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Ipsy Review – June 2014

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Ipsy Review - June 2014 Bag

Ipsy is a monthly beauty and makeup subscription box. Each month you get full size or deluxe-sized products, plus a cute makeup bag. I think it’s one of the best value beauty subscriptions and a great way to build out your makeup collection on the cheap!

(FYI – Just like Birchbox, Ipsy sends out many different variations of their bag each month – so my review is just one of the bag variations you might receive!)

Ipsy Review - June 2014 Items

The Subscription Box: Ipsy

The Cost: $10 a month (free shipping)

The Products: Full size and samples of makeup and beauty products. (Plus a makeup bag!)

Ships to: US and Canada

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Ipsy Review - June 2014 Eye Liner

Be A Bombshell Cosmetics Lash Out Mascara – FULL SIZE! Value $15

Nicka K Shimmer Eye Liner -FULL SIZE! Value $5

I’ve been trying to branch out to non-black or brown eyeliners, but I think this green sparkle one is a little too much for me to handle!

Ipsy Review - June 2014 NYX

NYC Butter Gloss in Creme Brulee – FULL SIZE! Value $5

Marc Anthony Dream Waves Beach – 45 ml Value $3

I found this gloss to be a little sticky when I first tried it, but after reading reviews on their site, it seems like if you give it a little time the stickiness will go away.

Ipsy Review - June 2014 Sample

Laneige BB Cushion Sample – Value $2?

Ipsy Review - June 2014 BB Cream

While I wasn’t happy to get a one-time use sample as one of my Ipsy items, I was happy to see that this sample included 3 different skin tone colors. The light worked for my skin tone, but I found the scent of this product to be stronger than I like in a BB Cream, foundation, etc.

Verdict: I paid $10 for this box and received about $30 worth of items. The value is pretty good, and 3 out of the 5 items were full sized, but I wish my bag had more of a mix of higher end brands and drugstore brands like some previous Ipsy bags have had. (I do love the bag though!)

What did you get in your June Ipsy bag?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. It makes me so mad that people are canceling Ipsy for this, like it’s their fault! They weren’t the ones who made this product, and I’m sure they’re doing everything they can to avoid this happening again!


  3. Atleast you got replacement items. They said I would be. Never got a email confirming shipping. Never recieved and no response to my last email.

  4. They sent my replacement items to the wrong address. My shipping information was updated three months ago. I’ve sent them 5 EMAILS over the past two weeks, and I finally got a response today. Now they are sending another package to replace the replacement items.

  5. Got my replacement item today for the stinky mascara. It’s a BaB One Stick in “Girl Crush” which is a pretty light pink color. I am pale, though, so I should be able to use it as blush (which is something I wear nearly every day). Doesn’t smell bad, either.

    • I received my replacement today. I got BaB lipgloss in some bright neon pink name is like call girl or something.. ah found it.. it is called Last Call Girl. They also put a mascara in there by Elizabeth Mott.

      The odd thing is I’d emailed them twice about the BaB debacle and received two responses and two shipping confirmations – so I may have one more replacement on its way. I appreciate their effort and I imagine the swap board filling up quickly with Ipsy items 🙂

      • I got the same lip gloss in the same color – Not for me – much to neon bright – I did not get the mascara – which is fine because I don’t use mascara. I just wish when they choose the colors for these packages they would either go by peoples skin tone and or age ( since they do ask lots of questions ) or pick a more neutral clear shade anyone could wear

  6. I just got my response from Ipsy and that was to my first email.. my second email was kind of threatening so not sure if they’ll reverse their decision after reading that email. Anyway here is my correspondence:
    Christine Radice
    Subject: Be a Bombshell Mascara
    JUN 20, 2014 | 02:30PM PDT
    Elenita replied:
    Hi Christine,

    Thanks for writing, and I’m so sorry to hear about this! I’ve issued a replacement order to your current address. You’ll get a tracking number via email once your package leaves the warehouse (within 5-7 business days). Keep in mind that we sometimes run out of inventory, so your replacement may not be exactly the same as your original. Instead, you may receive a comparable substitute.

    Please accept our sincerest apologies, and thanks for being a member of ipsy!

    Best regards,


    JUN 17, 2014 | 08:55PM PDT
    Original message
    Christine wrote:
    While I love my glam bag this month – especially the green eyeliner, something is very wrong with the mascara. I have heard about the scent issue and burning – mine is also super dried out – I think this product is expired or previously used – it just seems like something is very wrong.

    • I received the same email response. I hope they don’t send another one of that mascara bc I wouldn’t trust it.

    • They replied to my first message yesterday. I doubt they’ll respond to my second one either. I’ve already unsubscribed due to how poorly the company is handling the issue. I don’t trust them. Whatever they send me is going in the trash.

      Courtney replied:
      Hi Kathryn,

      Thanks for following up. I’m sorry that you’re disappointed. I’m sorry that the mascara arrived with such a strong odor, and in damaged condition!

      I can understand your frustration, and we definitely want you to have 5 products you can use this month. I’ve made a special exception and sent a different Be a Bombshell product out to you. You’ll get a tracking email within 5-7 business days.



      JUN 17, 2014 | 09:22PM PDT
      Original message
      Kathryn wrote:
      Hello, the mascara I received in my June Ipsy bag smells like gasoline, and the formula is very dry and flakey. Since I have extremely sensitive eyes and wear contact lenses, there is absolutely no way that I’ll be able to use this product. The company has acknowledged this issue on Facebook by stating that batch 0310 is being re-tested to determine if the product is safe for use. The mascara I received is from said batch, and I am wondering if you could replace it with a different product? Perhaps something that has already been determined safe for use on humans?

  7. The smell is something significantly awful, so maybe you didn’t get one which is lucky.
    My eyes burned so bad I couldn’t see, my contacts fell out and I missed out entirely on a concert I paid a lot of money for.

    It’s more so the recklessness and cutting corners the BAB cosmetic company may have underwent to provide a full mascara for all the Ipsy bags in order to save money.

    It’s scary, and while I still love Ipsy and my boxes, I don’t want to risk my eyesight when a company may or may not be testing their products and shipping them out to people.

    I’m not canceling my subscription but I am upset and want to know what the heck that product did to my eyes to burn so badly.

    • Here is what ipsy told me in their reply:


      Thanks for writing to ipsyCare. We reached out to Be a Bombshell Cosmetics, and the mascara is safe for use. Although it may have a strong smell, Be a Bombshell chose not to include fragrance in their mascara since it’s often an irritant to sensitive skin.

      I can understand your frustration, and we definitely want you to have 5 products you can use this month. I’ve made a special exception and sent a different Be a Bombshell product out to you. You’ll get a tracking email within 5-7 business days.


      Sounds like a boilerplate response to me. Also I don’t believe the “chose not to include fragrance” thing. “Forgot” maybe, or “left it out because it was cheaper to produce that way,” but not “chose.” And it doesn’t sound like it was OK to use based on what I’ve read here, on MUT, on the BaB Facebook page, etc. I hadn’t opened it because I have a whole bunch of open mascara already. Now I’m just going to toss it and hope whatever I get as a replacement is all right.

      I canceled ipsy earlier this week, though. I got the stinky POP Beauty lip gloss earlier, too. (Actually seemed OK to use and didn’t cause any problems but that’s now TWO stinky products.)

      • I never got a response back from Ipsy. I’m glad you did.

        I’m not into mascaras … so this was one product I never opened. I really liked the ipsy bag, and the hair stuff they sent this month. It is a fun product to use.

        As far as the brand of mascara, I would not want to try anything from that brand after reading the reviews. You figure someone would have realized in their quality control department that the mascara would be an issue before they sent it out.

        • I’ve used other stuff of theirs (BaB) from other boxes. It was OK. It took a really long time to hear back from ipsy (almost all week, at least). I wasn’t really expecting to hear anything since I never did about the whole POP Beauty lipgloss thing.

  8. My nose doesn’t work well so the mascara smells fine. How do you know what batch you have? My mascara only has a little sticker. Help!

    • The batch number is on the box.

  9. HOLY SCMOLY I was wondering my eyes have been burning. sometimes I am allergic to mascaras and I thought it was that so I stopped using it. The smell was a little alarming too. I think I need to toss it for good.

    It’s a bum because I was excited for the mascara.

  10. My friend and I both got the mascara, used with no problems almost daily. I even forgot to take it off and slept in it, no issues.

    I wish I had recieved that eyeliner in green like you though!! Mine is blue. Still pretty, but green would’ve been amazing!!!

  11. Thanks to everyone for the comments on the bad mascara. I had Ipsy once before but cancelled because of the low-end and unknown brands. I signed up for the wait list this month but changed my mind. What is the quickest way to cancel Ipsy?

    • Just go to their site, make sure you’re logged in, and then go to “my account” (right-hand side, near the top). You’ll be given an option to cancel your account (or your wait list place). There are a couple of double-checks to make sure you’re not clicking something by accident. Then they’ll send you an e-mail (could take a few hours) with another link to click. A day or so after that (maybe sooner), you’ll get a confirmation.

      At least, that’s what happened with me over the weekend. I was a subscriber, not on the wait list, but they made it sound like the process was the same for both.

      • Thanks for the info. I tried, but there wasn’t a link on the ‘my account’ page to cancel, so I sent them an email. I guess this is because I was on the wait list.

  12. So was it all the mascaras? Because mine was totally fine. I didn’t smell anything weird & went on like any normal mascara would. Maybe since I felt like mine was okay that I’m just not understanding the outrage. Someone on BAB facebook page said they “better hurry up & fix this before they have a class action lawsuit”. FOR WHAT?! Because even if you remove the mascara, the value is still over the $10, TEN DOLLARS paid for the Ipsy Bag. Just don’t buy anything from BAB is you are so outraged. Maybe I will regret posting because I am sure the Ipsters will be coming at me with pitchforks but I just don’t see what the big deal is. Just don’t use the mascara. I have plenty of boxes I get that I don’t use the product. I give away, trade or throw away. Simple as that. Every…single….month so many complaints from Ipsy, Glossybox, Birchbox. Just seems silly.

    • The mascara is burning peoples skin and lashes and eyes. So that’s why everyone is so up in arms. The product is not safe to use.

      • I didn’t use mine. I saw the commotion and threw it out. I don’t want you to feel as I am coming at you. I’m just stating what is going on.

      • Reading comments on FB that are criticizing those of us with complaints is outraging me. This isn’t just a normal hey this is expired or smells funky this is like finding out you have a tube of gasoline then when the company tells you hey it is just we didn’t add fragrance you think you can give it a go and find out how bad it is. I’ve wanted to try this brand so I think it is that we want IPSY and BaB to be aware of it so they can recall the item before others are hurt and while I love the other items in my bag it isn’t unreasonable to say hey this product is toxic how about proving this was just an error and sending a replacement so that we can give it a go and see that the brand isn’t the problem just this one batch.

        • I definitely agree with you. There have been people going blind from contaminated eye products. You have to be safe with anything that goes near your eyes. They should have sent out everyone an apology and an entire new bag for this trouble. Instead they think customers are just extra sensitive or lying and that is not fair. They should look into that batch and thorOughly investigate.

      • And they shouldn’t be distributing products that aren’t safe! It is definite grounds for a lawsuit. You may have been lucky and received a mascara from a different batch.

    • There is a specific batch with the issues – I don’t know if it’s every mascara in this batch, or if there are any other batches with problems – but I do know that as people started complaining en masse it was quickly determined that “Batch 0310” was the culprit. Be a Bombshell confirmed this in their Facebook post that I’ve linked below.

      Be a Bombshell has already announced they are doing independent test on “Batch 0310”. I’d hardly call that silly. Companies don’t just up and send their products to independent labs because it’s missing a fragrance.

      As mentioned below, it is burning skin and eyes. It is melting off eyelashes. A generic Rx eyedrop treatment costs more than the $10 bag.

      Last but not least – read your mascara box. It states, “Made in PRC”. Do you know why they abbreviated that? Because it was made in the People’s Republic of China. Please research that country’s standards when it comes to manufacturing cosmetics and other personal care items. I can save you the Googling and pretty much state “there are none”.

      Full disclosure: I have been chronically ill for over 5 years because we purchased a brand new home in Florida in 2007 that was built with “Chinese drywall”. After Hurricane Katrina in LA, and Florida having four hurricanes in one season in 2004, there was a national drywall shortage. Builders started secretly importing drywall from China from about 2005-2009 because instead of paying $17 / sheet they could pay about $3 / sheet. Even though our builder stated their homes were “100% American Made” we found out very quickly this was not the case in our home. When we finally suspected what was going on after I was near-death with several hospitalizations, and our boys (4 and 5) had developed rashes / vomiting / severe cough, the state inspector told us to get out immediately. Not to take ANYTHING with us – and head straight to Target and buy everyone new clothing and throw what we had on in the trash. We had to treat the house as if it burned to the ground. Nothing was salvageable. Everything was contaminated.

      The Chinese drywall was made with “runoff” from coke plants in China pressed with gypsum – the drywall was mildly radioactive and off-gassed the same chemicals used as nerve agents in WWI.

      Long story short, after moving out in 2010 we finally just settled this spring with (the now bankrupt) builder and lender. We were able to walk free and clear from the house, losing only our equity and the cost it took us to replace all of our possessions since 2010, and not have a foreclosure on our record. We were in #5 of 6 class-action lawsuits against the manufacturer in China and it appears we’re about to reach a settlement there as well. Each recipient (about 10,000 in our case) will receive THREE THOUSAND DOLLARS each. That’s it. Just one of my hospital stays was three times that amount. (The attorneys will split a pool of $110 million, however.)

      We lost our home. We lost everything we owned. I was so sick I had to give up my business and working completely. (I was a professional photographer and a contributing editor at Professional Photographer Magazine.) Oh yeah, and it made MY CHILDREN sick. We still don’t know what health problems the four of us might face 25-50 years down the road after living for 3 years in a toxic, radioactive new home.

      So please excuse me if all that seems silly – but my opinion is that China never has to invade and conquer our country. They are silently killing us all with the cosmetics we put on our bodies, the apple juice our children drink, the paint on the baby toys our little ones teethe on, the filling inside of the furniture we lounge on, and the very walls we put around our families to protect us.

      There is a reason that PetCo and PetSmart both announced in the last few weeks they will no longer sell pet food and treats made in China. Thousands of pets have died already.

      If none of this makes you take pause – please read this comment left on BaB’s Facebook page:

      “WARNING. I am a polymer chemist and I know the smell coming from the bombshell mascara very well. I use it everyday. It is a low Tg acrylate and it is residual monomer used to make the ‘acrylate copolymer.’ This is supposed to be removed during the purification process. If your product has the pungent odor please discard right away. These are carcinogens.”

      I can’t make your life choices for you, but I certainly can for me and my family. I’ve got enough problems from China already, thank you very much!

      • Robyn, my goodness! That is such a horrible story. It is so scary how these random things around us can cause such harm. I’m so sorry you went through, are still going through, that.

        A few years ago my husband had neurological issues that started with headaches and over a period of a few months increased in severity to fainting, numbness , memory loss and he even temporarily lost his vision a few times. We spent thousands of dollars on medical bills. They feared a brain tumor or MS. Luckily the tests all came back negative, but he still had the symptoms. They put him on anti-seizure medicine and kept testing him for different things.

        Long story shorter, a co-worker casually mentioned that she had stopped drinking diet cola because she thought it was giving her headaches. (I overheard the conversation, it was just dumb luck I was even in the room.) Well, my husband had gone on a low carb diet several months before and had switched to a cola “zero” and liked them so much and thought they were guilt free that he was drinking up to 4 or 5 a day. Guess what… he had aspartame poisoning! It can cause major neurological issues. All those doctor appointments and tests and no one ever even asked him details about his diet.

        My husband quit the diet cola immediately (I couldn’t believe he did it so willingly since he was kind of addicted. It just shows how desperate he was for a solution.) Most of his symptoms were gone within three weeks. Now, years later he is fine. (Thank goodness we were so lucky!) It is remarkably hard to avoid artificial sweeteners. Once in awhile he will mistakenly eat something with them (cookies made by a coworker who used artificial sweetener etc.) He immediately knows because he gets that headache again.

        Anyway, apologies to those who are reading this when they just wanted to talk about Ipsy, but I wanted to let Robyn know that someone out here was listening to her story and could empathize.

        • Mary Beth, thank you so much for the kind words! I’m so sorry to hear that you and your husband understand – but thank goodness you were able to pinpoint the cause! I very much appreciate your comment. I didn’t want to turn this into something all about “me” but I do have a lot of experience with items manufactured in China unfortunately and I will never trust anything from there again. Sometimes you can’t avoid using products made in China – but when there’s a choice, I will never purposely use a product that is.

        • Reading your story gave me chills. My fiance drinks coke zero because his sugar is a little high. He drinks approx 2, 2 liters per day. He now has some neurogical issues un diagnosed. He doesn’t take medications and was generally healthy. I’m wondering if it could be the same. Thanks for sharing. I’m looking into it asap

      • Thank you very much for posting your story.

  13. I received the BaB mascara batch 0310, but honestly it just smelled like a mascara from the 80s (I can also readily identify Dep & AquaNet). Just to err on the side of caution, though, I did throw it out, so thanx to everyone who alerted us!
    Oh! – and completely on board w/ previous comments re: Memebox. They are awesome & such a great deal, all things considered.

  14. I got everthing you got except for the shimmer liner and BB sample… instead I got the brow pencil and realtree for her perfume sample. I was very happy with this bag…my favorite one so far. Three full size items was very awesome. I LOVE the NYX gloss…it feels and smells great. The color is just ok but I plan on buying other colors now that I know I love the gloss. I didn’t notice anything wrong with my mascara but I do plan on checking the batch number when I get home just in case.

  15. There is definitely an issue with several of the mascaras sent out. Here is the Facebook post mentioned:

    On the MUT forums, someone mentioned losing their eyelashes! The bag I kept for myself had one of the bad ones in it – it was completely rancid / chemical smelling. I wrote Ipsy and got this reply:

    “Thanks for writing. Be A Bombshell has sent the product to a lab for testing and will be sharing information as it becomes available.

    I totally understand why you’d be uncomfortable using this product, and I’ve issued a replacement item to your address.

    I’d recommend leaving a review in your Glam Room so we can be better informed of your preferences for future Glam Bags. We look at both your beauty quiz and product reviews to help us select your particular bag combination each month. We strive to send the absolute best Glam Bag to all of our members and are continually making improvements to the selection process.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions, concerns, or suggestions. I’m here to help.”

    If you have one that you’re not quite sure of — don’t use it! Ask Ipsy for a replacement. After Pop Beauty I’m taking NO chances!

    • I’m not even sure I would trust a replacement. Unless it was a totally different item.

      • For the Pop Beauty fiasco, they sent me a full-size Zoya nail polish and a deluxe sample of Urban Decay lipstick. I’m not sure what they’re planning to do this time – but I did make it clear in my original e-mail that I did NOT want anything from BaB again! So here’s hoping… After reading comments on Facebook (their page) and their replies, I don’t plan on using ANYTHING from that brand again!

  16. My bag was the same aside from the BB sample – instead I received a 2 ounce cleanser: Skinn Olive & Enzyme Cleanser. I haven’t tried it yet but I noticed on the TV Guide that the brand SKINN was featured on one of the home shopping channels.

    I love the green eyeliner I gave it a go and was pleasantly surprised – so much so that I swapped someone so I could get the blue and the brow pencil.

    I agree something is not right with that mascara. At first I thought it was because I was using it over Primer but today I tried it without primer and it is just so dried out that I can’t get anything really on the brush – sort of frustrating – I have plenty of mascara since I got 2 GWP from Clinique recently and I have others, but I really was looking forward to trying this one out.

  17. I got everthig u got except the shimmer liner and BB sample instead I got the brow pencil and realtree for her perfume sample neither of which I’ll use and the fragrance I think is really strong but I do like the other three items my mascara was fine and I like that it wasn’t clumpy

    • I received the same as you, and agree that I won’t use the perfume (nasty) or the eyebrow pencil (not my color). Although I wish I’d been sent the eyeliner I’m still pleased with my bag.

  18. Memebox is amazing! The value far exceeds any of my other subscriptions. I have 14 boxes on the way from them over the next couple months! Lucky boxes are fantastic!

    • Besides the 0 box I ordered the coco one. – What I’m really looking for is one with bounce cream cheese creme. Any idea if the ones they have left have it? – If get any in your boxes, and want to swap it let me know. I’ve looked at the lucky boxes … they seem very interesting, I’m just hoping I will like their products enough to get a few more boxes.

      • Lily, they’ve put the bounce cheese cream in a lot of their Luckyboxes in the past, and the Luckyboxes tend to repeat items, so I think a Luckybox would be your best bet! But unfortunately it’s not a guarantee unless a spoiler is released.

        Another Meme fan here – I definitely recommend it if you haven’t tried it yet, Liz!

        • Thank you – I’m to the point I’m considering buying it. — The lucky boxes look great, yet I don’t want to get stuck with a lot of makeup products I wont use. I’m more interested in their creams. I just got another MeMe email, they are having another sale. – Everytime I go on their website and look at the boxes they are offering, I’m finding myself getting bored with the other boxes I subscribe to. To the point where I think I might actually cancel my favorite saffron rouge box to get at least 1 meme box a month.

          Any thoughts on Qbox? – I got the mystery box, sorta bla, and am getting the June box…..Not sure if I should get the next box before they sell out of it.

  19. I got the Bombshell mascara that has a horrible odor & will not put near my eyes or even give it away. It was trashed. I email Ipsy but haven’t heard anything. The bag is weird looking too but at least it doesn’t smell. May cancel Ipsy too. I really find more issuable products with Birchbox. I have yet to find a product with Ipsy I liked so much that I ordered (some samples I don’t even finish), but with Birchbox I have ordered several.

    • Maybe it was the batch, because I looked at mine ( and I’m very sensitive to smell ) and it seems okay. — . I use “100% pure mascara” that is the brand name, which is my favorite mascara and that even has a bit of smell to it for being natural

      • The batch can be found on the box. And the batch number is 0310

  20. I forgot to mention I got the: Ole Henriksen truth to go wipes in my bag instead of: Laneige BB Cushion Sample …. I saw them on qvc this weekend, and was tempted to order them, so when I saw them in my ipsy bag I was very excited.

  21. I got the same bag as you! My mascara had a strong smell like many have complained about, but I am drowning in black mascara so I am not going to make a big deal about it. I am happy with the rest of the stuff, haven’t tried the BB foundation yet.

  22. This was my first Ipsy bag. WOW! So happy I got off the wait list. The bag is wonderful.

    My bag was a little different…I got the black eyeliner and mascara, which I already swapped. I use only organic makeup around my eyes.

    The lipgloss is good. A keeper. It is a bit heavy for summer yet I like it. The spray is lightly scented and does not last long. It has been great for my tasseled hair on the weekends. Kinda fun to spray and scrutch. Not sticky at all.

    The bag that it comes in, is nice and light and is a perfect purse bag. I don’t like pattern of the bag so much, it is not summerish yet it will be used.

  23. Ladies, if you get the BaB mascara from batch #0310 it probably has a very strong and offensive chemical odor. BaB has stated on their Facebook that it is still “safe to use” and that they simply didn’t add fragrance, so you can take it as you will. I trashed mine and emailed ipsy with a complaint as it is unusable as far as I’m concerned.

    • They are also saying it is burning peoples eyes and lids. Please be very cautious!

      • Thanks for letting us know. I hadn’t opened it yet because I got a 5-pack of trial size mascaras from Sephora so I’m good to go for awhile. Now maybe I won’t?

        • Be a Bombshell updated their page again regarding the mascara. They are re-testing batch 0310. Basically, they don’t know if it’s safe or not!

          What an awful first impression of this company! I hope Ipsy does the right thing and sends out a replacement product.

    • That sounds like a repeat of the Pop Beauty lip gloss problem from a few months ago.

      I got the BaB mascara, black eyeliner, some Ole Henriksen wipes, the beach spray, and the Nyx gloss in Eclair (which is good because I already had it from some other sub in Creme Brulee, although the colors are REALLY similar, anyway).

      However, I decided to cancel Ipsy. I always got a great value but I counted up my subscriptions the other day, realized it was 18, and decided that was far too many. I’d like to cut the number in half, at least, by the end of the year (my wallet demands it, you know?). I went back through my Glam Rooms and realized there were many items I hadn’t tried yet at all, or had only used once or twice. I’ve used a lot more of the makeup from Lip Factory, so I decided to keep that one, instead.

      Maybe I opened up a spot for someone on the waiting list, though!

      • You and I got the same bag. — WOW! 18! – I’ve hit 10 not including the mystery, limited edition boxes. I have to cut back too. What I’m finding is that I’m now buying more items from samples I like which also ads up. Swapping has been fun, yet I would rather have a box of products I will use, instead of swapping. It has gotten to point where if the value is not there, and I don’t use most the products I’m canceling the subscription. — My favorite so far has been the blush beauty box.

      • This is pretty much a POP repeat, and I too have canceled Ipsy. I’ve picked up Petit Vour in their place as I now want to shift to more organic/natural makeup. Think I will also start buying indie stuff too on a regular basis. 🙂

        • Petit Vour is one of the 18 I mentioned, although I haven’t gotten my first one yet. I did have to contact their customer service already (credit card company up and changed the card number on me) but they got back to me within a few hours. And I figure they’ll have fewer toxic ingredients.

          • I’ve emailed their customer service a few times, and they are very nice and get back quickly.

            I know you don’t want another box, yet I thought I’d mention it, because Petit Vour was brought up….MeMe box has a “0” box out that is supposed to be all natural. I just ended up getting it. It is a good 1st one to try. – Meme box seems to sell out so quickly, and I’m really wondering if I’m going to like it.

      • I may cancel due to the toxic mascara. So far Ipsy has been a great value for$10/month, but the products are either a hit or miss for me. I’m very picky about cosmetics, and that’s mostly what they send. I’m also up to 12 monthly boxes, and my wallet is getting tight too!

      • I feel you! I currently have 18 too (how I’ve acquired that many subscriptions, I’m not sure!) and am thinking that I’ll be dropping a few that I’m not really thrilled with…Sample Society, Citrus Lane, Social Bliss, Honest Co, FFF and Wantable Intimates. Which still leaves me with a dozen boxes a month! LOL

        • What other programs do you subscribe to? It’s my first time getting into makeup and I don’t know where to start, so a subscription seems like a good idea, but I don’t know which programs are good and worth what I’d pay? Thanks.

          • Petit Vour
            Birchbox Man
            Sample society
            Svbscription for Women
            Citrus Lane
            Wantables Intimates
            Beauty DNA
            Allure quarterly box
            PopSugar Must Have
            Honest (diapers and home goods)
            Fab fit fun
            Social bliss style box

            I’m missing a few but Beauty DNA and Svbscription Women are my favorite boxes. I’ve only received one Petit Vour box and it was underwhelming but Liz’s past reviews of it seem pretty fabulous!

    • Mine also smells toxic and I emailed customer service to complain. Planning to throw it out, but I do feel bad to throw out a brand new full size mascara… But I’m definitely not going to use it

    • I’m curious…. Did you get a response from ipsy about the toxic mascara? I emailed them a while back about it, but I haven’t received a reply from them. So disappointing.

      • I emailed them about 2 or 3 days ago, no response.

      • I haven’t gotten a response yet either. At this point, and after reading about the Pop Beauty lip gloss chemical burns, I’m done with them. Both the lip gloss and the mascara were “special batches made just for Ipsters.” So why were they made special and not the actual product? Like D said, the companies are cutting corners to provide their products to Ipsy at a significant discount.

        What’s really getting under my skin is that Ipsy still hasn’t addressed the issue, and many subscribers are still tearing open their Glam Bags and burning off their eyelashes!

        • That was an awful lot of buttons to unsubscribe!

        • I did get a reply. (Two actually.) But I wrote via e-mail rather than the online form so I’m not sure if that makes a difference. I had previously pasted my response in a comment I left on this page earlier so if you search for my name you’ll find it.

          I got a shipment notice from Ipsy for two replacement products today – one is a mystery item (labeled as “replacement”) and the other is “Dove Pure Care Dry Oil”. I made it clear I did NOT want a BaB product as a replacement so we’ll see if they listened…

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