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3 Signs Your Gut Health Is Off Balance and How to Fix It

Jordyn Mannino
ByJordyn ManninoSep 8, 2022Sponsored

Never in a million years would I consider myself a picky eater. If anything, I think of myself to be a bit of a foodie – always looking to try new things and never giving a second thought to how a meal would make me feel afterward. Unfortunately for me, this adventurous, food-loving lifestyle came to an end when I realized I couldn’t tolerate food like I used to.

The first few times it happened, I didn’t think anything of it – I figured it was probably just food poisoning or something didn’t sit right. Little did I know that these digestive issues were here to stay and that the food I was eating was the source of all my problems.

Here are a few signs your gut health is off balance and how Splendid Spoon could be the solution:

Intolerance & Indigestion

I knew something was off when I started to feel a ton of discomfort after eating. I would immediately feel full after eating the smallest bites of food and felt very heaving from bloating. I wasn’t sure what was up and started to think I was becoming allergic to all my favorite foods.

As it turns out the bloating and stomach pain was from indigestion and food intolerance. After a few weeks of eating Splendid Spoon, I was feeling better than ever. Their Kimchi Fried Quinoa Grain Bowl and Creamy Mushroom and Spinach Noodles have really done me wonders - both taste bud-wise and digestion-wise!

Eating cleaner, more natural, and unprocessed meals has relieved my stomach pain AND I can incorporate sensitive foods back into my diet. No more excessive bloating and much more cheese eating!

Tired Days & Sleepless Nights

You know those days when you wake up tired? Yeah… me too. I had fallen into a cycle of tired days and sleepless nights, where I was worn out by noon. Obviously, something was off, but I couldn’t figure out what it was… I certainly didn’t expect the cry for help to be from my stomach.

Food is fuel has never been truer. I always assumed if I was eating enough, I would be energized for the day – but I was wrong. Eating the same meals every day caused me to miss out on important vitamins and nutrients that I needed to keep me going. After switching to a plant-based diet with Splendid Spoon I was more energized and feeling better than ever – I was finally able to enjoy nutrient-dense meals while still enjoying the taste!

I really love the variety Splendid Spoon offers. They have tastes from all over the world and you’ll never get bored eating their delicious meals. My personal favorite is the Vegetable Bolognese Bowl during the week and their Brown Rice Taco Bowl on the weekends.

Splendid Spoon

Serious. Sugar. Cravings.

Don’t get me wrong I’ve always enjoyed sweets and dessert… but in moderation. I started to notice that I was gravitating toward sugary snacks and was always looking for something sweet to snack on. I would try to suppress the cravings with fruit and other healthier options, but nothing was ever satisfying so I would resort back to chocolate.

Splendid Spoon’s assortment of smoothies helped me suppress the sugar high I was craving. The smoothies are the perfect combination of sweet and savory – perfect for satisfying my cravings and ensuring I was getting a nutrient-packed meal to restore my stomach.

Splendid Spoon

The Takeaway And Your Next Steps

A big reason why I suffered for so long is because I didn’t know the signs that my gut was off balance. If you’re anything like me, you’ll realize that switching to Splendid Spoon is a fast and delicious way to restore and maintain a healthy gut. After a week of eating delicious, nutrient-dense meals from Splendid Spoon, I was feeling healthier than ever. No more digestive pain and bloating after eating, and I’m now able to fuel my body with the food I’m eating.

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