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BoxyCharm October 2017 SPOILER #3!

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We have a new spoiler for the October 2017 BoxyCharm! (Thanks Rebeca for finding this on the BoxyBabes page!)

Each box will include:

Tarte Tarteist™ Quick Dry Matte Lip Paint

Subscribers will receive 1 of 8 shades: Homeslice, Delish, Front Row, Bestie, Get It, Salty, Pillowtalk, or Xoxo

And in case you missed the previous spoilers:

Dr. Brandt PoreDermabrasion – Value $58

Subscribers will receive one of the following:

Becca Liquid Highlighter Prosecco Pop – Value $41

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter in Prosecco Pop – Value $38

What do you think of the October 2017 Boxycharm spoilers? 

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Sign up here! Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers for future updates!

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  1. please give me the powder becca highlighter and not the liquid…. please please please

    • You must begin every prayer with “Dear Beauty Gods…”


    • Yes, powder…PLLLEEEAAASSSEEE! 😄

  2. Anyone wanna swap Strut for Mess Around?

  3. Can anyone fill me in on the charm shop? They gave me $10 equivalent in charms for a damaged item and it only has a pencil sharpener and puke green nail polish in the shop. Do they ever have better items or much in there?

    • They add new things like once a month or something but they sell out so fast if you don’t check back often youll miss it

    • @Nicole-ahhh, the Charm shop. I have over 11,000 charms and haven’t been able to use them. I pulled 40 out to get a primer which they showed as available but when I went to apply the charms it wasn’t. So I have 40 charms floating around that I’ve asked them repeatedly to put back, hadn’t happened.

      The update the charm shop very infrequently, you basically just have to keep checking every day, like 2x a day because when they DO restock it, nothing stays available for long and all that’s left is that stupid sharpener and awful polish.

      As much as I adore Boxycharm and think value wise it’s probably the best box out there-the items are 95% high end and outstanding-their customer service SUCKS. It’s impossible to reach anyone, and even more impossible to get a response. I’ve all but given up with CS and just hope I never have an issue.

      • Thanks for the info! My pur palette had the dark brown shade cracked and while still usable it went into other pans and I just asked if a replacement was possible. They said from my photo they determined it was from shipping and not their fault bc they order them pristine from the manufacturer so they will offer charms towards a replacement product. I thought that sounded nice until I looked at the charm shop! At least I got a prompt response.

        • That’s a crock! Hope you can mend it 🙂

  4. I loved my box and the loose blush looks pretty good on my skin (I have olive skin) just messy at first but once I got the hang of it it looks good. I just hope I get the pressed Becca highlighter not a fan of the liquid ones. I was lucky to get the foundation brush in this box which I needed one anyways.

  5. This was my first BoxyCharm. After canceling BB, Ipsy, Sephora and Glossy – this box seemed the best value with different products and watching Liz’s reviews full size products!

    The eye palette is beautiful, but I have sooo many! The lipstick color is AWFUL – I need bright colors. I am happy I got the setting powder instead of the blush. Right now I am using ELF which is OK. I have not tried the MAC pencil but how nice to get a MAC product in a box! The hair mask I will use for sure. I also received 2 eye brushes. I am very happy with this box and Octobers looks great too!

    • I hated the lipstick color too (Strut) but on a whim I put it on as blush and I love it 🙂

  6. i can not stand this loose powder blush! so patchy … i prayed for the setting powder wich i truly needed but of course i got the blush… i dont think there should even be powder blush… its messy patchy not blendable

    • I’m kinda not too impressed with this blush either-i swatched it for my boxy review on my blog, and it took like 6 finger swipes to get color. I’ll try it with a brush on my face but so far not in love. I was hoping for the setting powder as well. Can’t win ‘Em all!

      • Drat. Definitely gifting to MUA cousin then. Let him figure it out!

        • I used the blush today and loved it! Nice flush of color! Looked great with the pallet colors and lippie I received (Strip). Great overall look!

          • Double drat! Conflicting reports 😯

            SunnyT, what skin tone are you? I’m fair with yellow undertones.

          • In all fairness I did a finger search, so it very well could perform better with a brush on the face. I haven’t gotten that far yet 😉

          • Well you’re very brave, Allie! I was debating gifting or swapping, hence my relunctance to break the seal. But I’m going to today in natural light & do a face test 😶

          • @Vanessa awesome!! Let us know how it goes, if you like it, etc!

          • Hey guys!

            I tried the blush. I like it. It’s a nice pinky flush for me – exactly what I’d hoped for 😶

            I’m glad I gave it a chance.

          • Vanessa, I’m a blue eyed Italian. I am light to medium skin toned based on time of year. Right now I’m more medium. I also have some yellow undertones in my skin. Personally, the blush just gives a healthy looking glow. Kinda reminds me of Bare Minerals blush (which I have a ton of).

          • Thanks for sharing, SunnyT! I was thinking because I’m so pale, & this blush being less pigmented it might actually show up & make me look “healthy.” 😶

          • I love coming across ppl named Sunny, my 9 yr old daughter ‘s name is sunny and I’ve only come across 3 humans and one dog. Lol random but I had to throw that out there.

          • My name is not actually “Sunny” but there is a story behind the nickname…. Until the day I was born I was going to be named Sunshine Tomorrow and my nickname was going to be Sunny (yes, my parents are hippies in case you’re wondering:) My Mom decided on the day I was born not to name me Sunshine to my Dads dismay. I grew up being called Sunny anyway:)

          • As far as

          • As far as hippie names go, that’s pretty rad.

    • I got the lose powder. Don’t be too disappointed. It gives off a weird shine. I have dry skin and the powder made me look like I had a puddle of oil on my face but it felt completely matte. I tried it twice with different foundations and then pitched it.

      • I was wondering who got the loose face powder & if we should all hate them!

        I guess there were no winners in this match…?

    • I actually loved the blush which is surprising because I hate blush!

  7. I just got my Sep box! It was sent via FedEx but delivered by USPS.
    My items are the Pur palette (my favorite item), Mac brow pencil in Spiked (perfect color for me), Colour pop liquid lipstick in Little Stitious (makes me look dead; need to gift it away asap), loose blush (good color for me, but I have too many blushes and wanted the setting powder), face brush (I don’t use liquid foundation so I wanted the eye shadow brushes), and the hair mask (I always like Briogeo).
    Although I won’t be able to use 2 of the items, everything else is nice enough.

    • Box twins! I would never have picked the color Little Stitious for myself, but when I tried it, I was pleasantly surprised. It was probably one of the prettiest colors on I’ve ever had. The palette colors are a little warm for me, but I think that 3rd column of colors might be ok. Excited to try the hair mask.

      • What’s your skin color, if I may ask? I’m slightly tanned with yellow undertone, and it was the worst color that I have ever had (and I have plenty of bad colors at this point). I’m having a hard time deciding who I should gift to (skin color-wise).

        • Sometimes adding a neutral toned lip liner helps make a lipstick more wearable. You might try that before gifting it away. It’s a great wearing lippie I’ve never tried Colourpop before. I received “Strip” in my in my box and really like it!

          • It looked like decorating light pink whipped cream on a pumpkin cheesecake >_> I doubt anything could save that xD

          • 🎃

        • Hey Pingping, did you gift your Colourpop yet?

          I have Mess Around – would that one work for you?

          • I gifted to my sister-in-law! Thanks for asking though!

          • Thanks for replying! 🙂

      • I loved Littlestitious, too! I applied it and blotted it and it turned into a light berry stain. I was not expecting that! I have fair skin with a neutral undertone.

        • I think I know a friend who would love this! Thanks!

    • I received the colour pop lippie in ‘Mess Around’. Now that is some crazy brown/grey/green looking Walking Dead sh*t on me. I’m not sure if I should find it another home or just keep it for Halloween. For reference, I have a light olive skin tone with rosy cheeks. Such lol.

      • My MESS Around looked like dark brown 💩

        I’m fair with yellow undertones.

        • Too funny, sort of. I’m pretty fair as well on my face, I wonder why it’s so bad on us. Is it the fairness or the yellow undertone? I’m guessing there’s some kind of clashing interaction with the yellow/olive under tones.

          • IDK But the only way I can describe it is craptastic, because it does not suit me in any way 😇☹

          • 😀

        • Same here, the “mess around” lippie looked like brown paint on me, I have medium skin with golden undertones, but then I tried one of the colourpop ultra glossy lipstick that I received as a free gift from colourpop recently called “nine to five” and it changes the colour to a nice pinky metallic brown. Or the metal one called “maneater” on top of it,lol.

      • Agreed! I was so sad when I received this color. It’s horrible. I am pale with pink undertones and blonde hair – It’s not a good look. I don’t think that the extremely light pink would look that great either, so I guess it’s a wash. Our town does a zombie walk over Halloween, so maybe I’ll use it for that…

  8. This is my first BoxyCharm! I have never heard of this sub until I read comments on the Sephora spoilers. I love these communities!!

  9. Anyone not receive their shipping notice yet? I got off the waitlist during Labor Day weekend (September 2nd) but haven’t received my shipping notice yet. My card was charged that day and my account was switched from the waitlist to active. I’m really excited to get my first Boxycharm but have no clue how long they take to ship! Thanks!

    • My box arrived today & I never got any shipping notice.

      • Do you know what carrier they ship with? (UPS, USPS, Fedex, etc.)

        • They ship with FedEx! I’ve been subscribed for nearly a year and I didn’t get a shipping notice this month, but that’s been a common issue this month. It’s never been an issue before though so I think there’s just something up this month! Wouldn’t worry about it 🙂

          • My BC is delivered by USPS in my area (Los Angeles.)

          • I went to contact customer service because I didn’t get a shipping label this month (usually my box arrives around the 8th or so of each month. According to customer service a lot of people are late to get their boxes because of the hurricane and flooding, also some people are getting their box and no shipping label.

        • it’s fedex to usps. starts with fedex then they transfer it to your local usps. FYI, I was in an evacuation zone and we just got our power back on last night but sure enough, my BC is out for delivery today. The mail has been delivering again since they opened the bridges back up and I am not even sure they have power yet, lol

          • Glad you made it through okay and now have power…hope your home and animals (if you have any) are safe and sound…im amazed they are getting mail going…

      • Got my goodie box today, and I never got a shipping notice, too.

    • Their office is in southeastern FL, depending on how many employees can actually get to work due to Irma you MAY have a bit of a delay.

    • I got a shipping notice the same day my box arrived. It’s my understanding that Boxy sends notices as they see fit. You’ll get your box by or before the end of the month. When I first started last month I didn’t get any notice or confirmation, but sure enough around the 20th the box was in my mailbox.

    • I actually emailed them today and they indicated we should receive shipping confirmation by the 15th (today) by days end.

    • I think they must be shipping from Kennesaw Georgia. I’m about an hour above Kennesaw and received a shipping notice last night and my box was delivered today.

    • Apparently shipping notifications got messed up because of Irma (Boxycharm is based in Miami) and a lot of ppl didn’t get emails. I never did, and my box showed up yesterday. I’ve been subscribing for almost a year and this is the first time this happened. Never fear, your box is coming 😁

      • This is my second month with boxycharm and I haven’t received a shipping notice either month… maybe next month I’ll get one?!?

  10. Hope I get delish.

    • I’m hoping for Bestie! I’d be willing to switch if I get Delish.

  11. I found out my sub is due for renewal on 10/2. This is perfect!

    Given there are only 2 more items left to reveal, chances are I’ll be canceling BC for at least 1 month.

    • Careful! You will get put on a waitlist and that can last a few months.

      • Not too worried. If it happens, it happens. Last time I was waitlisted for about day or 2, & they’ve lifted their waitlist several times this year.

        Plus, I decided not to cancel until I see more spoilers. I have until 10/1 to make a final decision.

  12. When would be the best time to sign up if I want to start with this October box?

    Thank you

    • Definitely now, so you won’t be waitlisted into November…

  13. I’m stoked about the skin care item, Dr Brandt products are pretty amazing. I already own the tarteist lippie in Delish but I don’t hate the shade, but it is something I rarely reach for since it is quite drying. It’s absolutely unwearable in the winter because I feel like my lips will crack open. I love reading the “no more this or that” comments.. you all are aware that MSA has nothing to do with what products you receive in your subscription boxes, right? If you don’t like something, trade it or gift it. I feel like even if you only end up getting use out of 1 or 2 items in a boxy sub that it’s already worth the money of the sub. And just because you may be tired of highlighters or matte lippies, it sure doesn’t mean the rest of us are. I’m starting to be over the matte lippies as I’m getting closer to my 30’s now, but I’m still living for highlighter. September is going to be my first box and it should be here soon, and now I’m super excited for October. I honestly can’t wait to start playing.

    • I’m excited about Dr. Brandt as well. I have have large pores on and around my nose and I could get some use out of this. I hope I get a powder highlighter instead of the liquid one even though I need another highlighter like I need a hole in the head. I’m tired of the matte lipsticks only because they keep sending me very light shades. I got a Bubble gum pink in September’s box. Light shades tend to be streaky and have less coverage so you have to layer a bit but liquid lippies dry down so fast I have trouble getting it right and end up with too many layers. I’d like a nice regular lipstick. It may not last as long but you can layer it with light shades and reapplying is a breeze.

  14. If I am not mistaken, I remember there being a post from Boxy about a month ago that we would be getting a pallet every month from August through December. I swear I read that here on this website and in an email. Does anyone else remember reading that? It was the same announcement when they said what Makeup brands we would be getting in our upcoming boxes as well. I’m gonna have to go back and look. I love this sub. I’m loving all the spoilers. I’ve only gotten 1 box so far. September will be my second one and I can’t wait for October!

    • Teresa, Yes, you are quite right…there will be a palette every month until years end…so I was just wondering WHAT palette could they possible add to this already great (and expensive – $119 so far with 2 more items to go) box? I am just so impressed with what this company can do…and do it well. They are just miles ahead of all other subscriptions around!

      • Yosef clarified this in a group I’m part of that he actively posts in and said there is NOT a palette every month. Just there will be a lot of them.

        • Hooray! The Duke of BC hath spoken.

    • I thought the comment from the owner was actually that it would be “raining palettes,” which means ALOT, but maybe not necessarily every month?

  15. HOW do they do it every month? Amazing!

  16. I’m loving this box so far!!! Boxycharm has yet to disappoint me.

    • Jules: I adore Boxycharm, but a few months back, they gave us all a box that many simply hated! I was broken hearted, but that heartbreak led me to some Facebook groups (Boxy Beauties & Boxy Babes) that specialize in trading or buying and selling all boxy items. Now I know, no sweat, if I don’t get what I want in the box…I can get it in one of those groups.

      • Is there a requisite to be added to those groups or something?

        I sent an request a while back after seeing them mentioned on the BoxyCharm FB page, and was denied.

        • I was denied as well when I requested to join the fb group. Have no clue why. Im new to boxycharm and was looling forwarding to joining the community. ..kinda disappointing. From what my gf who’s in the group says it’s rather ‘mean girl’-ish at times. Maybe I’m not pretty enough to be part of the boxycharm girls group?

          • Wow.

            I’m sure you’re more than pretty enough, CNH. Sounds like those girls are just d*cks.

  17. Love Tarte lip paints, and don’t have any of those colors yet(hoping for XO), love Becca, so super happy about that, hopefully I like the scrub!

    • yesss! I want xoxo as well, but ALL the colors are literally gorgeous! 😉 can’t wait for the October box.

  18. This box looks so amazing already omg 😍😍😍

  19. If I sign up now will I still have to get September? I’d love to get Oct but not the September box.

    • I signed up yesterday and am on the waitlist. So probably not getting September, I would think.

  20. Got my shipping notice AND bx today!!!! Very happy. Hope to swap the bare mineral brush as I don’t wear foundation. My one friend is thrilled for blush and anither for Pink color pop. Needed a brown tone. So many Shades in the palette that will work for me and it’s back packable not like my big old estee Lauder 36 palette. Huge fan of brioggo as a curlie who dyes hair. I’m super thrilled with October spoilers even I get a color I can’t wear my friends get lucky…Is it soon for another palette. Love the pencil in spiked

    • My box should be here on Friday. If I get the eye brushes would you want to trade?

  21. Just subscribed!

  22. So far the only thing I am excited about is the Tarte Tarteist Lip Paint. I really am the least excited about the Dr. Brandt PoreDermabrasion, I know it has a value of $58 but I don’t need those items nor will use it….so I guess it will sit on my shelf or maybe try and find someone who will want to swap. I would prefer a palette but then again September was my first box HAHAHA so I can say that since I don’t have a stack like many of you do who have been with them for years. Excited to see what the next sneak peaks will be!!

    • I rec’d the Tarte Tartiest lippie in Delish a while back from Ipsy, it was the most drying liquid lipstick I have ever owned. It felt uncomfortable and plastic. After a week, I tossed it. This time I will just give it away when I open my Oct Boxycharm. But I love the Ofra, Colourpop Ultra Satin & NYX Lingerie Lipsticks.

      • Same, I tossed mine as well. It also doesn’t come off . . . it leaves a residue and I couldn’t get it off with two different oils, micellar water, scraping with fingernails.

        I don’t think people notice as much on their lips but I swatched it on my hand.

        • But Christine, did you try Ajax?


    • Heather: we all need to exfoliate in any number of ways, it’s more about how you do it. So maybe you should just try it….give it as hot to see what all the hype is about. Dr. Brandt has some fabulous products and I would buy this o(or his other one, forget the name) but they are so bloody expensive. The beauty of these subscription boxes is we get to try and use all sorts of products we might not normally buy.

  23. just a random question for boxy subscribers:
    i know some of us are tired of seeing things like Palettes and Matte lippies,

    but what would you like to see instead?

    just curious 🙂

    • Great question, Findley!

      + I love hair stuff (especially when I can use it on my curls) so hair masks are always good
      + Lip GLOSSES, scrubs, even liners or chubby sticks
      + primers, finishing & setting sprays
      + BB creams or tinted sunscreens (mineral based)

      • vanessa,
        i LOVE primers and setting/finishing products! that would be great to receive in a box!

        • Me too 😍

      • I have so many hair care products from purchases and subscription boxes that I can go over a year without needing to buy anything except maybe hairspray. Any hair care products I receive at this point are going in to the Christmas squirrel fund.

    • I would love to receive eye creams, moisturizers, sunscreens, hair masks, mascaras <3
      but this next box sounds great!

      • YES!!

        no to matte & no to dry shampoos or salt sprays!

    • I would love to see some setting and finishing powder, setting spray or primer. And maybe a skincare item now and then. I know it’s a makeup box, but if you don’t take care of your skin no amount of makeup will make it look good.

      It’s funny how even though I’m overloaded on certain things I still love this sub because of the quality of the items. I have a lot of shadow palettes but the Tarte palette was still a welcome addition. I have a ridiculous amount of highlighters but those Becca products are no joke and I’m thrilled to get it. Unfortunately I can’t say the same for lipsticks. I haven’t received one that I can wear. They’re all brown! 😭

      • Isn’t that something? I would never say no to another eye shadow palette, but more than 2 highlighters?

        No more!! 😂

    • I love pallets
      But would love to see mascara & primers instead of lip product

    • I love the palettes; just wish that they sent some with color instead od nudes, browns and blacks.

      • I would love instead of a nude palette, a smoky one. I have loads of nudes, but very little smoke.

    • I would love something like the new cute Sweetie Pie bronzer from Tarte or something from the new Fenti beauty collection like the universal lip gloss.

    • I’m sooo sick of the liquid lipsticks. I’m not a fan of them and never wear them. I’ll never get tired of eyeshadow palettes! Also not a fan of skincare products.

      Things I’d love to see:
      -brow gel
      -lip gloss
      -colorful eyeliner
      -setting sprays & primers
      -hand lotion
      -nail products

  24. Can we pause BC? (I can’t get into their site right now.)

    I seriously hate October & we’re more than half way revealed.

    • No, that’s not a thing. And I’m pretty sure once you cancel, if you sign up again, you’ll be waitlisted again :/

  25. has anyone not received a shipping email, or have their september box come up in fedex manager? I usually can see it’s enroute by now, but nothing yet.

    • I didn’t get shipping email at all but my box got here yesterday through usps.

    • My box was delivered on Tuesday and the shipping email Came last night. I think they are a little screwed up this month. What a great box as usual

    • I haven’t got the delivery email yet. I heard boxycharm have their stock room in Florida. So maybe that’s why they will need more days to deliver this month

    • I got my box today and no tracking number was sent, but HQ is in FL so that may have something to do with it.. on IG they said they were evacuated

      • Yes, this month my Boxycharm is coming from Georgia when it is usually shipped fro Mass. I think they are trying to set up alternate shipping across the country to accommodate their subscribers. So, I suspect that for the next couple of months, things might get a bit wonky…but will be worked out once they get in the swing.

    • I haven’t either.

    • I just got my tracking email yesterday and got my box today. Also for the first time it was shipped from Georgia instead of Connecticut. Wonderful box tho!

    • I had to call (or email, I forget) Boxycharm to get my tracking number this month and once in hand, it reveals that I’ll get it on Friday (the 15th). Fingers crossed because lately, nothing is getting here on time.

  26. I’m so happy that i subbed this box. I can’t wait till next month i really loved everything in my box this month!

  27. While I’m not exactly excited for a matte lip color (I’ve hated every one I’ve tried). However, if I must receive one, I’m really hoping I get XOXO or *maybe* Homeslice. They look like the only shades that aren’t brown based. Brown based lip colors do not work with my coloring– they have a remarkable ability to make me look dead lol.

    • Hey Joy, when applying matte lipstick maybe try a chapstick under it. 🙂 that’s what I started doing and I actually really like it now. Also nothing wrong with looking a little dead now and again lol 🙂

      • Oh sure, what every gal wants – the Walking Dead BEAUTY Box.

  28. I just got my September box and wasn’t sure I would love it but I do the only thing I didn’t want was the blush I wanted the powder but oh well, The lip color is actually a beautiful pale color (Little Stitious), surprised for once a lip color I might actually wear!

    FYI I am in Arizona and did not get a tracking number this month, so maybe lack of tracking numbers is due to HQ in FL

  29. Am I the only one tired of matte lip products? Seriously ige been subscribed since April and have gotten a matte lip product in all but one box. I hate this matte lip trend and matte lip products look ridiculous on me.

    • You can always put a gloss over it to change it up a bit.


      I lived thru the 1st matte craze in the 90’s. I hope they go away SOON!

      • ^^^ what she said 😂

        • thanks, Wendy B!

    • I would suggest either putting a chapstick on before the lipstick or a clear lipgloss on top of it! its life changing and makes matte lipsticks feel so much better

      • I usually put some chapstick on wait a few minutes blot the excess off my lips then put on the liquid lipstick 🙂

  30. wow this box is shaping up to be pretty awesome. I was kind of disappointed with september so I am happy October is looking like it’s going to be awesome!

  31. Loving these soilers. Great work BC yall always exceed my expectations! Looking forward to my box as always. ❤

    • Jenn, I liked your typo!

      • That’s hilarious Amy 😂

  32. Does anyone know if I signed up today what the chances of me getting off the waitlist in time to get this box is? I want it so bad! Will I be off the list in time?

    • It can take up to 1-2 months at most or a couple days at least. For me back in march it took a month but it really just depends on how long the wait list is at the time

    • I would suggest waiting until the next time the waitlist is removed. It usually happens once a month, so it will probably happen again at the end of Sept/beginning of Oct, and you would get this box.

    • It only took me a couple of days to get off the waiting listing for the October box.

    • I signed up and was put on waitlist on Aug 27, and was off it on Sep 1. Payment was processed on the 2nd, and received my September box on Sep 12. No shipping notice, so it was a pleasant surprise! HTH.

  33. This month looks fab! Cancelled everything but Boxycharm and Ipsy and considering dropping Ipsy, but not this. Glad ti have a box that actually sends beauty items.

  34. If I sign up now, will my first box be August or September?

    • If you get off the waiting list, you might get September. You might also be on it until October.

    • You will not get the august box since august is over you also may not get the september box since it is already the middle of the month and people have already paid for their box

  35. This is a great box line up so far. I do have the pillow talk shade from the tarte deal and I am pretty pale skinned and it is too light and slightly ghostly on me. Mine was drying also but I’m still new to lip products and I’m sure you could mix shades and make them work.

  36. Is there a way to request or even hint toward a specific color on our profile? Only wear light nudes and Get It would be the perfect shade for me!

    • Unfortunately not – I have consistently received dark colours from Boxy and I only wear nudes/pinks/peaches also. We’ll see what I get this month. Hopefully not dark brown!

      • Same! I have tried to wear darker shades like berries and browns but I just don’t look good in them:(

        Crossing my fingers for Get It, Pillowcase, or Salty!

    • If I get a nude color I’ll gladly swap! I want one of the darker colors.

  37. I love boxycharm so much… but because of it I have what I would consider a shameful amount of eyeshadow palettes. I never thought I would say this, but I kind of hope we don’t get an eyeshadow palette in October… since it seems that’s always one of the first spoilers.

    • Me too. I don’t mind them every once in a while. Yet they have over done it with palettes. If they want to put palettes in the box I wish they would at least do it every other month and alternate between.. lipstick.. brow .. face highlighter and eyeshadow.

  38. Anyone heard what palette we’re getting for October?

    • Nope, crossing my fingers it will be something awesome.

    • Getting a palette is not guaranteed in every box. We’ve just had quite a few of them lately.

      • If I’m not mistaken, I think a spoiler came out in the last few months saying there would be a palette every month through the end of the year. Don’t quote me on that though! I feel like I’ve seen other people mention that in comments every so often as well.

        • Well that would be awesome! Thanks for the heads up.

        • Cris is right, & it came from Lord BC himself via social media.

  39. Wow this box is amazing so far and it’s only three spoilers in! <3 <3 <3

  40. I AM SO SO SO EXCITED FOR THIS BOX. They’re making it totally worth my money to keep subscribed. I friggin love Boxycharm. <3

  41. Kind of burnt out on matte lips, that said I’ve never tried tarte’s and Christmas is right around the corner so I’m not upset about a product my loved ones would love ❤️ So I’m happy and that’s only three products so far

  42. Just a heads up to everyone that their shipping notifications are off this month. I just got my email with the tracking number but my box was delivered an hour ago.

    • Where do you live if you don’t mind me asking

      • West Virginia.

    • I got my September box yesterday, but never received shipping notification.

    • good to know, Thanks!

  43. just when i was thinking i’m on palette overload…love the dr. brandt and tarteist! hoping to NOT get the light shades!

  44. This box really looks great!

  45. I swatched the Becca Liquid Highlighter Prosecco Pop in Sephora and wow it is pigmented. This’ll be my first Becca product I will own ^_^ along with the Dr. Brandt which I am excited to give a go. I’ve heard about Dr. Brandt when I first discovered Korean Beauty Products many moons ago but this brand is expensive. Glad they included it. So far October is looking awesome. I just received a tracking for my September box (early!) and it looks like I will be receiving it sometime between today and this weekend although it’s scheduled to be delivered by Saturday but it looks like the delivering post office has the package now. This has to be the fastest I’ve ever received a tracking from Boxycharm and receiving the package so early. This is my second month with Boxycharm and my first box took almost a week to move from the label being made to actually have it move through the USPS system.

    • Crud, I wrote that whole thing and forgot to mention the Tarte item. I had a sample size of the Tarte Tarteist™ Quick Dry Matte Lip Paint (Might have been the regular Lip Paint) and it applied nicely on the lips and the color was pretty (don’t remember the color name it was a berry shade) but I absolutely hated the way they felt on my lips. It was very drying and you could see my lips look crusty and nasty. I hoping that the Quick Dry Matte Lip Paint won’t be the same.

  46. I wish we could pick our shade. Most of those shades are way to light for me.

    • I love super light shades. Depending on the shades we get maybe we could swap.

  47. I have no love for any kind of matt lip products, many because my face is already super dry >_> But I’m sure I can gift it away!

    • I use ELF lip primer and it really helps keep your lips from drying out while using liquid lipstick!

      • I would love to try that primer. But I thought matt liquid lipsticks are supposed to dry out for longer staying power and the matt finish?

      • Yes and for those who have a problem with removing matte lip products Elf sells a wonderful product for that for just a couple of bucks. I’ve yet to find a lip product it can’t remove

        • I actually just use vaseline on my lips to remove the matte lip stuff…though I almost never wear them. I’m thrilled that others love the box…so far I’m not a fan unfortunately. I have the black bottle of Dr. Brandts and while it feels great using it, I find it actually makes my skin develop little whiteheads everywhere. 🙁 I also have more highlighters than I know what to do with…and I don’t use those… Mind you, I’m not complaining…I’ve been a Boxy girl for 6 months and this is the only box that has disappointed me so far…so that’s pretty awesome.

          • I’ve used the Elf lipstain remover & it’s awesome & cheap!

  48. Excellent. Haven’t tried the Tarteist lip paint yet. Fingers crossed that I get a decent shade.

  49. Still waiting on shipping email for my September box …

    • I’m still waiting for August! After sending a dozen emails I finally have to call my bank to do a chargeback. It’s very upsetting to see influencers receive their boxes like lightning and the rest of us can’t even get a response to emails.

      That being said I’m a sucker and really really want this box!

      • I’m still waiting on my July box…like you, I’ve sent about a dozen e-mails and each reply I get promises they’re looking into it. They sent me a tracking number mid-August, but it still says that only the label has been created and it hasn’t actually shipped.

    • I remember seeing something from Boxycharm about their HQ being in Miami. Hurricane Irma probably put a dent in their shipping timeline plus the delivery system is also bogged down in the Southeast.

    • In my experience, the Boxycharm shipping emails don’t go out until 24-48 hours before scheduled delivery. One month, I even received the email and the delivery same day. Go fig.

    • I got my September box yesterday, but I never received any shipping notification from them.

    • I doubt I’ll get the shipping email before I get the box. I use FedEx Delivery manager, so I can see that it’s been shipped and is en route. Shipped from Georgia so I expect it to take longer than normal.

  50. So far I’m just liking the becca. No more liquid matte lip stuff please!

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