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Free Box Offer from Time of the Month Subscription

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Free Box Offer from Time of the Month Subscription PMS Coupon

There are a lot of Time-of-the-Month subscriptions out there, but this one is offering your first month completely free, so I thought it was worth posting about! (FYI – you still have to enter credit card info since it’s a subscription).

The Subscription Box:

The Cost: $15  a month

COUPON: The Free Box coupon should be automatically applied, but just in case it’s not, use code FIRSTMONTHFREE

The Products: Every month you receive: 15 regular Tampons, 15 Tutu Towels and 16 PMS Pain Relief Tablets for stashing or sharing.

Ships to: US only

What do you think of this Time-of-the-Month subscription? (And doesn’t the website look EXACTLY like the POPSUGAR Must Have site?)

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Not to bring a dead thread to life but I read the comments and can feel the pain of both sides. I too started a subscription business with my wife with feminine hygiene at its core. We listened to feed back as painful as it was and developed a box that we think most women love. Customer comments can be painful to a startup but those who succeed listen and improve.

    We send a box with Tampons or pads (in their original boxes, loose items are not hygienic), a candy treat (chocolate in colder months hard candy and cookies in warmer months) jewelry ( cute rings, necklaces, earring, etc..) and full sized name brand makeup (brands we’ve sent, cargo, cover girl, Essie, revlon and more). We are still improving and learning. And we provide what we feel is a box worth $40-$60 for only $16.

    • Mike,

      Which box is yours? I’m looking for another one for my daughter since My Cotton Bunny just closed down.

      • Our website is you can use code 10off for $10 off your first month with us, so its basically the cost of pads or tampons in the store to try us out, if you don’t like the box its easy to cancel.

  2. Erin,

    I was entering my credit card info to try your service out when I read your reply including these gems: “Yes there are certainly a few gals on here drinking some serious Haterade. Jeeeeez! … Oh well, guess there will always be Mean Girls no matter where you are. Holy high school. ….The shouty cranky comments with no suggestions on how to maybe improve there is no point in responding to…Haters gonna hate!”

    I’ve now decided I don’t want anything to do with your service. Your response was neither gracious nor professional. I’m all for showing your personality and actually being a real person behind a brand, but I’m also for being polite and accepting that some people just aren’t going to like what you’re doing. Responding with childish remarks is only putting even more potential customers off. I’m capable of reading people’s thoughts and then coming to my own decision – I’m not sure why you feel the need to ‘fire back’ at people who don’t like the service. You responded in a passive-aggressive way and even said “there is no point in responding”, yet put it out there publicly anyway. Blowing steam about ‘haters’ on a public forum is just impolite, regardless of who started it or what was said.

    Two words: Bondi NY. Look them up. They were a subscription service that had a couple missteps and then basically crashed and burned when the owner started publicly responding to upset customers with unnecessary attitude. The subscription portion of their business no longer exists and they are a pariah on at least one very popular Makeup/Subscription Box forum. There’s a lesson to be learned there.

  3. I find this subscription pretty disappointing. I like that they offer your first month free but there is a lot of room for improvement. I use a variety of tampon absorbencies and this only gives you regular. I don’t use feminine wipes at all and ibuprofen doesn’t do anything for me (only naproxen works for me). Like other people said I agree that I would only subscribe to a service like this if they offered a special bonus item (make up, skin care sample, chocolate, candy) with the box. The subscription isn’t really “special” if it’s just tampons, wipes, and ibuprofen. I subscribe to boxes mostly for a nice surprise every month and I don’t see that in this subscription unfortunately.

  4. I would never order this and I won’t be signing up for the free box either. I have a feeling this company knows their longevity in this market will be short-lived but if you forget to cancel your subscription in time, they get to bill you $15 for 50 cents worth of product. Even if this happens to 500 people , this is still a nice little profit. Especially considering you know they don’t owe a web-designer any money… Be wary, ladies, this box is stinky! (Ooooo, I’m so racy too!)

  5. Aren’t those Help me! tablets the ones you get from Walgreens? I wondered if is partnered with them? I can’t find any info on the site about it.

    Some of the owner’s comments here I have found to be unprofessional and immature. I can’t envision other subscription box’s owners responding to criticism about their product in this way, calling potential customers haters and criticizing their feedback.

    You are not just calling them haters but anyone that reads it and may not like one aspect of your product but was willing to give it a try, you may have alienated more of your customer base. You may not like what they had to say about your product but not everyone has to like it and last time I checked I was not taking a survey for you and your site. We are not here to give you constructive criticism, it’s great if someone does but there’s nothing wrong with someone simply stating the reasons they don’t like it. It’s not our job to tell you how to improve your product.

    • I’m one of the “haters” because I think that this is an ill-thoughout idea that is an insult to the subscription box market. Regarding the tablets….I got the “help I can’t sleep’ pack for $1 at Target. The ones in their box seem to be uncoated generic ibuprofen that is not specialized to PMS or anything. Just plain ole ibuprofen. I still don’t know what the tutu wipes are. They seem to be the charmin wipes or something like that. Not specific to female needs with the proper Ph balance, etc… I’m also surprised that she told someone that they were ingenius for suggesting something that every feminine needs subscription box does….include a treat or something special. Have they done any market research at all???

    • Not to mention the fact the owners are social media marketing “experts”. Did they not do any market research before launching this company? Really? A quick google search would have shown them all of the other (better) time of the month services that are currently available and all the ones that have failed (and why).

      Also, the peppy writing style and word usage in both Amanda and Erin’s responses are suspiciously similar- surely I’m not the only “girl” around here who’s noticed it. But as they say, “anyways”…

      This whole thing is silly and bogus. I’m just thankful there are better services that fill this niche. And if I need back up supplies, luckily I’m mature enough to endure the imagined “smirking” of the teenage boy cashiers at CVS.

  6. I have become interested in Time of the Month subscription boxes but this one is disappointing First of all, it doesn’t sound like you can choose what products you want. I don’t use tampons. Also, other time of the month boxes send more than just tampons, wipes and pain meds. A lot of boxes offer snacks, chocolate and even bath and body products. I just think there are better options out there than this one. Oh well, hopefully another place will be offering a free box in the near future.

  7. Even for a free box, I’m afraid to give my CC number. It’s not imitation; it’s pure forgery. It even has the random little quotes and stuff. Ugh. Weird. Too much like POPSugar that it makes me uncomfortable. I’m a web designer and I don’t appreciate when people rip off my designs. The site has 0% creativity, and with the ripped off design, it has no credibility.

    • Are the tampons literally branded as “Smooth Slidey” tampons? Unless I was in a dire emergency I would not use an unknown brand (read: bathroom vending machine type emergency), nor would I allow my daughter to use such either. Oh my. Just. oh. my. And I agree, the site is a PSMH twin. Speaking as a federal attorney, I would definitely double check the copyright issue before it becomes an issue if that hasn’t happened already. Especially since those who are likely to sub to this service are very likely to sub to or have at least seen the PS site before. Perhaps they used a free/generic website template thus there would be no actual issue but I’d rather be safe than sorry in the world of IP (intellectual property).

  8. Interesting idea, but for now it doesn’t meet my needs. I don’t like only getting tampons, I only need about 6 Advils total for cramps each time (plus I’m not seeing what the active ingredient is for the pills), and I’m one of those unlucky women whose cycle is shorter than average so the time I would need supplies would change from month to month.

    Plus I go to Target every week so I can pick stuff up locally without needing to wait for it to come in the mail. (Some of my subscription boxes have been held up for a week or more going through FedEx SmartPost, or DHL like Ipsy does, especially in bad weather. Don’t want to chance going without something that’s absolutely necessary to have because the mail was late.)

    • Edit: I see that the pills are ibuprofen. I can get 250 of those at Target for like $4.

  9. If they was to send out pads, chocolate, and maybe an extra item I would give this a try.

  10. I’m signing up to try it for my blog since it is a free thing, but I’m pretty sure I could get all this stuff at Rite Aid for less than $10.

  11. I am looking for a great time-of-the-month subscription for my daughter so am excited about trying this one out. And, I love the red packaging.

    • Thanks Kathy for your encouraging feedback. Let me know how your daughter feels about her box! xo- Erin ([email protected])

  12. There is a reason women’s health products aren’t marketed in red. Look at all the boxes on the feminine health aisle. Nothing red. It’s not a good association with your period.

    • Hi Kristi- Thanks for your marketing feedback. I am glad to hear that we would stand out from all of the other bland brand colors at the grocery store if we were sold there. I don’t know about you, but my period IS red. So what? It’s natural. Red is also the color of passion, and I am extremely passionate about women’s menstrual health becoming a topic of open, supportive, authentic conversation. Thanks for sharing your opinion though, this dialogue has been extremely helpful for me to better understand the myriad of opinions that exist on tampon delivery services- who knew? Have a great Sunday! – Erin

      • It’s also a sign the product didn’t do it’s job. A red stain is the last thing I want to see when I’m on my period. The dots on your packaging look like blood drops.

      • Absolutely hilarious.

        A company born of passion for menstrual health, started on a shoestring by glamorous Socialites/Period Fairies at their magical oceanfront Dollhouse so they could help “those in bleed”? More like a subscription box dreamed up by some drunk dudes sitting around busting a gut over how gullible women will buy any stupid crap- just add Girl Power, pink, “sinful” foods and a wink! Oh, and TONS of exclamation marks and smileys!!!

        Here are some highlights of what’s – get this- “Inside Your Box”:

        *Awesome Smooth Slidey Tampons- Proudly made in America!

        *TuTu Towels- Pull off your panties with confidence!

        *Special Secret PMS Meds (aka Ibuprofen)- to fight the Crazy!

        *And they deliver their Box to your Box- saucy!

        The entire website is comedy gold. Onion-worthy, even.
        I’ll pass on the free box, but thanks for the laughs!

        • LOL!!! That’s the secret to PMS relief. The laughs you get from their website!

  13. There is another service like this one that has been out for a while. I like them because they send you chocolate as well but it’s not enough chocolate for me! 🙂 Still the idea is great though. With Le Parcel, you decide what you want to receive in your monthly box, which IS better than ordering a monthly subscription from Amazon because you save on not having to buy a box of tampons, liners, etc. They send it all to you for $15/mo

  14. Thanks for the review Liz! I started on a shoestring budget so I couldn’t afford to hire a fancy designer…PopSugar’s site was beautiful so we absolutely borrowed a similar look and feel for ours- you guys are totally right! Hopefully in this case imitation is the highest form of flattery 🙂 Popsugar ROCKS!

    As for FB likes, we have been paying to get our posts in front of women who might want to connect with their fellow crampy and crazy, we haven’t been “buying” likes as Brandy suggests.

    As for Jess and Brandy thinking we are “weird” 🙂 I am totally cool with that, and thank them for the compliment. I would rather be weird than boring or generic like the big corporate brands. My goal is to open up an authentic dialogue around women’s menstrual health (talking about PMS and periods shouldn’t be weird or gross-it’s natural 🙂 and hopefully make women’s lives a little easier in the process. We also donate 10% of all our net profits to a different dynamic women’s organization every month, which I don’t believe the other time-of-the-month subscriptions do…I could be wrong there though.

    We have asked all of our customers what they would like us to do to become a better offering, and everyone has been echoing Erin that they would like to see custom options and also liners and pads- so we are working on that to make sure the box is as perfect and fabulous as each of our amazing subscribers.

    Thank you all for the valuable feedback. Thanks again Liz for reviewing us, and I hope you all have a kick ass Sunday!! xoxo – Erin ([email protected])

    • i should have chosen my words more carefully. i am always extremely skeptical of any subscription boxes that have tens of thousands of likes before they have any real customers. up until a couple months ago PSMH only had a few thousand, until they ran a huge giveaway promotion. Even now – being one of the biggest boxes – they have only a few thousand more than’s page.

      Anyways, you should run your site by a copyright attorney. Cheers.

      • Hi Brandy- Thanks for your advice! My other company is an all-female run social media marketing site (that’s how we got the idea for we were always out of tampons) so we actually started the Facebook page 9 months before we had the website live or any products available…social media is our life- we are HUGE Facebook nerds 🙂 That’s how we grew the community organically over time to be more engaged and larger than the other pages you mentioned- we have found that funny PMS quotes and lots of girlpower encouragement, support and love go a long way in building a real, authentic social community. Anyways, we are excited to be nearing 500 customers in just a few weeks, so hopefully people who like us will tell their friends, and if not, no worries. We’ll just keep trying to change the world one tampon at a time! Thanks again and have a great rest of your weekend!- Erin

        • Hi Erin, I’m really sorry sorry and somewhat embarrassed by the cold reception you’ve received here, most of the girls are really nice which is one reason I enjoy coming here sharing sub boxes! I think your box is awesome, Mean who really wants to have to run to the store every month, wait in line and end up getting some creepy looking teenage boy with a smirk on his face checking you and your tampons out….not me!! Would much rather have a nice box delivered every month however I would really love it if you guys added some extra little treat every month that’s a total surprise! I subscribed to one before that included some comfy socks one month, a cute tank another month etc… I’m sure there a lot of company’s out there that would collaborate with you guys to get their products out there….maybe like, Me undies (super comfy undies) anyways just a thought! Love your box and can’t wait to try the service!! Thanks for offering a free month!!

          • Thanks Amanda! Yes there are certainly a few gals on here drinking some serious Haterade. Jeeeeez! At least that one girl thought my website was funny enough to be on The Onion- sweet! Oh well, guess there will always be Mean Girls no matter where you are. Holy high school.

            Some of the feedback, like yours, has been awesome as I try to figure out what would be most helpful to offer people. The shouty cranky comments with no suggestions on how to maybe improve there is no point in responding to…Haters gonna hate! (Trivia: Which rapper?)

            Anyways, great idea about including a surprise treat, that is genius. I’m going to check out the Me undies and also try to find some companies that might want to collaborate with us. Thanks for the ideas and enjoy your free box! Happy Monday!! xoxo- Erin

  15. I saw this earlier today, and I agree it’s a total ripoff of the PSMH site. They also have nearly 16,000 facebook likes. It’s one of those things that makes me scratch my head and wonder if they’re so great, why do they need to buy likes and not bother with their own website development. The whole thing is on the weird side to me, not cute/funny/hip.

  16. I’m sticking with Bonjour Jolie. Even though they’ve sent me horrific ribbon and rhinestone bobby pins twice (in a row), I still appreciate the care package feel each month. It actually makes my period seem ok. And that’s saying a lot for someone who has been getting periods now for 30+ years.

    Now, if someone would just come up with a time of the month box that included wine…

    • Kris!! Including wine is GENIUS….researching now….Thanks for the idea! xoxo Erin

  17. That’s pretty pricey for only 15 tampons. And there’s no pad or liner option. I think other time of the month subs do it better for the same price and include extras like pampering bath and food products. Plus they include more total products (20-25, mixture of pads and tampons). Granted this includes what I’m guessing are diaper wipes and acetaminophen but for my $15 I’d go with a service that lets me customize. My daughter still loves her Bonjour Jolie, even though I dropped it after a delivery nightmare.

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