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Yours vs. PROVEN Skincare: My Pick for Personalized Skincare

Megan K.
ByMegan K.Sep 17, 2022Sponsored

It is a great time to be someone obsessed with skincare. In addition to having loads of amazing brands at our fingertips, I have noticed many completely custom lines that boast incredible ingredients, personalized ingredients, and high-performance formulations. Since custom skincare is, quite literally, formulated especially for me, I’ve found them to be better suited to my needs. Not only that but it also saves me a lot of time and money when I can skip all the trial and error and just get something that works.

I have been fortunate enough to try a lot of these incredible lines and there are two that stand out as my favorites: PROVEN and YOURS. Both of these lines boast incredibly potent formulas, gorgeous packaging, and results you can see after just a few days! So if you are deciding between the two, here is my personal guide as someone who has used both.

The Most Aesthetic: Yours

Most of us enjoy buying products that work well and look great on our shelves and vanities. In fact, packaging and design that feels special can make me even more excited to use my beauty products. Yours really is one of the cutest lines I have ever used. Each bottle is a pretty color, features rose gold text, and just holding them in my hands makes me so happy! Add to that the clever air-free pumps inside and those visually pleasing bottles are also going to protect your formulas and keep them fresh and potent.

The Easiest to Understand: Yours

Both Yours and PROVEN have strong ties to ingredients and the science behind their formulas. And if you are already a skincare geek, both lines have a lot of info to dive into! I found that PROVEN feels a little more clinical and sterile, which isn’t bad but might be a little much for the more casual skincare enthusiast. Yours has the same potency, but the information delivery feels a little more approachable.

The Most Customizable: Yours

Both Yours and PROVEN have easy quizzes that build your custom formulas based on your skin, lifestyle, environment, and numerous other important factors. Yours also asks you to upload a selfie at the end, which made me feel confident that my results would be more accurate. PROVEN has three core products: a cleanser, a daytime moisturizer, and a night cream. Yours has more options including day and night serums, a really fantastic toner, a spray mist SPF formula, an eye serum, and zit patches. I tend to love serums and specifically AM and PM-designed formulas, so I found the Yours selection much better suited to my skincare preferences.

The Best Ingredients: Tie

I was impressed with all of the ingredient lists I scanned through from both Yours and PROVEN. I am a licensed esthetician, and ingredients are something I can really wax on and on about. While I realize not every customer wants to do a deep dive into those long lists on the back of their products, I really believe that consumers are becoming more interested and aware of the ingredients they use daily. And that's a good thing! Both Yours and PROVEN have easy-to-understand ingredient libraries for anyone who wants to learn more about what ingredients do. Both brands boast cruelty-free formulas, ethical sourcing, and avoid icky things like toxins, phthalates, parabens, or, formaldehyde.

The Most Affordable: Yours

Both of these lines offer personalized bundles and starter kits or you can purchase your items a la carte. The starter kit from PROVEN runs $129.99 and includes a cleanser, day moisturizer, and night cream. The Yours set is $95 and has both AM and PM serums and moisturizers. PROVEN formulas start at $34.99 for the cleanser and increase to $54.99 for the day cream and $99.99 for the night cream. All of the custom Yours formulas are $25 or less, meaning you save quite a bit of money compared to PROVEN and still have the luxury of custom formulations.

My Overall Winner: Yours

Yours ticks all my boxes: great ingredients, actual results, and affordability. I honestly fell in love with this brand as soon as I opened my box! The products feel great on my skin and right away I noticed my skin is glowing and looking better than ever. While I also thoroughly enjoyed my PROVEN kit, Yours has them beat with pricing, accessibility, and their wider product range.