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My Subscription Addiction

Sakara Life vs. Splendid Spoon: Which Meal Plan Should You Be On?

Jordyn Mannino
ByJordyn ManninoSep 8, 2022Sponsored

Splendid Spoon

There’s recently been a lot of hype this summer about which meal plan is the absolute best. Top-of-the-line best. Well, I tried the two main contenders, Sakara Life and Splendid Spoon, for over a month each and finally came up with a winner.

I compared the two on food and smoothie quality, supplement options and variety. Read on to see who wins…

For High-Quality, Delicious Meals… Splendid Spoon.

Don’t get me wrong, both Sakara Life and Splendid Spoon exceeded expectations when it came to quality and taste. But if I had to pick one my vote goes to Splendid Spoon. Sakara Life was  definitely on the earthier side – I am all for eating healthy, but the meals tasted too healthy, almost like they were straight out of the ground.

Splendid Spoon is the best of both worlds: healthy and delicious! I love eating healthy, dense meals that leave me satisfied and full.

For Extra Wellness Supplements… Sakara Life.

Sakara Life is quite unique in that in addition to offering decent meals and snacks, it also has supplements that you can purchase with or without a subscription. This service includes daily vitamins, probiotics and items like detox water drops, plus options like functional chocolates, teas, and Super Powders.

I’m personally not a fan of ordering tons of vitamins and probiotics from my meal delivery service, but it’s definitely nice that Sakara Life gives you the option to do so.

For Delicious, Summertime Smoothies… Splendid Spoon.

To me, this is where Splendid Spoon really knocks it out of the park. I’m a really big fan of their smoothies. I love how Splendid Spoon pre-makes their fruity smoothies with so many good nutrients and vitamins. My favorite summertime smoothies are their Blue Majik Smoothie (banana, dates, coconut and more) and their Pineapple Passionfruit Smoothie (pineapple, passionfruit, banana and more).

On the other hand, I don’t think Sakara even offers smoothies, so it’s definitely a win for Splendid Spoon here.

For Variety and Ingredient Diversity… Splendid Spoon.

I wouldn’t say Splendid Spoon totally crushed Sakara Life here, but they definitely have a more noticeable variety of foods, flavors and ingredients than Sakara Life. Their meals are globally inspired and really full of taste. Each week, I really look forward to ordering something completely new to me from Splendid Spoon – they’re really great at updating and diversifying their menu.

Sakara Life has a decent variety too, but honestly, it just doesn’t compare to that of Splendid Spoon. I like organic Sakara Earth Bowl that’s full of organic greens, as well as their wild mushroom pasta, but I feel like I end up eating the same meals every week or every other week, and I’m a big variety girl!

Splendid Spoon

Yep, You Can Call Me a Splendid Spoon Convert.

Overall, Splendid Spoon definitely beat out Sakara Life in terms of food quality, smoothie quality, and variety. Originally I had always thought that Sakara Life was the best option, but boy was I wrong after putting Splendid Spoon to the test.

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