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The Dangers of Added Sugar In Your Coffee & How To Avoid It Entirely

Jordyn Mannino
ByJordyn ManninoJan 3, 2023In Partnership With Cometeer

PSA: The overconsumption of added sugar in coffee can have a pretty detrimental impact on your overall health and wellbeing. There are numerous risks associated with high sugar consumption, including but not limited to:

  • Blood sugar spikes
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Heart disease
  • Stroke
  • Cancer
  • Potential death

We all indulge in sugar from time to time, but it’s best to avoid it where it’s unnecessary. Namely: your coffee! The regular consumption of added sugar in your coffee can have unwanted effects on your overall health, causing weight gain and more.

It can also have negative effects on your mental health by potentially triggering depression and anxiety. In short: added sugar in something as simple as your morning coffee can be a one-way ticket to bad health!

So what should you take away from all of this? Stop adding so much sugar to your coffee!

I know it makes it taste delightful and appetizing - but why not just drink delightful coffee in the first place? Why are you drinking burnt, nasty coffee and thinking it’s a good idea to cover up the taste of it with unhealthy sugar?

Not a good idea. Here’s my suggested fix: Cometeer. It is THE most delightful and delicious coffee on Earth. Period. And it is prized by health and coffee experts everywhere to be some of the most tasty coffee you can turn to when you're facing added-sugar-overdose. Cometeer is some of the most tasty coffee you can turn to – and it’s so good that you’ll have no problem drinking it black! That’s right – no sugar needed (or wanted)!

Cometeer Is The Most Convenient Coffee On Earth

All you need to do to make a perfectly delicious coffee is pull a Cometeer capsule out of the freezer, defrost it under running water (or overnight in the fridge), and add either hot or cold water for a plain cup of hot or iced coffee. If you prefer lattes, replace that water with milk!

It is truly the most convenient and time-saving way to get your coffee!

Cometeer Is Absolutely Delicious Coffee, Too

Besides being the fastest way to get your morning coffee without having to boot up your rocketship-like machine, Cometeer also puts all other coffee to shame when it comes to flavor (read: completely getting rid of the need for added sugar).

Cometeer’s coffee is hyper-flavorful due to their precision brewing technique, meaning it’s some of the best, barista-quality coffee you will have. It’s made with top-tier beans from some of the world’s best coffee roasters and brewed with incredible precision.

I loved all 4 roasts that I tried. The coffee itself is rich, flavorful, and seems to have a lower acid content than you’d normally find in cold-brew, which is great if you love coffee but suffer from heartburn. My favorite roaster is Joe Coffee and I especially love the “Big City” Roast they offer.

It’s Travel-Friendly, TSA!

I’m also a big fan of the fact that the capsules are totally portable; just toss one (or five!) in your purse, lunchbox or backpack and stay caffeinated all day. They’re even TSA-approved so you can maintain your buzz wherever you go!

Unlike Other Specialty Coffees, It Is Actually Affordable!

And best of all? It’s only around $2 a serving! Basically, it tastes like it should cost well over $7.50/cup, but in reality, it’s significantly cheaper. It is significantly less than a daily Starbucks, it tastes 10x better, and it’s a lot healthier than an overpriced latte.

I’d highly recommend checking out Cometeer and signing up for their monthly deliveries of coffee - shop HERE!