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Try the World Subscription Box Review – December 2014

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Try the World Subscription Box Review - December 2014 Box

Try the World is a bi-monthly food subscription box that sends you local and authentic gourmet foods that are chosen by celebrity chefs from different countries. Each month features a different country, except for their Special Edition Holiday Box (featured in this review), which features items from multiple countries.

Try the World Subscription Box Review - December 2014 Box Again

This box was sent to us for review purposes. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

Try the World Subscription Box Review - December 2014 Items

The Subscription: Try the World

The Cost: $39/month, every 2 months.

COUPON: Use coupon code THEIRPRETTIES10 to save $10 off your first box!

The Products: Each box includes 7-10 locally made/grown gourmet goodies as well as some cultural tidbits, such as music playlists and movie recommendations, all from the country being featured.

Ships to: US

Try the World Subscription Box Review - December 2014 Card

All Try the World boxes include informational cards. This Holiday Box had a little booklet that contained a short note from the Try the World team, as well as information and history about each item in the box. It also contained a music playlist, movie recommendations, and funny food traditions from the countries featured!

Try the World Subscription Box Review - December 2014 Info

This is the informational card that describes everything included in this box.

Try the World Subscription Box Review - December 2014 Info 2

(This the opposite side of the info card.)

Try the World Subscription Box Review - December 2014 Dorval

Favarger Swiss Milk Chocolate with Hazelnuts – 3.5 oz, value: ~$6

Dorval Dark Chocolate Mint Sticks – 2.64 oz, value: $2.79

Chocolate is my favorite treat, so I was thrilled to see some genuine Swiss chocolate in the box! I definitely opened this as soon as photos were finished!

These Dark Chocolate Mint Sticks were so good, and kind of fun to eat. I also love that they include all natural ingredients!

Try the World Subscription Box Review - December 2014 Wafels

Provence Epice Provence Herbs – 3.53 oz, value: $10.75

Rip van Wafels Amsterdam Wafels in Traditional and Cocoa Filled – 1.2 oz each, value: $3.12 total

This is a very large bag of spices! It’s a mix of rosemary, thyme, basil, marjoram, and savory. I’m really excited about this mix because it seems pretty versatile, and it’ll last me quite a long time.

These waffels were interesting – I tried them straight out of the package, and they were more chewy than I expected (almost like a soft cookie). The package recommends letting them sit over a warm beverage to let the waffle become warm before eating, which definitely sounds like a decadent treat.

Try the World Subscription Box Review - December 2014 Annas

Annas Ginger Swedish Thins – 5.25 oz, value: $1.98

Palais des Thes Assorted Teas – 3 tea bags, $1.95 total

These cookies are called “pepparkaka,” which are described as a Scandinavian take on gingersnaps. These are thin, crisp, and vegan!

I’m so excited to try all these teas. The three flavors are Rooibos Des Vahinés tea, Saint-James Black Tea, and Thé Des Amants Black Tea. Their descriptions all sound delicious and I know I’ll drink them this winter!

Try the World Subscription Box Review - December 2014 Oil

Urbani White Truffle Oil

White and Dark Chocolate Truffles

I’ve heard so much about Truffle Oil from binge-watching the Food Network, but I’ve never actually tried it. I’m bummed that this is a small foil packet (I would have been over the moon if it were a little sample bottle!), but it’s still enough for me to try out a couple drops on a meal or two.

Verdict: Overall, I’m really happy with this Try the World box! I love the range of things (seasonings, sweets, teas, chocolate) and I’m happy with the portions of just about everything! As far as value goes, everything adds up to $26.59. I wish it had at least broken even with the $39/month value, but I know they sometimes offer promo codes and such so if you can snag a subscription at a discounted rate, I’d recommend it! Plus, I never would have found all these things on my own, and I’m really excited to try everything.

What do you think about Try the World?

Written by Haley Faye

Haley Faye

Haley Faye first discovered Beauty Army and Birchbox in 2012 and instantly fell hard and fast for the world of subscription boxes. Over the years of writing for MSA she has found many subscriptions to fuel her addiction, but her favorites include fashion, geeky, beauty, and mom/baby boxes to share with her son.
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  1. I have had the worst time with this company. They continue to send me packages and charge my card even though my account says my subscription is no longer active. I magically becomes active again when the next box is to be shipped. Do not give this company your information and credit card number unless you want to continue to be charged after you have cancelled it.

  2. This company is a huge mess. My credit card was charged immediately when I ordered, but weeks later I had not received a shipping notice. I emailed my worry and was told my box had shipped and been delivered. They included in their reply the tracking number with someone else’s information and location!!! I have the same last name as another subscriber and they even sent that person’s email to me saying “this is the email associated with this purchase”. No! Wrong! So now I have a charge on my credit card, no shipment, and someone else’s email address and location. This is unbelievable and a huge mistake on their part for all subscribers.

  3. I just got my free trial Japan box and cancelled. The box I got looked just like the blogger boxes. I was very impressed with the box . The items were decent sized and pretty good, I found everything in that box on Amazon for cheaper though.
    As far as cancelling goes I emailed them and they emailed me back a day later with the cancellation form. Hopefully they don’t charge my account!

    • I agree, My parents bought me a year of the boxes for my birthday and the boxes are full of things I can get on amazon or a market place. The majority of the boxes I have also disliked the items in there. I told my parents to cancel their order because it was so bad but the gesture was very sweet. They said they wanted to make cooking easier for me with my schedule. The box didn’t do that. My parents said they thought it was a meal in there because they show example pictures of prepped meals. That is EXTREMELY misleading for what is truly in the box.

    • Hi Kady! We appreciate the feed back! In the last few years we’ve moved to using 90% producers who have not had their items in the US before. We do understand your concern however, and hope you’ll give us a shot in the future.


      Customer Experience Team

      Try The World

  4. I agree with everyone else…skip this one or cancel right away if you’ve already signed up! I cancelled my sub after not being satisfied with the value, then my cc was charged weeks later for $39 again! I’m now in the process of printing and filling out loads of paperwork to dispute the charge, because they won’t respond to emails. Definitely run from this one…it’s not worth it.

  5. Total rip off… you won’t know when it ships, it’s not worth the money, they don’t send the paris box until you email a couple of times and then insist they can’t let you cancel because your next box has shipped… but don’t let you know when it supposedly shipped. Quit ASAP if you have signed up and don’t sign up if you haven’t,

  6. Just wanted to pop in and say I initially tried this for a few months, and I agree with those who’ve said it’s not really a great value. Great packaging, and nice looking box, but when you get down to it, many of the items included are either things I can get at my local gourmet market, or completely overpriced. I just didn’t think it was a good value for the money. When I went to cancel, screens kept popping up to get me to stay on, giving me discount after discount, but I just wasn’t interested.

    • We appreciate the feed back! In the last few years we’ve moved to using 90% producers who have not had their items in the US before. We do understand your concern however, and hope you’ll give us a shot in the future.

      Customer Experience Team

      Try The World

  7. I subscribed April 26th the charge has processed but no shipping information. Most companies that do not have set shipping dates do not charge until the product is being picked to ship.. Would it be advisable to just go ahead and cancel now while waiting for my boxes to get the ball rolling on that before I’m stuck with another charge and LONG shipping waits?

    • If it were me I would cancel ASAP. After numerous emails (they have a phone number but I have never had anyone answer when I tried to call) I finally received the two boxes I paid for. Don’t be surprised if the box you receive is filled with much smaller products/samples than are shown in their advertisements. I was supposed to get a free Try the World box for signing up but they refused to send it to me because I cancelled. They did offer me a gift card which I used but that was another ordeal. They also offered me a 30% off promo code for the next box which I did not use. I finally called my CC company and had the charges reversed because I did not receive what they advertised. Their customer service may have improved (I don’t know how it could possibly get any worse than it was) because there have been so many complaints but I would not ever consider signing up with TTW again.

    • I ordered it about the same time you did and got the Marrakesh box and the “Thank you” box last weekend. Hopefully you got it too by now. I also got a shipment notification my email for both boxes. Maybe check your junk mail? I’m hoping the next boxes go as smoothly because the comments are making me nervous. Was going to get my cousin this as a graduation present, but now I’m not so sure…

  8. I am so frustrated with them. I feel like I was baited. They had a buy current month (Marrakesh) and get the free Paris box. So, I figured a good way to see if the $39 dollars was worth it. Marrakesh came, but no Paris. I have tried emailing them about 6 times and no response. I can’t find a phone number. So, upset. I would never have paid $39 just for the Marrakesh. They promised the free Paris box too. The Marrakesh box was definitely not worth $39. I lodged a complaint with the BBB.

    • I did the exact thing you did, but I did get my Paris box, but it came maybe a month later than my Marrakesh box. I ordered mine in March and got the Paris box in April. I did cancel my subscription because the boxes I got looked nothing like the blogger boxes. I was hoping the Paris box would have the exact same things, but it didn’t. I was disappointed honestly.

      • I completely understand your frustration as I had a similar experience. Their phone number is 765.889.2691. No one has ever answered. They simply have a recording that says that they are in a remote part of the world looking for new products. Really??? I too was banned from posting on their FB page as I posted a negative review. If you signed up using your credit card you could try disputing the charges. I disputed the charges because I did not receive what was advertised and was fully refunded by my CC company. TTW took forever answering emails and it was a continual run around. I hope you get things sorted out soon as it was such a maddening ordeal!

    • Write a post on their public Facebook page. I have had NOTHING but problems with this company- sending me boxes with many big tickets items missing and not replacing them, then sending me a gift card to “buy” the items, which I did. But then I was sent the less expensive version of the item, with no refund of the difference. I called them and emailed them with no response. But, once I wrote on their public Facebook page, they responded immediately. However, they don’t seem to understand that they are in essence committing fraud by sending out cheaper items and not refunding the $. I am DONE with this company.

      • I did complain on Facebook but they deleted my comment and blocked me. I canceled my subscription.

        • I had the same experience. They removed my post and blocked me. SO glad I cancelled!!!

  9. I finally received my Box last week. After weeks of trying to contact the company. Talk about a ridiculous run around. They kept saying it would be shipped, but then it wouldn’t be. And after posting on their facebook page about my missing box, they’ve banned me from their page all together. Talk about a shady company!
    The box I received wasn’t ANYTHING like anyone else had gotten from Venice. The only thing the same was the lemon chocolate bar.
    They wouldn’t even respond when I tried to contact them about this box being nothing like expected from the reviews. So, so much for RETURNS accepted huh! I think the value of my box was less than $15 so definitely nowhere near the value of what I paid. 100% upset with this company. Getting my box a month late was unnacceptable to start with. and then receiving a box with no value is even worse!

    • This happens all the time. Almost 100% of the positive reviews are people who got the box for free. The company sends those and then delays shipping for paying customers. They’re telling customers the new box ships 3/31 – yet bloggers have it. They ban people from social media and delete all questions or negative posts. Seriously unethical and it bothers me that bloggers continue to post praise of such a company. Look what happened with French Box.

      • I am so frustrated with Try the World!!! They shipped me a partial order today that was placed several weeks ago. Because the products I received earlier (not at all what is advertised) were a joke they gave me a $25 gift card. I purchased the Mogi coffee that was pictured in my Venice box and I didn’t receive. I got tea that I purchased but still no coffee and no invoice. The Paris and Venice boxes were a joke and late and now an unfulfilled order with no invoive or explanation. I’ve been banned from their FB for posting a negative review. Emails go unanswered for weeks and no one ever answers the phone. This has been a massive waste of time and effort just trying to get what I paid for. How are they still in business??? PLEASE don’t recommend this or advertise their specials. It is the worst “customer service” and they are dishonest in what they promise and what they deliver. I don’t care how good the offer is it is not worth the hassle of just trying to get the advertised product. I cannot believe Food Network featured them and gave them glowing reviews without vetting the experience other customers were having. Awful experience…do not waste your time, money and energy on the bogus attempt at a business.

    • do you have a contact number? They are not answering my emails.

      • 765.889.2691 – I wouldn’t expect anyone to answer. Please see my post above. Good luck to you!

  10. I did get the Venice box yesterday. So So for me. Not one thing is actually from Venice so this should be called an Italy box. IF I had paid full price for this box I would be really annoyed. I do know that the packaging (really nice) and postage does cost a fair amount of money so they do have to build that into their pricing. I can’t find everything on Amazon but I believe the food probably adds up to $20-25. One of the items sent was pear-grappa jam which I am eager to try and isn’t something you can buy at World Market. I’m really on the fence about this sub

  11. I did get my Paris box yesterday my free world box today and I have tracking for Venice box
    everything has been 2 day delivery
    their marketing department shouldn’t have contests when they can’t fulfill boxes
    I will say that for the past two weeks they have answered emails promptly
    I think they weren’t ready for all the business
    I have cancelled sub for my sister and will wait until Venice box to see for me

  12. I was told three weeks ago on Instagram that Venice boxes would ship the end of January. Obviously that didn’t happen. It bothers me that they post pictures and links to review sites that got their boxes weeks ago. I took a blind chance on them and prepaid for 3 boxes (the free holiday box deal), but get treated second class. If I thought I could my money back I would cancel now.

  13. was suppose to get the venice box i recived the paris box the la mere poulard cookies the inside of the box says apr 15 20014 the out side says nov 12 15 i think thats the last box for me good luck everyone to many problems for me xoxo dorothy

  14. Still waiting on my boxes
    they have tons of bad reviews due to non delivery

    • I reached out to them to try to get an answer on what is going on. I will update as soon as I hear back. 🙁

      • I can understand the Venice box is in process but I still don’t have the Paris or World boxes
        it seems like they have bitten off more than they chew
        I don’t think they are trying to rip people off…just poor execution

  15. OMG I love caramels and they have one of the awesome CARAMELSssS!
    you can cook with other sauces too, it tastes great!!!@#
    I love it, no doubt!

  16. Looking at my account on line it says “fulfilled” Jan 8
    I don’t have my box
    and get no answer to my emails
    I don’t see anywhere to find a tracking number. Am I missing it?

    • I have the exact same problem. It’s not you. I’m really peeved and am going to report them to the Better Business Bureau and have the payment reversed by my bank. $39.00 is too much to shell out for nothing.

      • It’s too bad as it seemed like a great idea . I’ve actually been charged for two boxes I’ve never seen.
        I’ve been told at least 5 times that my box is “shipping soon” and when I told them to cancel my subscription they answered right away offering 30% discount of the next box. I laughed at that……

  17. Purchased this for hubs for Christmas. First Box arrived before Christmas (quickly after ordering). Then, my Credit Card was charged 1/2/15, and account states that shipment will be sent at end of month. Well then, charge my card at the end of the month. Bummer. Will cancel.

  18. I grabbed the deal in early December for “Subscribe (France Box to start) and get Holiday Box free”. I thought packaging was great and the box is strong enough to use for something. I agree with people here saying that $39 is too high for these items that we can find them locally. I justified it is ok for me for 1/2 price per box. Here is what I received:

    Holiday Box (similar to the box here):
    Truffle oil x 2 packets – a little goes a long way, but I wished for a small bottle. We like it on our mushroom risotto and also mix with mashed potatoes.
    Rip Van Wafles
    Tea sampler
    Bazzar Chocolate spread
    Anna’s cookies
    Maison D’amorine Salted Caramel Chocolate
    Favarger Chocolate

    France Box (I saw a few variations on reviews)
    Clement Faugier Chestnut Spread
    Sea salt
    Salted Butter Caramels
    Tea Sampler – an overlap from Holiday box…
    Charles Antona Organic Jam
    Dijon Mustard
    La Mere Poulard Sables

    I liked France Box included salt and mustard as my husband and I enjoy cooking. I think I am going to cancel after this… If they can get the value high, it will be a great box for me.

  19. I wish I’d gotten the box you got. I did some pretty generous totaling of my haul, and it seems to come in at $4-$5 less. Instead of the bag of herbs, the full-sized Favarger bar, and the mint sticks (~$19+), I got a small salted caramel bar (47g) from La Maison d’Armorine, a box of 6 Belgian hazelnut chocolates from GuyLain, and some fruit flavored hard candies from Rendez-Vous (~$15). And that total is based on the price of the 100g salted caramel bar (twice the size than the bar in this box), and assumes that the GuyLain box is reasonably priced at $8 (the price on Amazon, including shipping to the US from Germany). I also don’t seem to have gotten the white and dark chocolate truffles that were included with some people’s truffle oil sample.

    I love the idea of the Try the World box, but so far the France box was the only one that really wowed me. This one and the London box were pretty disappointing, and not very good values for the money paid unfortunately. Not sure if I’ll cancel this month or give it one more shot. Still thinking it over.

    • I got this same box (the lower value) and agree…. I was disappointed by both the value, and really the contents. The truffle oil will be fine, but I have (small) bottles of both black and white truffle oil already, so it’s not really a treat. And Guylian isn’t a great treat in this household at least – either people must bring this to me as presents after travel, or it’s available here — either way, I have had it plenty before. And didn’t we get Palais des Thes in the Paris box? I did, and while I recognize it’s good tea, I’m not sure it’s worth two samples of it.

      I would have loved some spices. In general, I love the idea of this subscription box, but would like some more savory treats too — I’m not looking for a sweets and candy box. I’d like more spices, teas, spreads, pasta, and other food related items that are not sugar based. Of course the three boxes that I didn’t get yet seem the best for those products.

      Also, I’m not so sure about the holiday theme. I started late, and was looking forward to some of the boxes I should have coming next. Rome, Istanbul — these are two of my favorite places in the world. I hope I’ll get them someday.

  20. I got my holiday box last week (on time as promised) – and found some surprising products! I live in a big city (NY) and while it may be possible to get some of the products in the oriental markets, this subscription pushes me to try new things. For example, the France box (the first box I got in the sub) had a chestnut spread that I’m totally addicted to since then. I didn’t find it in the local stores, but I now order it online.

    If you like experimenting with new brands and cuisines, this may be a good choice.

  21. Heard good things about the box, but the service is unreliable. I ordered a box as a gift, and the deadline was missed by well over a week. There is no easy place on the site to get a tracking number or any information about your order. Calls and emails go unanswered.

    You’ll have better luck calling a random stock-boy in Paris and having him ship you the stuff

    • Sorry for your experience, but your comment was funny “You’ll have better luck calling a random stock-boy in Paris and having him ship you the stuff”. Ha!

  22. I actually just cancelled (or really, am trying to cancel – they’re not very responsive to phone calls or emails) because of the value factor. I’ve seen everything I’ve received in boxes at the stores here locally for cheaper. The information books they include (or used to include? I haven’t received a box yet under the new structure) were great, but didn’t really make up for the lost value.

  23. I stopped after 2 boxes – insane amounts of sugar in ALL the products in the france and japan boxes

  24. I also got a few different items. The biggest change was that, instead of the herbs, I got a glass jar of Brazilian chocolate dessert, which was delicious. Having already gotten that herb bag from French Box, I’m very happy that I got the version I did.

  25. Agree about the value. I hate it when sub boxes don’t add up to at least the approximate value of a full-price box. This just isn’t enough food for about forty bucks.

  26. I recieved the holiday box last month and my products are different from yours. I felt the products were all great, but all travel sized and not worth $40. Truffle oil is great though and this packet provides for a few good uses.

  27. Agree, $40 is far too high for a food box like this, I’d want to at least break even. We just got a huge bag of spices like that in Frenchbox a couple months ago, I still haven’t figured out what to do with it. World Market at Christmas time has tons of extra goodies, cheaper and you can use coupons.

    • Hey Sara!
      Just a quick tip for the provence herbs- I got those in my French Box too. Just put a light coating on some chicken breast, then either pan-fry or bake it. That’s how I’ve been using them, and it’s really good 🙂

  28. I would think the profit margin on food sub boxes in general has to be huge. I don’t think I’ve seen one yet that adds up to the (legitimate) cost of their respective contents. So if that means value is derived almost entirely from curation, food subs need to at least include unique, not readily available, or at least new products. The majority of things in this box, for example, have already been available in major chain stores nationally for a while. It would be better if a sub sent goodies made exclusively by independent sellers. The retail value would likely increase and the curation would be truly unique. Food subs take note! Lol!

  29. This looks like things you can buy at World Market. Plus it would be cheaper there. Not a box for me.

    • Agreed. And i used to get those annas cookies from ikea all the time. Good but maybe not as special.

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