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I-ELLA The List Gift Bag Subscription Box Review – St. Barth’s Bag

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I-ELLA The List Gift Bag Subscription Box Review - St. Barth's Bag

I couldn’t believe it when I-ELLA offered to send me another St.Barth’s bag to review – this is by far one of my favorite subscription boxes! It’s like having your own personal stylist!

The Box: The List Gift Bag by I-ELLA

The Cost: 3 options – Starter Bag ($59 a month), Soho Bag ($129 a month) and the St. Barth’s Bag ($389 a month)

The Products:  Each bag will contain 3 – 5 items with 1 – 2 being featured designer pieces along with free products.

I-ELLA The List Gift Bag Subscription Box Review - St. Barth's Bag

INDEGO AFRICA Reversible Tote – Value $60

This was the first item I saw in the box and I was immediately thrilled – I’m going to the beach in June and I have been looking for a stylish tote bag that can carry a lot – this fits the bill perfectly!

Also I love the story behind INDEGO AFRICA. Here’s the card that came with the bag:

I-ELLA The List Gift Bag Subscription Box Review - St. Barth's Bag

I-ELLA The List Gift Bag Subscription Box Review - St. Barth's Bag

I-ELLA The List Gift Bag Subscription Box Review - St. Barth's Bag

(These were all the goodies in the reversible tote!)

I-ELLA The List Gift Bag Subscription Box Review - St. Barth's Bag

S.W. Basics Exfoiliant – Value $28

SABON Soap – Value $8

I am a big fan of both of these brands – these products will go to use ASAP!

I-ELLA The List Gift Bag Subscription Box Review - St. Barth's Bag

Herban Essentials Towelettes – Value $6

Olivella Daily Facial Cleansing Cloths – Value $8

I can never have enough Herban Essentials Towelettes – I LOVE the clean scents! Also, I’m excited to try out the Olivella brand – it’s new to me!

I-ELLA The List Gift Bag Subscription Box Review - St. Barth's Bag

Now on to the jewelry portion of the Gift Bag (there are so many amazing things in this St. Barth’s Bag!)

I-ELLA The List Gift Bag Subscription Box Review - St. Barth's Bag

BIKO Finn Necklace – $59

I love the simplicity and lines of this necklace – here’s a close up of the pendant:

I-ELLA The List Gift Bag Subscription Box Review - St. Barth's Bag

I-ELLA The List Gift Bag Subscription Box Review - St. Barth's Bag

BIKO Modern Friendship Bracelet – Value $85

I can’t decide which jewelry item I love the most – this bracelet is beautiful!

I-ELLA The List Gift Bag Subscription Box Review - St. Barth's Bag

I-ELLA The List Gift Bag Subscription Box Review - St. Barth's Bag

Sam + Lavi Tilly Navy Lace Dress – Value $197.50

This is a really cute shift dress – I definitely need to get my self-tanner routine going before I can wear this though!

I-ELLA The List Gift Bag Subscription Box Review - St. Barth's Bag

Sam + Lavi Pure White Top – Value $80

This is a loose fitting linen “tee” that is perfect for a causal summer look. I see myself pairing this with jeans all the time this summer!

I-ELLA The List Gift Bag Subscription Box Review - St. Barth's Bag

Rachel Pally Black Spalter Caftan Maxi Dress – value $242

OMG – this was the last item I unwrapped and it literally made me scream with joy! I love  maxi dresses, and my favorite maxi dress designer is Rachel Pally – this dress is a dream come true for me! (I find all of Rachel Pally’s dresses to be super flattering and easy to wear).

Verdict: The retail value of this bag is over  $700! I’m beyond happy with this box. I also really think that this is a great way to get the personal stylist experience and get a great deal on items. It’s no coincidence that I absolutely love everything in this box – they tailored it to my style preferences. I also love discovering new brands, so learning about BIKO Jewelry and INDEGO AFRICA was also a great part of the I-ELLA Gift Bag experience. Have you signed up for this subscription service? What do you think about I-ELLA The List?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. Have you gotten your May bag yet? I just got mine and I can’t say I’m very impressed…

    • Yeah me neither. I’ve signed up for Stitch Fix which has gotten great reviews you only pay for what you keep and its prepaid return shipping. I paid 68 total for my Ella bag and all I got were some samples of hand wipes lol what was in your bag? I got the starter bag

    • After my emails were totaly ignored and I didn’t get my bag that I PAID FOR I am so frustrated, it takes OVER a month and sometimes more like TWO MONTHS for them to mail bags, ridiculous. And I seen how rude the company owner has been,, just google for the company on make up talk if you want to read what I found out. Since she has time to get on here and answer every negative thing and deletes negative Facebook posts on her wall etc you would think she had time to answer email and to mail out stuff that people paid for like a month and a half ago!!!!! Buyer BEWARE!!!!! Never again.

      • Hi there,

        We try to be as fast as possible in responding to questions and inquiries.

        For questions, contact [email protected] or you may contact the I-ELLA offices directly at 212.219.8545.

        Unfortunately, we do not know who is leaving this message, so we cannot offer any more information.

        All the best,

  2. I love a good fashion-related surprise, so I’m considering giving I-ELLA a shot. I’m stuck in a fashion rut, so maybe it will help. 🙂

  3. Are you frigging kidding me ??? I just got my Ella today and I can not believe what was in it. Ok I got the starter bag, want to know what was in it? A cheap beach bag, a very small cheap necklace, a mani-pedi station, meaning a toe holder and small polish herban sample of wipes and a sample size SE basics skin care. So all told I got 5 sample size things for 68.00 !!! HOly crap what a rip off. I can not believe I wanted this bag so bad. I really hoped it would at least contain a t shirt or some item of clothing. This is terrible and shame of them for false advertising. I have half a mind to call pay pal and tell them I’ve been ripped off.

    • Hi Carol,

      Happy Saturday.

      Below is a summary of your STARTER BAG ($59) along with the editorial summary and links…

      Duck Bag in Sailor Stripe

      “Everybody loves BAGGU! Seriously. Known for innovative and incredibly simple design, Baggu is taking over NYC. So, when you’re off to the beach or need a small pouch for a brisk walk on Main Street in Sag Harbor, be sure to grab your Baggu.”

      DEVON PAVLOVITS (Spring/Summer 2013)
      Niki Bracelet


      Tiny triangle necklace in gold from Devon Pavlovits. This gold plated necklace features a thin rolo chain with a lobster claw fastening, and a tiny red triangle pendant. Measures: 8″L

      “From delicate jewels to statement pieces, you’ll see a bit of all things beautiful in The Hamptons and Devon Pavlovits jewelry is just what you’ll need. Her pieces are essential for summer and now you have it!”

      Spring/Summer 2013 Collection


      “One trip you’ll likely make before heading off to The Hamptons is to your favorite mani-pedi salon. No need to share your polish with tons of other folks. Take your own and take Priti NYC. A staple backstage at Fashion Week (they did the show for Stella McCartney!), Priti is on trend and… they are vegan! We love love love!”

      Herban Essentials

      ~ $10.00

      “Get ready to fall in love. These little towelettes pack a serious aromatic punch. Distilled with 100% pure, therapeutic grade, steam or cold pressed essential oils, Herban Essentials wipes come in a variety of scents including lavender – which is also perfect for feminine hygiene and numerous other uses. The Santa Barbara, CA based company even offers towelettes for your pampered pets. How adorable!”

      S.W. Basics of Brooklyn

      Facial Toner


      “You’ll always get extra points for taking a bit of New York with you to The Hamptons. The Brooklyn, NYC based natural skincare line lives by a singular motto “less isn’t just more; less is everything.” Created by Adina Grigore and recently featured in Vogue Magazine, their collection of personal care products are not only affordable and eco-chic, but they are made with just 3 to 5 ingredients! Genius!”


      You paid… $59

      • If I had known what was coming I would not have gotten it. I had seen pictures of previous bags and this was nothing like them at all in anyway. Not only that but the prices you are putting on the items is way off. No one would be 12.00 for a small sample of a skin wipe and I mean just one wipe in one package. The bracelet was child size and I know because my daughter could barely get it on and she is 5’1 and 97lbs. I am 5’5 and 119lbs and cant wear plus the fact that it is so thin and flimsy that it would be break in no time. I really wanted this bag and looked forward to it so much. I think that the reviews are biased. In other words you can only get anything worth while if your willing to pay a lot of money otherwise you just get a few sample sizes of things.

      • Wow. I am so amazed at how rude the customer service is of this company.

        • Hello there,

          Was there a particular incident that recently took place.

          Did you have any concerns with your gift bag.

          Please do not hesitate to contact me directly with any questions or concerns.

          [email protected].

  4. I’m another new customer who is so far pretty disappointed with the customer service. I was charged over a month ago, received an email asking if I would like my April and may bags sent together, and assuring me that I was on the ‘top of the mailing list’…it is now May 27, I have yet to receive either of the TWO bags purchased 🙁
    eagerly waiting, because I really do want to love this company, sent another email out, but no one has gotten back to me… Pretty sure if things keep up, that ill be done using the service.

    • Hi Neesha!

      We try to respond to every email as quickly as possible.

      Your looks are all set. Lots of different elements!

      We’re packaging and shipping as quickly as possible.

      I’ll make sure you receive tracking by tomorrow.

      Hope you love!


      • Ella – Do you have any clue when our boxes might be shipped out? I’m in the same boat as the poster above having paid May 1st. I look forward to reviewing your box and hope to hear something soon.

    • Oh!

      Happy Memorial Day!

  5. I-ella told me I’m not a good “fit” for the service 🙁 I was so excited for the next bag and even saved up to try the st. Barths bag next. I think it’s because I complained about pants in an above post but I had spoken with them, changed my preferences and I thought we had it worked out.

    I’m a little sad and insulted that they’re being so exclusive.

    • Wow, Really??? Holy crap. That’s awful have you looked into Stitch Fix? They have great reviews but there is a wait list. Type in reviews for that site and you’ll see what I mean. I hope it all works out for you. I would pass this around if I were you.

      • Yeah, it’s ok. It means I don’t have to deal with her shotty customer service any more. I did a little internet search and quickly learned I was not the only experiencing these issues.

        And, ooh thanks! I’ve had such great luck with everything else recommended on mysubscriptionaddiction.I just tried Bonjour Jolie and it was SO fun! Can’t wait to see what new boxes are reviewed next here.

        • I haven’t heard of that site, or is it a blog? I’m new to all this, must be I’m the last on the bandwagon lol

  6. Regarding the products. I’m wondering where is I-Ella obtaining their products from? Is she working directly with the companies to purchase products or is she buying from discount sites to resell the products in this subscriptions? The reason I’m wondering is because I know Birchbox works with Herban and has sent out the towelettes before but is I-Ella working with them as well? If not, is she buying bags from them only to open their packaging to repackage? If so then the value of the towelettes are not a dollar but more like 80 cents based on the bag of 20 retailing for $16. It makes me nervous to spend THAT money money on a subscription not knowing where that company is getting their stuff from. I don’t want to be scammed and you know the old saying, if it’s too good to be true it usually is.

  7. I ADORE the contents of this bag. There are things I would have absolutely snatched up in a boutique (tote bag, bracelet, maxi dress). LOVE the concept and how tailored the service is. The price and the minimum 3 month commitment have given me pause but I’ve got a feeling I’ll be going for this subscription at some point sooner than later!!

    • Does anyone know when the box ships? I see my card was charged but not sure when to expect it. Also do they charge monthly or can you upgrade? Thanks

      • I think they are behind in shipping bc I ordered in April and never got my box so they are trying to work things out with me. I say be patient with them and I am trying to be. I’m sure they will amaze us both.

        • Oh I hope you get your box soon. I wonder why you never got it?

        • I was charged a month ago and have also not yet received my box. It is very disappointing to see they are so quick to get our money but not deliver on their end of the bargain (literally). I have not even received the shipping information or an update from the company. It seems as though the company provides amazing service to bloggers who provide free advertising but the paying customers are treated as an after-thought. I am patient and understanding because they are new to sub boxes, but come on… don’t send an email to existing customers promoting your next venture when you haven’t fulfilled month old orders. I want to love them, but I am very close to leaving them. This is *very* frustrating. However, I am glad that I am not the only one that has been neglected. They should send out updates to customers with unfilled orders and provide the next cycle’s boxes to those customers at a discounted rate. This is just ridiculous.

          I LOVE YOUR BLOG! I’m sorry my first comment post is a rant, but I feel fed up.

          A happy reader,

          • Hi Julie-Marie,

            Ella here with I-ELLA.

            We are definitely fanatic about customer service at I-ELLA. I’m hoping your first experience with us was a good one 🙂

            We have updated our clients regarding the waitlist, delays, etc and I do apologize if you did not receive an email.

            You were added to our “Weekend in The Hamptons” Gift Bag based upon the invoice.

            Please send an email to [email protected] and we can give you further details as to why.

            Also, we value all of the amazing women on The List.

            All the best,

            Ella, founder + ceo

          • So I am waiting on my bag also. I have not received anything regarding not even an email saying I subscribed but the payment did go thru and my card was charged over a week ago. I was going to upgrade but I see others having this problem. Will we be getting a shipment soon? or will it be another month?

          • Julie, same with me. I never even got anything that said I ordered but they did already take the money out of my account. I wonder if it is something to do with the bloggers, after all if they give a good review then we all buy. I hope I hear something.
            Here is the funny thing, I emailed about maybe upgrading my bag and they got right back to me but when I asked about shipment I got no response. Hmmm

          • Hi Carol,

            It looks like you paid on May 1, which would put you on The List for a gift bag in May.

            We really try to be as prompt as possible to any inquiries and believe we replied to your first inquiry within a couple of hours. It did not have anything to do with you interest at the time in upgrading.

            The List is growing very fast and we are doing our best to respond to each inquiry as quickly as possible.

            I think a number of your questions can also be addressed here in our FAQ’s:

            Also, based on the overwhelming response to our “Weekend in The Hamptons” Bag, we will have to begin a waitlist shortly.

            We love what we do and look forward to sharing our passion with you.

            Ella, founder

          • Elle thanks for the update. No that email I never got only the one for the upgrade. When do you ship so I can keep a look out for it. I did check the FAQ but maybe I over look it

  8. Oh dear I’m so tore now. I think I ordered the starter bag ( I’m a new customer ) and I would never wear those pants. We are a military family so I’m on a tight budget and cant afford to waste money. I guess its too late to cancel but I can try to sell them on my Ft Bragg shopping facebook page. If anyone else has a review about them or the company please let me know. If this is the only bag people complain about maybe it’s just beginners bad luck for me

    • The rest of the stuff in my bag was really nice! I think it would probably help to be really specific in your style profile. I’m trying to contact them to see if I can change mine 🙂

      • Thanks. I forgot to even up load a photo. I did it on my new computer which has no pictures on it. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see what comes.

    • I’m military and on a budget too so I can relate to your concern. I am still waiting on my first bag. I think everyone’s bags are a little different so you may not get pants especially in the starter bag.

    • How did it go? Were you able to update anything/did you get your bag?

      • No I never got my bag, I’m still waiting. Not sure what is going on, I mean I had heard they were having shipping problems but really they should keep us more updated. I think once I get this first box I wont be getting anymore. Who needs the stress LOL

  9. This is amazing. Maybe if I win the lottery one day I could afford it! I love the idea of this subscription and I am hoping I will get my bag soon. I ordered a april Soho bag but still have not recieved it :-/ But it should be coming any day now! Hopefully it will be amazing!

  10. Oh wow! You lucky duck 🙂 The bag looks great. I’ve been wanting to get one for about 3 months now. I’m hoping to be able to afford to sign up next pay. I’d love to do the St Barthes but it will have to be the Soho bag.

    I think part of this bag is trying something new that you wouldn’t have normally get. I would never think to buy those pants but looking at the styled image posted by ERINN I can see that they could be very cool 🙂 Well that’s what I say now when I haven’t paid for a gift bag yet!

    Keep up the posts Liz. You do a great job! And I love that Ella is on her commenting. Thanks for bringing us normal girls that touch of luxury.

  11. Cute! Wish I got yours instead of mine. I got an atrocious pair of tapered lounge pants. I hope my next bag is way better so that this wasn’t a huge waste of money.

  12. I am LOVING That Ella is commenting on our feedback here! Talk about customer service!! I just had a question about the last Ella comment. So the next box (June) is “Weekend in the Hamptons”? I might actually have to sign up for that and give it a try!! When is the deadline to order that box?

    • Hey Jessica,

      The new bag launches this month. It’s best to reserve your bag by the 15th.

      – Ella

  13. These subscription boxes are absolutely so much fun to open, aren’t they? I am just addicted to several and look forward to them each month. This is a great concept, but I have the same fears some of the above expressed…as a mid-40 year old in a Big Ten college town I think I might look like I’m trying too hard to capture my glory days in some of this clothing…But, the bag, beauty/skin products and the jewelry look right up my alley! Thanks for sharing. I love your blog!

  14. Wow!! I’d absolutely LOVE that bag!! Totally matches my style as well! I signed up for the starter bag last week… not sure when its going to start coming, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll be in love with the contents! If I’m impressed with the starter bag, I plan on upgrading!!

    • Nice – let us know what you get in the starter bag!


  15. SIGH!

    I wish I could afford St. Barth’s.

    I have the SoHo bag, which included

    – The bag (albeit in a different print)
    – The beautiful Biko necklace
    – The soap
    – Some elastic-banded “cow print-with-big-tropical-flowers” MC Hammer pants from Sam & Lavi (LOL – SO SORRY! I guess I am total fashion fail, but when I showed these to a friend, she yelled, “STOP! Hammer Time!” and now I can’t get it out of my head). And in fact they may be pajama bottoms.
    – And I now have enough Olivella to open my own small store, but no complaints. 😉

    Oh wait – I found a picture of the pants styled, so I guess they’re not pajamas – I’ll try to use HTML here:

    Sam and Lavi pants

    (If that didn’t work, they’re here:

    I love Ella and the List and the concept behind it, but this is the second time I’m probably going to have to try to re-sell the clothes to a consignment store or give them to charity. I may try it for another three months and try to rework my profile to emphasize my love for cute, figure-flattering little dresses – or write “I swear I’m not overweight – no elastic or large sizes necessary!” or something.

    It may be that young 40s is too old for this service? It makes me want to put my head down and cry, but it’s starting to seem that the rest of the world feels this way about so many things. 🙁

    • Hey Erinn,

      We are totally in love with those pants. They’re meant to be easy and fun and the print is very on trend.

      And.. as 40 is the new 30, I can assure you that you are not too old for this service. We have women in their 60’s who have been with us since day one.

      Just send us an updated style profile or even arrange a call with us here at our studios.


      Ella, founder

      • Nice to see Ella comment on ERINNs comment. I to am “young 40s” and wondered if I was “to mature” for this box. It’s one of the reasons I hesitated. That and it’s near impossible to find spoilers of the starter bag, which is all I can afford anytime soon!

        • Hey Melanie,

          We work with a wide range of age groups (20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s). Each group is well represented on The List. We take a number of things into consideration – specifically your age and style (and other things that may not be so obvious).

          Regarding the Starter Bag Review, we’d be delighted to send in a Starter and SoHo Bag to review for our next bag.

          The theme: “Weekend in The Hamptons”

          ( FYI: I’m holding on to my 30’s tooth and nail so I totally understand your concerns)



      • Just because you say they are “on trend” doesn’t mean that they are. Since a few people thought they were unflattering it seems to me that they are right.

    • I got the pants too! I really don’t like them either. Glad to know I’m not the only one, haha.

      • Hi Katie,

        Glad you received your box. The team went through a lot of effort to get it to the final destination 🙂

        I would suggest giving the pants a try.


        • Hi Ella,

          I was able to stop by my neighbors and pick it up. I’m glad he held the box for me.

          The pants just don’t work for my pear shape. Thanks for the effort!

          I look forward to the next box.


  16. Wow! I so wish I could this bag! I definitely will buy the starter bag for my birthday next month though! I’m really excited to try I-Ella

    • We look forward to having you!



  17. can you post pictures of the clothing items unfolded? I’d love to see what they look like! box looks awesome, wish I had the budget for it

  18. Wow wow wow!!! I have to get me that bag, but so expensive:/
    Maybe I’ll try the starter bag first. That’s great that they gave it to you, very great value all around!:)


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