glossybox, wantable, lip factory or the New Beauty test tube. I’m tempted! !!

        I’m probably canceling Birchbox and beauty box 5. I’ve had one box of FFF and they will probably go to. Glossy box sent me a $40 3 month subscription and 30% Off code for new beauty test tube. Tempting!

    • I don’t get the hype on Purlisse. Maybe that’s because I don’t wear a lot of facial sunscreens. I am usually fine with a bb cream. It’s $55!! My Jurlique, olay, etc works better as far as brightness and softness. I guess that I have to relaize that it’s a sunscreen. I’ve only had one other brand I got a tiny bottle for $18 and my face felt like silk

  11. I just tried the Purlisse for the first time today and I do love it but don’t think it’s good enough to cost $55 and its just over $20 through Amazon. My normal moisturizers are $12 and $23 by Olay and boy do they make my face glow and feel soft. Purlisse is my new day cream since it does have spf. I do think for the Purlisse alone the box does pay for itself. I love the shimmer powder, it’s my favoriTe product. The rest of the items are blah since they are not wearable with my tone. All in all I will definitely keep boxycharm for awhile. I did see that they did have Purlisse a four months back and I’m hoping they don’t offer it again for awhile. Especially since most subscription boxes have Purlisse regularly and I’m sure I will have more soon.

    My favorite boxes for a huge value and items that are keepers for me is Blush Beauty Mystery box and Boxycharm followed by Lip Factory.

    Mid value Glossy boxy. Lowest birchbox with ipsy almost mid value, better then Birchbox and beauty box 5 almost mid value; again better then Birchbox. Then Sample Society.

    I have all of these besides Glossybox because of the dreaded customer service issues I’ve read about and Sample Society because of value. I am however thinking of canceling Birchbox. It seems like I get $5-15 in value each month. No deal. I am with them because of there good point system.

    I am really impressed with Blush Beauty MysTery box. They ship and items that arrive in 2 days, huge value and GREAT customer service. Definitely a keeper and I challenge you all to read the box reviews. Always 4 1/2 – 5 stars (usually 5!!!!! ) It is the only box that I’m usually pleased with ALL items. Almost $200 worth value.

  12. Another Pur-lisse! Why is it that I only have one bottle of Pur-lisse when I want more? I rather not have to pay for sunblock although I do understand why it is frustrating to keep receiving Pur-lisse in makeup boxes. That is one less new item to try. It does seem to be on target for a summer box.

  13. Ooops i meant that i don’t care for the red nail polish and I’ve received two this month. The Lipstick looks great but gOes on super pale and whitish.

  14. I received the nude lipliner and mock up lip stick. I actually tried them and it just does not go with my skin tone. I expected to love the lipstick when I saw the color but it’s very pale. I don’t care for red lipstick. I am new to boxycharm so I did like the Purlisse and the eye shimmer. Those were my favorites and probably all I will use. This was a disappointing first month but the value was great and with those two items, it was totally worth it. Blush beauty mystery box and boxycharm have the highest value boxes that I’ve seen. I’m about to go to lip factOry as the value seems great there too. Last month boxycharm had a fantastic box so this box seems kind of blah to me.

  15. This was my first BoxyCharm box (I decided to try it instead of Lip Factory for awhile because Lip Factory got stuck on a couple of brands that showed up in EVERY box). I was happy with my box. I think everything was the same color except my lip liner was a nude shade. It would actually go really well with the lipstick I got.

    I kind of groaned at the Pur-Lisse but I have been going through sunscreen like crazy so it will get used. I probably don’t need another red nail polish (I already have like 10) but I will give it a try to see how I like the formula.

  16. I’ve been loving BoxyCharm’s value, but I get a ton of subscription boxes a month and the beauty ones are all starting to look the same. I don’t use the Pur-Lisse items and have gotten one in almost every box the past few months. I am going to cancel GlossyBox as soon as I redeem my GlossyDots next month. I will hold onto BoxyCharm for the value and the fact that the items they include are actually really nice and all deluxe and full size…they are super easy to swap/sell too because not a ton of people subscribe to BoxyCharm yet.

  17. I’ve been looking at this box for a while. Interested because of the value. The last box seemed great ( even though I don’t wear make up – I was still thinking of getting it because I liked one item ) – this box is boring and sick of seeing the purlisse, also I don’t like nail polishes in boxes. The BellePierre I got in another box. So glad I did not sign up yet for this box. Seems like the rest of the beauty boxes, nothing unique about this box even though the price point is good. Rather get another MeMe box for the price …. I’ll continue to see how boxy charm boxes, to see if they get a bit more unique.

    • This is how I feel and why I’ve canceled all my mainstream beauty boxes. There’s so many brands like Purlisse that just make the rounds between the boxes, and eventually if you get a lot of beauty boxes they just start looking very similar. Gets ho-hum after a while so I’ll just buy my mainstream stuff at the store.

      I still have a few Memeboxes coming, they can be fun to shake things up. My new passion is indie makeup/beauty though! Indies are so creative and the owners really try hard to give great service. I’m happy with my new subs now, I definitely get unique and bold items in my mail and its so much fun. 😀

      • I would love to know what indie boxes you subscribe too!

        • Currently I have…

          *Fortune Cookie Soap Box (listed on this site, but Liz has not reviewed thus far). This is NOT a makeup box but bath & body products. It is a seasonal box so just 4 boxes a year with brand new limited edition themes in each box. This summer’s theme was “Candyland” and everything was thusly scented. It runs $20 and comes with a $10 off coupon to buy what you like from their store. I have a small child so it’s a fun one to share in my home.

          *Innocent+Twisted Alchemy (not listed on this site), which features limited edition handmade loose eyeshadows with original artwork, a coupon code for their store, and samples from other well regarded indie companies. The box is available in two sizes: sample sized for $12 or full sized for $18. I have the sample sized sub and it’s plenty for me, it comes in clamshells. Note that the colors are BOLD and glittery so if you’re a matte neutrals only wearer this is not for you! It is very limited and subs only open for brief periods of time and sell out very quickly so really you need to follow their Facebook to know when it opens again.

          *The SA List by Sweet Anthem (not listed on this site) is a seasonal perfume sampler featuring new handmade seasonally appropriate perfume vials, a mystery gift (lip shimmer last time) and a $10 off coupon for their store. This is also a limited run box so you have to sign up quickly when subs open. $7/box.

          *Color Me Monthly (listed on this site and LIz reviews) is indie and sends one full sized bottle of polish a month for $7. I’ve enjoyed every selection so far and like their formula. It is a gamble, so if you’re stuck on only wearing certain colors this is probably not for you! Personally, I LOVE trying new colors so it’s mighty fun for me.

          *Eco Emi (listed and previously reviewed by Liz) is not an indie box per se, but does feature a lot of Etsy businesses. Also not beauty-specific as it includes food and household goods. Not a high value box but will introduce those interested to small American businesses that are eco friendly.

          So in all, I get items that no one around me can find in any stores, absolutely no repeated brands or products, everything is truly a big fun wild surprise, and I support small biz. Total win for me. ♥

          Other indie beauty boxes that I am NOT currently subbed to but you can google if you’re interested:

          *All Natural Face (natural beauty products)
          *Victorian Disco
          *Brazen Friends with Benefits
          *Glamour Doll Eyes
          *Moi Minerals Beauty Budget Bag
          *Madd Cat Monthly (this is ending in a few months)

          … and probably a whole lot more I either have forgotten about or don’t know of yet!

          I also just like to browse Etsy and Storenvy for indie stuff. My big draw lately has been to natural perfume oils so I’ve been hoarding them every chance I get. 🙂

          • Thank you so much, Kiwimango! Your descriptions are fantastic! Looks as though I have some fun investigating to do.

          • thanks for this post, kiwimango! i agree, Indie boxes are AWESOME! you usually do get great customer service and a lot of extra “goodies” each month. i love that most of the sites you mentioned are natural beauty lines. i prefer things without chemicals. thanks for the great list… i’ll be subscribing to a few of these!

          • Yup, I’ve been wanting to go more natural anyways on top of being bored with my old boxes and indies generally lean to chemical-free. 🙂

            Also remembered…

            Rainbow Honey (listed but not reviewed by Liz) nail polish + extras like lip balm/perfume/soap/etc. Small bag for $12 and large bag for $25. I subbed to this for about 3 months, but canceled as I find that I don’t like glitter polishes as much as I thought. It’s a super cute bag though for the right person!

            And a brand new science-themed indie makeup company called Life’s Entropy just launched and is coming out with a $15 mystery bag for August, so I think I’ll put Eco Emi on hold next month to try it out!

      • Which indie boxes do you subscribe to? — I’ve been looking at the outoftheboxsampler box.

        I got my first meme box this week. The values are great. The products and the packaging are so much fun to try. My first box was the birthday box, which is now sold out – then I ordered the cocoa box and the 0 box. – I’m looking forward to trying new products that can not easily be purchased in the usa.

        • Just wanted to give a heads up on my experience with the outoftheboxsampler…This was a few months back.
          I was charged twice when I only ordered one, so I emailed saying that I’d like it to be fixed. I got an email back saying that it was normal and that it was just a processing charge and would go back to normal within the week. So I waited and it never got fixed so I phoned my bank and they fixed it. I then got an email a couple days later from the outoftheboxsampler saying that she had accidentally wrote my credit card down on someone else’s order and that’s why I was charged twice. She then complained about how me going to my bank to fix it had given her a black mark on her business record and that I should have contacted her first.
          The whole interaction irritated me since I had contacted her first and she had brushed me off. Plus she had been the one who screwed up and charged me for two boxes. I would have been fine with it if she had just said sorry and moved on. There’s was no reason to mention the rest.
          The box I received was fun and good but the whole situation left a bad taste in my mouth and I doubt I would ever buy from them again.

          • Thank you for sharing your experience with me. — How awful and irritating – I’m suprised they did not send u some extras products as an appology. Or at least appologised. Based on your experience, If I sign up I will definatelly use my prepaid visa gift card. I have one I got as a gift last month that still has around $40 on it.

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