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Blush Mystery Beauty Box Subscription Review – July 2014

Blush Mystery Beauty Box Subscription Review - July

Blush Mystery Beauty Box is a monthly beauty and makeup subscription box from I’ve been very impressed with this subscription in general because of the value (usually over $100), the brands (typically at least a few high-end  lines), and the size of the items (everything is usually full sized or deluxe sized). Lately it seems like they are going for less items, but more full-size items, which is fine with me!

Blush Mystery Beauty Box Subscription Review - July 2014 Items

The Subscription Box: Blush Mystery Beauty Box 

The Cost: $24.95 a month (or $34.95 for a one time purchase)

The Products: Over $100 of beauty products.

Ships to: US

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Blush Mystery Beauty Box Subscription Review - July 2014 Card

Each box comes with a card detailing the items included.

Blush Mystery Beauty Box Subscription Review - July 2014 Lip Gloss

Rouge Bunny Rouge Lip Gloss Gleaming Temptations in Two Rich Lovers – FULL SIZE! Value $23

Cattiva Cosmetics Waterproof Automatic Lip Pencil in Dolce Diva – FULL SIZE! Value $20

I think these colors compliment each other really well. I really love the shade of the lip pencil – it is the perfect nude lip color for my skin tone. It isn’t a very creamy or moisturizing lip pencil though. The lipgloss is a very shiny gloss with metallic undertones – if you are going for a natural look I recommend using it sparingly!

Blush Mystery Beauty Box Subscription Review - July 2014 Smart Eye

SmartFX SmartEye Wrinkle Lift – FULL SIZE! Retail Value $60, but I found it on sale at Gilt for $15

Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Alpha Beta Daily Face Peel – Value $3

This SmartEye Wrinkle Lift cream is supposed to tighten up your under eye skin and remove wrinkles, puffiness, etc. in 60 seconds. With that kind of claim I had to try it immediately. First I should point out that it’s a tinted cream, so I was surprised to find it in this box, since it seems like it couldn’t work for all skin tones. I gave it a try and within 20 seconds I could feel the tightening under my eyes. I could notice a slight difference in appearance too, but I’m not sure it’s worth it for me since I’m not a big fan of the tightening feeling. Also, it has a very drying finish, which didn’t work great with my under eye concealer.

I haven’t tried the Alpha Beta Daily Face Peel yet, but it gets amazing reviews on Sephora, so I’m excited to try it!

Blush Mystery Beauty Box Subscription Review - July 2014 Lotion

Julien Farel Haircare Zero Frizz Restore – FULL SIZE! Value $33

Great Barrier Island Bee. Co. Manuka Honey Intensive Hand and Nail Cream – 1 oz Value $6

The instructions on how to use this haircare product are a little different than what I’m used to (check out the instructional video), but it gets really good reviews so I’m going to give it a try!

This hand cream is already a win for me – it’s moisturizing and absorbs super quickly.

Verdict: I paid $25 for this box and received over $100 worth of items. I’m happy with all the products I’ve tried so far (maybe not the EyeLift though), and I will like the box even more if the Julien Farel and Dr. Dennis Gross products are hits! What do you think of the July Blush Mystery Beauty Box?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (39)

  1. I just tried the shampoo and LOVE it. I have used everything including Wen but wow the first time my hair does not stick up and frizzed out. Fantastic!!! Have you guys tried it? I didn’t do complicated steps or separate my hair either. I just put it on and brushed it through. I was skeptical and tonight was the first day i took the plunge. I’m glad I did!! 🙂

    • Brandy: I feel the same way. So much so I signed up for another Blush Box subscription only to get another shampoo. – I also use wen, and really like it, yet I like this shampoo so much better. It lighter and more oily compared to more clumpy. I don’t bother with the complicated steps either.

      • That’s interesting. I got WEN from BeautyDNA and hated it. It made my hair feel dirty and weighed down and didn’t help with the frizz at all. And I had to use something like 1/5 the bottle every time, so it wasn’t economical.

        If you like this shampoo, though, I don’t blame you for buying a second box. The price of the shampoo is enough to justify it! Plus you get some other stuff.

      • My husband tried this shampoo and he does not like it, he likes Wen much better. My hair is aging, very dry and my scalp is dry so this works out perfectly for me. Wen is very pricey, I get it at sephora now when I get it. So I don’t have to pay shipping. For me it lasts a while, I used it every other day and the balm shampoo ( another favorite ) between wen uses so 1 bottle will last me about 2 months. One thing I don’t do with the wen is repeat the shampooing process, so I use less shampoo. I just leave the wen on longer and it seems to work well for me. If I used the wen as it is stated I’d 1 bottle in a 2 weeks.

      • A lot of people do not like the idea that Wen amd this shampoo here does not lather and there are a few other similar shampoo brands like it. I feel my hair is less tangly, less frizzed and much more managable.

        I have long thick hair and it is really wavy and has frizz. I usually straighten my hair to make it more managable but I know it is damaging.

        I do not have any expensive brand styling antifrizz product. I have the new 7 day heat activated therapy by Tressemme and a Karatin and Argan oil treatment and a suave creme from the dept store that works pretty decent.

        If there arr any styling treatments you guys think would fit my needs. I would love to hear. I am pretty new to subscription boxes so have not recieved much yet but this box and an argan oil hair mask that did not do much for me and I love Argan oil.

      • The no lathering is difficult to get used to. One thing I really like about wen is it does not fade my hair color like the other shampoos did, yet it helps with my frizzyness. The wen fig is the only wen I’ll use because the other wens seem to work better for less dry hair. It is nice not to go through the long process of shampoo and conditioner and be able to comb my hair after use.

        Have you tried Macadamia Natural Oil? It is pricey yet the smell is amazing. works great.

      • Then I used Wen it was the first product that I noticed unbelievable results. I like the scent too. Not everyone has the same results I understand. I loved everything in this box. It was the first company that I’ve been wowed by some products that I used.

      • It’s been awhile since I used Wen and it worked good too. That was very smart signing up for two boxes because the shampoo alone paid for the box. I did not even think of that. I just thought of ordering another shampoo. That is a great idea because I love the rest of the items as well. I love the way the Dr. Dennis Gross makes my face look and feel and they are expensive but it is just so easy because of the packs. No complicated steps. I have allready looked those packs up online and they are expensive but really seem worth it because for me they work so great. Another favorite is the hand cream. But I love the lip gloss too. This is an awesome subscription co. Plus they sent me free samples and a nice eye lash curler for my first box. I am super pleased! 🙂 Thanks for the idea of adding another box to my order. if I like this subscription co like I think will, I will need two boxes. It is a super huge value box. Another thing is that customer service is good and I litterally recieved my first box in two days of ordering and did not have to wait another month. I am very impressed all around!:)

      • It is not to late to sign up for another July Box – You can always cancel it after it has been sent – I would call customer service ( they seem very nice ) to see if you can order another July box.

        I love the hand cream to. I buy the new zealand manuka honey ointment on amazon I use it instead of some of the other stuff for cuts and it works great.

        I liked last months box 2 – I should have subscribed to 2 boxes then, I don’t think I’ll be disapointed in getting 2 blush monthly mystery boxes. Since shampoo and hair products I can use. The value is wonderful. I get glossybox too, yet I’m thinking of canceling that one since I like blush better.

  2. I will be getting my first box. I’m 45 and wondering if Glossy Box or Boxy Charm is better if I want a mix of makeup & skin care. Help please!

    • I’m in my 40’s and really like Blush Mystery Box the best. The value is great and they seem to have a lot of items I will use for my age. — Glossybox is nice for the price and has pricier brands that I could not see myself buying on a regular basis. Yet some of the brands are fun to try.

      • Hey guys.. I just got a code for 20% off Glossy box emailed from glossybox with code SUMMER14 for a 3 month subscription or higher. I am considering it because they rarely do discounts. I just really have too many subs right now. Ah the temptations…

      • I got the glossy box to for 3 months I liked the discount better then the extra items with the coupon code. Then I switched to monthly it might be a few $’s more yet it is easier to cancel on a monthly. I like the high end products in glossy box, yet I will still keep my blush box because the items in their boxes are more affodable, yet it is always fun to try end stuff. Plus I love the pretty boxes glossy box has. – The box I want to cancel is Julep. I just have to many nail polishes.

      • Yea.. I think I will go ahead and add glossy box when i get paid. I think Blush beauty and boxy charm are great values. Now i found lip factOry that sells all makeup for the most part and is a huge value. I’m definitely adding it too.

        I considered wantable but $36 for $60-120 worth is not the best deal. I’m thinking of Sample Society but not the best deal most of the time and Birchbox is the same.

        I also have Beauty box 5 and just got off the waiting list for ipsy. Yay!

        I’m sorry, I know that I’ve repeated this before.

        If i have a choice, I will probably keep boxy charm, blush beauty, ipsy, probably lip factory the longest and possibly beauty box 5.

        I will give Glossybox 3 months and see how things go. I am now getting attached to the full size subscription boxes more then anything.

        No one has ever mentioned the cosmetique subscription that was around 10-15 years ago for beauty. What every happened? Does anyone know?

      • I did not like Sample Society. I canceld after 1 month. – For $15 a month my favorite sub box is Petit Vour. – Liz has some great reviews. I like some of their boxes better then others, yet I have no intention of cancling that subscription.

      • I agree, I’m loving the full size beauty boxes more.
        Birchbox I’m keeping just because I love the point system… And everyone and then they have great gifts with promo codes like the skull candy headphones!

        My fave boxes are blush Mystery, boxycharm, and lip factory.. All full size items!

        I’ve tried two months of wantable so far and even tho it’s a pricier box the value is always great so far.

        I was with sample society for two months , cancelled because I found their samples too tiny but rejoined for this month.

        The glossybox 20% sale is tempting but I just haven’t loved the box like I do the full size boxes. I’ve decided to cut back on all boxes. I’ve only been a box subscriber for 3 months but I went kinda overboard. So I’ve decided for the smaller sample boxes like sample society, glossy, I’ll wait to see spoilers and rejoin if it’s a box I must have. The small samples are great for travel but I have to many now and have barely used them. What I want are full sized items to increase my makeup collection, so right now I’m just going to watch the MSA site like crazy and if I see a box I must have then I’ll get it. This way I conserve my spending 🙂 we’ll see how this goes, I’m kinda addicted now!

      • I feel the same way… I am still with Birchbox because of there point system. I used points to buy the free for all big sample box. I was reading that many people have 3-4 Birchbox accts.

        I keep seeing wantable ads popping up in my browser and it’s too tempting that I may end up joining when I get my next pay.

        I’m trying to not get too carried away lol. I’m new at Subscription boxes and have quite a few. I wish that I could have them all. 🙂

      • The peels included here are $70 for 30 peels and one is included here with two steps and the ratings are amazing foe a reason. Antiaging and the immediate glow. Amazing.. Read the online reviews. I just used mine last night and love it already. Everything here is a win with me. My less used item is the lip pencil, not that smooth. Otherwise great work Blush Beauty mystery box.

        Favorite items: Lip gloss, lotion and the face peel.

        Plus I rec’d a high ene eye lash curler and free samples. My first box. Wonderful!! A+

  3. I am impressed because I can actually use every item here. I am 29 so not much in need for eye cream but I tried it and actually love this cream. My favorites include the lotion because it makes my hands super soft and the lipgloss… All items are 5 star quality.

    Most boxes are quite unimpressive and don’t Wow me like Blush does.

    Plus there shipping is super fast. 2 days! Excellent customer service too.

  4. I need some help! I have sold Avon for 10 years and am giving up my business. I am 45 (but am told I don’t look 40). I got my first ipsy bag in July and am not impressed. I ordered the July Glossybox. Now I’m wondering should I give these up for boxycharm or blush?

    • I did not notice any drying or tightening. It is tinted like foundation. I guess it’s different for every one but worth a shot at trying out before dismissing it. I really couldn’t even tell that I used it; only that it was tinted and DID seem to work a little the first time. It is just a slight more liquidy then my everyday foundation by Loreal true match.

    • YES because with your age I think Blush beauty mystery box and Boxycharm are more suitable and for a little more; the value is way better. I would go with those two and if your budget doesn’t allow, you can try Sample Society. I still recommend Blush Beauty or boxycharm and I am torn between both and can’t give either up. Now I’m going for lipfactory all makeup subscription for $21 a month with a huge value. I would recommend checking out the spoilers for next months box and then see which looks more your style. My subscriptions for the 6 I have run me about $100 and the worth is estimated at about $500-600. Birchbox being the lowest value box but good point system. I’ve been doing tHis just a few months and it honestly seems like my whole house is completely full of makeup and skin care. I’m about to stop for several months… lol… I may have to!!!!

      • I’m in my early 40s and spent a lot of time reading reviews before deciding what to subscribe. I received 2 Blush mystery boxes and love them. I went back and forth between Blush and Boxy Charm and ultimately decided on Blush because the reviews showed more products that I like. For me, after reading the Boxy Charm July review, I like Blush better for my needs.

  5. Has anyone tried the shampoo ? – Just wondering if it leaves the hair oily or conditioned – Or if a conditioner is needed after use.

  6. If you are thinking about joining a subscription service and dont know which one, then I can recommend two of the better value boxes valued at over $100. Blush beauty mystery box and boxy charm. 5-8 full sized mostly luxury items for a small price more. Other then that I recommend Ipsy because it is only $10 and you get q free makeup bag each month with full sized or premium samples. Birch box, sample society, beauty box 5, julep, glossy box are all at lower value especially birch box. I am currently with them because they have good point system for leaving reviews on your monthly boxes and good customer service. The only two that WOW me are Blush beauty mystery box and Boxy Charm. Blush beauty is number 1 in my book!!!!!!!!!!!! I have tried them all !!!!!!

  7. What color lip gloss did you all receive? I got Gleaming temptations with a nude lip liner. I really like it as I prefer light brown and pinks or peach and am just happy that I didn’t receive red or dark plumb. I do think the liner matches well with the gloss but I’m so disappointed that I missed the June box because I just signed up in July. I would like to know what color glosses you received and if you are satisfied with the color? 🙂

  8. I just received my first box today and I am very impressed, this is so much better then birch box by far. They sent me a free gift of a very high end NICE eye lash curler and some moisturizer samples, etc.. This first box is valued at almost $200 because it is my first box and I received a few free gifts that are nice. The lip gloss is so wonderful, wow and the liner is a great match. Liners are coming back in style. Definitely great products! The lotion is like silk on my skin, just fantastic and soooo soft. The smell is so nice and clean. I am in love with the hand cream. The rest of the items I have not tried and I am looking forward to using them. I’m 29 so don’t really need an eye cream but with occasional bags under the eye, it will be great to keep on hand for a rainy day. The eye lash curler is not cheap, great quality and high end. I also received a free butter London scrubber package and cotz face moisturizee with SPF. I’m looking forward to trying the peels and shampoo which is also highly rated. FULL SIZES!!!! I also love the draw string bag that it came with, fantastic for traveling… I am very impressed with my first box and I am going to tell all my friends about it.. I also recieved this first box in 2 days. I’m extremely pleased and impressed with this subscription service. This is the best one yet. I’m currently subscribed to ipsy, birch box, beauty box 5, blush beauty and boxycharm. I think boxcharm is a huge value for full sized items also. I have considered sample society, glossy box and the sample tube but as far as value they don’t seem worth it. I’m considering cancelling birchbox because the value low but the point system is great for leaving reviews on the boxes and so you basically get a $10 credit every other month to purchase items in store if you leave reviews on your box.

  9. Does anyone want to get rid of their box? I’m super tempted to buy a second…


  11. I received the Cattiva in the color nude and I love it but I wonder if it was a mistake since the card says it is supposed to be dolce diva like yours. The top of my Julien Farel product is broken. I adore this box but I always have a problem with receiving broken or missing items. Luckily their customer service is excellent and they’ve never disappointed me when I’ve emailed them for help. My lip gloss is in the color “I have my honey” a gorgeous sparkly mauve. I can’t wait to try it.

  12. I saw the spoilers for the NG box and am disappointed. I ordered it based on the last box which looked wonderful. I’m hoping I will like it more when it arrives. I have a feeling my younger son is going to own an expensive pencil bag.

    I’m excited about everything that came in the blush box. I can’t wait to try The Julien Farel Frizz Restore. Thank you for the tutorial. One of the extra foils that I received is Deva Curl Daily Conditioner which is 100% sulfate, paraben, and silicone free. Looking forward to trying it.

    I never used a lip liner before and don’t think the lipstick and lipliner compliment each other although I was hoping they would. I like the lipliner Liz received. I received the Cattiva nude lipliner and the Bunny Rouge Loves Logic shade. I had to laugh at that name because very few people would say I am logical. It does have a metallic look to it. The hand creme feels silky on my skin. I think I am going to pass the eyecream on to my sister.

    • I don’t think you’ll want to give the bags to your son, lol, since they’re very feminine (in color, definitely not my idea of feminine in appearance). I don’t think I could talk my 9 year old daughter into carrying one of them!

      • Good point! He’s 5. Maybe an expensive pencil holder at home. I’m not sure how much we are allow to say prior to the review of the box. He saw colors and patterns that appeal to him . Maybe it will look better in person. I can deal with the lesser expensive similar type of item.

    • Hi,

      Where did you find spoilers for the Nina Box

      • I’m not sure what is permissable to post as a response beyond saying using google. It’s my first NG box which is why I’ve been highly curious about its contents.

        My older son tried the hand/nail creme last night and liked it. The smell reminds me of something from my childhood, but I can’t place it yet.

      • I should had said scent, not smell. Although since it is honey is that a scent? Or is it a smell?

  13. Off topic but I wanted to warn others that I got my Nina Garcia summer box and it’s AWFUL! I am livid that I paid $100 for a box of dollar store junk. Seriously, some of the ugliest, cheapest crap I’ve ever seen in any sub box, ever! Including a men’s baseball cap proclaiming your “coolness.” Like a bad Jamaican tourist souvenir but it’s representing Brazil. Just. Awful. Even my husband, who watched me unbox, said “you got the let’s make a deal zonk box!” I’m seriously appalled. No jewelry, no legit fashion, just some drugstore/souvenir stand junk!

  14. I forgot that this ship because I received the June box last week as a new customer! Mine is coming today. Will report back later!

  15. There is a good mix of products in this blush mystery box. – Thank you for testing the SmartFX SmartEye Wrinkle Lift – based on your review on this, I know I’ll be swapping mine. I’m not fond of anything that can dry the face more, I have extremely dry and sensitive skin. – So I know it would not work for me. I do like the lip products, I hope I get the same colors you got. I also like hand creams and the hand cream sounds amazing. I’m a bit skeptical on any shampoo, I like wen clensing shampoo the best, and seldom change shampoos. — I liked last months box better because I liked the hair oil, hair mask, and face cleanser. — Yet the blush mystery box is still a winner for me based on the price — Looking forward to receiving mine in the mail in the next few days : )

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