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A Thank You Giveaway – Win the Entire Julep Collection!

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Quarterly Page

I can’t thank you enough for your response to the launch of the My Subscription Addiction Quarterly box! The day of the launch seriously warmed my heart (and I was so nervous before the announcement!) Thank you so much for all the congrats and support – because of you we are now the 6th most popular box on Quarterly! (I never thought I’d get that close to Pharrell or Nina!)

So, as a very small way of saying thanks, I want to do another giveaway! The winner will receive the entire Julep Collection for August. (Also – I’ll be contacting the winners of the Fabletics contest later today too!)

This contest is open to anyone in the US or Canada (where Julep ships).

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. Would love a scarf or jewelry item but not earrings, my ears aren’t pierced!

  2. 1. I would love home/lifestyle items. There is already way too much makeup around in other boxes.

    2. How do you pick the items? Is cost of the items a limiting factor?

  3. I would love to read a blog on the whole process of picking items for your box, Liz.

    As for the items, I like to see useful gadgets, lifestyle items, and some fashion items.

  4. 1) What types of items would you love to see in the MSA box?
    – I would love to see a book of some kind, one-size fits all accessories, body cleansers/facial cleansers, work-out accessories. Basically, anything you’d like to add as I trust your judgement and like most of the same things you enjoy in the boxes you receive.

    2) What would you like to learn about the behind-the-scenes work that goes into putting a box together?
    – I would like to learn what goes into you deciding what actually goes into your box. For example, is there a grading scale and the things you like the most would go in the box, etc.

  5. I was going to say I’d love to see a scarf with UVA/UVB protection, but I forgot it’d be a Fall box. For Fall, I’d love to see a we-wood watch. Have you seen those? They plant a tree for every watch purchased.

  6. Im new to Julep and im so in love!!!!!

  7. This would be so amazing!

  8. I am so happy for you! You do such a good job in your blog posts and reviews, I love getting them as you have taught me about so many of my new addictions 🙂
    I would love to see your favorite brands in the box: Make-up, Polish, Hair, and Skin. You have seen so many new brands and old favorites that I can’t wait to see what you recommend each quarter!

  9. Thanks for always giving us such great updates and good deals!

  10. 1. I would love to see a themed box around relieving stress. Chocolates, bath stuffs, maybe some soothing music or a book….things that any lady needs to pamper herself a little and escape from the rigors of every day.

    2. Absolutely! I think it would be really need to see what really happens when curators are bringing a box together!

  11. I am excited to see if you go with a theme for each box or just put together things you love. I expect to see a scarf, some makeup, and something fun!

  12. I’d love to see home stuff! I’m in a rut. We bought or registered for everything new at our wedding (now 7 yrs ago) so we were well set up, but it’s time to shake things up!

  13. 1) What types of items would you love to see in the MSA box?
    A mix of your favorite beauty, home, and fashion items would be great! I already have a few purely beauty boxes, so while I love natural products as much as you, and like hearing your opinions, I would want it to be more than just that.

    2) What would you like to learn about the behind-the-scenes work that goes into putting a box together?


  14. I’d love to see a lifestyle mix kind of like what Popsugar Must Have, Nina Garcia, and Fab Fit Fun offer. Honestly, though, I really trust your judgement, Liz. I knew right away that you were going to create a beautiful curation. Thanks for all you do!

    Oh, and I am interested in the item selection process. How is it that boxes, like Nina Garcia’s for example, can offer boxes at values far above what we pay for them?

  15. I would love to see some awesome hair products as well as things for the home. I would be interested in how you get companies to agree to promote their items, esp brands that are already popular. Because I’m sure the curator of the box can’t just pay full price for all these items and sell the box for cheaper! So I’m curious to how that dialog goes and how the process is for choosing items and if its just a shot in the wind.

  16. I would love to see some sort of one-size-fits-all fashion item – a wrap? scarf? Oh, and a good read. 🙂

  17. I’d love to see stuff i’m sure you will be putting in the box – organic, natural as possible products. Accessories (jewelry, scarves etc), home goods, etc.

    I’d also like to know how it all works -do the boxes get these items for free? Do they wholesale? How do you decide on the items to work for such a huge group of people?

  18. Thank you for the giveaway. I would like to learn more about how you create a giveaway box.

  19. I avoided quarterly boxes entirely until yours. I was just never THAT excited with them–until yours! Couldn’t help but sub to pay homage to the blog that helped me (or corrupted!) on my decisions on what to sub to. My favorite boxes come with a mix of style and beauty, so that’s what I’d love to see. I’d be interested in the entire process from start to finish–how do you pick items or work with companies to ensure they end up in the box, budgeting, assembly–everything!

  20. I would love to see some beauty items for sure! Also maybe something fashion related or home related if it seems universal. I think there are many “broad” type items that can be personalized with style but are still usable for many people.

  21. I’m interesting in finding out how you get all the products for a box – it seems like a lot of logistics!!

  22. 1) I’m most excited to see fun lifestyle/home items and healthy, safe cosmetics, etc.
    2) I’d love to see the entire process of putting a box together, how you decide what items to include, how the communication between you and the Quarterly people goes, the thoughts that go into everything, and so on. 🙂

  23. You’ve obviously received a lot of subscription boxes – I’d like to see some of your ultimate favorite items – that item that made a box for you, or maybe you didn’t realize you had to have until you owned it!

  24. Congrats Liz! I’d like to know how the different vendors provide their items for boxes. Do they charge for the products? Are they given free to be featured in the box in the hopes people will try the product and buy it? Stuff like that. 🙂 Thanks!

  25. Can’t wait to see what you put in your Quartely boxes! Congrats, and thanks for the giveaway!!

  26. Congrats on your box Liz! I love coming to your blog to see the unboxing of all the boxes you get, can’t wait to see what yours has to offer!

  27. I would love to see some of your favorite full-size items and a good fall fashion staple and maybe even something exclusive for msa subscribers. I also love the idea of a bonus item.
    I would love to know what went in to your process of choosing your first items for your first ever box.

  28. I’d love to see the entire behind-the-scenes process! How involved are the businesses of the items you select? Do the Quarterly people help you out? Are their restrictions on what you can select? Do you get to showcase brand new products?! I’m pretty excited about the whole process!

  29. Wow that is awesome that your box is already so successful! I cannot wait to see what you choose to put in it. My best guess would be a beauty related item, an accessory (i love a good scarf), and maybe something for the home? I am sure whatever you pick will be great. After all you are the subscription box guru!

    • LOL I didnt notice that there were specific questions to answer. Here it goes:

      1) I would like to see fun and unique items as well as accessories. I can never get enough jewelry or scarves.
      2) I would like to see how the whole process works. Do you scout out your own products? Do they present you with potential items? I actually have always wondered this!

  30. I would love to see some unique items… Items that I would never know about if it wasn’t for your box. I love those items the most… Not stuff I can go to the store and get! Thanks and congrats!!!

  31. Were you approached to curate a box or did you do the contacting?

  32. Liz – I am soo excited about your box! can’t wait to see what you pick and the awesome value we get! Congrats!

  33. I want to see your favorite items, stuff that really hits you. Because you have tried so many boxes and know what is the best to you. So I want to see those and explain why you picked something. Maybe not all the time being your absolute favorites, but maybe one in each box. I want to learn how you even got started on making your own box.

  34. I would like to see a wide variety of items just like you review for us on a regular basis. See both sample and full sized items. Thank you for all your reviews and recommendations, they have been a gold mine!!

  35. I would love to see your process for what you choose to be in the box. Unique kitchen gadgets would be something I would like to see.

  36. I would love to see a variety of beauty and lifestyle items every quarter. Sometimes with Birchbox, I get the same thing just different brands and would love a lotion one quarter and maybe lipstick the next, etc.

  37. Hi Liz,

    I was wondering if, sometime in the future, you would be able to talk about the process of creating your box. Specifically, I’m interested in understanding how/if a curator can make a profit off of subscription boxes, and also how you source brand partnerships.

  38. I’d love to learn how the sub. box companies get their products for the boxes – do they buy them at a discount, are they donated, do they buy them full price…?

  39. Lately I’ve been curious about how the whole warehouse and shipping thing works. I guess after reading about all the GlossyBox problems, and getting my Petit Vour kind of late, the increasing lateness of Discover with Marta collections, etc., I just wonder why so many companies seem to have such persistent problems with this. It doesn’t seem to me that it would be difficult to pack and ship boxes, but there must be some factor that makes it not so straightforward!

  40. Hi Liz
    I’m curious if it would be okay with you if we made any suggestions on things that we might like to see in your boxes? I thought of something maybe kinda weird but that I don’t think I have ever gotten in a box. Shave gel. Silly I know but I think it I the only thing I have had to “buy” since I have been buying beauty boxes.

  41. 1) would love to see quality products from unique brands 2) how do you source products from up and coming brands?

  42. I am so excited for the first box! I would love to see some of your favorite items (things you’ve tested and loved from other boxes) in the MSA box. I would also love to see the entire process of creating your own box.

  43. I would be interested in handmade, small batch things like, Running Wild Spirit brand products and I would love to know about how things make the cut for your boxes. Like the tiny details that make or break what could be a great product for your box!! And again CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  44. I know this can be repetitive, but I think most everyone loves a great scarf! Also a great aloe body lotion or a good non scented organic body lotion. A person can never get enough of those. Things of good quality are best. I think some boxes have given up the quality they put into their boxes. Thanks Liz for everything that you do!!!

  45. I would love to see how you decide what to put in the box and what limitations quarterly puts on you if that is possible. I think it is so interesting! Congrats this must be so fun for you!

  46. I would like to know how you go about getting the items for boxes.

  47. Hi Liz! I would love to learn more about the timeline behind creating the subscription box – such as where do you look to find ideas for the box, what is it like contacting the manufacturers or do they contact you, how quickly decisions need to be made, etc. It seems like so much fun and overwhelming at the same time! Best of luck with it and looking forward to getting a sneak peek inside the creation of a sub box! 🙂

  48. Thanks for the giveaway! Congrats on your box being #6! That’s so amazing!!!!

  49. I would like to see anything natural, organic, fair trade, or made in the USA. Indie products are rad!!

    I’m interested in the financial aspect of these boxes and the logistics of getting products to fill them.

  50. You are always so generous with these giveaways. Thank you and continued success!

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