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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

GEM: Is It Worth the Hype?

Jordyn Mannino
ByJordyn ManninoNov 6, 2022In Partnership With GEM

For years I’ve been told that I need to be taking a daily vitamin to fill the nutrient gaps in my diet. But to be honest, I’ve always been wary of vitamins – I don’t particularly love the idea of taking a pill every day, especially when I have no idea what’s in it.

My reluctance to take a daily supplement has led me to develop some serious nutrient gaps in my diet. I wanted to find an all-natural supplement that would help me get my nutritional intake back on track. And that’s when I came across GEM.

I was scrolling through Instagram and was instantly intrigued by the curious-looking cubes that all my favorite fitness Instagrammers were raving about. Could it really be that simple and delicious to get all the nutrients you need in a day? I had to test GEM out for myself.

A nutrient-dense bite made from real food ingredients

To sum it up, GEM is a nutrient-dense bite made from real food ingredients. A single bite is packed with over 15 essential nutrients, all derived from vitamins, minerals, greens, and herbs to help fill the gaps in your diet!

As I mentioned earlier, a problem I always had with vitamins was I never knew what was in them – I felt like I was reading a chemistry textbook when looking at the ingredient list.

That’s where GEM sets itself apart. When reading the ingredient list I recognized every ingredient that was packed into one of their bites. Also, all of the nutrients packed into a single GEM bite come straight from the source: whole food. Whole foods are those that have not been processed or changed in any way, making them more nutritional and easier for your body to absorb.

Yummy flavors for more focus and energy

For my first pass with GEM, I went for the Lemon Raspberry Daily Essential Bites. After about a month of incorporating these bites into my daily routine, I have noticed a significant difference in my focus and energy. Before GEM I had a strict “don’t talk to me until I’ve had my coffee” mentality – nowadays, I wake up feeling energized and eager to take on the day!

Something I really love about GEM is that it’s a subscription so I can always count on my next batch of bites to be at my door right when I’m about to run out. Also, you can easily swap between flavors to unlock a new set of benefits! Daily Essential Bites are also available in Citrus Ginger and Cacao.

A healthy gut and the best sleep of my life

As someone who has always struggled with food intolerance, I recently made the switch to the Citrus Ginger Daily Essential Bites to help promote a healthy gut. After just a few weeks of taking this new flavor, I feel that my stomach is much more settled and I’m able to digest my food better.

Another product I want to highlight is the GEM Sleep Essentials. These Chocolate Cherry flavored bites are like a sweet after-dinner treat that helps me wind down and fall asleep easier. I’ve always been a restless sleeper and I found that incorporating a Sleep Essential into my routine also helps me sleep soundly through the night.

My verdict

GEM has become a staple in my daily routine. Not only are they delicious and made from all-natural, whole ingredients, but they also significantly changed the way that I feel every day. After just a few weeks of taking the Daily Essential and Sleep Essential bites, I feel rejuvenated and have more energy throughout the day.

I’d highly recommend checking out GEM and giving their MultiBites a try. For a limited time, you can grab 50% off your entire order with code MSA50 - redeem here!