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GlossyBox Subscription Box Review + Coupon – July 2017

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GlossyBox is a monthly beauty subscription box. They have the best packaging in the business, their products are usually deluxe size or full size, and the value is usually good too.

My Subscription Addiction paid for this box. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

FYI: GlossyBox sends out multiple variations of the box during some months. So, there may be some variation between what I review and what you receive.

The Subscription Box: GLOSSYBOX

The Cost: $21 a month (save more with 6-month or annual subscription)

FLASH SALE For a limited time, use coupon code TROPICAL to get a 3-month GlossyBox for only $10 a box!(Regularly $58.50 for a 3-month subscription.) 

The Products: Deluxe and full-size beauty products.

Check out all of my GlossyBox reviews and the list of the best beauty and makeup subscription boxes!

Ships to: US and Canada

Each box comes with a fold out card detailing the items included:

Now, on to the items!

NCLA Clean Up Your Act – Value $16

This is a nail polish remover pen made for precise nail polish mistake removal.

It comes with one pen tip in place, and three more as backups when you need them:

I tried this on a nail with dried nail polish and it did not remove the nail polish. So this is only for mistakes when the nail polish is still wet. (Still super useful!)

La Roche-Posay Purifying Foaming Cleanser – 15 ml Value $.60

Good brand, and great cleanser! It’s light and refreshing, cleaned my skin without drying it, and was good with makeup removal, too.

Dr.PAWPAW Multipurpose Soothing Balm – FULL SIZE! Value $12.50

This is my favorite discovery in the box! First, it’s just fun to say the name! And even better, it’s an all-natural, fragrance-free, multi-use balm!

Trifle Cosmetics Lip Parfait in Exotic Fruits – FULL SIZE! Value $19

I LOVE the Trifle Cosmetics lipstick packaging! Plus their formulas always smell good and are ingredient conscious, too. This lipstick is creamy, moisturizing, and has a satin finish. The pigment is pretty good, but the color just washes me out. This is sadly a miss for me.

(Swatched in lower photo.)

Glossybox x Doucce Freematic Blush Palette with shade Summer Sunset – Value $24 total

This set includes a Freematic magnetic case ($10 value), and a Blush ($14 value). Subscribers will have the opportunity to pick their second shade for the August box. (The info card mentions signing into your account to take the survey, but also filling out the survey once you get an email – I’m not seeing a place to pick a blush color out online yet. If you see it, let me know!)

The Summer Sunset color has a matte finish and good pigment. Here it is swatched beneath the lipstick:

Luseta Beauty Coconut Milk Shampoo and Conditioner Travel Set – Value $5

This set is paraben and sulfate free, and the formulas smell like coconut. What else could I ask for?

Verdict: I think GlossyBox has been doing a great job lately. This box had plenty of full-size items, a high value (about $77), and some great product discoveries for me. (Loving that Paw Paw balm!)

What do you think of the July 2017 GlossyBox?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. If you got the lipstick and finding it smells funny or tastes funny is probably because it may be left over from the August 2016 box. The Fig and Rouge Detox Serum was from the Holiday LE box from November 2016. Check your expiry date. As I’ve been reading the reviews over the past few months and watching the promos and gifts to get you to sign up, I see a lot of old product going back as far as May 2016. That includes the after sun lotion and the Skin Co facial cleansing oil.

  2. The survey for selecting the blush color has been loaded in my account. I chose the pink one!

    • How do you find that? I don’t seem to have a survey at all.

      • It was with my other product surveys for July. It was loaded just today.

  3. I did the $10/month deal and I love my box this month!!!!!! I got the same box as Liz (love the smell of the shampoo/conditioner!) but instead of the lipstick I didn’t want I got a full size Aerin beach cream for hair/body. It’s $45!! I’m so happy about this cream, it’s amazing for my curls. Really happy with this $10 box!! Oh and my rituals box from gilt finally arrive today as well.

  4. Is everyone’s nail polish pen empty? People were saying their nail polish pens came dry and Glossybox on social media is telling people to fill their pen with nail polish remover or to dip the pen tip into nail polish remover.

    • Mine is totally dry; I was so confused by it. Pressing down on the tip does nothing, and the pen is so light I don’t see how it can have any liquid inside it. I think they are just empty, and I’m not sure that they’re supposed to be. Having to dip it in my own remover is messy and difficult, which significantly lowers the value of the product to me.

      • You can pull off the end with the extra tips and inside there is a wick. Fill the pen with remover and then push the end part back on.

    • I e-mailed them about that days ago and never heard back. I am confused thinking it should have remover in it

  5. So I like the box but on their site it says “On the hunt for a summer glow? Tropical Beauty starts right here!
    At least 4 full-size products worth over $76
    6 products in every box, delivered to your doorstep in our colorful tropics-themed design
    Take a peek into the July box here”

    The shampoo and condition comes out to $1.16 each so the value for this box falls just short of what’s advertised. I have the $10 deal so I’m pretty content every month. It’s like paying for a crappy drink at a bar and then getting happily surprised the times it turns out tasty! I can’t imagine paying full price for this though.

  6. I got the exact same box as Liz. I didn’t get my box color choice but it’s fine. Everything in the box will get used. The lipstick is really pale but can be used to tone down a bright shade. My son has chronically chapped lips and face so the balm will go to him. GB isn’t generally a WOW box for me but I still really like getting it every month and I’ve NEVER had problems with my box or CS. I’ve been a customer for over a year.

  7. i picked the blue and green box color for this months box, but when i opened it i got purple and yellow. pretty bummed about it… considering they asked us what we wanted. i made my decision before the deadline. they are all wonderful colors but would have love to get the colors you got!

    • I’m wondering if anyone got the colour they asked for. I sure didn’t. I wanted green and blue too.

      • Nope i got yellow & purple too…i wanted red & blue

        • I have received the AERIN soap instead of the lipstick and couldn’t be happier. I will only use the shampoo/conditioner, the other items will be gifted. Still a great box.

      • I asked for red & blue and got red & blue but wish I got green & blue. LOL. They must have known I didn’t really want what I asked for so they gave it to me…

      • I did.

  8. I think I might be missing something from my box.
    I had all of this except a lipstick and there wasn’t a different item. It only adds up to about a 50 dollar value. Should there have been an extra product?

    • Maybe the bar of soap? That’s what I got.

      TBH, I love Glossybox. It’s a bit over priced sometimes at the $21 price. Still quality products overall. I am LOVING the $10 deals and will stay signed up (double boxes and all) as long as they offer it.

    • I didn’t get the lipstick, either, but got a nice face serum (Figs & Rouge Avance+ Invisible Pores Night Detox Serum, according to the foldout) – so it sounds like they forgot an item. I’d definitely get in touch with them about it!

    • What does your fold out card say?

  9. I really like this month’s box, but overall I think the value (even the best box variation) is too low for a $21 box. I mean, a 60 cent cleanser sample? That’s just ridiculous. Some of us longtime subscribers are stuck paying full price, while I think the overall value suffers because so many new people are jumping on $10/month sub deals.

    • I cancelled my sub (monthly) and then resubbed at the discounted rate. Not sure if you want to do this or not, but wanted to share that it worked for me. That said, after my new sub is over I am done done done. I have had numerous issues and when I contact them, wait weeks and then contact them again, they respond with a “we are having staffing issues right now, so appreciate your patience”. As a customer, it doesn’t matter what your issues are – you are being paid for your service and products. This mix up with the boxes is the last straw for me as I did not get my requested box either. WTH?

    • I emailed them and asked if they had any discounts. They gave me 30% off and sent me a refund of the difference.

  10. I’m looking forward to getting this box once I return from vacation. Everything in it looks useful to me (lipstick, shampoo/conditioner, cleanser, etc.). Way to go Glossybox! This is another great month for them.

  11. I got this box, except something else (moisturizer?) instead of lipstick. I’m happy with it.

    One thing. The palette comes with one blush pan, and they are sending a second next month and that is supposed to fill it. But if two are put side by side lengthwise, there will still be quite a space in the front. Is there supposed to be something else going there – a brush maybe?

    • Yes, I believe a brush. If you google freematic blush duo you’ll see it.

      • My blush arrived shattered. How is customer service? I’ve contacted them to tell them I don’t have the blush survey and they haven’t responded.

  12. this is a good deal. I just don’t know if I need more products. I really should cancel sephora and get this since same price. I like the pawpaw and that is the cost of this box but not sure I would get it in the box.

  13. I’m really tempted by this deal, and this box is just so cute! The problem is I just can’t see myself using any of this stuff… I’m thinking about going with Ipsy or Play! for three months instead, even though this stuff is a higher retail value. To the existing subscribers- are you guys happy with your subscription?

    • I also did not not get my color choice. And, instead of the cleanser for oily skin, they gave me the cleanser for normal to dry skin, even though I have oily skin and answered their beauty quiz as such. I don’t understand why they ask if they are not going to use the information.

    • I am. I like Glossybox so much, I ordered myself a second monthly box and a box for my BFF.

  14. I’m gonna resub for this deal. The customer service has always been wretched but this box has also introduced me to some brands I’ve fallen in love with over with over the years, so I think I’ll give it another chance. Hoping they get their act together, fingers crossed!

  15. It will be very interesting to say the least how the next 3 months go….

    I’m almost dreading this month’s box.

    • I am almost dreading this box too. I really hope that I do not receive the same items as Liz did.

      I have been a GB subscriber for nearly two years straight now, but after receiving horrible customer service twice, (just this year), this is my final box. I haven’t been happy with what’s been in my boxes for a few months now so, I’m not worried about FOMO.

  16. I’ve never been impressed with GB per the reviews, but with the $10/3 month promo, I decided to give it a try. They’re sounding kinda desperate, so maybe they’ll step up their game. We will see…………

  17. I was disappointed that I did not get the box colour of my choice. I picked blue and green and received red and blue. I was really quick to do my survey picking my colours so I’m not sure what went wrong. 🙁 I was really looking forward to the pretty box.

    • Same here! Except I picked pink and orange, and got red and blue.

      • I did not get my box choice either. Another reason why this is my last box from them. Don’t ask for my choice and then ignore it – means you are ignoring me. Also, took survey but did not see anywhere to give blush information for next month. Another miss for them.

        • If was so excited when I ordered my yellow and purple box! But I received red with blue, lipstick that is so pale I could never wear it…I think I’m going to cancel, this is the last straw.

          • Did anybody get the box colour of their choice?

  18. Shoot, I’m sorry the Trifle Cosmetics lipstick washed you out!! I love their products too and have a TC lipstick from GlossyBox from months ago lol. We have about the same skin tone so I’m sure it’d wash me out too :p I got the AERIN beach cream instead which I’m happy with!

  19. This was probably the first GlossyBox Ive had in a few months that really delivered not only for the items but the box was so cute . I got the soap instead of the lipstick,

  20. This is the variation that I received as well. I am not happy with it. I don’t use lipsticks so the biggest value item is useless to me. My blush was also cracked and there is powder everywhere. Someone else tried to contact them, but their wait time is 2 weeks for a response. Not worth it to me. Instead, I cancelled my sub.

    • I’m with you, I’ll be cancelling when my 6 months are up. 2 weeks to respond is ridiculous.

      Did your lipstick have a bad taste? I’m wondering if mine was old or maybe got overheated shipping across the country in a heatwave. It tasted rancid.

      • OMG, that’s terrible! I literally don’t use lipsticks, so I didn’t even try it. Hope their customer service can replace it for you (after waiting so long that they hope that you’d forget).

      • It is likely an older product that couldn’t sell for that brand. Hence, the unwearable color.

      • That’s the color I got in my August 2016 GB. Could be a leftover.

    • Try calling them it’s much easier and make sure u call during a weekday. Their number is on their website under contact us. Also not to be rude but u must know that Lipstick could possibly be included with GB, and u don’t wear it sooooo

      • Yes, I know lipstick could be included – but they have multiple variations of boxes and if they actually LOOKED at my profile, it would be clear that I don’t use lipstick. It appears they only use the profile for demographic data, but not to actually style our boxes.

    • How do I cancel?

      • There should be a cancellation link when you sing in to your account.

  21. I received the after sun lotion (smells amazing) instead of shampoo/conditioner and instead of the lipstick I received Skin&Co truffle therapy cleansing oil (put up for swap). I was very happy with this month’s box. Normally I get the lowest value box they put out there so I was pleasantly surprised this month. I would have preferred the Aerin soap as I prefer bar soaps but the tuffle oil is the same value so it’s not as if they sent me a lower value item instead.
    For those who received the bar soap what does it smell like? I might try swapping for it.

    • My soap’s fragrance is lilac. I like it as it’s not overwhelming. I use is as a hand soap though. I prefer liquid soaps and gels in the shower.

  22. I received my first box today. Sadly my blush was broken and my ncla pen was missing the cap. I did receive the Aerin beach cream though which is super nice!

  23. Thanks so much for the flash sale code! I’m looking forward to the boxes!

    The NCLA should have polish remover in the pen. If you press down on the inserted tip, it will saturate it. I have used Julep and Ulta brands and they work great!

  24. I’m kinda surprised MSA didn’t get the highest value variation this time which I think is the one with that $30 Aerin soap.

    • Why do you think MSA always gets the most expensive box? A box with the highest monetary value doesn’t necessarily mean it will always be considered the best box. I would think their box is luck of the draw as it is for everyone else.

      • Bloggers, influencers, and people with large Instagram and YouTube followings get sent the boxes for free to review so the boxes make sure the boxes sent are the best variation they are featuring that month.

        • Miss paid for this box. It was not for free.

      • I know some bloggers, etc. get their boxes for free, and I know MSA gets some of theirs for free, but the review always says whether or not they paid for the box. It’s clearly stated in this review that MSA paid for the box. Sometimes when a box has multiple variations there may be more than one review, but each review is of a different variation.

        So, when MSA pays for their own boxes I would think they get the luck of the draw just as the rest of us do.

        I don’t think every box and review is rigged to ensure MSA always gets the best box. And, as I said, highest monetary value does not necessarily mean highest personal value.

    • Read the other MSA reviews. They got the one with the soap.

  25. I got a full size De Bruyere After Sun Lotion Monoi ($12 value) instead of the shampoo/conditioner duo. Everything else was the same. My blush was a different color though. Mine looked a lot darker.

    • I got the shampoo/conditioner combo, but my glossydot surveys say I got the after sun stuff. I tried the shampoo/conditioner, and they smell nice, but leave my hair a tangled mess. I got the wrong box, and a cracked blush. Not a good month. I know I got the lipstick in the above box a while back. Can’t remember how old it is.

      • August 2016.

  26. Thanks for the coupon.

  27. My box came today.I got the same insides of the box. I got a purple and yellow box. My blush and lip stick were broken. I hope they send replacements. I can’t wait to try everything.

    • I hope you have better luck than I did. I had a broken nail polish and it took almost 2 months to receive a replacement. That is just crazy in my opinion.
      Don’t forget to send them a photo of your damaged items – they require it.

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