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FabFitFun VIP Summer 2014 – Complete Box Spoilers & $10 Coupon!

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FabFitFun VIP Box - Fall 2013 Sneak Peek!

The Summer 2014 FabFitFun VIP Spoilers are out thanks to Jillian! (FYI – Use coupon code FLASH10 to save $10 off this box!) Also – FabFitFun VIP now ships to Canada!

FabFitFun VIP Summer Box Spoilers


Each box will include:

Sonya Dakar Flash Facial  (Full Size)

Mini Clutch from Thursday Friday

Pur-lisse SPF 30 Daily Essential Moisturizer (Full Size)

Balanced Guru No Frizz Hair Oil (Full Size)

Zoya Nail Polish (Full Size)

Water Infuser Bottle


KissStix Lip Balm Set

And this month there are also sample sizers of sponsored Items:

Always Xtra Protection All Day Liners

Skintimate Shave Gel

Slim Fast Have Your Cake… Meal Bar

What do you think of the Summer box? What do you think of the sponsored items? In addition to the spoilers we already knew about, I’m pretty excited for the hair oil and the Zoya nail polish, but a little disappointed that I don’t see any fitness items (I guess the water bottle kind of counts for this category though).

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. If you buy something, MSA may earn an affiliate commission. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. Thank you guys for the code. I paid $35 and specifically ordered for the Flash Facial.

    I already have tons of nail polish, Purlisse and other items but the hair oil seems to be nice to try also.

    My thought on the purchase is the Flash Facial alone is worth the price and everything else is bonuses. Plus thanks to you guys with the $15 code, I got the box for $35. I haven’t received my box yet but seems like a steal!

  2. If anyone would like to use this coupon code for $15 please feel free. I’d hate for it to go to waste. It’s 1781088 (valid for 3 uses).

  3. I STILL haven’t received my box. I’m not a first-time subscriber, so I don’t know what the problem is. I’m really disappointed to read the reviews and all of the comments and not have my box. It really ruins the fun of a surprise box for me. I totally like having one or two spoilers, but I really don’t want to know everything in advance. Is this so people who haven’t subscribed yet have a chance to order the box? I wish that you would wait a week before doing your reviews. I know others will disagree with me, but I hate having my surprises sabotaged.

  4. I received my box today. I bought it for the Flash Facial and the Pur-Lisse. I can’t wait to try them out along with the organic hair oil. I like the water infuser bottle. I could do without the saying on the bottle, but it is written in white at the bottom. The samples don’t make much of a difference to me because they are an insignificant value of the box.

    The Zoya shade is Thandie which is an orange coral. This is the only bottle of nail polish in the house. I will be trying it on my toes sometime this week. It’s not a color I would pick out which is what makes it fun to receive it in the box. Kisstixx flavors are Raspberry and Lemonade. My Thursday-Friday clutch has a picture of a pink bag. It’s not my style. I did receive a gift card for $30.00 off of a $35 purchase. I’m giving my sister the sea salt and vinegar chips because they are certified gluten-free IF my teenager doesn’t find and eat them.

    I am disappointed about the bag. It seems as though the accessories in past reviews were more my style. The box isn’t quite what I pictured for something called FabFitFun.

    Despite all of that, the box is a hit for me. I’m on the newer side to subscription boxes so most of the items are new to me and useful. It is my first Pur-lisse product and first nail polish product. Certified gluten-free products, organic products, and products for sensitive skin are products that I am eager to try.

  5. Did anybody else get a $30 gift card coupon to Thursdayfriday???

    • Yeah I did, I think it has to be on a $35 or more purchase.

  6. I’ve been waiting for word that my box has shipped, but so far nothing. I went into my account but is says that it is expected to ship the week of June 23. Has anyone else not gotten any shipment info yet? I’m in the Midwest…

    • I’m also in the Midwest and my box arrived today. I got shipment info last week.

    • I also haven’t received any shipping info. I just logged in and it says shipping the week of July 23. Still no box and no shipping info. I am really disappointed, this is my first box and i feel like everyone already has theirs and I mine hasn’t even shipped.

  7. used it 🙂 thanks

  8. Is anyone else having trouble with the water bottle? I can’t seem to get the infuser part out. I tried pulling that little tab and it disconnected from it. I was able to get it back on but still no luck getting the middle part out.

    • It twists off…hope that helps you out.

      • That’s what made the little tab come off. Maybe it’s just stuck in there really good :/

  9. I just got my box in the mail today! I actually like it a lot. The bag is really cute, I do like the design I got (some I didn’t care for). I got the Jeweled Away clutch in Turquoise which I like. I know individual tastes are different. I can’t wait to use the water bottle and try the flash facial. I know I will use the SPF this summer. Overall a cute and fun box. I bought it with the $10 coupon so for me it was $40 so I am happy with it. Its very summery and I am ready to start going to the beach and use all these goodies.

  10. AMAZING VALUE. VERY EXCITED. I can’t believe how people are complaining. I like everything in the box, but I’m most excited about the skincare and the water bottle.

    • I’m stoked about it too 🙂 Seems like a great box! We’re not all down about it, but I was surprised too!

  11. Bummed about this box too. Already have the water bottle infuser from the PopSugar box. The hair oil is exactly what I got in an Ipsy box 2 months ago. Nail polish…AGAIN…*yawn*. And lipbalm in flavors made for kissing? How old are we? Cancelling my sub now 🙁

    • You took the words right out of my mouth, Jodie. Not impressed by this box at all. So sad! 🙁

  12. I’m pretty thrilled I re-upped in time to get this. I also used the special MSA code, so I paid a lot less for it. I was on the fence until I saw the purlisse along with the Sonia Dakar and that sealed the deal for me, so even if everything else was a total bust, I was happy with the value of those two items for the price I paid. I don’t subscribe to PSMH anymore, so I’m thrilled to be getting the water bottle. I really wanted one. And I’m stoked about the organic hair serum. The only thing I think is a little off is the sponsored slimfast item. That’s nothing but chemical garbage and I’m surprised that FFF would choose to add it even as a sponsored extra. It’s not really in line with their motto. Mine will go directly into the garbage.

  13. I love my FabFitFun box – SO much better than Ipsy or Birchbox. Full size products and lots of variety. I love the water bottle – phrase is super cute and funny! To me it is the best box out there,

    • This box really does look great this month. But, I’m not really certain how you are comparing it to ipsy and Birchbox – they offer totally different products at totally different prices

    • Are you paid to do social media marketng through these comments, *Name? You don’t seem to have a handle on these boxes. I found the box disappointing

  14. How embarrassing for FFF! Everyone says they are a pop sugar wannabe and they go and put an infused water bottle right after pop sugar did that?! I’m glad I didn’t get this box. The purse is tacky and the other items are things I get in my S20 sub boxes.

  15. Being newer to subscription boxes I am excited about the box. It isn’t quite what I envision for this particular box, but I am looking forward to receiving most of the items. I also ordered a box today for my sister because she will enjoy the items. I can tell better about the box once I receive it.

  16. After 2 years of subscription boxes, maybe I just accumulated too much stuff, but even with the $10 off offer to “come back”, I am not at all tempted by this box…. Nothing is new, I got these type of water bottles from PopSugar and Fancy, Purlisse and Red nail polish is everywhere, the clutch could be the hideous model with the purse print…. Not for me!

    • I agree….nothing in this box stands out as new or tempting to me…

  17. From the photos, its pretty good. I haven’t received mine yet. I need the SPF and everybody can use an extra water bottle, the infusing part of it sounds interesting. Anything to help drink extra water! I think this will be a hit for me if I like the clutch design in my box. Will the Zoya nailpolishes all be that reddish color or different colors?

    • I think there will be variations in the Zoya color.

      • Liz: Will you be having spoilers on your box? – For me they always seem to be a selling point, especially if I’m unsure of of getting a box.

        • Yes – I hope to be able to do at least one spoiler before the box ships. And I’ll keep you posted if it is about to sell out. 🙂

          • Thank You 🙂

  18. Thank you so much Liz for the coupon code. This collection is well worth $39.99. I am so excited about this box!

  19. Well I

  20. Wow! What a great month I may have to order 1 more. Lol

  21. Wow… am I the only one who is totally disappointed? This is my first box, I almost considered not ordering because of the clutch which seems tacky to me. I wish I didn’t. I ordered because of the “fitness” element, but it’s not here. I do not consider a water bottle fitness related and the stupid line on it is in very poor taste. Poor balance of goods that feels like you got a grab bag of clearance goods. The sponsored items will go in the garbage, not something I feel good about doing, but there’s no way I’m eating that poison bar and I remember using that shaving gel in middle school… This box was a real no from me. I’ll never order again.

    • I’m confused – what on the water bottle is in poor taste?

      • It says something like “grab fitness by the yoga balls”

        • Oh, lol, seems kind of cute and fun to me.

        • I agree, that quote is a turn-off.

          • I wouldn’t want it on a t-shirt…but on a water bottle, it doesn’t seem like a big deal.

  22. Disappointed. How is this different from PopSugar? Both are giving us water bottles that have similar use. Both are giving us a clutch. I just feel that I’m paying for similar subscriptions. I picked this box because of the “fitness” part of the title yet the fitness stuff is a DVD and nothing unique. Really thinking about quitting this subscription.

    • I wish there was a DVD! I ordered for the fitness element too, IMO there was nothing at all in this box, unique or not. I’m canceling.

    • I don’t have pop sugar, yet from what it seems is they are going with “wellness” which to me also has to do with fitness..( that’s just me ) – like the water bottle when working out is great. I’ve looked at all the ingrediants in all the products and they all seem good. This sorta reminds me of a yuzen, at a higher price yet with a few more non makeup and beauty items — Looking at Pop Sugar reviews and Fab Fit Fun they both seem very similar though,

      • I totally agree with you that wellness is part of fitness and vice versa. I wouldn’t care for a box that sent me one workout DVD after another. I almost exclusively use streaming workouts or at least an app anyway. And I’m pretty set for fitness balls, yoga mats, and all the accessories since they’re overdone by all the lifestyle boxes. I’m very happy with this box because it isn’t the typical “exercise” box everyone seems to want. I follow their site pretty much daily and it really isn’t focused on fitness/exercise at all so I think if folks knew that up front they might have different expectations. But like every sub box, no box will make everyone happy, well, ever. After some of the meh Popsugar boxes in the past year I was thrilled to see these contents for a change. Because to me they are different. In a good way!

        • Erin: Which do you think is the better box to get PopSugar or FabFitFun? — I’m looking for more natural items ….. FabFitFun is normally $10 more ….Do you think it is worth the additional $10?
          The DVD’s I still see them around, yet to me they are vintage, As far as their site, I just started reading their blogs and really like it. I’m learning a lot. I know when I got the email about a box with an excercise ball, I thought it was all about fitness and did not signup. It was not till this past week, when I was on their website and started reading all their wellness articles that I knew I wanted this box. The newest wellness blog post states: The European Union has banned over 1,300 toxic chemicals from their products. The United States has banned 11. – Which I found interesting. – Stuff like this that will make me interested in a box. — I think the words “Fab” “Fit” “Fun” can be confusing if the box is more about wellness. Because when I think of the word fit I think of excercise.

  23. This looks amazing! I just subscribed – thanks for the coupon code. I swear I had like 6 tubes of Pur-lisse (thankfully was able to swap away 4 of them) Purmoist and was not interested – however I AM interested in a tube that has SPF 30. I ended up with a deluxe sample of the Sonya Dakar from one of my Sample Society mystery boxes and I love it, swapped and got another so to get a full-sized tube of it plus all of this other stuff for only $40.. wow. (BTW apparently the person behind the product has a spa in Beverly Hills that has a 1 star rating on Yelp – I spent my morning reading the reviews like a soap opera. .. fascinating stuff that reminds me of the Devil wears Prada). Quick question for those of you with experience with the infuser type water bottles – after ‘soaking’ the fruit in the bottle do you eat it at the end of the use or ditch it?

    • I like spf 30 – The tube is not all that big, yet it is so light weight and not gross smelling. I use it all over my body, works better then other sunscreens I’ve tried and I don’t feel the need to take a shower after putting it on, since it’s nor sticky.

  24. This box looks like fun, yet I was hoping to see a fun summer tote beach bag, or sunglasses. I looked up “ZOYA” and Zoya polishes are “three-free” – meaning free of toluene, dibutyl phthalate (DBP) and formaldehyde — all known carcinogenic ingredients. This is good to know because I’m canceling my Julep subscription. – I’ve been wanting to try the Frizz stuff for a while. The water bottle looks like fun – 🙂 – All these items I will use 🙂 – Great Box

  25. Zoya is my fave nail polish so I’m really excited about that, and the flash facial (however, I’m now hooked on Vasanti face scrub from birchbox which completely blows the flash facial out of the water, IMO.) I used the code you sent out in one of your emails to buy this box so it’s a great deal. 🙂

    • I’ve been wanting to try Vasanti when I saw the reviews on Birchbox. 🙂

  26. I’m so glad to see that water bottle, I need it! I ordered when they released the second spoiler (the clutch!). Now I’m wondering if I should have ordered multiple boxes lol.

  27. I just re-upped my subscription and am glad I did! I love almost everything in this box and did a quick calculation and it contains over $230 worth of products! I paid $39.99 (FitFabFun offered me an incentive to come back of $10 off). I think if future boxes are this good they will keep me as a customer. Can’t wait to get it!

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