Allure Sample Society August 2014 Spoilers!

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Allure Sample Society August 2014 Spoilers

The first spoilers for the August 2014 Allure Sample Society box are out!Β Each box will include:

Allure Sample Society August spoilers!

Too Faced Cosmetics Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick in Melted Peony (Deluxe Size) Value approx $10

Oribe Surfcomber Tousled Texture Mousse (Travel Size) Value $21.50

What do you think of the two sneak peek items?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I just received my box today, which was my first. The packaging was really nice and I enjoyed the booklet with it. That being said, the reason I ordered this box was the spoiler of the Too Faced “Melted”. It looks HORRENDOUS on me, so I’m really bummed. I’m really pale and this looked like I ate candy and left chalky residue on my lips. The other products I haven’t tried, minus the nail polish which is bright orange and is okay but is something I could get anywhere. Super bummed because I know someone would love to have that Melted Peony but I literally tried it once so it’s not swappable. Oh well, that’s what samples are for I guess. Hope it works better for everyone else.

    • Hi, Stacey! I totally understand what you mean about the melted lipstick. I have pretty dark skin, myself, and found it to be rather cartoonish on me. On the bright side, I was able to use it yesterday for a photo shoot where obvious makeup was perfect. I have three suggestions for you: try applying it with a liptick brush rather than its own applicator. Or you can opt to use a darker lip liner underneath the melted lipstick. Last suggestion is to try some darker gloss over the melted lipstick, or try patting a light layer of a deeper hue of pink eye shadow over the melted. The reason I’m suggesting you go to such lengths is I felt the melted lipstick had good staying power. Plus I don’t want you to have to waste it. I also suggest that the rest of your face, especially your eyes, be heavily made up, as this is a highly pigmented yet light product. Oh and yes the nail polish can be found anywhere, but the shade (if you got Cha Cha Cha) is perfect for enhancing the look of tanned skin. Try it on before Summer is gone πŸ˜‰ Good luck! I hope all is not lost!

      • Sorry, I forgot to add the disclaimer that a tan would be enhanced by this polish if you have a slight one during summer months πŸ™‚

      • Thanks for the suggestions, I will try that for sure. I have milk white skin and don’t tan but maybe under a different lipstick it may alter it. πŸ™‚ I feel bad that I complained but I was so looking forward to this looking amazing on me. The nail polish is the Cha Cha Cha orange and I don’t have anything like that, so you’re right..even on my whiter than white skin, haha.

        • You’re most welcome! I got a good chuckle out of your post πŸ™‚ No don’t feel bad about complaining, I personally thought the melted lipstick would be more universally flattering, myself, based on the photo. I think even application then blotting your lips together is key when you apply it. I might have to YouTube this actually, haha. Since you’re on the lighter side, what might be cute with this polish on you would be a neutral nail and using this color for a French tip. Unexpected and cute. I really hope you get some good use out of your products πŸ˜€

  2. Sneaky – I hear you! I have more mascara than I know what to do with, and I don’t usually wear it just out of principle (I have unusually long, curly, dark lashes). Anyway, here is my sheet for this month – it’s the same as yours πŸ™‚ Pretty excited!

    • That is the same as mine! Does anyone have anything different? Wondering if all the boxes are the same.

      • Hi, Shana – I have a sneaking suspicion that they will all be the same. πŸ™‚

  3. Mine shipped:

    Ciate Cha Cha Cha Mini Paint Pot 5ml Deluxe Sample
    Oribe Travel Surfcomber-2.5 oz. SAMPLE SOCIETY
    Too Faced Cosmetics Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick, Peony SAMPLE
    Jane Iredale Longest Lash Mascara, Black Ice Deluxe Sample
    Kate Somerville Dilo Oil Deluxe Sample

    I am seriously overrun with mascara at the moment but have liked other Jane Iredale products I’ve received in boxes.

  4. I just found out about this site recently. It’s been good. I saw this on allure first signed up for the first time cause of the oribe. I love his stuff. That was worth it alone to give it a try. Though I’m already at product overload not being subscribed to boxes.

  5. I just cancelled my Lip Factory and signed up for the Allure Sample Society. I already have Lip Monthly so I really don’t need two lip subs. I am excited about the sneak peak for this box and so happy that they have a new box, red!

  6. Just a heads up – spoiler # 3: “Spoiler #3 is that every every SS August recipient will receive a deluxe size sample of a Ciate nail color! What color, you ask? You’ll just have to find out when you open your box!”

  7. Subscription boxes are really addicting. But what do you all DO with all this makeup/skincare? There are so many fun things to try but what do you do when you have 10 different body lotions? Just looking for random thoughts. I am up to 10 boxes(?) maybe a dozen… Fun stuff but I can already see that I am going to get a serious build up of some types of items (like body lotion, but my skin is softer than it ever has been….)

    • I’ve only been into boxes for 7-8 months but I’m already starting to see this. I try to keep things organized in plastic drawers and organizer racks. (I went from having one bottle of nailpolish to having 80+…)

      I have been able to seriously cut back on my trips to buy personal care supplies. I may have to buy shampoo later next month. And I still pick out my own foundation. But now I have dozens of little tubes of moisturizer, sunscreen, perfume, serum, cleanser, lotion, hair oil, eye cream, shower gel, hair masks, mascara, etc. Whenever I run out of the one I’m on, I go to my drawers, grab something else, and I’m back in business.

      Although it seems like the new samples are coming in faster than I’m using up the old ones…

      • I would love to see a blog post addressing this issue.

    • I just recently started swapping some of my items I don’t want or can’t use for items that will get used. There are some groups on Facebook as well as others in some forums! I’ve also known someone to have 100+ samples from various boxes, mailings and stores that she was listing on eBay because she didn’t really need them LOL.

    • LOL, I know what you mean about getting a build up of products. 10 boxes is a lot, especially if you are paying for them. What about using them for stocking stuffers for Christmas for your family or friends. I started a small bag of stuff that I will not use from my boxes. If you get Ipsy then maybe you could use the bags that they have and just start how ever many bags and fill them with the stuff you have too much of.

      • I’ve discussed this with Liz previously – and it’s a matter of both of us having time, more information on how to pull it off and where best to donate, etc. – but I really want to help put together (extra Ipsy, Hautelook, etc.) cosmetic bags filled with extra sub-box and sample products. Several of us have collections bursting at the seams – and many of those items would be great to send to female military members overseas. They’re always in need of easy-to-transport, no fuss beauty and skin products – and I think they’ll be care packages that are fun to put together knowing where they’re going.

        I’ve also heard of others putting extra bags / products together that can be used by residents in women’s shelters and patients in hospitals / cancer centers. I’m offering a few of my extra Ipsy bags up to my boys’ teachers for their classrooms as well – they were very welcome last year to store smaller supplies.

        • Oh good ideas. My daughter has gotten into couponing as a ‘hobby’ with me. (Special needs and I love any hobby to do with her that does not require listening to The Wiggles….) We are getting soooo much extra food in the house, but there is Neighborhood House just a few miles away that love donations. They would probably love extras of the beauty products too. The idea of bags for the troops is a great idea too.

          You may just talk me into Ipsy too…. one more box… Been debating that one but I am more of a skin care person rather than a makeup person.

  8. I’m going to see how the July box turns out, and it it’s as good as June’s looked, I’ll probably subscribe in August.

  9. This came at a perfect time! I was so bummed when I went to order at and they were sold out of the melted lipstick sample! So excited for this. Hopefully the rest of the box is as good!

  10. I saw the July spoilers and had to sub to this box. Was worried that August wouldn’t be as good, but it looks just as good if not better! The lippy is good sized too; I received the same free lippy with a $25 Sephora purchase online as a mobile offer.

  11. I just signed up for threadedcanvas and now it looks like I’ve got to do yet another box! I tried my hardest to hold out, but that gloss is incredible.

  12. After two terrible months of Ipsy and seeing last months box and these spoilers. I promptly canceled ipsy and signed up for this. Super excited. Ipsy irritated me by sending a dark tanning oil to a red haired, blue eyed fair skinned person. If they didnt claim to customize, I would have been fine with it!! This box looks like it is going to be great πŸ™‚

    • I really hope you emailed Ipsy care and told them about this. The customer service is amazing and they will do what they can to make things right.

    • I am as fair skinned as they come and got the tanning oil…I simply.put it in the gift pile for my friend

      Two of the other products I use almost every day and those with the great bag made the $10 I paid more than worth it πŸ˜€

    • I was so mad about the tanning oil too! It’s absolutely the wrong product for me (and not the healthiest product for anyone else).

  13. While Oribe seems to be an interesting, luxurious brand, I have no use for any hair products so I really hope “1 hair item in a box” doesn’t become a fixed formula and instead they at least alternate it with a nice skincare product. That said, I’m thrilled with Melted Peony!!

    • I love getting hair products as that is something I use daily and use up quickly. The mix is great. πŸ™‚

  14. Super happy! Last month this was my favorite of the ‘cheapie’ boxes (birchbox, ipsy, Petit Vour and this) and it looks like this month will be good too. Yay! LOVE this sub!

  15. I am thinking about subscribing to this box. Are their variations each month like Ipsy and Birchbox or does everyone get the same items?

    • Last month, for the first time, everyone got the same — which I loved. Not sure yet if this is the new policy for always….

  16. Liquid lipsticks are all over Sephora now. They’re supposed to be a lipstain/stick-gloss hybrid. I already wanted to give one a try (everyone seems to make a version) so this might be enough to get me to sub all on its own!

  17. First time posting but long time fan of your blog and your readers. (in a non creepy way-haha) I just signed up for this sub based on everyone’s comments. Thanks guys!

    • Thanks for reading MSA! πŸ™‚

  18. Well, I took the plunge and added another box into the mix. This looks pretty good.

  19. I just signed up too after seeing July and I’m glad I did. For $15, this sub is a really great deal. Also, with the relaunch they are looking to impress and doing a good job. Can’t wait to see what else they pick for August.

  20. I too after trying many other beauty boxes signed up with Sample Society this month and am glad I did! The July box was great. These two spoilers for the August box even better as I’ve been wanting to try the Two Faced lipstick and am a huge fan of Oribe!

  21. Very happy that I dumped another subscription and picked this up for August! I like this is isn’t just one type of product. Can’t wait!

  22. Is it just me or what? I am LOVING the new Allure Sample Society boxes. They have stepped it up and I am loving it!

    • I agree! πŸ™‚

    • Yeah, last month’s preview was enough to make me re-sign up after I canceled. While I nave no idea how to use the Oribe product, I will learn. And the values are great!

      • I’m thinking of joining as well. I got the Oribe texture spray in the NG (disaster) box and it smells nice. Not sure it actually does much in terms of texture but it worked in a pinch as a hairspray! Amazing I could manage to run out of any beauty or hair care product with so many subs but I did, lol

        • Whenever I finish off a bottle or tube of something, I head on over to my plastic storage drawers and grab another product of the same type. I’m good on hair oil, hair masks, exfoliators/microdermabrasion, lip balm, cleansers, moisturizers, sunscreen, body lotion, and shower gel for a long time. I may run out of toner (not a common item to get) and shampoo/conditioner (I use a lot of both of those at a time).

          But pretty much everything else, I’m set for life. I have enough different lipsticks and glosses to wear a different one to work every day for two months without repeats! Enough mascara and blush for a year and a half. And so on.

      • I signed up for the July box as well after dumping the old version long ago – this teaser will definitely be enough to keep me, and I hope they keep this up! I have the Too Faced in that color already (Ulta and Sephora have recently offered it as free GWPs) but it’s great and will swap well.

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