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Margot Elena Discovery Box Fall 2020 FULL Spoilers!

We have the FULL spoilers for the Fall 2020 Margot Elena box thanks to Candace! FYI – this box is not available. If you sign up now, Spring 2021 will be your first box.

Each box will include:

  • Library of Flowers Field & Flowers Soap – $11
  • The Cottage Greenhouse Violette Fig & Black Currant Salt Scrub – $28
  • TokyoMilk Neptune & The Mermaid Song of the Siren Eau de Parfum – $44
  • Lollia Imagine Shea Butter Handcreme – $26
  • M.E. Happy Home x Ellen Everett Let Us Live Like Flowers Diptych – $28
  • Lollia Poetic License Candle – $34
  • The Cottage Greenhouse Sugar Beet & Blossom Body Wash – $22
  • TokyoMilk Light Lip Gloss – $21

What do you think of the spoilers? 

More on this box:

The Subscription Box: Margot Elena Discovery Box

The Cost: $59.99 a quarter

The Products: Discover the world of All Things Beautiful with the Margot Elena Discovery Box filled with over $200 worth of full-sized products curated by our team

Ships to: US

Check out our Margot Elena Discover Box reviews to learn more about the subscription!

Margot Elena Discovery Box

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Comments (159)

  1. Chiming in again now that I have the box in hand. The perfume is heavenly. I love it. Even if it doesn’t last long scent wise, I’ll keep it in my purse for touch ups. Loving that the lip gloss has a wand as I wasn’t fond of the gloss pots. Also crushing on the salt scrub. Smells great! I abhor the candle. Mine is dandelion and it is awful. There really wasn’t a lot of fall in this box. It was much more spring oriented. And the diptych is silly. Not worth $28 for sure.

  2. Will there be a Winter box or will the next box be a Spring box?.

    • There is a Winter box, I believe it’s sold out already 🙂 to get the winter box you’d need to be subscribed already. Hope that helps:)

  3. I’ve been a subscriber since the second box (I was so disappointed that I missed the first one! LOL ) and I love opening the boxes as much as if it’s Christmas or my birthday! The presentation is top notch. It’s a feast for the senses -such beautiful packaging and lovely fragrances. The curation has to vary each month so I know I’ll love some boxes more than others. But even with one or two items I may not be crazy about, the total value is still far beyond the subscription price making it more than worth it to me. I can always find a home for whatever items I can’t use. They make beautiful gifts. In this box the candle (I received “Sunspots on a photograph”) and perfume are my favorites items.

    In future boxes I would love to see a liquid hand soap as an option some time (does ME even make one?) and maybe a travel size hand creme along with another small item instead of a large hand creme each time. I’d also like to see a gourmand scent once in a while like the “Relax” fragrance which smells amazing! Lifestyle items like mugs and scarves are always fun too. Maybe there will be one in the winter box? It’s nice to be surprised and overall, the ME sub box is still my favorite by far.

  4. I’m not on any swap sites or Facebook, but if anyone wants to trade or buy the perfume let me know. Or if anyone has a recommendation for where to sell for the first time, that would be welcome too. Thanks!

  5. I was debating cancelling after the last box and this confirms it especially with the price increase. I only need so many hand creams and while the lifestyle items used to justify it—they are becomes less and less frequent. I remover that beautiful weird stemless mug, robe, eye pillow and Turkish towel. Just delightful. And now we have an a card board art print. It doesn’t help that their art prints literally make no sense.

  6. I guess I’m the oddball, because I absolutely love the prints/diptych! I’m probably going to give mine to a friend, maybe I’ll make photocopies for myself.

    This is my first box and I’m really glad I subscribed.

  7. This is my third box from ME; I discovered this box from spending too much time on this site (I imagine I’m not alone in that respect). I’ve subbed to five other boxes since then (yay Pusheen, OMG my mid-life crisis self loves you, it’s even cooler than shopping at an actual Sanrio store). But I digress.

    Nothing has stunned me more than the amount and quality of ME items for the price.

    I think it’s important that we respect the stunning packaging with this company…every single item has well-thought and well-executed packaging. These are vanity table items, for sure, and highly Instagram-able if that’s your thing. This packaging also allows for terrific regifting. And we don’t always love every item, so the one or two left over SHOULD be regifted, and even with the prices, they’re that good.

    Such as, the last box we got a cucumber hand cream; I despise cucumber in every form (except after they become kosher dill pickles) but my dislike doesn’t make that a bad product, just one that’s not for me. So I regifted the heck out of that sucker to a friend who has a lot of cucumber-scented products and she loved it. The regifting with ME, because of the stellar packaging, is super easy and welcomed by the recipient.

    It’s fair to say that most buyers of this box will have a few things in their box that don’t fit for them. However, I believe that this should not be a reason for not subbing or cancelling this box.

    Even if you knock out your two least liked items from any given ME box, if you add up the full retail prices of the remainders, you’ll still have a very nice group of products with a retail value above the cost of the box.

    I recommend this box and suggest that, if you’re interested, look on this site for other reviews of this box, and go through the items and see what you would like and what you wouldn’t… and if the retail prices of your “likes” add up to, or exceed, the cost of the box, then really consider subbing.

    And even if you don’t love every item, you’ll still love several, and you’ll have a few awesome, gorgeously designed products per quarter. Plus, you’ll have an item or two that are gift-worthy, and you’ll be able to shop the ME site with (I think, I might be wrong) special discounts for box-subbers only.

    I guess that’s the long way of saying that this sub is worth it and should be on your short list. It’s been stunning me for several months and I know that it will stun most others as well.

    • I missed a point in my novella above but I think it’s relevant and maybe helpful. ME is a serious manufacturer of perfumes. If you go to their site, you’ll see how serious they are about scents. But the box usually only has one perfume item (per my experience of three boxes). So if you’re new to ME, it’s worth going through their site and learning about their scents.

      So here’s my thoughts on their perfume products (with a little help from the Fragrantica site, so totally worth a long visit if you’ve never been):

      The ME perfume products are notorious for having weak silage and longevity. They simply don’t stick around long and quickly become “skin scents’ (as in, you can’t smell them unless your nose is pressed to your skin). Many a perfume fan has lamented this company’s struggle in formulating scents that have any staying power, and I agree, they don’t last. At all.

      I don’t know why this is, and whether ME knows and/or cares (You’d think they would, and these sites and blogs are open to anyone to find and read) about this.

      But, upon receiving this latest box, I’ve come to a personal conclusion:
      I have to give up caring about sillage and longevity with ME because the scents are so precious, so unique, and so special, that I should just enjoy them while they’re still fresh. I now recognize that some of their scents are just so incredible that, even though they don’t last, we are lucky to have experienced them at all. That’s how special their scents are to me (at least the ones I’ve experienced). This new box has a Tokyo Milk scent (not sure if everyone got the same thing so I’m not stating which one) that stunned me upon the first spray. It’s that good. It’s also a very “delicate” fragrance, I guess is how to describe it, and it did fade quickly. But when I press my nose to my skin where I sprayed it, I totally get the skin scent. While I’d love longevity with this scent, I can and will still appreciate it in the brief, fleeting time in which it exists. Their scents are THAT GOOD. That we’re willing to give up longevity and sillage to simply experience, albeit briefly, a stunning and moving scent. That’s what I get from this box’s perfume and the one from the last box (Tokyo Milk “heart” and soul).

      …I’m sorry for being so wordy! This is one of my first comments here, and maybe why I haven’t commented more during my time here is that I fear being too wordy…lol. But I couldn’t help myself with this one; this box is special, and deserves longer write-ups when appropriate…

      • You must have a blog. I throughly enjoyed reading this.

      • You have completely described something I had noticed about ME perfumes before. Only Tainted Love from the Tokyo Dark manages to stick around all day. I was wearing it as my signature scent for a while. Let Them Eat Cake from Tokyo is a close second. At one point I bought a mini set of Lolia perfumes, which were beautiful in both fragrance and packaging, but disappeared after one sniff. I have tried everything to make them last, even applying them to hair and clothing instead of skin. On a side note, I can only eat cucumbers in pickle form because they smell like soap and hand lotion. But I actually love cucumber scented products.

      • sillage (two L’s)

      • Julia, it’s actually “two Ls,” not “two L’s.” The apostrophe has no reason to be there, and is never, ever correct when used for plurals, whether it’s a word, acronym, or letter/number. We say “two cats,” for example, not “two cat’s,” “The 1920s” instead of “The 1920s,” “She gets straight As” instead of “She gets straight A’s,” “Dos and Don’ts” instead of “Do’s and Don’ts,” etc. The apostrophe is used for contractions and possession, not plurals.

      • Correction to my own comment: “The 1920s” instead of “The 1920’s.”

      • @Mountaineer95, I don’t have an active subscription, but I love the products’ concept and the packaging.

        I don’t have a subscription any longer despite having one for the last 2 years because:
        1) One person cannot use that much product and my friends are not the type to receive personal products as gifts. If I gave perfume, one would say ” My signature scent is Norell” or the like. It is a very snobby area.

        2) The bath products, except for the very slippery bath oil, dry my old and fragile skin out. Age really gets to be a problem in the 50’s and above as far as needing moisture in bath products. 🙂

        I loved your posts and thanks for letting me share the other side of the coin, but not nearly as eloquently as you would have. 🙂 I have meant to test the pH of the bath products but never got around to it with the things from other sub boxes ( I have a huge stack of unopened ME boxes because I love the beauty but not the formulas).

      • I looked it up in case anyone else was curious. Sillage is pronounced “see-yazh.” I’m going to work that into my next Zoom conference somehow.

      • I also loved your comments. Keep it up, and I love the positivity.

        The last box was my first and I also sent gift boxes to my mom and my step daughter. Because of Covid everyone needed a pick me up. I had previously ordered a perfume and hand cream set of Tokyomilk Light Awaken Within. I am a small business lender working from home for a credit union. We were working 16 hour days, 7 days a week for 6 weeks on the SBA PPP stimulus money loans, and I went through the whole tube of hand cream. The smell reminds me of working at my computer at 1 and 2 in the morning in a quiet, dark house trying to get my people a piece of the government money pie before it was all gone. The smell calmed me and also somehow revived me to put in another hour or two.

        When I opened the Spring box there was another bottle of Awaken Within. Now it’s my favorite scent. Always makes me smile.

    • I’m with you on the cucumber hand cream. My husband’s using it for his hands, eczema and brake clean don’t mix well. I noticed he’s actually using it, as opposed to the $150 prescription cream that didn’t do anything for him and gathers dust in a drawer.

      This is my favorite sub and I love most of the items. It is well worth the price and I look forward to it every quarter. I’m so happy to get the bar soap. I bought a pretty ceramic soap holder and have been patiently waiting to get a bar from ME.

  8. I may be the odd woman out here but I love the box just as it is. I’m not crazy about receiving lifestyle items, which is exactly why I sub to this box. If I wanted lifestyle I would sub to one of those boxes. This sub always feel so special. Love the fulls I’ve products and the variety. Love getting new body care produce every few months. Always feel like such an amazing gift that I give to myself! 🛀🏻🎁💖💖💖

    • I agree! This box just feels like a surprise gift from me to me. And if there are one or two items that aren’t up my alley, I can regift them and someone I love can experience them. I do enjoy a lifestyle item but, as you also believe, the best items here are body and fragrance products and scents. ME knocks it out of the park with these. When did you first start subbing to this box? I’d love to hear more about past boxes and products.

      • Amended to add that, going with Jenny’s comment, ME could totally have TWO boxes available: a scented body/skin care box, AND a stand-alone lifestyle box.

        The ME packaging is just so good and so inventive that it wouldn’t be surprising at all if they came out with a home decor/lifestyle line that incorporates their stunning style and eye. We’re renovating our older home soon, and I actually decided the colors/themes for each room based mostly on the color mixes and patterns in my ME packages. Like, OMG Antemossa (I think it is called, has blues, purples, and magenta) is stunning and I want to do a room around that box alone. I’d totally be down for a -lifestyle/home decor/fashion and accessory- ME box (along with my body care/scent ME box). I hope the folks at ME read these reviews and comments!

      • I have subscribed since the first box. This always is the favorite of my subbscrption boxes. That being said, I loved the first boxes for the mix of body and lifestyle products. I have found some of my favorite products from those boxes. I ended up buying bedding from them. So while I love the box, I miss those special items. That made this a amazing box .

  9. I received my box today this is my first one. I think I have to get used to the fragrance of most of these items. They’re a little different than what I expected. I was looking for something sweet and more floral. I love everything in the box though and I’m glad that they sent a lip gloss that you do not have to apply with your finger. I also like the large candle that was included but again I’ll have to get used to the scent. The poster to me is ridiculous. I will try to make it work by putting it in a nice frame but I would’ve preferred a journal or something other than what feels like cheap cardboard with the print on it.

    • Hi Vi! I share your desire for sweet scents, I’m a gourmand lover through and through. I also noticed that this ME box has mostly non-gourmand scents. I hope that you will at least try the items; sometimes the sweet smells we crave show up as a scent lingers. There are many good products in this box, and I hope that you (and I, frankly) find a favorite or two after we’ve used the items. At the very least, please consider visiting the ME site if you haven’t yet, and purchase any one of the gourmand scents available there. I would suggest Wish, Relax, or Honeycomb to start.

      • Hi Mountaineer95, I will definitely try the products since I know sometimes they smell differently on the skin. The packaging of these products are absolutely gorgeous and I love soaps, scrubs and body washes so I do like this box. Thanks for the recommendation for the other scents, I’ll definitely look into those as well. I’ve tried the Lollia products before and that’s what drew me to this box because those products smell amazing.

      • Yes! I totally agree. I just tried the ME “Relax” perfume in a gift shop and it smells amazing! I was hoping it would show up in this box. Maybe next time…..:)

      • If you haven’t yet, try True Vanilla! This is VERY close to the famed Couvent des Minimes Cologne of the Missions discontinued vanilla scent. It is gourmand heaven. And because it has so much vanilla in it, it lasts longer than the floral scents. (Vanilla is commonly used to extend the life of perfumes because it is naturally rich in oil that sticks to the skin.)

    • Hi, did you notice that there are actually two prints? The writing didn’t make a lot of sense to me, until I saw the two prints side by side. Now I really like them!

      • Thank you! 🤦🏼‍♀️I just flipped it over and saw the sticker that says “diptych” which means 2 prints. I just assumed it was a single print. I’m so glad I saw your comment and actually opened the package instead of leaving it sealed and just shoving it into a drawer to be forgotten! LOL

      • Oh yay! Glad I could help!

  10. Just got done unboxing! I love it all! Even though I don’t use perfumes often, I like this scent. The lotion and box are beautiful! I received a blue and yellow “Sunspots on a photograph” candle which is nice and heavy, nice scent. I even like the artwork, although prefer something more useful, but I’ll frame it up and put it somewhere in the house where the colors match. Going to do the salt scrub then the body wash and see how that works out. I love this sub box and glad I am on the list every quarter!

  11. After seeing this post, I went back and reviewed the boxes from the past year or so. It seems to have declined in both value as well as quality of the curation. I adore the unique items I received such as the glass water bottle, the kimono, the pencil case, peacock mug, even the lovely greeting cards. They curiously ended all annual subs when they raised the price after the Fall 2019 box, and I have not had any regrets since I ended my subscription. The company has generous sales every few months and that enables me to stock up on the products I love most (white tea & Japanese plum dry body oil).

    • “…declined in both value as well as quality…”

      So you’re no longer buying from ME, right? I mean if the value AND quality have declined?

      But apparently at least the quality is up to par since you “stock up on the products I love most”. If the quality has declined, why buy it at all, even on sale? I ask because ME on sale is still pricier than other products. So for you there must be some level of quality to keep you coming back for sales. And that’s okay, totally, as long as you’re willing to share how you feel about the products. Calling them low quality, and then buying them, comes across as odd.

      • She said quality of the curation, not of the products…

      • Precisely, Mrs. Little. Talk about taking a quote out of context!! I stand by my statement that the quality of curation has diminished since the box first launched.
        Also, that lovely, large candle was a GWP when I first established an annual subscription.
        And, Mounaineer95- I repurchase exactly two products from ME, when offered at a steep (>50% off), one of which I cited at the end of my comment.
        People can disagree, but to write a missive based on a misquote is…🤷🏽‍♀️

  12. I just noticed that I received a different candle scent than the one pictured here. Mine was ‘sunspots on a photograph’ I believe, and the box was blue. I wonder how many different scents went out?

    • My candle scent was “Tomorrow”. I love that they sent a larger candle instead of the travel tins.
      I am pleased with everything but the print. I am hoping they bring a better lifestyle item back in the next box. The “special item” really makes the box feel complete. A cloth mask, blanket, socks, travel mug, planter, bag or towel would have been great!

      • My candle was something “dandelion”. And while initially it smelled too earthy and grassy, it’s grown on me since I’ve burned it. I quite like it, which surprised me. I agree about the lifestyle item. I still think this box is a great buy, and for the last three boxes (the amount of time I’ve been getting it), I’ve loved it even without this extra item…but when I look at reviews of past boxes I can’t help but long for some of those extra items.

      • You never know what you’ll get with the lifestyle items, and they always seem to be love it or hate it. But I sure hope they don’t ever stop including them. 😊

    • I received this one too. So beautiful. Haven’t burned yet but I’m sure it will smell amazing!

    • I received the same scent as you did. I like that there are some surprises but more than not (in my personal experience with ALL my subscription boxes ) when we are sent a random choice of one of several different options, I tend to like the one I received the least and wish I would have gotten what other subscribers did. It’s not always a case of the grass is always greener…” either but luckily this candle is very nice. The ME sub box is so lovely and the value is so high compared to the price that I’m fine with not loving EVERY item because there’s something for everyone. I know I can find a home for the things that don’t work for me. They make fabulous gifts. I hope you like your candle.:)

    • My candle is Velvet as Night.

  13. I am no longer excited for this sub, used to be one of the best. It doesn’t look curated or “cared for” anymore

  14. I was excited to see the bar of soap in the box! I really enjoy her bar soaps. The candle is lovely, both in the form and the scent. And the perfume! It’s beautiful! I’m wearing it right now. I’m looking forward to trying the lip gloss and the body scrub.

    The print does have a seemingly high retail value, but I was glad to receive it in my box and am looking forward to displaying it once we get all settled in our new home.

    Personally, this box was a home run for me. I have been subscribing since the first and will happily continue.

    • Hi Melissa! I’m somewhat new (March of this year) to this box, and I see you’ve been with it from its inception. I would love to hear about some of your all-time faves from this box, even those that are discontinued. Can you share a bit about some of your “vintage” ME high points?

      • Things I love:
        Mug, water bottle, makeup bag, cards, kimono, small tote, candles, wish products. The hand lotions and the foot masque and cream is the best!

        Subscribed since the first box.

      • I was a subscriber from the first box, and the lifestyle items were always my least favorite things in the boxes. I still have all the greeting cards, kimono, journal, water bottle, that weird blue scarf pompom thing, pencil bag etc, sitting in a drawer. I really miss this sub, but decided not to continue with it when they took away the annual. It’s just too expensive for me now, though it’s totally worth it, value wise. This looks like a great box! I totally have FOMO. I love their perfume and they rarely put in full size bottles, I want a big candle! I might have to suck it up and but spring.

      • 🤔 hmm, let me see…
        I always enjoy the candles they send out. The stationery items are lovely, as are the tote bags. They sent out Pinon incense with a little incense holder that my husband (and I) really enjoyed. We bought more of that in one of their sales. Anything Cottage Greenhouse is going to be wonderful, imo. The shower gels are a lovely formula and very useful. There was a Bon Bon bubble bath that I would definitely buy again if I ever run out of bubble bath (but Margot keeps me stocked). The pomegranate facial oil is a must-have for me, as are the True Vanilla, Tainted Love, and Song of the Siren perfumes.
        What I appreciate most about this box is that even if something is a miss for me, I can always think of someone else who would love it. Many times in subscription boxes I have received something that is basically useless or trash.
        The first boxes came with letters that really added to the unboxing experience, although the cards they come with now are lovely. I also find it interesting that there has only ever been one Love & Toast item included.
        I love this box so much I’m always vaguely nervous when I see a bad review, because I do know they are responsive to feedback and unhappy customers tend to be louder. I think that’s why they stopped putting bar soap in the box. I worry they’ll do the same with the lifestyle items, but you truly can’t please everyone.

      • I really loved last year’s fall box with the apron and tea towel. Those made the box for me! I liked the cards, pencil pouch, water bottle, but nothing has topped last year’s fall box. I’d love to see more speciality items like those again.

  15. I feel the box is a little “light” for its cost. The printed poster has no value to me (or most other people), so I am ignoring the ridiculous $28 value placed upon it. Bottom line is the box used to include more items than this one. The value of this box seems to be diminishing to such an extent that I may consider cancelling. Just need to decide whether it is worth one more season to see if it turns around (though unlikely, IMO).

    • There are less items but more full size products and less filler. The value is still there. A big candle, not a tin travel one. A full size perfume, not a roller ball etc. They’ve included posters before, I hang them on the fridge. I’m not paying $28 for it, so I don’t care if it’s included.

  16. I like that this box has been reliable: there’s always a hand cream, a lip product, a body wash of some kind, and a fragrance, and then other products to add variety. I’ll use all of this. I haven’t seen a good photo of the artwork but I can always put it somewhere if it’s at all cute.

  17. If anybody is unhappy with this box and willing to sell it to break even, please let me know.

  18. Can’t wait to get mine! Love that there’s a lip gloss this time and that the candle is larger than the travel size ones. This is the only sub I get anymore because I can use everything or almost everything every time. I’m loving the full size perfumes as well 🙂

    • I just got my box tonight when I came home, and I’ve been applying that lip gloss repeatedly for the last several hours lol! It’s really nice. Glossy, smooth, smells fab, pretty packaging…all of the things you’d expect of ME. I also agree about the perfumes! While I’m steadfastly in the camp of “ME fragrances don’t last” (which I’ve found to be true), the scents themselves are just so incredible, so delightful, that I’m okay with them fading quickly.

      It’s kind of like having an experience that is extra special, but that you know won’t last. And you cherish it even more. That’s how I’ve come to appreciate the ME scents; while incredible and moving, they’re also quite fleeting, and that’s okay. So when a full sized perfume comes in my ME box, I recognize that the price of the perfume alone is close to, if not more than, the cost of the entire box, so I can (and should lol) enjoy the perfume with reckless abandon by spraying it everywhere and anywhere I can. Enjoy it while it lasts, right?

  19. I saw the Fall Discovery Box contents on their page and there were 12 items listed. The box that their site showed looked fantastic. The box I received was pitiful by comparison!! Apparently, there are 2 separate spoilers and the list they provided on their site was not accurate? None of those 12 items were included in the box that I received AND one of the eight items that I did receive was a cardboard picture listed as being $28. The scents were either weedy smelling/granny’s closet/sunscreen. This one makes me sad.

    • I think you were looking at an old box from a previous year. When I was looking for spoilers I saw that page too but after looking at YouTube videos it’s appears that was the 2018 fall box.

  20. I received my box yesterday, however, there doesn’t seem to be a pump for the body wash? If there is one provided it wasn’t in my box. Does anyone know if there is supposed to be one?

    • Hi Patricia! I also noticed the lack of a pump for the body wash. That made me think, initially, that it was a bubble bath item. I think it’s an uncharacteristic oversight on ME’s part, as they’re usually good with packaging. But using this product as a body wash without a pump will be awkward and messy. Hopefully someone from ME reads the comments here and figures this out.

    • Also noticed the screwcap on the body wash and wondered if I have an empty pump hand soap bottle to transfer to. I looked on the ME website and it shows a snap top black lid with most likely a very small diameter spout for pouring. They probably had an issue with getting the black snap top lids with covid needs for hand sanitizer and soap. I’ll just do my own thing and make it work so I don’t end up dumping it down the drain in the shower.

      As many have posted there isn’t even one special item in the box, and I am disappointed by that as they are my favorite surprises. But again, I’ll be patient. Taking a look around a store over the summer really shows how much we depend on foreign imports for shelf stock. ME may not have been able to get any special items to include in this box, as most of that stuff is imported. Remember these things are curated months in advance, so shutting down imports in March really would impact what they had to send in September. Or they are now alternating quarters to include special items. Nothing in spring, journal in summer, nothing in fall, so I’m holding out hope that Winter knocks it out of the park.

  21. This might be my last box after being a long time subscriber. $28 for a piece of cardboard? Really? The curation has gone severely down hill.

  22. Having been with this subscription since the beginning, it is really a let down with each box lately. It is as though there is less curation and more throwing in of repackaged items. There were special items like that robe, apron, etc. Nothing like that for seasons!

    • I agree, I miss the (special items) robe, towels, water bottles. And there are so many repeats of items or scents from previous boxes. My hope is there will be something special for the Winter holiday box. It would be great if the curators would read the feedback. I do love opening the box and the pretty wrapping for everything.

  23. I use these boxes as a gift stash, although I always love the shower gels and soaps. With the holidays approaching you can’t go wrong. Totally agree that the formulas are drying, I think I may just be a sucker for pretty packaging. (That diptych is just a big no)

  24. Gonna have to let this sub go, I think. This box feels mismatched and uninspired. I liked it better a year ago!

    • Will you be receiving this box as your final box? I’d love to buy it off of you, if you are willing to sell it. Thanks!

  25. This has been my favorite sub box of all time but I’m super annoyed at the $28 cardboard diptych. I honestly get this box for all the beauty care items, lip gloss, perfume and dislike the cards, journals and diptych type items. Those items are always WAY overpriced and most of the time can’t be validated on their website because they aren’t for sale. I’d rather get a lotion or candle that’s actually for sale on their website where I can validate the retail pricing then get some random item that has a made up over the top dollar figure attached to it.

  26. I absolutely adore my M.E subscription and will never give it up. Even with the price increase I always have lovely gifts in a pinch. I find it worth every penny. I subscribe to many many boxes and M.E and JourneeBox Box are two of the few that always have quality items and products that way exceed what I pay.

    • I 100% agree with you! This is by far my favorite sub box, the one I look forward to the most.

    • I agree! I’ve only gotten three ME boxes so far but I’m in love. Even for the occasional product I won’t use, I have a friend who will love it as a gift. And I def think it’s worth way more than the sub price; it’s a great deal. I see you like the Journee box; I’ve been reading (and re-reading, lol) the reviews for that box. How long have you been getting it, and what are your thoughts about it?

  27. I like and will use everything except the diptych. I will put that in the donation box. I am really happy with the big candle! I will keep this subscription since it is quarterly and I often use these items for gifts I look forward to it every time and always use enough of the products to make it a great deal for me.

  28. I can’t wait. Even the with increase. I will be a subscriber for life! One of the few boxes that always surpass what we pay. Whatever I don’t use I gift. You can’t go wrong with any of Margo Elenas packaging.

  29. I’m excited for the perfume! I was thinking of getting it but now I glad I waited. The cost to me is def. worth all the products in the box & anything I not crazy about I’m sure I can sell on ebay, posh, or mercari. I did ask customer service about the price increase. I was told it goes into effect for the spring 2021 box. So the winter will be the same $49.99. I do think I might cancel after that one.

  30. Why would anyone want to “live like a flower”? ….. Flowers a pretty for only a short period of time and then die within 2 weeks… Seems like a horrible way to live 🤷

    • It is two pieces. The second half says, “Wild, beautiful and drenched in the sun.” Being Goth, I actually like the nihilistic version.

  31. It seems odd that it’s not color/theme coordinated. Visually, it seems duller than usual.

    • Agree…it doesn’t seem like there was any thought put into it and that is so disappointing.

  32. You know, I loved the ” extras” but I’ve lost every one of mine, I believe… except the boxes I truly never even looked in which might have some of these non- perfumed elements.
    I remember I got 2 of those little robe things but have no clue where either one is. Bright blue with Asian fish or the like on them, and then there was a holiday bell on a bright turquoise ribbon, which looked like a cat toy to me. I have dogs, and they were not impressed. I believe I threw both of them away after I’d tried to get the dogs to play.

  33. I miss that last year they had boxes with a robe, water bottle, totes, hand towels or something other than just body-care and skincare items.

  34. Glad I was able to experience this box for a year last year. The products are all very nice, but I have too many products from a lot of different subscriptions and am not sad that I did not get this one.

  35. M.E. Happy Home x Ellen Everett Let Us Live Like Flowers Diptych – $28…’s literally a cardboard piece of paper with some drawing on it. And they say it’s worth $28?!??!?! GTFOH! It’s going straight into the recycle bin. Everything else smelled so fragrant and sweet. Like, “get this scent off me now” kinda sweet. Definitely cancelling before they up the price to $60. *sigh*

  36. I have full size “At Last” and “Dead Sexy” perfumes from past boxes. Would anyone like to trade one of those scents for Song of the Siren?

    Wouldn’t you know, I canceled in part because the perfumes weren’t to my taste, and now they’ve featured the Siren, my fav scent.

    • I would trade! Dead sexy is my fave

      • Terrific! Are you on the swap site? I just listed mine.

    • What is this “swap site” you speak of?? I want in! 🙂

      • Is it the one on Facebook?

      • I started subbing to this box after seeing the first few boxes and am always excited when “she” arrives. I’ve used most lifestyle items for myself, and gifted those I didn’t. I don’t use bar soaps and have gifted those along with some of the other scented items and they make for some impressive looking gift bags! I’m happy to see a full size candle and perfume which I’ll be keeping for me 🙂 For the current price this is a great box for me. I hope once the price increases that they’ll adjust the contents as well. I would especially like them to bring back the more substantial lifestyle items, not cardboard signs. I don’t dislike the inclusion, but seems it should be a box “bonus,” not a listed item, especially pretending someone would pay $28 for it. I enjoy this box enough to see what it looks like once the price increases.

    • This website has a swap site 🙂 Usually you have to join a waitlist for a bit before they open it to new members. It has some neat features, such as the ability to follow items, search listings by box, etc.

      Leanne: feel free to email me at eric1953 @ if you’d like to trade.

  37. Wow this is a letdown and probably what I need to cancel. We will see once I get it.

  38. I received my shipping notice and can’t be more excited for my box. Everything is so lovely.

  39. I was so excited for this box but not after these spoilers. I wish it felt a little more like fall. I like the perfumes but this is too beach themed for fall…and do I really need a diptych? No…please no…

    • What exactly is a diptych?

      • It’s a 2 panel art piece, vs a triptych that has three. The spoiler doesn’t have the full view, but I’m guessing one side is words and the others is all artwork of flowers. The *tych part means it opens in a hinge manner and since this is 2 rather than 3 it opens like a book 🙂

  40. Other than the “Let Us Live Like Flowers Diptych,” which I have no place for, I’m thrilled.

    If anyone wants that particular item, I’d absolutely trade for a sample-sized beauty item.

    • I agree with “Other than the “Let Us Live Like Flowers Diptych,” which I have no place for, I’m thrilled.”

      • If they needed an ME Life + Home item, I’d have absolutely taken one of the $15 nail polishes (???) or heck a rustic terra cotta plate ($12) – as the nail polish would have made the box hazardous from a shipping perspective. Last quarter I didn’t need the random cards, but could rationalize maybe using one at some point to toss into a gift. This one, I’ve got nothing and the sticker price is up there. Now, I’m very curious to see how this item will be reviewed by MSA!!! 😉

      • She sent the nail polishes last year.

  41. Beautiful as always.

  42. I wish they’d release spoilers before it’s too late to get that season’s box, lol.

    • They’re sold out 6 months in advance. Winter is already sold out, you’d be looking at Spring 2021.

  43. I miss this sub so much, it was my favorite. But, after paying $38 a season, with an annual sub, I just can’t justify $60+$7 for shipping. This box looks really good, nice high dollar items.

  44. I have 10 unused boxes stacked up. I found the bath products sourced in sub boxes to be too drying. I have no clue what to do with the full boxes. If it’s too drying to me in my early 60’s, I know it will be for my mother…

    • Honestly, you could probably sell them on ebay, poshmark, or mercai. They’re super popular boxes and sell out quickly. You could even just sell the items individually to make back what you spent. It’s a little bit of work, but these are expensive and I feel like that could be worth it.

    • I feel the same, products are too drying (I’m 35 years old, have normal skin). They look super fancy, smell even better, but do NOTHING for your skin/lips. Btw, I was annual subscriber. I don’t think it is worth hype. And products are the same in every box – shower gel, soap, fragrance, candle, hand cream, lip product.

      • I agree their regular hand lotions are nothing special. The only item that wowed me was the dry body oil. It was really saved my legs last winter.

    • Same age range. Agree. They do nothing for me. So many hand creams ate so much better quality and efficacy. This is a lot of hype over packaging. It appears to suit many; not me.

      • One outlier would be their “perfumed creme” if I spelled that correctly. Those ME products are STELLAR when considering the amount of scent for the price. They’re not always included in each sub box so maybe you haven’t tried one (though your comment doesn’t tell if you’ve subbed this box in the past, so maybe you haven’t?)

        The ME (Library of Flowers line) perfumed cremes have an intensely buttery, rich consistency, and they are loaded with scent. They really do last, way beyond any other ME product (I have scent products from every line they make), and these perfumes cremes are what I go back to day after day. The “True Vanilla” is an intoxicating, boozy vanilla that works wonders as a layer under other perfume sprays.

        I’ll admit that I’m a sucker for packaging and, as you rightly allude to, nice packaging should never outweigh the quality of the product. I only made this comment to suggest one part of the ME line that really does nail it on quality, and I hope you’ll try one of these products if you haven’t already.

    • Hello, I’d be interested in past boxes (prior to Spring 2020). I’m pretty new to this site as far as messaging goes, but if you are able to DM me, maybe we can work out some kind of a deal?

  45. Thank you for this, MSA! I love admiring this beautiful box, but it’s even better to have NO FOMO! Hope everyone who subscribes still loves it 🙂

  46. I’m signed up for the spring box and hope they bring back the lifestyle items by then.

    • We had lifestyle last box!

  47. This seems like such a beautiful box, unfortunately, I cannot handle strong scents..
    I wish they would do a box like they did a few years ago with the beautiful robe, candle and a variety of things other than highly scented creams, etc.

    • Very fragranced and drying. I found the products I liked my first year of this sub and then canceled.

      • Yes! So drying!

      • Agree 100%!

    • Hi Mel! While I am fine with strong scents, and welcome them in the ME box, I can understand how one might be interested in the ME box but not in the strong ME scents. I think it’s based on their overall quality, packaging, and attention to detail in that regard. Another commenter mentioned the lifestyle products that come and go in the box. I think it would be great if ME came out with a second box for lifestyle items base on their aesthetic, which draws in so many, and kept a second box for the scented products. I really think a lifestyle box with items derived from their stunning packaging would go over very well. I would definitely sub such a box, and I hope that if it does happen, you’ll be on board and share your reviews!

  48. I would love to swap for The Imagine handcream, I have The Library of Flowers Field & Flowers scent if anyone is interested. I am on swap, if not I can try to get you my email.

    • Hi Annette! I can’t seem to find you when I look through the field of flowers hand cream listing. Is there anything else that you have listed that I could look up to find you?

      • I hadn’t listed it, but I have now LOL, sorry about that!!! I would love to swap if your interested Rose!!! Let me know!!

  49. I always love the scents of everything, but they are too strongly scented for my senses.

  50. The only item I want from this is the ‘Imagine’ handcreme – and I am hoping I will be able to swap for one. I wish they offered more of the unique lifestyle products – those are my favorite items to receive.

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