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Fabletics Reviews

Is Fabletics right for you?

Fabletics (starting at $49.95/month) is a VIP fitness and athleisure clothing subscription from the same family as Shoedazzle and JustFab. Each month, members get access to an exclusive collection of performance sports bras, leggings, workout tops, jackets, sneakers, and more (in women’s sizes XXS-3X) at VIP prices. Shop a la carte, pick from coordinated outfits curated just for you, or choose to skip the month—it’s up to you.


Our Review

We've tested everything from Fabletics leggings and sports bras to athleisure outfits and even shoes. Here's the quick take their VIP membership:

What We Love

  • Fabletics offers so many colors and styles, from pretty patterned looks to edgy styles with modern cut-outs & textures.

  • Got curves? Fabletics leggings have been a hit with our curvier reviewers, & they offer low, medium, and high-impact bras for sizes XXS-3X.

  • The flexibility! Only shop when you want, & skip the month if you’re not feeling it.

  • These looks last! Fabletics’ performance-quality pieces hold up workout after workout, wash after wash.

You Should Know

  • Fabletics' membership model can be confusing if you've never belonged to a similar service, so make sure you understand how it works before you sign up.

  • Here's the deal: By the 5th of the month, VIP members must choose whether to shop for something new or choose the “skip” option in their account to avoid any charge. If you take neither action, Fabletics will charge you $49.95, which saves as a “credit” on your account. One credit is worth one outfit, and you can redeem your credit for an outfit whenever you’d like.

  • We recommend making a calendar reminder to make your decision by the monthly deadline (and avoid unwanted charges)!

I'd Recommend Fabletics If

  • You want to expand your workout wardrobe with high-quality, well-fitting pieces.

  • You like the ease of a subscription, but want the assurance that you’re getting pieces you know you’ll enjoy.

  • You’re budget-conscious—you want to determine what you spend each month, even if that’s $0.

  • Ready to give them a shot? Check out their 2 leggings for $24 promotion when you join now!

The ULTIMATE Guide to Fabletics Leggings—Are They Right for You?

The ULTIMATE Guide to Fabletics Leggings—Are They Right for You?

From compression leggings to seamless styles, Fabletics has your leggings needs covered. But which Fabletics leggings are right for you and YOUR workout?

Our Fabletics Picks: Each Monthly Review, At A Glance

Our staff reviewers describe the membership experience and test popular Fabletics leggings and other apparel:

    What Our Readers Are Saying


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    ''Great products and great sales!! Makes going to my workouts easy and fun.'' – Dorothy, 2019 Readers' Choice Awards

    Fabletics FAQ

      What is Fabletics & how does it work?

    • Fabletics is a VIP shopping subscription for premium fitness and athleisure clothing. Co-founded by actress Kate Hudson, Fabletics lets members shop their exclusive catalog of leggings, sports bras, workout tops, jackets, shorts, and accessories like shoes, bags, and headbands at VIP prices.

      Each month, VIP members will have until the 5th to shop the site, choose the “skip” option in their account (in which case, you won’t be charged anything), or do nothing. If you do nothing, Fabletics will charge you $49.95, which will be saved to your account as a “credit.” Credits can be redeemed for one outfit each.

      How much does Fabletics cost?

    • It’s up to you! If you choose the “skip” option in your account by the 5th of the month, you won’t be charged anything. You can also shop between the 1st and the 5th of the month, spending however much you’d like. (Outfits start at $49.95, but accessories like bags, headbands, and more are available for under $10!)

      If you take neither action by the 6th of the month, you’ll be charged $49.95, but that money simply saves to your account as a “credit.” Credits can be redeemed for one outfit each. Use your credits as soon as you’d like, or wait to use them on a future month’s purchase—whatever works for you!

      How do you skip a month of Fabletics?

    • Skipping the month is easy. (But it is time sensitive!) Just follow these steps:

      1. - Between the 1st and 5th of each month, login to your Fabletics account.
      2. - Click the red “Skip the Month” button at the top of your My Outfits page. It should be front and center, right beneath the “Welcome Back” message.
      3. - Once it’s clicked, it should be replaced with gray text saying, “You skipped this month.”

      Our tip: Since skipping the month is time sensitive, we recommend setting a calendar reminder or marking the 5th in your planner to make sure you don’t miss the deadline!

      Do you have a Fabletics promo code or coupon?

    • You can start your membership by getting two pairs of leggings for just $24 when you use this link!

      Fabletics also holds occasional sales and promotions that are for existing members-only.

      Is it easy to cancel Fabletics?

    • While getting in touch with Fabletics is pretty simple, we’ve heard from some former members that customer service isn’t always the most accommodating. Here’s what to look out for based on their experiences:

      • - Fabletics customer service might try to convince you to just skip future months rather than cancel completely. Be firm about what you’d like to do!
      • - You may not be refunded for the credits saved to your account. For that reason, we recommend redeeming them for outfits and then cancelling.

      Is Fabletics Kate Hudson’s leggings brand?

    • Yes! Kate Hudson co-founded Fabletics in 2013.

      Are Fabletics leggings worth it?

    • Fabletics is a favorite among our reviewers, partially because of the flexibility of the membership, but especially because of the quality of the clothing. The leggings in particular hold up well over time, workout after workout, and wash after wash. And the curvier folks on our team tend to like the fit—many Fabletics compression styles (like their PowerHold styles in particular) do a great job of staying put (and not sliding down) without being restrictive. Check out our reviews to learn more!