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GlossyBox Subscription Box Review + Coupon – August 2017

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GlossyBox is a monthly beauty subscription box. They have the best packaging in the business, their products are usually deluxe size or full size, and the value is usually good too.

My Subscription Addiction paid for this box. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

FYI: GlossyBox sends out multiple variations of the box during some months. So, there may be some variation between what I review and what you receive.

The Subscription Box: GLOSSYBOX

The Cost: $21 a month (save more with 6-month or annual subscription)

FLASH SALE For a limited time, use coupon code COOLVIBES to save 50% off of the August box AND get a free FREE Josie Maran Argan Illuminizing Powder with your first month of Glossybox!

The Products: Deluxe and full-size beauty products.

Check out all of my GlossyBox reviews and the list of the best beauty and makeup subscription boxes!

Ships to: US and Canada

Each box comes with a fold out card detailing the items included:

Now, on to the items!

Doucce Freematic Blush in Pink Beach – Value $14

(All subscribers receive this item.)

This blush goes along with the other blush and palette subscribers received in the July box.

Like the other blush, the pigment is great, the finish is matte/semi-pearlescent, and the color works well for me, too.

Here it is swatched:

Pixi Brow Tamer – .15 oz Value $7.90

This is a great sized sample (over half the full-size version.)

It provides light hold, and didn’t make my eyebrows stiff – it’s the perfect kind of brow gel for me.

Bliss Body Butter in Blood Orange + White Pepper – 1 oz Value $4.30

(Good to know for swaps – this item has an inner foil seal.)

I’ve been a fan of Bliss citrus scents for a while now, and this one is probably my favorite. The formula is moisturizing but not greasy, too. It’s nothing new or exciting, but a solid sample!

Lancôme Monsieur Big Mascara – .06 oz Value $6

(All subscribers received this item.)

(This is half the size of the travel size version.)

Props to GlossyBox for getting a new release makeup item in the box – I’ve been wanting to try this!

My first thoughts after applying it? DRAMA! This mascara gets an A from me in both volume and length! It gets a B in lash separation, but all in all, this is a fab formula!

Rituals Zensation Organic Rice Milk & Cherry Blossom Shower Gel – 1.6 oz Value $3.75

This is a foaming shower gel – a little goes a long way! The cherry blossom scent is very fragrant, the formula itself is light. (It didn’t strip my skin of moisture, and it didn’t add moisture, either.)

Doctor Babor Hydro RX Eye Pads – Value $7.25

These eye gels are designed to make your skin feel more refreshed and hydrated – and they worked! I can’t say I noticed any difference between these and many of the other eye gels I’ve sampled, though.


Verdict: This box has a value of about $43.20. That’s OK for a $21 beauty box, but not great. And if it wasn’t for the Lancome mascara, this box would feel a bit ho-hum to me. Everything is useable, but a lot of these products are things I’ve sampled before. (Still, the mascara is a great discovery!)

What do you think of the August 2017 GlossyBox?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. I sent them a note last month. Got a form letter in response where they never even looked at what I wrote. But they did sound super sincere!

    Jul 14, 03:04 CEST

    Just a heads up…. the box with the lipstick isn’t actually worth the advertised $76 unless you count the actual box it came in which was super cute but pretty sure if someone paid full price for it they’ll be pretty mad.

    Today I get a response:

    Melissa (GLOSSYBOX)
    Jul 14, 15:08 CEST


    Thank you for writing in to us at GLOSSYBOX USA!

    This automated message is a confirmation that your ticket has been received by the Customer Care team and will be responded to within 10-14 days, as we are experiencing a much higher than normal backlog. We know this is not a top quality experience, rest assured, every email we receive will be responded too.

    Please allow us the allotted time listed above to reply before sending us another message, as each new response automatically pushes your ticket to the bottom of the queue, which will sadly take us longer to address. Please try and help us avoid this from happening! We want to deal with each customer in a timely manner, and don’t want you waiting any longer than necessary.

    For this, we do sincerely apologize and hope that we can work together to make your experience a bit more Glossy. We understand it can be frustrating to wait for answers to your questions, but rest assured, we will get to your ticket and we are responding to all messages as fast as possible. Your patience is greatly appreciated at this time.

    Feel free to review our FAQ section via the link below if you are in need of terminating your account, address change etc. Sometimes, the answer you need is hidden in there.

    If this is regarding more than one issue, please consolidate each concern into one email for a faster more efficient reply!
    If this is regarding a damaged item, please send us images of the damage, per our company’s policy.

    Sincerely yours,
    from GLOSSYBOX

  2. I *wish* I got this variation. Instead, I got the one with Bliss foaming face wash and Beautiful Nutrition Lemon hair rinse, so it’s worth even LESS. Last box of a 6 month sub. No more for me!

    • I would have preferred the face wash or the Freeman charcoal mask that I saw some ppl get. Instead I got some root booster which I won’t use. And the bliss lemon scented lotion.

    • This was my variation as well. Felt like a target box. Which items are considered full size? The blush (really?) and the mask (again, really?)? I get better items with 100 Sephora points than this.

  3. I received my Glossybox last week but was planning on swapping everything in the box UNTIL I smelt the Rituals Zensation Organic Rice Milk & Cherry Blossom Shower Gel today. It was delicious, it was luscious, it was something I wanted to slather all over my body…that is until I tried to use it. When I tried to use it, there was no way it would come out. I tried poking the head with a small tool hoping to get it dislodged so that it would spill forth. Fat lot of luck that was…

    I cannot get this thing to expel the soap, no matter how nice it may smell…and since I have been sent THREE blushes and all have been shattered, I don’t have much hope for this.

    This is not just bad business practice, it is BLOODY MALICE! I simply do not know what else to do since I believe I have used all options possible, including writing to their NEW OWNERS: Hut Group. I am BEYOND angry at this point and want blood…Glossybox, you lie and misrepresent yourselves constantly. I am JUST beginning!

  4. Sad to report that I am done with Glossybox for good! I’m so appalled by their customer service (months to answer!), their false advertising (advertising August’s box as $103 value and up to 3 full size products when in fact this was one of the lowest value boxes in awhile!), receiving the wrong color choices two months in a row (first the box, now the blush), and the crazy variation in prices for boxes. I really enjoyed glossy when I was first subscribed. But now it’s nothing but frustration. I’ll be sticking with beautyfix and boxycharm happily. I’ll keep checking back here to see if things ever change, but it’s not looking good!

  5. The Glossybox as we know it is no more. Well, not quite. It was announced earlier this week that Glossybox was acquired by the Hut Group, who also have Look Fantastic and Beauty Box in their portfolio.

    • Fascinating Christine…I missed that one! Thanks for the update and thus the reason for the super-califragilistic Prices in the last few months. More subscribers means more money?

  6. Can someone explain why I signed up for a three month sub, got one July box and two August boxes? Aren’t they supposed to send you one box for three consecutive months? Instead, I got three boxes in 2 weeks. I feel like they are just purging the leftovers. 🙁
    I’d email them, but I did that before and it took over a month to get a half-brained response.

    Goodbye forever Glossy. And good riddance!!

    • I feel you! I signed up for the same thing and so far have gotten the Aug box and my July box is stuck at the Pack stage since July 25th. I emailed to complain. They closed it saying it would ship within 14 business days of July 25th (Aug 14th) now it’s Aug 16th and it still hasn’t shipped. Not great.

      Upside for you you’ve gotten 3 boxes! I’ve only managed one!

  7. I had my mail on hold while I was on vacation and was so excited because my Glossybox was being delivered today. When the box arrived, it was already open, and all of the products were gone. All that was left was torn up tissue paper and the booklet. Has anyone else had this problem? And if you did, when you contacted Glossybox, did they send you a new box? I’m afraid that I won’t be able to straighten this out.

  8. So I canceled before the 15th so I wouldn’t be charged another 6 months in Sept. And it’s still in pack stage. Has anyone canceled and if so when did you receive your package? I got an email confirming I’d still receive August since it was prepaid and usually have it by now.

    • My last box is August and I canceled sometimes early July (way before 15th), they sent me shipping confirmation for August box, but I have not received it yet.

    • I cancelled July 12 and just got my box today (shipment notification a couple of days ago). I wouldn’t worry too much yet…Glossybox seemed to have inconsistent shipping schedules like they have inconsistent box content. 😉

  9. This is the version I received and for a value of $43, this stinks. I don’t know why Glossybox ha fallen the way they have, but I cancelled and am not going back.

    Bah Bye Glossy!

    • good luck on canceling Glossybox. I did last month and still am receiving emails that my payment method cannot be charged. I don’t want it to be charged, because I CANCELED. They must be the most unorganized company I have dealt with. Numerous emails that I have responded to, and they still don’t get it.

      • Jule, I am crossing my fingers that doesn’t happen to me, although I wouldn’t be surprised. Do you know that the blush that came in July’s box came shattered, but they send me a replacement TWO more times…and each time it was shattered. So I still don’t have a useable blush…and now they have stopped responding. Glossybox is the single worst company I have dealt with in years and I would not be surprised to see them close up shop.

        • You can fix it with a bit of rubbing alcohol. Do a Google search for the steps.

  10. Just tried to use the promo code COOLVIBES and it is no longer valid!

    • I just tried as well and for the 3, 6, and 12 month subs the code COOLVIBES came back as invalid but for 1 month it worked! 😘

  11. Just trying to make sure I cancel in time before being charged full price. I did the promo in July for the 3 months at $10 per month. I got July and should get August and September. I still have not received my August box yet. So do I need to cancel today to make sure that September is my last box and I don’t get charged again or do I have until September 14th to cancel??

    • Teresa, I have the exact same question. I am not sure if I need to cancel today or September 14th.

      • Just cancel now and don’t worry about it! I paid full price for this from the time I started. Get out, get out while you can!

        • Thanks, Carol! I canceled and got this response:

          You’ve decided to leave us? That’s too bad. It was nice taking a beauty journey with you.
          In September 2017 you will receive your last GLOSSYBOX, in accordance with your subscription plan’s terms and conditions.

          So, I canceled at the right time. I realized I paid $30 up front and it was indeed time to cancel. Hopefully, September’s box won’t be as bad as the May box.

          • They’re more expensive, but pop sugar and fabfit fun make me happier! I was so tired of getting an Ipsy quality subscription (without the cute bag) and paying over 20$ to do it.

    • Teresa,
      I canceled and got this response:

      You’ve decided to leave us? That’s too bad. It was nice taking a beauty journey with you.
      In September 2017 you will receive your last GLOSSYBOX, in accordance with your subscription plan’s terms and conditions. So, because I paid up front for July, Aug, Sept, I canceled and will still receive the September box.

      • Maybe you’ll get an awesome box, to suck you in again at full price! You know
        ” box variations”!

      • I cancelled today also and got the same response.
        I was worried if I did it too early that I wouldn’t get the last box, especially since I still haven’t gotten August. At least it is out of the way now and I don’t have to worry about it.

        • Everyone is leaving! I know I did and got the same response.

  12. I got the same box, and I was pretty disappointed. Not only were none of the products that interesting, they didn’t even send the blush shade I requested. I don’t know why they offer the choice when they don’t even honor it. I saw a lot of subscribers last month complained about requesting specific box colors and not getting the one they requested, though, so I wasn’t even surprised. And I haven’t heard anything good about their customer service, so I don’t even think it’s worth complaining about.

    Glad I’m only paying $10 for this one. Definitely canceling before I have to pay full price.

    • I agree! Don’t ask me to choose my box, product, color, etc, and then send a random choice. If you’re going to do that, don’t even ask!

      • 100% agree! Received the wrong box color last month and the wrong blush color this month. Stop asking for my choice if your system cannot handle it! I emailed about the box color and after a month was pretty much told, “oh well! Our system shows you did not make a selection.” I’ve cancelled and won’t be coming back!

  13. I got this same box without mascara. It was on the product sheet but not in the box. I liked my box and since I am on the $10 special 3 month sub I think it was a good price. I am not sure about continuing this sub for$21.

    • I did not receive half the box

  14. Did everyone else’s blush fill the case? My second one is the same size as the first, so there are gaps. Not a big enough gap for another pan, it just doesn’t look right!

    • The empty space is for a brush. I contacted doucce and they said they did not include the brush for this special edition made just for MSA.

      • Sorry. made for glossybox, not MSA!

        • Well, I won’t be getting the brush in next Month’s Glossybox, I just cancelled my monthly subscription

          • So did I. It has been disappointing lately.

      • That’s so stupid! Where are people going to find the brush that is supposed to fit there?

    • I haven’t tried it yet, but I was thinking it would fit one of the extra doucce eye shadows from Allure. It looks about like the same size.

    • Carol,
      The blush pans lie horizontally in the Doucce case…not vertically (like the eyeshadows).If placed like that, they fill the pan.

  15. I just cancelled GB last month, after being a subscriber for nearly two years straight. Their CS email responses to me have been nothing short of stupefying. They clearly don’t look into problems and customer accounts, before responding back with nonsensical responses to issues.

    When I saw on MSA that this months box was going to include the Monnsieur Big mascara, I felt a twinge of FOMO. Seeing the tiny size of the one that was actually sent, along with the rest of the items in this review, has completely removed the FOMO that I felt and reaffirmed my feeling good about having cancelled my long standing GB subscription.

    • I had less stress once I dropped Glossybox. I totally enjoy my other boxes.

  16. So disappointed in this box, they could of at least gave us a full size rituals body wash which I love. I am cancelling and going with Boxy Charm for September. They are consistent with having full size items.

  17. The better the new sign up coupon on is. The worse the box

    Glossy box….please stop having great new sign up coupon and focus on great spoilers and consistly good boxes .

    This box is a disappointment.

    • I was sort of thinking the same thing. I noticed when boxes give really steep discounts, the products in the box are no longer up to par (during the months the deal covers) to the level that subscribers expect. I know I’m one of the rarities though, because I still like the contents of a lot of the boxes during the discount periods.

  18. Of course the only thing I’m interested in (the brow gel) has aloe 😫

  19. How hard is it to cancel this sub if I only wanted one box with the deal

  20. Hands down the worst Glossybox I’ve ever received. Really depressing.

  21. cancelled my subscription = again….not worth $21 when I can buy a full size product of something i’ll actually use for that much.

    • Me too. August ends my $10/6 month deal. I cancelled today.
      Allure is a better deal IMO.

      • Kelly,
        I want to make sure I cancel in time before being charged full price for any more boxes. I did the promo in July for the 3 months at $10 per month. I got July and August so far. Sept would be my last box. So do I need to cancel today to make sure that September is my last box and I don’t get charged again or do I have until September 14th to cancel??

  22. I also received all items you listed with the exception of the shower gel. I received Tree Hut exfoliating mud mask, which appears to be full size. Used it last night and love it! I spent 3 months with Glossybox and decided although I seemed to get a good variation every month… It just wasn’t what I was looking for in a sub. I hate the blush!

  23. The blush isn’t even full sized! It’s half if a set that they sell on the doucce site in the compact. Nothing was full sized in this box this month. I’m super over it…

  24. Hey kids, does anyone know how to get a hold of a customer service rep from glossy box? I’ve been waiting for 4 weeks for a response after trying the usual channels including face book. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thank you.

    • Call them.. or message them on facebook.

    • I got a reply by posting on their public insagram page. Unfortunately glossybox seems to reply quickly only to public comments!

  25. I’m so glad I cancelled last month. This box is pretty bad. Last months was bad but this is worse. I thought I should on for the mascara and glad that I didn’t. Such a small size and to pay 21$ for this stuff? No thank you.

  26. This is definitely a very disappointing box on so many levels. I actually don’t mind so much that the value isn’t $103 as originally advertised, it’s what else that was advertised that is not in the box.

    There is not “at least three full-size products” (maybe the blush is considered full-size, but we already knew we were getting one), the much touted Lancome mascara is a tiny sample, and, I’m not seeing a “Glossy-fave bonus product.”

    Today I received this email:

    Hi Glossies,

    Our August product card hinted at a lip product that wasn’t included in the box. We apologize for any confusion this caused, it seems our team got a little ahead of ourselves since we are so excited to debut this lippie! Don’t fret – you will be seeing it in one of your boxes soon.

    In the meantime? We hope you’re loving the six products of your August Glossybox.

    Until next month,

    I’m happy I’m only paying $10 for this box, I have now cancelled, so September will be my last $10 box.

    • I also got the same email today. I am guessing the “Glossy-fave bonus product” was supposed to be the lip product that was missing in the box but they forgot to include it.

    • I think it is suppose to be that berry Doucce gloss. It was featured as a spoiler at one point over the Summer but they never included it in one of the boxes. With the Doucce blush compact broken up over July and August, maybe they thought including the Doucce gloss would be a bit too much Doucce and so are waiting to include it in a Fall box.

      • Be nice if they would just say that or at least more details about the lippie! GB is SO frustrating!

    • Monah,
      Just trying to make sure I cancel in time before being charged full price for any more boxes. I did the promo in July for the 3 months at $10 per month. I got July and August. So do I need to cancel today to make sure that September is my last box and I don’t get charged again or do I have until September 14th to cancel??

      • I believe you have until September 14th before being charged again, but you can cancel at anytime, so I would just cancel now to be on the safe side. That way you can be sure you won’t forget.

  27. I received the same box. The products are meh to me…didn’t really see anything full size. Was it the blush? Glad it was my last box. So expensive for meh products.

  28. I feel like they have given up and donot care what is in these boxes and also i feel so wronged that for the same box some people are paying $10 and others $21.
    This was a really disappointing box.

    • I agree completely. I signed up with the promo so I don’t think this box was horrible for $10, but if I’d paid $21 I’d be really upset. You would think they would make the boxes amazing to keep the promo users on board, but july and August really weren’t up to the level for that. Not when there are so many boxes for $10-15 that are consistently better than what glossy has been putting out. The last promo they did ends with September so they have one more chance. I hope they don’t offer any more and focus on the contents.

    • I think you are so right! Unfortunately, I resubbed last year for a full year so I have no choice since it’s prepaid. Getting better things from Ipsy for half the price and they have better customer service as well. And it has taken me 4 weeks to receive a response at times. Each month, it gets worse and sadder.

  29. Liz, I got the same box you reviewed. I have a friend that is interested in this subscription. Am I seeing that correctly, that if they use the code coolvibes, they will get the box for 10.50 plus the free Josie Argan powder?

    • Correct! Not sure which variation of the August box they will get, though. Hope that helps!

  30. I was interested in this sub but had a question and it took them 19 days to answer. That was all I needed to stay away. Is this the norm for their customer service?

    • I usually get a response in a 7-10 days. Then if I have any other questions I use that email to ask them instead of starting a new thread. That way I get a faster response.
      Bummed that glossy is going downhill, I loved it when I first subscribed.
      I think I’m the only one who requested the darker blush. I want to use it as an eyeshadow and the pink one looked too chalky.

      • I also got the darker blush, I thought it would be nice for fall. I received Glossybox awhile back then got suckered into the $10.00 for 3 months. So glad those boxes only cost $10.00 each because none of them were $21.00 box caliber. I feel bad for the ones out there paying $21.00, the same as Boxycharm! I’m done with Glossybox.

    • It has taken me 4 weeks (now going on week 5) to get a response from them. I think the shortest it took me to speak to customer service was two weeks. They have horrible CS in my many experiences dealing with them 🙁

  31. I got the exact same box. My biggest issue is that glossybox claimed that every box would have 3 full size items in it, this box does not. Extremely disappointing. I emailed them but have no received a response yet.

  32. This was the first box in awhile that I’ll actually use all the products. I’m not a big fan of the blush. It’s kind of dry and chalky looking on me. The other items are great. Next month is my last month with GB and I probably won’t miss it much but I have more products than I can use right now.

  33. I wasn’t impressed with mine.
    – Lancome mascara
    – Pixi brow tamer
    – Doucce blush
    – Seche mask – 1
    – Bliss foaming face wash (2oz)
    – Beautiful Nutrition Lemon hair rinse (1oz)

    It just seemed like old products that I’ve tried before. Less appealing than Allure for $15

    • This is the same box I got–horrible! I resubbed to give them one more chance and this box blew it. Never again!

    • I just got my box today and it had the same items as you.
      Glad I already cancelled my subscription.

      • Ditto and ditto (about cancelling). I could be wrong, but wasn’t that lemon rinse in a $7 Target box?!?!?! Pretty sure I already have 2 of them….

  34. They were attempting to claim that this box was worth over $100 on the site. Glad that they took that part down, I was starting to wonder if there was gold inside the cardboard box the samples come in.

  35. This is the exact box I got. The Glossybox website says at least 3 full size products, but I only see one – the blush. What gives? I have one more box on my subscription, then I will be canceling.

    • the mask is concidered full size in most subscriptions.

      • What mask? I got gel eye pads, but I don’t considered that full size since it’s only one set.

  36. I found this box to seem light and not worthy of the $21 price tag versus some of the $10 beauty boxes, for example my Sephora and Ipsy were both better this month. I am a full price Glossy subscriber and thus makes me want to cancel.

    • When Ipsy & Play! are kicking your ass, you know it’s bad 😕

  37. Liz, I got the exact box. Would you say the shower scent lingered? I am not a fan of strong scents. Thanks.

    • It is a strong scent but didn’t linger. Hope that helps!

  38. I never even got my July glossybox, which was my last one. The tracking info said delivered, but it never showed up and I never got a response from customer service.

    It left a very bad taste in my mouth for the subscription, and this review just makes me even more sure I was right to cancel! I am easy to please, but this is terrible.

    • Wow, that sounds annoying. Have you tried contacting your credit card company? They may be able to get your money back for you.

      • I had accrued enough glossy point things that July’s box was free, so there’s no charge to dispute. I was away for a day or so when it should have been delivered, but my building manager is superb about dealing with packages and nothing has ever gone astray before.

    • I would contact the post office. I don’t think GlossyBox has much control after it ships.

      • You are right but the right thing for them to do would be to send out a new one… play actually did it for me one time , well a sample was empty and they sent a whole new box and popsugar well their cs is amazing! My Pher throw last year I got had a big black spot on it, looked like ink and it was to be a gift well they sent a new one and let me keep the one with the stain! Cs is super important and Glossybox just doesn’t have it….

      • I did try to contact the post office but usps is a bit of a mess, and they said there was nothing they could do. Since I’d used my points for the box it was technically free, but it was still aggravating! And aggravating to get no response from glossy, even a “sorry your box got lost oh well” would have been better than radio silence.

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