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FabFitFun Vip Box Review & Coupon – Spring 2014

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FabFitFun Vip Box Review & Coupon - Spring 2014 First Look

he FabFitFun VIP Box is a quarterly subscription from Giuliana Rancic and the FabFitFun team. Each season they send you a box of $100+ worth items in categories like beauty, fashion and fitness.

I’ve been trying to up my fitness routine lately, so I was really excited for this box to arrive!

FYI – The Spring box is still available for purchase as of 3/24!

FabFitFun Vip Box Review & Coupon - Spring 2014 Items

The Box: FabFitFun VIP Box

The Cost: $49.99 a box sent every quarter

COUPON: Use coupon code SPRING5 to save $5 off your first box!

The Products: The hottest seasonal items (worth at least $100) selected by Giuliana Rancic and the FabFitFun team

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FabFitFun Vip Box Review & Coupon - Spring 2014 Info

Each box comes with a card detailing all the items included.

FabFitFun Vip Box Review & Coupon - Spring 2014 Kai

Level Naturals Shower Bombs – Value $7.99

Kai Perfume Oil – Value $48

I’ve tried these level naturals shower bombs before, and for me they were super strong. I will keep these for next time I have a stuffy nose, but they probably won’t be an everyday occurrence.

FabFitFun Vip Box Review & Coupon - Spring 2014 Mitt

Dermasuri Deep Exfoliating Mitt – Value $19.99

This is a perfect item for me since self-tanner season is right around the corner. I will use it in my next shower!

FabFitFun Vip Box Review & Coupon - Spring 2014 Wrap

Cult Gaia Turband – Value $48

This is the first spoiler that was released for the Spring Box, and I was so curious to see which print I’d get! Since this is already a bit of a retro look, I think this polka dot print works well. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to pull it off outside of the house, but it’s definitely my favorite new accessory for getting ready in the morning!

FabFitFun Vip Box Review & Coupon - Spring 2014 Cover Fx

Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Shampoo Invisible Spray – Value $25

Cover FX SPF 30 Protection Primer – Value $38

I’m thrilled because both of these full-size products are free of parabens, phthlates and other ingredients I like to avoid. We already use this dry shampoo, so having more is great, and I’m excited to give the Cover FX primer a try!

FabFitFun Vip Box Review & Coupon - Spring 2014 DVD

Merrithew Mini Stability Ball and DVD – Value $28.94

Even though we did just get the same exercise ball from POPSUGAR, I’m so happy this one came with a DVD. (For me, it’s a lot easier to do a workout if I have a DVD walking me through it, than say looking up moves online or from a magazine).

FabFitFun Vip Box Review & Coupon - Spring 2014 Kale

The Better Chip Spinach and Kale Corn Chips – Value $1.99

These were pretty tasty! (They are mostly a corn chip with spinach and kale as the last ingredients, so it’s not that surprising!)

Verdict: I paid $50 for this box and received over $215 worth of items. I’m really happy with the curation this month, and the only item I probably won’t be using is the Kai perfume since I rarely wear perfume and I still most of my Kai left over from a POPSUGAR box long ago.

What did you think of the Spring FabFitFun VIP box?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. I am not really impressed with the assortment of products in these boxes. I think I will be canceling this subscription.

  2. While I didn’t necessarily love all the items in the box, I do love my cute floral Turband and my Kai fragrance (I really love the fact that this fragrance smells differently on everyone, which just makes it that much more special and unique, which is always an awesome thing! Plus, the packaging for it is so lovely, especially the sweet quote inside the box!)!!

  3. This was my first FFF box and I liked it a lot. From reading the disappointed posts, maybe it was because I had no expectations at all and the only other “beauty” type box I subscribe to is Birchbox. Well, until I discovered this website, that is! Now, I have signed up for a few more. Nonetheless, I like the turban/headband and wore it while cleaning. I put it on like a rock-a billy chick and I have to say, I felt pretty funky while mopping my floors. Additionally, while I don’t normally wear fragrances, aside from lotion, I really liked the oil and have used it a few times already. I also devoured the Kale chips, used a shower bomb the day I received the box and have been utilizing the exfoliating mitt often. Maybe I am easy to please, but the FFF box made me happy.

  4. I actually quite liked this box, but I wished that I had gotten a diff color turband! (Got the white one with cherries, would have liked ANY of the other ones that aren’t white, haha.) Am debating whether I will sell or swap the primer or keep it. I don’t usually use primers, but this is a new one I think!

  5. This was my first FFF box, and I loved it! My turband is black with cherries, and it’s perfect for me. Since I don’t get any other subscription boxes, I don’t have the issue of duplicate items. The only things I wasn’t crazy about were the perfume (which is fine because my mum loves it) and the shampoo. It’s great the shampoo was full-size, but I’m black and half a head full of hair. Volumizing is the last thing I need.

  6. I was really excited by this box. I got the cherry turband and that’s the one I was hoping for. I love the mitt. The chips were tasty. I’m thrilled with the dry shampoo and the primer and the shower bombs. I did just get a mini stability ball, but I liked that this one came with a dvd. I’m not a fan of floral perfumes, but I don’t hate this one. I paid $40 and got $215 worth of stuff. I’m not complaining.

  7. This was my first FFF box and I was really looking forward to it. I was disappointed. I bought the box because of what I saw in the box before this one, but this one didn’t live up to it for the price. Most of the stuff in it I won’t use and what’s with this box and popsugar giving a exercise ball? It was just nice, but it didn’t make me feel like spring or working out.

    • I felt exactly the same way! I saw what the items were in the previous box which is why I signed up and when I got my box I was disappointed. Like you said it is mostly stuff I will not use.

  8. Not too crazy about this box. I was hoping for more ‘springy’ things. I do like the full sized products, but I already have dry shampoo and primer that I use, so it’s not like I would be adding something to my routine. I do love the perfume though, it smells amazing.

  9. I cannot believe that people love this box??? Are you kidding me…..? A $40 seasonal box should be WAY more special than this. Promptly canceled my sub!

    • Not every box is for everyone 🙂 I personally loved this one! The perfume was great, I loved my polka dot turband, and I don’t usually use primer, so I was excited to get one I could try out!

    • How could they have made this box more special. It was a great value. Though, I would have liked a different color turband… it screams spring. Going out doors again. Fun loving colors. The shower bombs are to put a spring in your step. Get you out of the winter funk and outside. Exfoliating mitt is to wash away winter and take care of your skin in the spring. Warmer days… going outside? Don’t forget you primer with SPF. Stability ball is to strengthen your core again. A lot of people do not work out during the winter because the weather is just not good. So, even though this was not my favorite box from them. For $40.00 it was a great value and in fact was about spring. Sorry you didn’t like yours.

  10. These mini balls are a necessity for barre 3 workouts, which are amazing! They have free videos you can try before subscribing.

  11. Glad I cancelled when I did. There is nothing in this box that I really love, and not even much to like. But I’m glad that most people here are happy with it.

  12. I can’t make up my mind if I’m disappointed with this box or not………….
    Not so much the curation of the box or the items themselves, but rather the items are either duplicates or very similar to others I’ve just received.

    I have a box of these Level naturals shower bombs right now that I received in my L.N box, they are soo strong I can’t possibly imagine using them except maybe when my kiddos are sick, and we just got an exercise ball from the Popsugar box.

    I am however very pleased with the Kai oil, I use the Kai bath sponge thingy and have the body mist and perfume, so this will be nice to add to my Kai collection. The head scarf is also nice.

    Overall I usually always like this box and I adore Giuliana Rancic!!

  13. This is my first FFF box, and I was a bit disappointed. The only item I see myself really using, is the dry shampoo. Plus, I just received an excercise ball in the PopSugar box as well. Most likely won’t order another one.

    • I’d swap you my dry shampoo for your turban. I’m licensed cosmetologist and product junkie so I have lots of dry shampoo already. I received the off white cherry one.

  14. I haven’t got my box yet. I have been gone this weekend to my Grandmothers funeral, but it have to say I love the box! I think no matter what turban I get I will be happy with its and looking forward to sporting it! This box is a total win for me and I can’t wait to see what style they have included in the box for me! Yippee!

    • @Nancy..I am so sorry for your loss…This was my first FFF box, and I was really pleased! I know people detest getting the snacks, but I love discovering/having snack packs for travel and for the diaper bag. My fave item was the Cult Gaia turban. I received a colorful floral one (thank goodness because I have way too many polka dot headbands)! I am psyched to see what the summer box will hold. Can I also unsubscribe and resubscribe to use the coupon again? (Yes, I am a cheapo!!)

      To check out my headband, go to

      • Nancy, I am sorry too. 🙁 Wish I could give you a hug.
        Tamara you could just sign up for the year saving $20.00.
        I hate getting the snacks. I lost over 100 pounds in the last year. When I get snacks in these boxes I feel bad if I throw them away. But last Feb. I weighed 250 and down to 134 now with only 4 pounds left to go. I don’t want chocolate and food in my boxes!!!! I want fun girlie stuff!!! grrrr… lol

        If this was your first box and you are on the fence then give it another chance. I was like that with my first box and loved my second one. I think the reason I didn’t LOVE this box is that there was the Quarterly box that I was stalking my mailbox for. That combined with getting the ball already… which is not their fault. Hit was a super hit. But I liked just about everything in there.

        • OMG congratulations on the weight loss Tara! That’s amazing!!

        • @Tara..thanks and congratulations!

  15. I actually really love this box. I think the last one with the adorable key necklace and the earbuds might have been more my speed, but I think I’ll use a lot of this box. I received the floral blue turban, which I folded to look like the one this model is wearing ( since I cannot handle the bunny ears look. I also got the pink stability ball in PSMH but I figure this will be the perfect excuse to work out with my boyfriend (he always wants me to work out with him and his kettlebells and now I can use this to even the playing field). I was surprised to like the Kai as much as I do and it seems perfect for Spring, especially since I’m still freezing in Iowa. And to get a full-size dry shampoo and primer? Maybe not as fun for some, but a definite win for me 😀

  16. I’m on the fence. I’ve already swapped the turband & I don’t think I’ll use the exercise ball & DVD. The oil will be a gift & I’m not sure I’ll use the mitt. I do love the primer as I use CoverFX products & I’ve never used a dry shampoo so that’s a plus that I can try one.
    I think I would have liked another accessory. That would have made the box feel complete to me.

  17. I was likewise feeling “blah” about this box. Technically all of the items seemed to be good value, but just not something I would necessarily use. I don’t really use a dry shampoo so that will be going in a swap section. I already swapped Kai as I prefer very mild scents in a slightly different floral composition. I think I will use flower bombs, mitt, and the primer which is formulated without parabens and has SPF 🙂 I got the same turband anx still on a fence about it. I like that it can be either very crazy or toned down so I think I will try it. Wish I got a more spring-colored one. Looking forward to doing the DVD, just waiting until my fiance leaves for work, haha!!

  18. I think I would have liked this box a lot more if 1) I didn’t already get the ball in Popsugar and 2) if it didn’t have the food. Though I do like the fact that I have to dvd now for the ball. think that should have really been added in the Popsugar. Oh, one more thing. I got myself a little worked up about this box. I thought this was the one year box and thought that they would do something special for it. I will say that I love the fact that every box seems to have some sort of workout thing.

  19. For my first FFF box, I was pretty happy. I’m not sure about rocking the headband in public, as I’m not one to usually wear hair pieces, but I was impressed with the quality and that it has the wire to help pose it. Many of the items are things I wouldn’t buy on my own, but that’s why I love subscription boxes. Maybe I’ll find a new addiction.

  20. I got my box on Saturday. I was slightly disappointed. I don’t know what I was expecting but I am hoping the next box will have more items I like. I didn’t like the perfume roller ball either it was pretty strong. Great idea about using the shower bombs!

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