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SocialBliss The Style Box Subscription Review – May 2014

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SocialBliss The Style Box Subscription Review - May

The Social Bliss Style Box is a new fashion and accessory subscription box. Each month they send you a collection of items that all tie into the theme for that month. (And usually that includes a purse!)

SocialBliss The Style Box Subscription Review - May 2014 Items

The Subscription Box: The Style Box by Social Bliss

The Cost: $39.95 a month plus $7.95 shipping

The Products: $100 to $200 worth of products. Each box will contain an assortment of popular one size fits all fashion accessories and lifestyle products.

Ships to: US

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SocialBliss The Style Box Subscription Review - May 2014 Card

Each box comes with a card detailing the items included. Every box also has one featured designer that typically has the most expensive item in the box. This month it is Fusion Beauty. (I was pretty surprised to see that the featured item was a skincare item considering that all previous boxes featured an accessory). 

SocialBliss The Style Box Subscription Review - May 2014 Coin Purse

Izzy & Ali Mini-Maven Coin Purse – Retail Value $39

I think this is my favorite item in the box. I love the color, the material looks very much like real leather, and the mixed material tassel is beautiful!

SocialBliss The Style Box Subscription Review - May 2014 Skincare

The Creme Mini Eyelash Curler – Retail Value $7

The Creme Cleansing Towelettes – Retail Value $4

Lift Fusion M-TOX Face Lift – Retail Value $140 (This product is $15 at Amazon, but I’m not sure if it is from an authorized seller).

For me, it’s weird getting a skincare item as the highest value item in a Social Bliss Style Box. I always think of this box as a fashion box, so even though this is a very high-value item, I’m not sure how I feel about it!

SocialBliss The Style Box Subscription Review - May 2014 Set

MyTies Hair Tie -Value $4

Spa Kit – Value $14

I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of getting hair ties in subscription boxes! This pale pink one has adorable gold polka dots on it!

SocialBliss The Style Box Subscription Review - May 2014 Peacock

Gleeful Peacock Feather Hair Clip – Value $14

This was my bonus item for using a coupon code earlier this month – and I love it!

Verdict: This box has a value of over $200 – not bad for the $48 price, I just wish $140 of that hadn’t come from SkinFusion. (If Skin Fusion is amazing, and skin-transforming, I guess I’ll regret that statement!). What do you think of the May Social Bliss Style Box? Do you prefer all fashion items? Or is a mix of skincare OK with you?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. I’m glad everyone else is disappointed, I was so excited about this box, now super bummed! Of course I already have my own skin care system! Why would I spend $40 for a sample? So so disappointed.

  2. I think people are confused about the “headband.” There wasn’t a headband. What I think folks are seeing is the long loofah, not a spa headband. So nothing was missing.

  3. I have been subscribing since the first box. I have to say I’m so disappointed by this month!! The fusion lift ruined my face. I broke out all over and it took 2 weeks to heal! I was also missing my head band in my “spa kit” that I will NEVER use anyways. How can they bump up the price after releasing this garbage.

  4. So is it the same Lift Fusion that is being sold at a much lower price than the $140 retail listed price? I am very concerned that whether or not you can trust resellers, Lift Fusion would allow third parties to sell counterfeit goods with impunity.

    This does make me very upset because we are not promised the value we should be receiving because of fake over-inflated pricing. How can we lodge a complaint with Socialbliss – they should answer this concern that appears many people are having.

    • This was my first box, I wrote Socialbliss CS after I got my box to retouch base on the promo code that wasnt working for me, and to alert them of missing item ( i was missing the spa headband too) I expressed how sad i was over this not being a “style” box and about the value… its going on two weeks now I have yet to hear a response.
      I really hope Junes box is amazing and makes up for this, I plan on giving it at least another shot before I cancel. Fingers crossed for this month.

  5. I’m a little late here, but that face lift product comes up for cheap prices all over the web. I found one store selling it for less than $7, a few eBay sellers pricing it at $10 BIN, and other shops selling it for $20 or less. Even “authorized” sellers still had it priced at half or less than the retail cost!

  6. My scanner app listed the Liftfusion at $9.25 price from Amazon but the next 2 from Amazon were $70 and $80 so I would really discount the low price as not a true product. Still, agree with consensus. I want an accessory box, not bath/beauty/skin box. They did ship promptly this time – I bet I got the last box sent out last month. Will not be renewing after the 3 months run out.

  7. This is my first StyleBox. It arrived opened and I did not receive all my items was surprised by thin 1 piece of tape to secure the box. Hope this is just a bad start. Has anyone else experienced this? I truly loved the items that were in there.

  8. shouldn’t the review list actual values not the ones provided by the Social Bliss? The lift fusion is all over Facebook and posts for the Amazon price of $14. I think it’s important for us readers to be able to know real value, when reading reviews, so we can determine if the box is right for us or not.

    • I can update the review to show that the prices are retail value – I appreciate the suggestion and always want the reviews to be helpful! (I had seen the much lower price on Amazon, but after reading some of the reviews on Amazon it seemed like the seller might be selling an expired or counterfeit product, so I wasn’t sure if listing that price would be a fair representation either).

      • Expired and counterfeit products — especially of cosmetics, dietary supplements, and skincare items — are a BIG problem on Amazon. Be VERY careful of getting anything in those categories through 3rd party sellers. I’ve seen complaints on everything from OPI nailpolish to perfume costing upwards of $50.

      • I just used the Lift Fusion and the smell is TERRIBLE like musty armpits. It also had that weird separated consistency that occurs when beauty products expire. I’m kind of pissed off because it looks to me like Social Bliss got some cheap expired skincare product and put it in the box. Whatever they are selling on Amazon, appears to be what we got too. Awful.

  9. I was so excited last month and was so impatient this month and feel like I was let down. The purse thing is cute, but not enough to redeem the box. I’m 27 and will probably try the face product around my eyes, but when I tried it last night I really wasn’t sold on it. The bath stuff I have seen before at CVS and the face wipes are now added to a stack I’ve accumulated from other boxes. 🙁 so sad.

  10. I haven’t received my box yet but it’s my first one. I was pretty excited but now not so much! A little disappointed! I was hoping for some cool accessories! I was really surprised to see the cheap spa pack in it. Not what I’d expect!

  11. Does anyone’s Lift Fusion have an odd smell? I wonder if mine is old.

    • If you read the ingredients you’ll see that it’s wheat based. Mine smells strange as well and I think it’s the yeast.

    • Yep, mine smells terrible. Not just odd, but nasty, like armpits and mildewy bath towels.

  12. Also disappointed… I received the navy coin purse, and it is cute, but the lining seems to want to get stuck in the zipper. The rest of the box is really not very interesting. As others have commented, this is not a beauty subscription, and I am not happy that an overpriced skin care product represents the bulk of the box value. I also noticed some items are not portrayed accurately in the description card. For example, the description for the bag of loofahs and sponges…oops, I mean “spa package”, states that a headband is included. There was no headband in my spa package. I did email Social Bliss today to express my disappointment and added constructive comments or criticism for each item in the box. I am continuing my subscription for at least one more month. After this flop, I imagine they’ll pull out all the stops for the June box.

    • I hadn’t noticed that the Spa Package headband was missing too! Who do I email, and should I wait until after the holiday?

      • This is sad, but I think they said headband instead of back strap, which was not listed on the card. The long strap with loofah on it to scrub your back? I think someone messed up in the description and called it a headband!

  13. I received my box today. I received the black suede like coin purse. I’m def not wow’d by it. I’m not even sure when I would use it. Maybe in combo w last months purse.

    I was so happy w last month that I do find this box a little disappointing. I have very sensitive skin and try to avoid boxes heavy on skincare products. This is supposed to be a fashion box and not a skin care box.

  14. UGH, putting up this whole box for trade. For a while, I thought Social Bliss was the top favorite fashion and accessory box of mine until they fell completely flat with this box. A skin product as the featured, high-value item? No more skin products in these boxes please, some subscribers are in their 20s, and some subscribers don’t like using so many different products on their faces! A plain, generic coin purse in a fall color? No thank you. Still love my Melie Bianco bag in ivory so much from a past box, still have the hope that this box was just a misstep and I expect the quality and delight to return.

    • I’m 26 and love anti-aging products! But, I guess I might be in the minority?

      • no you’re not… it is equally important to start young if not MORE important. If you start using anti-aging products in your 20’s your 40 or 50yr old skin will thank you. I see a lot of us youngsters complain about getting these types of products. But preventing signs of aging is uber important and you’ll be glad you did. It’s anti-aging as in prevents signs of aging. It’s a LOT easier to prevent wrinkles, sagging etc. then it is to reverse them.

  15. Did anyone other than Liz get a pink purse? The one in her picture looks shinier and more like leather than my navy suedette purse.

    • I got the burgandy one. I also notice that Liz pink one as a leather flap on the opposite side of her zipper with the tassel on it. Does anyone else hav that? Mine does not

      • I hadn’t noticed, but my purse doesn’t have the tab on the top, either. Another case of cooler stuff being sent to bloggers I suppose.
        I must be in the wrong business. Need an assistant Liz?

  16. This was my first box and I’m so disappointed. I really wanted a style associated box, I loved what I had seen in previous boxes and was hoping for jewelry and accessories.

    And I can’t be sure I can even use the face cream since I have very sensitive skin.
    I was in the fence about ordering this verses the popsugar box, now I know I made the wrong choice.

  17. I was so disappointed with this box! Not at all impressed with the face lift, the cheap spa kit, or the wipes. Coupled with last months fiasco of not even getting my box, I can now safely say I won’t be getting another style box. And with my luck I’m sure next month will be the best one yet haha

  18. I was really looking forward to my first box. It’s not a bad box, but the 200 value just isn’t there. I love the coin purse. I got te burgandy color and I love it. The only items I’m not thrilled about are the spa package and the eye curler. The eye curler is tiny sooo soo tiny. But overall considering we got 6 items and paid 50 for them, that works out to about 8 bucks a piece. Not bad for the most part . I think I’ll give it another month or two. I really hoping for jewelry, purses and some makeup in the next boxes

  19. I am actually happy with the box – not blown away by any means, but I think I’ll use everything. I got the blue coin purse, which I wanted since the bags I have don’t really go with the pale pink or the burgundy (yay I don’t have to buy a bag to use it!). I also got a different variation of the face wipes. Mine are in a coral-y color and are “Pink Lemonade” with vitamin C. I haven’t decided if I will keep the subscription for next month, since I’m not wow’d but I’ll use everything and I’m not really missing my PSMH box either….decisions 🙁

  20. Not defending the $140 skincare sample, but be careful about purchasing cosmetic and skincare products from third-party sellers on Amazon. Sometimes (not all the time, but definitely sometimes), the items are counterfeit or expired, which might go a long way towards explaining why the price discrepancy is so great.

  21. This was my first box and I agree with everyone else. I am not wowed by it. The coin purse is cute but can be purchased for cheaper than 39. Nordstroms is currently sold out. But I found then from a seller on ebay for 9.99.
    The big ticket item of 140 isn’t exactly big at all since you can purchase it brand new from amazon for 14.
    I agree I preferred this to be a fashion accessory box. The spa items can be purchased at Walmart for a dollar store for cheaper than the 15 they valued it at.
    And the eye lasher curler is soo small it doesn’t fit your eye. It’s the size o my pinky really. I’m unsure if I will buy another box. 50 bucks is a high price tag to risk getting a box of “okay items” that I prob won’t use. Especially when they can be purchased way cheaper on my own. Disappointed. I really wanted to love this box

  22. I actually liked the box (although the overestimate of the skin care stuff is sort of a bummer). I got the black wristlet, goes with the black bag from last month so that’s nice.

    I’m on the lookout for another fashion and accessories box. Any suggestions besides this and Wantable? Doesn’t seem like there are many out there??

  23. this was my first box, and I have to say that I’m pretty disappointed after seeing what was in previous boxes. I really don’t like the “big ticket item” being a face product.

  24. Honestly, I am very disappointed and have every intention of complaining. I’m sorry – if I can go on amazon and get it for $20, it’s not a $140 skin cream. The rest of the box isn’t anywhere near the quality or value I would expect.

  25. mine just came….i was so excited for my first box but I too am not happy that the priciest item was skin care. I thought it was a style box. I’ll give it one more month. Too costly to keep it going

    • I wrote to them today to express my concerns about the beauty heavy box this month – [email protected]
      I pointed out that there are already many excellent beauty boxes to be had.
      Within an hour I received a friendly reply telling me that they do act on feedback and are learning that subscribers want more fashion/style in the box.
      Perhaps if more of us wrote we’d be more likely to see a big improvement in subsequent boxes?

  26. Kind of glad I didn’t get Social Bliss this month. Not really feeling the coin purse.
    I love their subscription but I kind of wish it was quarterly. I just can’t imagine getting 12 purses a year.

  27. This was my first box and I’m debating whether it will be my last. I was expecting more of a fashion box and honestly thought there would be a Summery bag, rather than a navy blue coin purse.
    There isn’t a thing I’ll use from this box, apart from the serum, but I have a good ten year’s worth of serums from my beauty subscription boxes.
    If I could guarantee a proper handbag in the next box I’d stick it out for another month.

  28. Ugh – this is my first box and I really wanted a purse too. I signed up for this after the last two boxes included really cute purses. I already have a ton of skin care items. I prefer fashion items. Ah well – maybe next month.

  29. You can buy the lift fusion on amazon for $20. This is really disappointing 🙁

    • Even as low as 10! Totally devalues the bag. I just signed up, I’m really hoping my first box is the June one instead of this one.

      • It won’t matter what else goes into the box–a $140 skin care product that you can get from Amazon for $14.95 make this month’s box a total sham.

        I got the electric yellow purse in last month’s box, and was disappointed enough to cancel. Unfortunately, I had already ordered a 3-month subscription before I received my first box (based on reviews of boxes I would have loved to have received).

        I will be thrilled when this subscription ends. I don’t want to receive another SocialBliss BOC (box of crap).

        I wonder whether they’re having a difficult time trying to sustain the quality of earlier boxes or whether they’ve given up trying. In any event, I wouldn’t recommend this subscription to anyone.

    • Even though it is being sold on Amazon for $15, if you read the reviews, many people are saying it is not the same product, has a weird smell, and is inferior. While I would also be unhappy about receiving the main item as a skincare product that cost $140, the product on Amazon does not look to be the same.

      • That’s because it’s a total ripoff/counterfeit/fake product! You can’t buy the real deal serum for less than $100. They are definitely not the same. It’s never a good idea to compare cosmetics and skin care prices on eBay and Amazon, where fakes and counterfeit abound. Seriously. Would I have liked to see something like the past 4 months with a fashion focus ? Sure. But am I disappointed to the point I’m going to complain about getting a product I know and love for less than half what I’ve paid in the past, um, no. Especially since it wasn’t the only thing in the box. But if you don’t like the serum, I can see being disappointed. But not enough to hunt for faux comparison products on fakebay and fauxazon.

      • Perhaps I’m mistaken, but as a Prime member with Amazon, my expectation is that if my order is filled by Amazon, their price is reflective of the quality. $14.95. If my order was though a 3rd party seller instead of Amazon, I would be more skeptical. Buyer beware, as they say. 🙂 That said, if I see quality results, I’ll be happy with the product but still disappointed with the box. Could definitely be related to my disappointment last month with the electric yellow purse. I, probably, am not SocialBliss’s demographic and I accept that 😉

  30. I’m rather envious; my “coin purse” is a deep burgundy. I like it and I think I’ll get a lot of use out of it…but not for about five months! The bonus hair clip goes great with both the stackable bracelets from the Popsugar Resort LE and the Pool Boy Obsessive Compulsive polish from the Popsugar May box. I like the fancy skin cream (although it hits my nose wrong on scent, the smell dissipates pretty quickly so that’s okay) because there is no way under the sun I would ever pay that much for a skin care product but it’s nice to get one in a subscription box.

  31. NO! This will be my first style box and it will be here Tuesday and I so didn’t want skincare. I was hoping for a purse of some sort not a coin purse. But I do need a good change purse and it’s cute.
    My The List i-Ella soho bag better make up for this….

    • Personally, I wouldn’t call it a coin purse as they do; it’s just a bit bigger than that. I can get my keys (including remotes for two cars) in it with space left over for a small lipgloss, some cash, ID and a couple of bank cards, so if you’re in circumstances where you don’t need too much stuff it could actually be a purse. It’s even got a little structure to it rather than being completely slouchy. I like it, I was only disappointed because I got a fall color rather than something for spring or summer.

      • Yeah I see it as a wristlet, not a coin purse. Big enough to fit my phone and other stuff. I use wristlets a lot so I was happy to have another one. I got black suede.

  32. This is my first box with them. It’s ‘ok’.. My coin purse was navy , and at first I was jealous that other people are getting a pale pink one, but it’s starting to grow on me. lol I agree though, I wish the largest priced item wasn’t face cream…

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