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Julep Maven Selection Time for July!

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Julep Maven Selection Time for July!


It’s Julep Maven selection time for July! This month’s theme is the Poolside Collection. What do you think of the colors? Which box / add-ons are you getting this month?

FYI – if you haven’t signed up for Julep Maven yet, there are a few awesome free box offers:

Use this link and coupon code FREEBOX to get your first box free with a 3-month subscription at $19.99 a month. (You’ll end up paying $39.98 total)

Or use this link and coupon code SHIPSHAPE to get this 5-piece Limited Edition Nautical Welcome Box free. (After your free box the cost is $24.99 a month).


Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Adding to my other comment …. I’m noticing Juleps FB page does not have any posts on it now …….. I’m starting to wonder what is going on with them, and really thinking about canceling more so.

    • I just posted something on their wall and I can’t see it. I will probably cancel after I get my July box. Which I have yet to be charged for which seems a bit odd.

      • Kristina: Thank you for your post, I’m not on FB yet I do go on FB just to see the wall. It seems like for the past few weeks ( or at least that is when I looked ). Looks like they deleted there posts and comments, yet since I’m not a FB member I was not sure. I have not been charged yet either for the box, which seems odd. After 4 v/m ( on different days and 1 email ), and no acknowlegement … I feel frustrated. I have all these Julep points I want to use before I cancel ( yet hated this months box ), so hoping to use all the points this month before I cancel.

        • I got a shipping e-mail and should have my box Tuesday or Wednesday. They said in the e-mail they were running late and offered 100 Jules by way of apology. I wasn’t sure how this normally works because this is my first regular month with Julep. (I subscribed with the 3-months-for-$16.97 promo that was going around awhile back.) I am going to cancel when the 3 months is up because I will have like 30 polishes from them. While I do like the formula, I do my nails maybe twice a week and will never use all that polish.

          • Yep! Me to 30+ Polishes in such a short period of time, that’s one of the reasons I want to cancel, I like the colors, yet my nails feel weaker when using the polish. I don’t like their beauty or makeup products + with all the boxes I get I normally get at least 1 nail polish in another box. – I’ve also learned that mystery polishes, and free nail polishes tend to be old and to old to use or swap. – Rather spend the money I’m spending on Julep on another box.

  2. Has anyone else tried calling Julep recently? – I’ve gotten voice mail twice and left 2 voice mails in the past 2 days and no one is returning my call or sending an email. I got a box with some old polishes in it. Irritates me, yet irritates me more they are now lacking in customer service. Customer Service was one of the main reasons I’ve kept ordering nail polish from them.

    • I’ve heard they’re busy around this time of the month (i.e., selection window and just after) so you might try again next week. I know that doesn’t help you right now; I’m just passing on what I’ve read elsewhere.

      Let us know how it comes out. I got 3 months for $16.97 and I have one more month on it. I am now up to my ears in polish thanks to their sales so I am going to cancel and definitely want to know how it is getting through to them.

  3. How long do you find the nail polish lasts for you? I recently subscribed and was disappointed that the nail polish peeled, on my toes, after a few days. I had base coat and top coat.

    This month, I went with the Freedom Polymer top coat and a lip gloss instead of the lotion.

    • Haven’t tried it on my toes yet. Lasts about 3 days on my fingers, which is actually pretty remarkable for me (I’m hard on my hands) and competitive with Zoya. I don’t usually use a base coat and I just use the Seche Vite quick dry topcoat (has toluene, I know — but really works).

    • It depends on the polish…..I’m not fond of mystery boxes any more or mystery polishes. The older the nail polish the less time it lasts before chipping. The never colors have lasted about 4 days for me. The older colors maybe 2 days.

      • The polish I tried was in my introductory gift for joining, so maybe it was old. I was very surprised because usually the polish on my toes never chips, let alone peels like a cheap drugstore polish. My hands are another story but again it wasn’t just a little chipping, again it was peeling off 🙁

        • Come to think of it, I got the early chips from the one in my introductory gift, as well. I have a current Julep polish on my fingernails right now (bought it with the 50% off code in my first box), and it has lasted much longer without chips.

    • I can get newer polish to last about a week when using the freedom polymer top coat as directed. It is amazing!

  4. I saw an ad for this but haven’t gotten an email for it yet so I just wanted to let you know the deal. Julep has a summer nights intro box with three nail polishes (stardust finish on one of them!), matte primer, and eyeliner. The kicker for me? After I clicked to get it, it gave me a special drop down to add on goodies that aren’t in the normal checkout add on stuff that included bare face oil for $8 and a bunch of of the June polishes….and orders over $10, they ship free!!

    Now I hope I can cancel if needed. I heard it can be a bit hard. o.O

    • I’ve heard canceling is easy but you have to call. They do not try to pressure you to stay. I canceled fabletics and it was worse then canceling a credit card.

  5. Just got a Julep email: Free Polish when a full size polish is purchased – 🙂 – I did not get the ad on’s this time to my maven box – so I’m so happy to see this 🙂

    Free polish offer expires 6/24/2014 at 11:59pm PT, or while supplies last. To receive free nail polish, add a full-priced nail polish to shopping bag in addition to $10.00+ of other products. Orders placed for the Monthly Maven Reveal (e.g. monthly Maven Boxes, Upgrade Boxes, and add-ons) are not eligible. Offer may not be combined with any other promotional code and is limited to one use per customer. Promotional code MYFAVE must be entered at checkout. No exchanges or returns on free gift. No adjustments on previous purchases. Taxes vary by location.

    • I forgot to ad … they have the cuticle oil roll on for only $4.99 ( regular price $18 as an add on ) – I got “Katerina” and “Zelda” and the cuticle oil for $14.33 which included tax. – Last time what I thought was great colors as mystery ad on’s to my julep box, once opened they seemed very thick and old. – So these new colors should be much better 🙂

  6. How do I skip? It says I have no skips available and I have never skipped a box yet, so how can I not have any available?

    • You can call them. it is pretty easy when you talk to them.

    • I believe this is because if you joined sometime around or after mid-December of last year when they changed their skip policy so you only get 1 skip every 6 months or so.

    • Ok got it – thanks! I am still debating it.

  7. I skipped. I don’t need lotion and the “It Girl” colors were not inspiring. I also noticed that they moved the “skip” button. It’s not even a button anymore but some hyperlink. They also ask you again if you REALLY want to skip. LOL

  8. I’m not thrilled with the colors this month or the ad ons.

    Julep has been one box I’ve been wanting to unsubscribe to, yet because of all the cool promotions I find myself buying more stuff I don’t need.

    Even though I don’t like the nail polish colors, I’m hoping I’ll like the surprise nail polishes better. — I want to collect enough points so when Christmas time comes along I can use my points to get julep christmas gifts,

    • I believe you only get points for the monthly Maven boxes, not other purchases.

      • When u ad , ad on’s to the maven box, looks like u can get more 🙂 points. Because there is are points above each ad on.

        • The point values that are listed are how much it will cost you in Jules. You do not get points for add ons or for making purchases

          • Thank you, I just realized that when I placed the order for the ad ons. – Thank you for telling me, otherwise I would not have noticed.

  9. I love the colors this month, but I skipped because I am drowning in body lotion. I also wish they had been more specific about the scent of the lotion; that could have made a difference for me (but probably not). Oh well, it’s not a bad thing thing to save some money this month! 😉

  10. This is my first monthly box (I bought a mystery box and already received my welcome box). With the add-ons options, it says “choose three and we’ll send you a surprise gift”. What is usually the surprise gift? Or does it vary?

    • Last month was the first time they have had the “surprise gift” for 3 add-ons. I received two nail polishes as the surprise gift. Haven’t heard what others have received.

      • I also received two nail colors last month as my surprise, they were pink and orange.

  11. I joined in June of 2013 but could not find the skip option button on the order form this month. Anyone else have that problem? I sent a query to customer service but wondered if this was a widespread problem this month.

    • I couldn’t find it either.

    • Hi Dawn,
      It is in a new place now. When you go to make your selections, it is in Step 3 on the right hand side of the page. I skipped this morning and it took me some time to find it.

      • Thank you so much!

      • Ewww SNEAKY!!! Thanks Lorena! I had to select the Edit my Selection button and see all of them and then it showed up inside the Gift my Box box as text only – no button. Julep must be desperate to sell more boxes!!! Must be regretting that option for us old school Mavens!

        • No problem! It was sneaky!

      • Thank you, Lorena! That was hard to find.

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