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New Limited Edition Vegan Cuts Dog Lover’s Box!

Vegan Cuts Dog Box

There’s a new limited Edition Box from from Vegan Cuts – and it’s all about dogs! (Thank you Lily for letting us know about this one!)

The box: Vegan Cuts Dog Lover’s Box

The Cost: $24.95 (Free shipping to the US, $10 to Canada, $15 Worldwide)

The Products:

  1. Mudd+Wyeth – Banana Peanut Butter Yaffbar
  2. Max & Ruffy’s – Tree of Life: Coconut, Molasses, and Flax Treats
  3. V-Dog – Kibble Sample
  4. Natural Balance Pet Foods Inc. – Dick Van Patten’s Natural Balance® Vegetarian Dry Formula Sample
  5. Eco Dogs and Cats – Sam’s Yams Sample
  6. Paragon Pet Products – WHIMZEES Large Alligator
  7. Formulary 55 – Good Clean Dog Shampoo Bar
  8. Miss Sarah’s Botanicals – All Natural Flea & Tick Repellant
  9. HealthForce Nutritionals – Green Mush
  10. Barklogic – Flea & Tick Shampoo
  11. Bio Bag Americas, Inc. – One Bio Bag Roll (not full box pictured)
  12. Unicorn Treats – sticker

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Reading the comments and i have noticed the ignorance regarding a plant based diet for our fury friends, whilst meat is a middle man for nutrients it also contains harmful chemicals and pesticides that the animal was subject to and after being processed, meat is also a known carcinogenic according to the fda, who and cancel councils.

    I have a twelve month old bullmastiff, yep a vegan showdog who is lean and mean on a 100% plant based diet, i suggest you educate your selfs on plant based foods. You can’t really say you love animals if you exploit them for food and byproducts yep that’s aimed at you ya filthy veterinarians

  2. Hmm, interesting…as dogs are omivorous just like humans. Dogs thrive on meat-based diets, they are meat-eaters.

    • Omnivorous*

    • Yeah, it actually kind of bothers me when people try to force vegan or vegetarian diets on their pets. (I’m a vegetarian. My dog and cats are not.)

      That said, I have heard of vets prescribing that Natural Balance vegetarian food as part of an elimination diet to try to diagnose allergies (with the idea that it will be temporary). And I think it is probably OK to give a dog a vegan treat every now and then. But I would not feed a dog vegan/vegetarian food long term.

      If they ever did this for cats, though, I would have to protest. Cats are obligate carnivores. They can’t properly digest plant-based foods. (Never mind the lack of taurine.)

  3. I have received that same flavor Yaffbar in a Bulu box before, and my dog wouldn’t touch it!

  4. Urthbox is on sale at living social too!

  5. While I am a vegetarian, my dog is not…

    At any rate, she has a mighty sensitive stomach and I’d be better off not messing with what has been working for her (which is Natural Balance Duck and Potato).

    Am thinking about getting a cat subscription box, though, but am not sure which one to choose.

    • I don’t know if you’ve come across this to, yet the boxes all seem to have food samples. I don’t mind treat samples. Yet my cats and dog are all on Blue Buffalo I don’t want to switch foods. I’m hoping to find a cat box with treats, health items and toys ( no real food ). It would be great if a company did a combo dog and cat box =v=.

      • One of my cats is a garbage disposal. I can feed her anything and it won’t upset her stomach a bit. (Plus, she’s on steroids for her asthma so she’s extra hungry all the time.) And I have two other cats I want to switch to wet food but they’ve been resistant, so I’m open to trying new foods. (Sadly, my fourth cat has inflammatory bowel disease and can only eat lamb, which is $3 a can!)

      • One of my cats is also on steroids because of gum issue, and shes just like your cat she’ll eat anything yet shes on CD food due to kidney stones. I did have one cat that had inflammatory bowel disease and her food was just as expensive as the CD food. For my other cats I mix the wet food with the dry food which helps. I also ad a little bit of water to make it gravy like when they get fed. Which helps with their water consumption.

      • My cat has kidney and thyroid disease. She never even ate cat treats before she developed thyroid disease. Yesterday I made chili for dinner and she ate a black bean I dropped on the floor! I first noticed something was really wrong when she was begging for banana bread.

      • My inflammatory bowel disease cat LOVES beans. (I try to keep them away from him but once he got IN THE MICROWAVE to get beans — I’d been keeping them there before putting them in the refrigerator, because I thought that was a place he wouldn’t go!)

        He’s also eaten bell pepper, potato, blueberry syrup, and zucchini. He stole spinach out of a pot while it was cooking on the stove. And last night he ripped open a bag of parakeet food and ate some of the SEEDS!

        I am well aware that none of that stuff is appropriate food for cats, especially IBD cats, and I try to keep it away from him, but he’s determined and he watches for the second I turn my back.

        To keep this semi on-topic or at least box-related, I think I am going to get MeowBox for my three non-IBD cats. They told me they don’t ship any food or treats made in China and they responded to my question very quickly.

      • Thank you for suggesting the MeowBox I think I’ll subscribe. I’m sure between the 4 cats I’ll use the entire box. I’m glad you asked about the food and treats from China. Which is extremely important. Also good to know they respond in a quick amount of time. =v= Have a Happy #Fursday

      • Initially I was going to get the meowbox, yet I looked at a review when i did a search done in march on the box. I did notice food samples, yet what I completely forgot about till I saw a review was fish / salmon products and fish treats. So I’m gonna skip it. I’m concerned about struvite stones associated with fish products and the magnesium levels. I’ve spent lots of $$$ at the vet because of kidney issues as well as kitty kidney stones , so I skip any type of fish products completely. I’m sure some of it is fine yet I don’t want any excess vet bills.

    • I’m with you. My dog is my child. I pay closer attention to what I put into her than I do myself at times! It took several years to find the right diet that didn’t upset her stomach or trigger her weird skin allergies. I just am so afraid of ordering one of these boxes and rocking that boat!

      The cats, on the other hand… in case they weren’t spoiled enough already, may need this box.

    • My little dog (my only dog since my Penny died last month) eats Natural Balance moist food, but the only flavor she doesn’t like is Duck and Potato! She is finicky about her food. I saw somebody do a review of the Kitnipbox on youtube. It looks pretty cool! My old girl is 14 and not in good health, so I am going to wait to subscribe until she passes and we get kittens.

  6. Liz: Thank you for showing the products in your post. When I noticed it this morning, I did not click the link on the email they sent. Some of the stuff you have listed sounds pretty good. Especially the : Miss Sarah’s Botanicals – All Natural Flea & Tick Repellant — I’m really finicky on pet products I use because they have to much icky stuff, so I’ve been using natural stuff. This box seems like it is put together nicely. For me it will really come down to value, because all the products seem great.

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