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Birchbox Review – May 2014

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Birchbox Review - May

This month Birchbox teamed up with Kate Spade Saturday, and made the boxes even cuter than usual! I love the black and white print lining!

Birchbox Review - May 2014 Items

The Subscription Box: Birchbox

The Cost: $10 a month (get one month free and $10 to spend in the shop with an annual subscription!)

The Products: Beauty and lifestyle samples selected by the Birchbox team.

Ships to: US, FranceSpain and the UK

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Birchbox Review - May 2014 Card


Each box comes with a card detailing the items included and some tips on how to use them.

Birchbox Review - May 2014 Kate spade

The box also included a card with a unique coupon code for $25 off a $75 or more purchase at Kate Spade Saturday.

Birchbox Review - May 2014 BB Cream

Marcelle BB Cream in Golden Glow – .28 oz Value $4.75

Supergoop Everyday Sunscreen in SPF 30 – .34 oz Value $3.40

This BB Cream is paraben-free, fragrance-free and I really like the coverage. It gets great reviews too so I’m excited that this sample should last me at least a week to really try it out and see if I want to buy it in full size.

Birchbox Review - May 2014 Pixi

Pixi Shea Butter Lip Balm in Pixi Pink – FULL SIZE! Value $8

I like the Pixi brand a lot, and this lip balm is very moisturizing, I’m just not sure if I can pull off the brink pink color. Even in sheer form – it’s pretty bold for me!

Birchbox Review - May 2014 Nexus

Nexus Color Assure Shampoo, Conditioner and Primer – .77 oz total Value $1.50

I hate foil packet samples, but they made these ones pretty cute!

Birchbox Review - May 2014 Gummies


Smarty Pants Gummy Vitamins – 2 Gummies Sample

I can’t resist gummies and eat any samples I get in subscription boxes immediately after taking the picture! These have a bit of vitamin taste to them (but that’s probably a good thing – if I bought the full size version, I need to only eat the recommended dose per day!)

Verdict: I paid $10 for this box and received about $18 worth of items. I’m happy with the majority of the sample sizes, and I think I’ll use everything, (plus I’ll review the products for points) so I think the value is good.

What did you get in your Birchbox this month?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. If you buy something, MSA may earn an affiliate commission. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. I am a new birch box subscriber and this was my first box. I am highly disappointed. I got the tiny sunscreen, tiny peach gloss, gummies, shampoo and was supposed to have eye liner but it wasn’t in there. I called cust service and they are sending me the pencil, but overall it was disappointing. Sample sizes were tiny! I am used to nice delux sample sizes. Will see how it goes next month before I make a full decision. I have been an ipsy subscriber for a year, and usually there is at least one item that I feel justifies the expense. Right now I have nothing good forbirchbox.

    • My eyeliner was missing as well, and also the Kate Spade necklace! I’d emailed Birchbox after signing up for this box, to make sure the necklace code was applied correctly (I did it, but it didn’t show up on my receipt). A customer service rep wrote back, “rest assured the code for the necklace was applied correctly to your account.” Then the box shows up and no necklace, and no full size eyeliner. Just 4 tiny 1-time-use foil packet samples. I wrote to them and said I wanted the missing items, or an immediate refund. I am so irritated – I was thinking about going back to Birchbox after a few months away, but this reminded me that it’s not worth it.

      • I’ve been wanting to try birchbox for a while yet this is one of the reasons I have not signed up. After reading your comment, I’ll skip signing up for a monthly subscription for now. The foil packets are not to my liking. I’ve gotten to the point when I receive tiny foil packets in a few other box subscriptions, 90% I wont even place them up to swap I’ll just ad them in as bonus items to swaps. I wanted the necklace, yet it seemed to good to be true so I skipped it. At this point, I might just get a limited edition birchbox if or when they become available, but not a monthly subscription until I see them increasing the values on the stuff they are sending out.

  2. Just received my first Birchbox. It was better than expected. Though I have been getting the Cotz sunscreen in other boxes the last month.
    I got the Laqa and co lip lube full size, number 4 high performance shampoo and conditioner samples, swish shave cream and smarty pants gummy … I’m happy withit over all..

  3. I got basically the same box last year around this time. I have the BB cream, sunscreen and lip color. Disappointed to say the least.

  4. I was also a little bummed about the lip color. And hopefully Birchbox reads this, if I get another tube of Supergoop i am going to throw up!

  5. I got the same box, except instead of Nexxus, I received No 4 volumizing shampoo in a mini bottle, and a No 4 conditioner foil sample. I have to say I don’t like the Pixi Pink at all!!! It stained my lips a very bright pink that I couldn’t get off with my regular cleanser. I pulled out the eye make-up remover to get it off my lips, and they were still stained. I’m talking from 6 pm last night until this morning when I got up…still stained.

    Otherwise, I like this box.

  6. you definitely got the better may birchbox…seems like i need to make myself a little blog in order to get better samples….it’s been a downward slope for me with birchbox and im actually going to unsubscribe today…they wont stop sending me pencils and shampoo and conditioner …i mean i dont mind i just need to see some other things …. i might use the $10/month towards glossybox or popsugar….BIRCHBOX IS A WASTE OF MONEY …SAVE YOURSELF PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I’m sorry you have gotten “undesirable” boxes. I have only gotten boxes I like, or totally love, and I got exactly the same box that Liz posted in this blog (and no, I don’t know her) and certainly do not have a blog. I really feel disheartened and confused when I see here and on FB posting so many disappointed posts that would deter people from signing up. I signed up, filled in the profile, and have been thrilled with the outcome. I belong to Julep, nibblr, Klutchclub and now ipsy (yet to recieve first shipment) and frankly I just like the cheery surprise in the mail!! Isn’t that really why we do this?!! Some months are better than others, but do a quick review, get 10 pts and in no time you can get a full size product for nothing! Birchbox rewards are the best of any of these. That is worth it for certain. If not, unsubscribe! This is a fun way to try products. Remember pony express and getting snail mail?! Who doesn’t like a surprisie in the mail?!

      • I completely agree with you. It’s only $10 a month and if ppl don’t like it they should just cancel instead of complaining so much. I don’t like every sample and once I didn’t like anything in my box. But I usually love one or two items and I always do my reviews to get the points. Sometimes I get 6 samples so the box only costs me $4 a month with the review points. For that price u really can’t beat it

  7. Did anyone order the Kate Spade Saturday necklace through birchbox plus and receive it? I’m dying to see them

  8. My birch box has the following:

    Caldrea Body Lotion
    Caldrea Body Wash
    CoTZ Face Natural Skin Tone SPF 40
    PIXI Beauty Shea Butter Lip Balm
    Greenleaf Candle
    Nexxus® Color Assure Samples

    Overall, I’m pretty happy with my box although I could do without the lame Nexxus samples, I just won’t use them. I resubscribed in January after quitting while I was pregnant and I’ve been pretty happy with my boxes since I signed up again. Sample Society and BB have been consistently good to me. Knock on wood.

    • The 1 nice thing about the Nexxus samples is that they count for 3 reviews!!! Woo hoo!

      • How do you do the reviews to get points? I’ve asked numerous times and nobody can tell me how! Please help!

        • Log into birchbox, go to the women’s box tab at the top, click on the product from your box you want to review, then click on ‘write a review’ by the product name. It takes you to a page with some questions, you answer them and write your review and you get 10 points! Super easy! 🙂

    • Just signed up and I love all things Caldrea, so your box sounds awesome! If I get Caldrea and dislike all my other items I’ll still be happy overall. Can’t wait!

    • I just got my very first BIRCHBOX – May 2014. This is what is included:

      Pillow Pack: CoTZ Face Natural Skin Tone SPF 40 – 2.0 g – No. 4 Fleurs de Temps pack Volumizing Condition – .25 fl. oz

      LAQA & Co. Sheer Lip Lube pencil in PURPLE FULL SIZE
      Number 4 High Performance Volumizing Shampoo – 1 fl. oz

      Whish Shave Crave Shaving Cream – Acai Grapefruit – .75 fl. oz

      Smarty Pants All in One Gummy Vitamins for adults sample packet of three gummies. FULL SIZE: $29.95

      And a coupon code for SATURDAY KATE SPADE $25.00 off $75.00

  9. Glad I already took my $10/mo over to Rainbow Honey’s new monthly mystery bag – I would have tossed most of this in the swap pile and not been happy about it.

  10. I didn’t get the Kate Spade coupon. Anybody else not get it?

  11. Lucky my box is completely different got the nail polish pen thing and am not happy but it’s good to see a box that people actually recieve different items

  12. Another sad month For birchbox! Seems like unless you use a coupon code to get a free item most boxes was not to good.

  13. Mine was the worst box so far, not impressed at all. I’ll give it one more month. Beauty protect sh&cond(1 time use), Supergoop(2nd time I received this, will not use), LAQA&co coral lip lube(basically a tinted balm, worthless), Breath crystals(one time use, really?)

    • The Beauty Protector Shampoo & Conditioner should last you way longer than 1 use. I have long, thick hair and they lasted for me at least a week!

    • I agree.. this is my second month with Birchbox and it was ok and I got the lube tube lipstick which is the only favorite that i have for this month’s box. im gonna give it another month then i might go with Boxycharm or Glossybox.

    • I got the same things as PJ. I was afriad it was just me that didn’t care for the LAQA lip lube. The color was hideous on me. Like something an old granny would wear and think looked good. This is my 2nd time receiving the Supergoop as well. Have yet to use the first one. I did like the shampoo and conditioner samples, but not enough to go buy them.
      This was my 3rd box and I think my last. I might try Glossybox. I am about to receive my 2nd Ipsy bag and I really enjoyed the first one.

  14. Another month I’m glad I cancelled BB. Yes they are the cheapest, but $10 is still $10. I did the 3 month subscription to BB5 and which is about the same cost and like theres much better.

    • I just signed up for BB5. How have the values of the items been? I’m not liking all the foil packets that I’ve seen in the birch boxes.

      • I just got my first BB5 box, and there wasn’t a single foil packet. Woohoo! That’s the main reason I’ve never subscribed to Birchbox. I did get a perfume sample in my BB5, which I’m usually iffy about, but it actually is a really nice scent, so I’m not mad at it. I also got a full-sized eyeliner, which already makes the ten bucks worth it.

        • WOW! Great Deal! I just got my 1st beauty box 5 an hour ago. I was impressed. Got regular size secret deoderant ( I was running out ) so it was great to see in a box. I was going to buy the exact same one it runs about $10, I did get some bronzer samples ( which I listed to swap ) , A nice glitter top nail coat mini – I also listed that one to swap, and an H20 body wash I’ll use. I also got some glitter toe spaces, that I listed to swap because I cant see myself using them. I like this box a lot for the price, at least I can use some of the stuff. I’m thinking of getting another subscription to this box, since it more practical then some of the boxes — Sounds like we got different boxes. Mine was my first box, so maybe they put different stuff in it. Not sure. –

  15. Ooh! I love your box!

    I’m getting 4 and the one that updated last night was a bit of a disappointment. Yay Miss Jessie’s Original Quick Curls and Whish Shaving Cream. Meh CoTZ SPF and Marcelle 8 in 1 Power Serum. And really did not want Color Club Art Duo Pen. Plus only 5 items to get points for.

    Hopefully I get some more exciting things in my other boxes. Fun colored lip products, that Nexxus trio, and I really want the gummies and the mints that are like pop rocks!

  16. I wonder why they didn’t do anything for the aces program in the women’s box?

    I got the supergoop, samples of fizzy mints, a tiny shampoo and conditioner and a pretty pink lip pencil. I have ten pounds of hair so I changed my profile that I don’t want bath and body or hair products but My husband can use them when we travel so I am happy overall!

    • I changed my profile to say I don’t want hair products either, but it’s like they didn’t listen. Still, the Nexxus is better (if too small) than some of the things they’ve sent in the past.

    • If I get the fizzy mints again I will be disappointed. I really do no like them. Wrote a review on BB about using packets in a spa “quiet area” and in an elevator. Ugh. They are so loud, and they are not strong enough either.

  17. My box came early this month! I got Beauty Protector Shampoo and Conditioner, Laqa & Co. lip lube pencil in Coral, Supergoop Cellular Response Technology, and 2 samples of IsoVoxy Breath Crystals. I wasn’t sure about the Coral lip pencil, but I love it and am excited to try the others.

  18. You got your early this month! My first box normally comes between the 10-13th, but it hasn’t shipped yet! I am very excited about the Kate Spade saturday coupons. When do they expire?

    It looks like Pixi has improved their ingredients over the last couple of years, so I won’t mind a lippie from them.

  19. I got the same Nexxus hair samples. I’ll get maybe one use out of those (my hair is thick and goes down to my waist!) but at least they’re appropriate (I do color my hair), since I was having problems with that in the past (like Birchbox sending me dry shampoo and hair spray, which are things I don’t use).

    I got the pixi lip balm also. I am totally OK with wearing the brightest reds, so it’s actually a subtle color for me.

    I got a serum (Marcelle, I think) and an after-sun lotion (Coola? don’t remember, also received Sample Society and Glossybox this week and all the samples got mixed together on my table).

    And my “extra” was tea. I’m glad it was tea and not gummy vitamins because I can’t eat the gummies (gelatin and fish oil are not vegetarian).

    • We sound like twins 🙂 Hoping I don’t get the gummies or any hair styling stuff for the same reasons! Bold lippies are cool though!

    • I have long, thick hair and I always hate getting little hair samples from birchbox because they are never enough. It is even worse when I get deluxe or full size “volumizing” products, though.

      • I have the same issue with the volumizing products. Long thick hair.

        I hope my box is different than this one. It usually is.

    • I got the same exactly the same box as you!

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