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Beauty DNA Subscription Box Review – April 2014

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Beauty DNA Subscription Box Review - April

Beauty DNA is a new monthly beauty subscription service that sends you one full size beauty item each month based on your preferences. Right now they have three categories of items: skincare, hair, and body.

FYI – This is a very new service, and they are still in beta. (I’ve found that their customer care is very responsive to issues and feedback though!)

Beauty DNA Subscription Box Review - April 2014 Reveal

The Subscription Box: Beauty DNA

The Cost: $25 a month with free shipping

The Products: One new full-size product each month that matches your beauty preferences.

Ships to: US Only.

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Beauty DNA Subscription Box Review - April 2014 Info

The box comes with a fold out card that details the item that was selected for you, and how it meets your criteria. They do a pretty good job at highlighting how the product meets your specifics requirements, but I was surprised to read this sentence, “Based on what you told us about what you look for when it comes to ingredients, this product contains lavender and titanium dioxide.”

The reason I was so surprised is because I have no idea what titanium dioxide is, so I was pretty sure I wouldn’t have requested it. I went back to my profile to see what my settings were, and both lavender and titanium dioxide ingredient preferences were set to neutral, so I think they stretched it a little bit with highlighting ingredients on this card!

Beauty DNA Subscription Box Review - April 2014 Skincare

Kiehl’s Rosa Arctica Lightweight Cream – FULL SIZE! Value $60

One of my biggest issues with subscription boxes is when they send a tiny sample of a skincare product – there’s no way to be able to see any results if your sample doesn’t last for a few weeks. So I love that this subscription only sends full size products. This Kiehl’s product also gets amazing reviews, so I think BeautyDNA seems to only be working with products that work well!

Verdict: I paid $25 for this box and received a $60 skin cream, so I’m still very impressed with the value. What did you get from BeautyDNA this month? Do you like the service?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Just got my June box. I got Revitalash which they say has a value of $98! Can’t wait to see if this works!

  2. I signed up near the end of last month and received skyn Iceland Pure Cloud Cream with Biospheric Complex. I’ve been using it this past month and I love the product they chose for me. The info Beauty DNA sent me said it retails for $65 and from what I’ve seen online that is true. I’ll be receiving my May product soon so I’m really excited to see what I get next. I’m really excited about this subscription. I can see it being a really good value especially since the products are being chosen for me from their in depth survey.

  3. I just got my May box. Can’t find a May thread so I guess I will post here. Please move if incorrect. My box was slightly delayed and when I didn’t get a notice of shipment I emailed to ask if I had misunderstood the timing. They responded (quickly) that I was correct but that my item had been pulled aside in their quality control for a ‘better match’ and would be shipped that day since it had been rectified. I received Babor Body Line Thermal. I had not heard of this product nor this line. Opened the box and tried a little: seems very nice.

  4. My April box was also late but they did e-mail back right away apologizing. I received Baborganic Revitalizing Eye Cream (Retail price $64.00) I have never heard of this brand but I’m happy to try it out, this box wasn’t as exciting as March’s box for me but its still one of my favorite subs right now and can’t wait for May’s box!

  5. Hi! Just wondering if anyone else was skipped last month? They did not charge me but I haven’t received a shipment since my first product 2 months ago.

    • Hey Lisa,
      I had the same problem. I reached out to them and they responded promptly and I received my shipment less than a week later (today). My value ($38 for two products, the main one only being $16) isn’t as high as I would like it given their claims of at least $40, but both products seem like they will be great for me and are based on my survey responses, so I’m still *mostly* pleased.

      I received Aloxxi Flexible Hairspray ($16) and Ahava Mineral Body Exfoliator ($22).

  6. Got my first box and I am so pleased! I requested a hair product and got Wen Lavender Cleansing Conditioner, which is perfectly suited for me (retails for $18). As a bonus I got Ahava Caressing Body Sorbet which also was perfectly matched for me (retails for $26). Both will jump the queue of random beauty products to be used tonight! This is an excellent subscription for those who are pickier about what kinds of products they use.

  7. I am new to beauty dna and I have to say if your thinking about signing up do your profile in depth. Know in advance what you are looking for or not because they rotate every month with hair, skin and body. So you will never get two skin items in a row according to the lady at the company who handles the product reviews. Customer service is super awesome and are very prompt. I received a skyn iceland oxygen infusion night cream. It retails for 75.00 so my overall thoughts is that I really love the full size items. I like trying things I would never pick and its great name brand products we all know and love. Be forewarned your profile determines overall what you may get and may not.

  8. I got a skyn Icelandic Relief Eye Cream and the John Frieda Luminous Glaze Clear Shine Gloss as a bonus item. I love these products. Never tried skyn before, but heard good reviews. And I always want to try the JF glaze shine gloss. I really enjoy this subscription box.

  9. I got my first BeautyDNA box very shortly after I signed up, so right off the bat I was happy with their service. I was not put off by filling out such a long survey, because my choices are the only information my beauty consultant has to work with.

    I chose a skincare item for my first item, and I received Goldfaden MD Sun Visor Ultralight Oil-Free SPF 30 mist. I have used this product for about 2 weeks now on my face, neck and chest. I like it a LOT. It comes out as a really light, milky spray. It is not greasy or sticky at all. At first I was spraying it on pretty close to my skin and I had to rub it in, but now I just lightly mist it at a distance that creates a very light spray and I don’t have to rub it in.

    My only slightly negative point that I made on my review on the BeautyDNA Facebook page was that the card I received stated that this was a $75 product. I looked it up on Amazon, and this is a $45 product. Still, that is $20 more than what I paid, and there was the treat of having someone find a product for me based on my preferences. I probably never would have found this product by myself. I am very pleased with BeautyDNA!

  10. I’m actually really disappointed about this month’s service. I received COOLA face mineral sunscreen. While it sounds nice, it’s valued at only $36. I don’t feel like I received my money’s worth, at all. I was really looking forward to this service too.

    • In my opinion, You paid $25 to received a product that’s worth $36 so you DID get your moneys worth as long as the product really matches you.

      • THANK YOU! I’m so tired of ppl expecting to pay like $20 and receiving $100 items and then complaining about it, like seriously what a great subscription tailored to your exact needs and coola sunscreen is a cult favorite.

  11. I received Miracle Skin Transformer Heal Everything Balm and a bonus Kiehl’s lotion this month. The balm was only $26 but I’ve decided that I don’t mind. The point of me doing this was to find new products that I love and this will definitely be one of them. My skin is super reactive and I get hives really easily. I put this on today and it cleared it up my hives right away. Super happy! Another win, two months in a row. Really pleased with Beauty DNA.

  12. I got 2 items this month, Wen Pomegranate cleansing conditioner (value $18) and a bonus item of Eau Thermale Avène Akerat Smoothing exfoliating Creme (value $31). The Wen calls for using 12 pumps for short hair so it won’t last long, but I have been wanting to try it but didn’t want to buy it.

    • Wow! You got Wen – Wen is great. I started using wen last year, and its one of the only shampoo / conditioner products I use. As far as how many pumps to use….I use less than the recommended pump usage it works fine. Make sure hair is rinsed first with water before applying, for me this is the trick to using less product. I use the fig wen on a regular basis for curly, dry hair. That is the only wen I buy now. The Pomegranate for my hair type did not work as well.

      • I know Lily, I was so excited to get this! I just used it and am in LOVE!! I have straight fine textured hair but a lot of it and have done keratin treatments to fight frizz but still have to flat iron after blow drying to get the smoothness I like. NOT WITH THIS! I am going to keep scouring the swap site for this because I can’t see myself buying this. I have hair the length of Giuliana Rancic’s and had to use 20 pumps plus 1 as a leave in conditioner. When I leave feedback for Beauty DNA, I am going to tell them they can send me this again if they need to send a bonus item again. But maybe a different scent, this was a little strong for me. Have you tried the almond? Are the different scents for different hair types?

        • Amy: I had the chance to smell the new Spring Orange Blossom wen, it smells wonderful, i wanted to get it yet my hair is to dry for it. I tried every wen Cleansing Conditioner, they all seem strong smelling, even the fig one that I use smells strong. I think they are all pretty strong. One of my favorite scents is the “Cucumber”. I’ve used almond mint before and I can not remember how strong it was, I just remember that it was better for less curly / dry hair. As far as the scents this is what is recomended online: Fine/Medium: lavender, sweet almond mint cleansing conditioner, and cucumber aloe – Coarse/Thick: tea tree cleansing conditioner, fig , and lavender cleansing conditioner. I’ve found the smell does not linger when dried. My husband also uses wen and likes it, he was the first one that tried it and used it for 2 weeks first. Then convinced me to try it. It is nice not to use 2 seperate products when washing and conditioning, saves a lot of time.

          — Based on your wen in your box, i think i might sign up for this box afterall, still deciding.:)

          • Lily, thanks for the info. Have you had trouble with your hair falling out?! A lot of reviews online talk about this. Definitely give this subscription a try, it is my absolute favorite. It is a very lengthy, in depth survey, that allows them to really customize to your needs. I have gotten 2 shipments and each one was right on the money for me. They picked a face cleanser for me last month and they did a better job at picking one out than I have.

        • Amy: Thank you for telling about the survey being long. I like that the survey is long, so the subscription can be more specific to ones needs. Can you also list allergies that you have on the survey? My biggest reluctance in getting this subscription, is if I get 1 mystery product a month for that price i want to make sure i wont be allergic to it. I seem to be allergic to some standard ingrediants that certain organic and even non organic products have.

          As far as hair falling out, I did when I used the wrong wen for my hair type, I really liked some of the other scents better, yet that is when I noticed my hair fell out. For me the fig conditions my frizzyish / dry hair enough that I can get a comb through my hair while washing it, my hair which is long does not seem to fall out as much as other wens or other hair shampoos. One big difference I noticed with the wen, is that my henna temporary hair color lasts longer and does not wash out as fast since i use it, i’ve switched to other hair products just to take a break from wen, and i keep going back.

          • Lily,
            I don’t remember if you can list allergies but the survey does get very specific on ingredients that you like, do not like or are neutral to and will not send you anything that has something that you don’t like. I am very sensitive to lavender and I was able to tell them I do not want any lavender items.

            I am going to stick with the Wen and if I notice hair fallout will try to switch scents.

          • amy: thank you for letting me know, nice to know they listen to their subscribers.
            Hope the wen works out well for you. As far as hair falling out, besides getting the right wen for your hair, I also recommend making sure your hair is completely covered with wen and massaged in, and use a wide comb to gently comb it through, keep it on for a few minutes before you rinse it out, try not to over rinse, then use a wide tooth comb initially before styling. I also ad a tiny bit of the wen to the ends of my hair and use it as a leave in conditioner for the ends only. I don’t use the other wen products for styling, i tried they seem good, yet i’m stuck on the “Macadamia Oil Haircare Healing Oil Treatment 1 oz” – pricy but tiny, yet i like smell

  13. Just received my first product- worth $60! I am very happy with my first box- we’ll see if that continues. Crossing my fingers.

  14. Beauty DNA is my favorite box to date. Love it!

  15. I do like the service and recommended in their survey that products they send could be added to our profiles; allowing us to note if they were liked or not.
    I received a June Jacobs Citrus Moisturizer. The scent was too strong for me which makes it difficult to use. I’m looking forward to the next shipment though.

  16. Well, I received Eau Thermale Avene Night cream. The full size of this cream is $61! I don’t know if I like it yet. It’s suppose to reduce wrinkles and brighten skin. Frankly, I don’t remember all those scientific words that I checked on my profile. Would I buy it on my own? No. But I think I got a good deal and I did want a night cream with no fragrance.

    I’m curious as to what they send me next.

  17. Ahhh!! I love Kiehls! The value of your last box was way higher than mine, I’m hoping that I get luckier this month. Can’t wait to see what I get, hopefully mine will ship in the next few days. 🙂

  18. I signed up and loved what I received as well. Very high value product and very nicely matched. I can’t wait for May!

  19. When looking for skin care products, for my face, I always look for Titanium Dioxide or Zinc Oxide as those are more natural and better sunscreens. Regular ingredients that are in sunscreens burn my face (and not as natural). If you pay attention to say, Bella Pierre, and other similar more natural foundations, Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide are included in the few ingredients. Even Bare Minerals have these ingredients. Though if you use products with higher percentages of this you might see white residue (life guards with white noses).

  20. Just signed up. I like the super-customization and I was able to pick that I get a hair product for my first box (I’m drowning in face care stuff right now).

    • I’ll just be curious to see what they send for hair care since I don’t know of many high end hair care products that are as expensive as the face cream you got. Will be interesting to see if the value is as worth it then! Mine’s coming in a week or so!

  21. Titanium dioxide is in a lot of mineral makeup (it’s sourced from minerals). It’s also in a lot of sunscreens (in place of PABA and related chemicals) and is supposed to be better for people with sensitive skin than sunscreen chemicals. My guess is this ingredient (and possibly also the lavender) had something to do with a preference for beauty products with natural ingredients.

  22. Good Value – Yet this box would not be for me. I could see myself trying the only item twice and then not liking it. Then I would feel awful for getting it in the first place.

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