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Little Spoon vs. Nurture Life: Which Kids Meal Delivery Is Better?

Gwen Anzalone
ByGwen AnzaloneMar 22, 2023Sponsored

If you’re a new mom like me, I bet you’re feeling crazy overwhelmed with ALL the options you have for feeding your kids. I know I am looking for a few go-to's to have in rotation for my kiddos each week, but it’s been really hard to know which brand is the best fit for my son’s needs as we transition from purees to finger foods and into older meals. So I’m hoping to make this a little easier for you, by sharing my experience trying two of the brands that I have seen the most: Little Spoon and Nurture Life.

I tried these two brands because they use high-quality ingredients and have recipes that actually taste good. Here’s how Little Spoon’s Biteables compares to Nurture Life’s Finger Foods:

If preventing picky eating is a priority… Little Spoon

The way that Little Spoon designed their Biteable meals is honestly brilliant. Rather than all of the components of the meal being in one jar, it’s broken up into a three-section plate. For my picky eater *no touching* is key! This makes it so easy for our son to see and feel the different colors and textures as we introduce him to new foods like shredded fajita chicken and sundried tomato orzo.

If price is a factor… Little Spoon

Little Spoon’s Biteable plates start at $5.83 per meal, whereas Nurture Life’s Finger Foods are $6.49 each. While the price difference per meal isn’t huge, it definitely adds up, especially when you’re getting several meals a week. If you’re like us and get 5 meals a week, that’s nearly a $20 savings every month.

If you want a bigger menu to pick from… Nurture Life

Both Nurture Life and Little Spoon have veggie-packed meals made with high-quality organic ingredients. But, if you’re looking for a wide variety to pick from, Nurture Life has nearly 20 Finger Food menu items. Since Little Spoon’s Biteable products are pretty new, there aren’t as many menu options yet, but Little Spoon does have a line of 30+ toddler and big kid meals, which is a great go-to. Plus, a ton of Smoothies as fun snacktime offerings.

If you’re interested in starting with purees and pouches…Little Spoon

I really like that Little Spoon offers something for every phase of our son’s early food journey. Unlike Nurture Life, they offer baby food purees, plus a line of convenient pouches for snacktime that we have been loving since our son started on solids 6 months ago. It’s nice to be able to feed him food from a brand that we love and trust without the risk of bad customer service or low-quality food from a new brand we don’t know.

Our family’s pick… Little Spoon

While we liked the food that both Little Spoon and Nurture Life offered, overall Little Spoon’s Biteable meals are our family’s pick. We love that there are so many options that we can get in one order, the meals are under $6 each, come on a plate that makes it easy for our baby to explore new foods and not to mention that our son actually ate more off of his Little Spoon plate. And let’s be honest, the #1 sign of a successful mealtime is an empty plate.