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Conscious Box Review & Coupon Code – August 2013

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Conscious Box Review - Green Subscription Box - August 2013

Conscious Box is an eco-friendly subscription service that has expanded to offer gluten-free and vegan subscriptions in addition to their classic subscription box. This review is of the vegan subscription box. If you are looking to discover lots of new healthy and green products each month – I definitely recommend Conscious Box!

Conscious Box Review - Green Subscription Box - August 2013

The Box: Conscious Box (Vegan Subscription)

The Cost: $19.95 a month

COUPON CODE: Use coupon code FREEBOX to get your first box for only the cost of shipping ($7)

The Products: Eco-friendly products in every category: home, beauty, food, etc.

Conscious Box Review - Green Subscription Box - August 2013

MRM Veggie Protein in Chocolate – Value $1

Doctor’s Best Suntheanine L-Theanine (10 capsules) – Value $4

These supplements from Doctor’s Best are supposed to help you relax without making you drowsy. I will keep these handy for the next time I’m feeling a little too stressed!

Conscious Box Review - Green Subscription Box - August 2013

Simple Care Products Make Your Own Mask Kit – Value $2

esse Produce Bag – Value $2.50

Smiles for the People Toothbrush -Value $5.95

I love the cause behind Smiles for the People – for every toothbrush purchased, they give a toothbrush to someone in need. Plus the handle is made with bamboo, and the packaging is recyclable!

Conscious Box Review - Green Subscription Box - August 2013

Goody Good Stuff in Cola Breeze – Value $2.50

Happy Birthday Card from Smock Paper – Value $5

These gummies are vegan, gluten-free, and have no artificial dyes! I wish the first ingredient wasn’t corn syrup, but considering these are a sweet treat, they are definitely better than most alternatives!

Also, I was pleasantly surprised to see a Birthday Card in my conscious box – I think it may be the prettiest birthday card I’ve ever seen! And it was included in the box because Smock Paper makes their unique Letterpress cards with sustainable practices!

Conscious Box Review - Green Subscription Box - August 2013

Aroma Naturals Citronella Votive – Value $2.50

Moksa Organics Soap Samples – Value $1

I love discovering new organic bath and beauty products – and these Moksa soaps are fantastic! Now I want to try their body butters!

Conscious Box Review - Green Subscription Box - August 2013

Barbara’s Organic Snackimals Cereal in Vanilla Blast – Value $1

Barney Butter – Almond Butter – Value $1

Verdict: I’m very happy with the August Conscious box – it has a value of nearly $30, and my boyfriend and I will use everything in this box! Plus, I discovered a few new green brands I’m excited about! What did you think of the August Conscious Box?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. Just bought a 3 month subscription on Living Social for $26. Fortunately I have this blog as a reference. After reading all the helpful info shared here I went back to LS and requested a refund. So glad I read before I redeemed the offer! Thanks everybody!

  2. Got the August 2014 box today, boy what a joke – looks like it has gone downhill fast in a year. One full size item – black bean noodles, then some Vit C gummies, probiotic gummies, some foil packets and a $15 gift card to some place that sells juice cleanse for $56 a day…… Wrote them a letter and all they said was give us one more month because next month is a good one….. Bought 3 months on Groupon for $26 or something. One more month left on it. Pathetic box.

    • Oh yeah, a drink too, origin kids drink thing.

    • MAKE SURE YOU CANCEL IT. Otherwise, you cannot get one cent back from these scammers! Try calling them. Ha, they have NO PHONE, who does that??

      They’ve also moved I am waiting for their new address, should I have to hire a detective to track down a company who moved over 3 months ago? LEARN FROM ME. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!!

  3. Conscious Box is a great idea in theory, but this company needs to make a lot of changes to put a good idea into motion. I paid $30 for 3 months, but even at $10 a box, it was a complete waste of money and I was beyond disappointed. I also received only 1 full size item in the 2 boxes I received (I canceled before the 3rd box could come) and I didn’t even get the nice lip balm mentioned below. My friend who also subscribed (per my suggestion when I saw the LivingSocial Voucher) did receive the lip balm however, which was basically rubbing salt in the wound. I on the other hand, received a paper bookmark and a fabric swatch with a coupon to buy the fabric that counted as 2 of my monthly items. No joke, although it sounds like one. The items were so disappointing, I tried contact customer service and they wouldn’t even appropriately response to me. I kept getting pre-composed “generic” responses, even when I directly informed them they were not addressing my issues. And then from there, they chose to ignore me and not respond at all. TERRIBLE customer service. Stay away from this company and save your money, time and effort!

  4. I made the mistake of pre-subscribing for an entire year on behalf of my fiancée – this box is *terrible*.

    We’ve received two months now, and both months have been maybe $2-3 worth of free samples. This month included a small bag of expired coffee and – gasp – a pencil; pretty awesome stuff.

    This box is a huge ripoff, and they clearly send “doped” boxes to reviewers to goose up their review scores.

  5. WARNING – Do your research on this box, they delete negative feedback on their facebook page so check out all of the blogs out there. And they send different people different things so check a few…..

    • I’ve never seen them delete negative feedback, only respond to it. I’ve had a few issues at first, but they resolved them as quickly as possible and even hired more Customer Service representatives to make the Issues easier to resolve for everyone, especially since the popularity of their boxes has exploded.

  6. Wow, I you got a much better box than I did. Although, I did get the chicken poop chapstick, which I LOVE! BTW, I have two sets of Essie reusable produce bags, and I love them! I have a 1 Month Conscious Box Giveaway for the next 7 days. Link on my name.

  7. Last month’s box was very disappointing, but I was happier with my box this month. I received:
    –1 Sneakz choc veggie milkshake
    –2 packets of Green Superfood drink mix
    –1 packet Stash Lavender-Tulsi tea
    –1 packet Digest-All vegetarian enzymes
    –1 Clif bar–Sierra Trail Mix flavor
    –1 packet Barbara’s Snackimals cereal
    –2 natural sleep aid chocolate chews
    –2 Nordic omega3 jellies
    –1 packet veggie protein vanilla drink mix
    –1 Happy Tot Toddler Bar-mixed berry crunch
    –1 Happy Tot Toddler Bar–honey grain sun butter
    –1 packet (2 capsules) Allimax allicin powder capsules
    –1 packet Herbamare organic seasoning

    It was mostly snacks and supplements, but I am fine with that because I don’t really like soap samples and candles, and the toothbrush, while cute, doesn’t look like good quality. Although I like everything in the box this month, I’m not sure it is worth the $20 subscription price. I feel $15 would be more fair.

  8. I’m probably weighing in a bit late here; perhaps this is a case of “the grass looking greener from the other side”?

    I have a year subscription to the classic Conscious Box – my August box contained:
    1 Conscious Box Postcard
    1 Stash Lavender-Tulsi Herbal Teabag
    1 Ultima Replenisher Lemonade
    1 MRM Digest-All Enzyme Capsules (2 capsules in pack)
    1 Country Choice Multigrain Maple Spice Oatmeal, technically already outdated (8/13/13)
    1 Free Range Chicken Poop Lip Balm
    1 Snackimals Cinnamon Crunch Cereal
    2 Nordic Omega-3 Jellies
    1 Raw Reserve Berry Green Superfood
    1 MRM Vanilla Veggie Protein
    2 Happytot Chocolate Sunbutter Super Toddler Bars
    1 Sneakz Organiz Chocolate Milkshake (2nd time I’ve gotten this)
    1 Herbal Zap Immune Support
    1 Allimax Allicin Capsules (2 capsules in pack)

    I’m on the fence about renewing when my year is up. I know that the box can’t be totally customized (ie. I have no children so don’t send me kid-targeted products) but at the same time, I do feel like I come away disappointed most months.

    I do have to say, though, that I have opened problem tickets a few times (missing items, damaged box, special order box not received) and have always come away satisfied with the resolution.

    • Interesting. I got the 2 toddler bars and also received something called Crila for menopause that is best used by Sept. 11. Why do they assume that I am menopausal? I’m not and I don’t know anyone who would want to even try it. And why the yucky tasting toddler bars? Yes I tried them and they were not good. Maybe for toddlers but not adults.

      I also received little samples of –

      Fontus green apple throat lozenges samples
      Suntheanine L-theanine relaxation 10 veggie samples*
      Herbal zap sample!
      Suki Butter cream salve sample
      Kelapo virgin coconut oil sample
      MRM relax-all with phenibut sample
      Barney almond butter sample*
      Runa cinamon lemongrass tea bag
      MRM veggie protein chocolate*
      Eco dent dental gum rinse sample
      A postcard with a flower on it

      *So 3 of the things pictured above were in the box. Nothing else and certainly nothing that interested me. Now a candle, toothbrush, produce bags and soap I would use. The other stuff looked like samples available at a health foods store and I don’t think I would have tried them there even if they were free. What can I say. The monthly conscious boxes have been very disappointing to say the least.

  9. First box purchased and disappointed about all the products. Can not use none of it.

  10. My Conscious Box was pretty different from yours. I received a lot of products this month that I won’t use. I’ll have my review up soon at

  11. I signed up for a year and my box just came yesterday. It did not look like the one featured above. I too complained and they said oh next month will be better. It hasn’t been better and it’s a BIG disappointment. There was no candle, no toothbrush, no care products, no soap. Just a bunch a crummy weird stuff.

    • I suspect that bloggers who do reviews get ‘better’ boxes than the rest of us (even if they pay for the boxes, their box is ‘customized.’)

  12. I totally agree with other commenters. I had a 6 month subscription that I couldn’t wait to end. I continuously got horrible products, minuscule samples, and much fewer items than I saw on blog sites. I paid full price for my subscription and they kept telling me that “next month is going to be awesome”. Um, no!

    • Agreed…I bought the subscription based on the blogger reviews and none of my boxes have been up to par. I do appreciate and use some of the items, but I would be happier with larger, fewer items as shown above in the review instead of a bunch of smaller samplers.

    • Correspondence is TERRIBLE! I had bought 3 subscriptions. One for me, 2 as gifts. One box was sent with wrong name to wrong address. One box was sent to MY name to wrong address. My box was sent fine. I have about 15 strings of emails going back and forth with someone who says that conscious box wants to stay with “technology” therefore corresponds through emails. I gave them my 2 cents about needing a someone to call and speak to to clarify things much faster. It is ridiculous!!!!! They said that the person who buys the box is “somehow” being put in the ship to area. That is why they “suggest” that each person have their own account. Why put a link for “gift” then? They have a “buy the box” link and a “gift” link.

  13. We tried the may box and it was awful. My sweetie was so excited and then so disappointed.

    Missing 1 item (according to our online account)
    2 items were the same bar in different flavors (one cheery, one apple)
    2 items were duplicates of each other (and counted a separate items)

    I canceled the next day. 🙁

  14. Interesting to see that I wasn’t alone in getting the crummy box. I will be canceling today.

  15. Mine was also very different than yours. I would have been really excited to get some of these products. I started subscribing to Conscious Box last summer and really loved my first few boxes, but the last six months, my box has been really disappointing. I remember that I started being disappointed with the boxes in February because I also ordered the bonus Valentine’s Box, which turned out to be a huge let down. The boxes have just gone downhill since then. In fact, I just canceled my subscription a few weeks ago, but still had two boxes left (this month’s and next month’s) because I paid ahead. I’ve been getting a lot of pills/supplements that I don’t feel comfortable taking and a lot of small samples of products that I will never use.

    Here’s what I got this month: sample of 2 digestive enzyme pills, sample of energy powder, two very small samples of lotion, two granola bars (sadly, the most exciting thing in the box), cereal, chocolate sleep chews, 2 servings of DHA/Omega 3 gummies that contained fish oil, 2 Alicin pills, single serving of chocolate protein shake mix, tea bag, single serving superfood drink mix, clif bar

    • Add me to the growing group of Conscious Box customers who felt ripped off by their box. I cancelled last Spring after a disappointing box, had about 1/2 the items that I saw bloggers review online with their boxes. I also wonder if they send out inferior boxes to subscribers who use discount codes (like I did)

      My guess is that they (sub box companies) track bloggers not just by email address and name but by mailing address as well.

  16. I got the non-vegan box and was very disappointed. Lots of kids items (I am happily childfree, although my DH and I ate the “toddler” snacks anyway) and weird supplements. I cancelled – there are too many other boxes I want to try to stick with duds.

  17. Your box was way better than mine. I got pills for menopause that expire in 3 weeks, (I’m 40) and 2 toddler snack bars (I have 2 high schoolers) plus other things I won’t use. I was very diappointed. I hope they read these comments on your blog and step it up or it sounds like lots of people will be canceling.

  18. I got the vegan box this month as well, and mine has all the same items as listed here (I got a sympathy card instead of a birthday card). I love the produce bag the best. When I opened the box, I thought something had leaked all over everything since it smells strongly of what I thought was laundry detergent. All was well though, it was a combo of the candle and soaps since they were very strong scents.

    • I also got the vegan box with everything that Liz posted. I LOVED IT! I was a little scared opening it because I was positive something inside spilled, but luckily, it was just the citronella candle! That scent is amazingly strong! I also got a sympathy card.

      • Yep, exactly the same here – after having spills & breakages in other sub boxes, I was sure it had happened again. Nope, just the candle! Hoping I don’t have a use for the sympathy card anytime soon, but it is lovely.

        I was on of the original subscribers to CB vegan box, and after numerous disappointing boxes I canceled a while back. But I was lured back to a 3-month sub with a “free box” offer. While the new boxes have been better (I suspect they target the “good” boxes, as another commenter has suggested), I still won’t be renewing. My hard-earned $$ is much better spent on Vegan Presence (LOVE them!) and Vegan Cuts.

  19. I agree with everyone else, your box looks great! Mine sucked, there were repeats from June as well as expired product. No candle, care products, tooth brush, or soap!

  20. Your box was so different than mine. Plus my box was damaged. The only good thing in mine was I got two happy tot toddler bars for my son to eat and those snackimals. I got a lot more last month which was my first box ; however last month they missed something in my box. I wrote them but never got a response. I thought I would give them another month but this one was lacking so I cancelled and will try another box.

  21. Wow – I had much smaller samples, I did receive the cereal, two crisp rice bars and a bag of instant oatmeal, but no candle, toothbrush, soap, gummies, produce bags, make your own mask!

    It always raises my suspicions when blogger boxes are better than the “normal folk”.

    • Brianna,

      For what it’s worth, I bought this box with my own money with an email account that isn’t associated with my blog. Not sure why there are discrepancies in the boxes. I’ll try to reach out to Conscious Box and learn more.

      • I think your samples were just bigger than mine besides being different. I posted a pic of what I got on my pinterest board since I don’t have a blog, if anyone is interested in seeing what I got in my box.

      • Thanks for letting me know 🙂

      • I tried to call Conscious Box today and one number said
        disconnected & the other number said temporarily our of service. Are they legit or not? I am to receive a box in a couple weeks but am really anxious about not being able to reach them if need be. Any feedback on this please?

        • I have a 1 year subscription that is coming to an end. The company is legit. The last few boxes have been great. I think they were just going thru some growing pains.

          • THIS. I completely agree.

        • Forgot to mention … I usually email them if I have a concern/question. They have always responded. It usually takes them a few days to respond.

  22. Eugh… if I’d gotten your box, I probably wouldn’t have cancelled my subscription!

  23. Your box was definitely better than mine also!

  24. Your box looks way better than mine!

  25. Interesting…you got far more items than I did in my box. Very disappointing!

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