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Posted by on Jun 12, 2013 in Blog, One Radiant, Subscription Box Reviews | 96 comments

One Radiant Skincare Subscription Box Review & Giveaway! June 2013

One Radiant Skincare Subscription Box Review & Giveaway! June 2013

One Radiant is a new beauty subscription service that concentrates only on skincare. The program is a 3-month subscription, and they send you samples based on your skincare needs. I think this is a very affordable beauty subscription and I love how customizable it is! One Radiant set me up with a 3-month subscription to try out their service, and with every review I post they are offering a 3-month subscription to one lucky reader! (Enter the giveaway at the end of this post).

One Radiant Skincare Subscription Box Review & Giveaway! June 2013

The Box: OneRadiant

The Cost: $12 a month (You must sign up for the 3-month plan, $36)

The Products: Each month for 3 months, you’ll receive a box with 4-5 samples of dermatologist-reviewed skincare products. When you join, we’ll have you take the SkinSurvey™ so that our experts can select the best products for your skin type.

Ships to: US only

One Radiant Skincare Subscription Box Review & Giveaway! June 2013

derma e Microdermabrasion Scrub – .24 oz total Value $4

Pangea Organics Moroccan Argan With Willow & Rosemary Facial Cream - .14 oz total Value $2.50

Normally I complain about foil packets, but since getting back from vacation I have a newly discovered respect for their usefulness! This scrub is great – the dead sea salt and volcanic sand exfoliator beads are super fine – no skin irritation!

One Radiant Skincare Subscription Box Review & Giveaway! June 2013

CellCeuticals PhotoDefense Anti-PhotoAging Daily Skin Protector SPF 55 – .33 oz Value $7.50

Glytone Mild Gel Wash – 1 oz Value $4,50

I’ve sampled CellCeuticals before and I’m always happy to have more SPF!

Verdict: This box included about $18.50 worth of high-quality skincare samples. Plus I love how everything is selected based on my skincare needs! What do you think of One Radiant? Ready to win a 3-month subscription? Time to enter the giveaway! 

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 50 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, and any box that features natural beauty products!
All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.
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    1. You are skin type NII, with a focus areas of Acne, Anti-aging, Sun Spots & Tone.

      Pretty accurate!

    2. You are skin type DIII, with a focus areas of Anti-aging, Sun Spots & Tone

      I think the results are pretty accurate!!

      I hope you enjoy yours

    3. You are skin type DIII, with a focus areas of Anti-aging, Acne

      Seems pretty accurate. Thanks for the chance!

    4. You are skin type DV, with a focus areas of Acne, Anti-aging, Sun Spots & Tone. So true…really interested in everything this box has to offer.

    5. Do you think they send a lot of anti aging products? I’d really like to try them out because I’m looking for some good stuff for my dry skin, but I can’t figure out how to get rid of the focus on anti aging (I’m only 18, so I don’t know why it keeps showing up.)

    6. I got CIII, with a focus areas of Acne, Anti-aging, Sun Spots & Tone. I never knew I had so many concerns. What a neat box.

    7. I would love to win this I really enjoy discovering new ski care products!!

    8. You are skin type DII, with a focus areas of Anti-aging

    9. “You are skin type OIII, with a focus areas of Acne, Anti-aging, Sun Spots & Tone” _ not surprised but happy to see it and know that it is what I believe is accurate!! I hope I win! THANKS!

    10. My results say that I am C1 or combination which is dead on!

    11. I think my results were pretty accurate… but I wish the quiz were a little more in-depth. Still, I’d love to try products matched to my needs!

    12. You are skin type OII, with a focus areas of Anti-aging, Acne

    13. skin type OI, with a focus areas of Acne, Anti-aging, Sun Spots & Tone! That is so true!

    14. I received my first OneRadiant box yesterday and have mixed feelings about the content. Seems like the sample sizes are almost too small to allow one to know if the product will work well over time. I’m also not really sure if the samples I got matched what my skin type survey revealed (OIII, with a focus areas of Anti-aging, Acne, Skin Type: Oily, fitzpatrick skin type: III); I suppose a couple of the samples did address anti-aging but I don’t think any of them addressed oily or acne prone skin.

    15. I am a CII with focus areas of acne, anti aging, sun spots and tone

    16. I got SI — sensitive and burns easily. That is definitely accurate!

      • I need to use sunscreen more!

    17. I think my results were very accurate.

    18. CV with acne prone skin…..even though I stated I don’t have acne

    19. You are skin type CIII, with a focus areas of Anti-aging, Acne
      I stated I rarely get acne…..:scratches head: ummm

    20. My results were CIi w/ anti aging/acne. It is right on for my skin type! I would be so excited to see the products they send.

    21. “You are skin type OIV, with a focus areas of Acne, Anti-aging, Sun Spots & Tone” Mostly right, except I never get Acne.

    22. My results were pretty accurate

    23. Would love this.
      Can’t get some entries to work right now, I’ll try again later.

    24. I would love to win this subscription box

    25. I would love to try this!

    26. I have S111 skin type.
      Would love to win this box ! :-)

    27. Survey results were “spot on”! (no pun intended). I would love to try this subscription. I hope I win. :)

    28. My Focus Area(s): Acne, Anti-aging, Sun Spots & Tone.. Almost accurate

    29. I think my results were pretty good, but not perfect.

    30. Ooh! I’d love to try them out!

    31. Not surprised by my skin care results at all!

    32. Love your site! My favorite items in my Birchbox are always the skin care ones.

    33. Very accurate! Skin type CIV.

    34. That was helpful. Although I am pretty sure that I have dry skin, there are times when I feel like moisturizing when I’m breaking out on a regular basis is counter-intuitive. I need surveys like this to remind me that you can also have break-outs because you have dry skin.

    35. VERY TRUE! You are skin type CI, with a focus areas of Acne, Anti-aging, Sun Spots & Tone

    36. Survey gave a good amount of info, seems legit.

    37. Interesting survey, but nothing new.

    38. CIV, I might have to retake the survey.

    39. interesting but really didn’t tell me anything I don’t already know…would love to try new products though.

    40. I follow your blog and Instagram — keep up the great job. I hope I win!

    41. I took the quiz and got an OV as my skin type. With focus on Acne, Anti-aging, Sun Spots & Tone. I love skincare products and hope to win, Good luck everyone!

    42. I have a hard time finding things that will work with my skin. Because of that I hate buying new full sized skincare products not knowing if they will work. This box looks like just what I need!

    43. This looks like my kind of sub. Excited to try it!

    44. A new facial regimen. I’d love to win this subscription and review! :)

    45. Survey was alright, results not exact as I use products I probably don’t always need. Fingers crossed!! Hope I win.

    46. I’m a 01 yes my skin is very Oily. I really wish something would work awesome! I hate having all those breakouts.. so really hoping to win! Thanks for the oportunity! :)

    47. It was a pretty decent survey, mine is just kinda oily

    48. Seems like a neat box :)

    49. “You are skin type OIII, with a focus areas of Acne” – I think the survey was pretty decent, and am curious to see what products they would put in my box. There are so many skincare products out there, and I tend to just stick with what looks safest, so having pre-picked samples sent to me would be a great idea!

    50. Would love to win this.

    51. The survey was pretty accurate.

    52. You are skin type CV, with a focus areas of Anti-aging, Acn

    53. You are skin type DII, with a focus areas of Anti-aging, Sun Spots & Tone

    54. I’ve been wanting to try a beauty box like this!

    55. I would love to win this subscription! :) I haven’t tried beauty boxes like this but I’ve been wanting to for a while.

    56. My sister will love this!

    57. The survey is really accurate. I like that it was able to recognize that I have a combination of problems. I would really love to try this out!

    58. This is perfect!!! I’ve been looking for my holy grail in skincare for a while.

    59. That quiz was very informative. I never knew why I don’t burn SPF. Interesting.

    60. They hit the nail on the head for my skin type and skin issues.

    61. Mine said that I was at risk for acne, which isn’t entirely true – I like spot treatments, because when I do break out I usually just get one very large pimple! My main concern is dryness, and they did address that, which was good. I also love exfoliating products, which they did not add to my profile (I don’t know if that’s an option?). Overall they did a pretty good job though.

    62. The survey made sense!

    63. I liked taking the skin needs survey on their site and would love to win a subscription!

    64. This survey was super interesting and hit the nail on the head! It says I have combination skin, which is true, and my fitzpatrick skin type: II. I will have to read up more on that. It also says my skin type is CII, with a focus areas of Acne, Anti-aging, Sun Spots & Tone. Also very very true. I would be super interested in finding out more and seeing what they would send me for my skin types! *Crosses fingers and toes* I would so love to win this!

    65. Wow! This was an interesting survey. I’ve never heard of Fitzpatricks Skin types. I’m definitely curious about this box program!

    66. Would love to try this one to see if it is another monthly subscription box I would subscribe to.

    67. Looks really interesting!

    68. I’ve never seen skin care classified so thoroughly–and it’s spot on. Must be a good subscription if they can tailor it like that!

    69. The box looks nice. All the products in there are interested to try it out. Thank you for giveaway =)

    70. Definitely a thorough survey! It would be interesting to see what products they send me to personalize my skin care.

    71. I have been really wanting to try this. *Crosses fingers*

    72. I like the premise and products. I did the quiz and it said I am DV with focus on anti-aging and acne. That was pretty spot on with the exception of the acne. I rarely get breakouts, but prevention is always good. :)

    73. Interesting! Would be fun to try!

    74. This looks like a great box! Too bad they don’t ship to Canada :(

    75. I have combination skin type with type V!

    76. Took the survey and it was pretty accurate about my skin! Would love to see what products they would send me!

    77. The quiz said my skin type is combination, which it is, and my Fitzpatrick skin type is V.

    78. I’m Skin Type DI, with a focus areas of Anti-aging, Sun Spots & Tone. No too far off the mark.

    79. I thought the survey was great because it was set up in a way that recognized that I have both dry skin and break out. Most recommendations think that if you break out you must have oily skin, and that’s not always true. Good job, One Radiant.

    80. I’m OIII which sounds about right! Would love to try this for some inspiration on taking better care of my skin!

    81. Would love this one! :)

    82. My skin type is CV. I was little surprised that it said my skin was prone to breakouts. I never get breakouts, once in a blue moon. Though I guess for those times I do, it would be great to have something for it.

    83. I love that you get to do a survey and they will personalize the box based on what your skin is like!!!

    84. I took the survey and ended up with DIII, which is anti-aging, sunspots, and tone. I’m not sure that fits me exactly, but it would still be fun to try! Thanks for the giveaway :)

    85. I found your blog and recently subscripted to Julep Maven. This week, I finally was invited to join Birchbox. I would love to win this and try something new!

    86. Ooo this is a neat one!

    87. I love your reviews! I I would LOVE to win this subscription!

    88. Interesting idea to find some skincare products. I took the survey but it felt not totally correct with the results.

    89. I would love to win one :)

    90. I am skin type CII…finicky and difficult. LOL. That sums it up. I am a skincare fanatic. This box sounds like it is right up my alley. Thanks for the chance to win!!!

    91. eek!!!! I hope I win this one!!

    92. This is so cool~ love how personalized it is because of the survey!

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