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Allure Beauty Box October 2020 FULL SPOILERS!

Allure October 2019 beauty subscription box review

We have the full spoilers for the October 2020 Allure Beauty Box

If you aren’t familiar with Allure Beauty Box, it is a $15-a-month beauty subscription that was named one of the Best Women’s Subscription Boxes and one of the Best Beauty Subscription Boxes by MSA readers in the 2020 Subscription Box Awards.

The October Allure Beauty Box will include:

  • The Nue Co Topical C (full size)
  • Verso Super Eye Serum (full size)
  • Static Nails Liquid Glass Lacquer in Irene (full size)
  • Sigma Liquid Lipstick in Venom
  • Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin Cream
  • Wilma Schumann Hydrating Collagen Eye Pads (1 pair)
  • La Roche-Posay Lipikar Balm AP + Body Cream
  • Bonus: Rusk PUREMIX Native Fig Replenishing Shampoo & Conditioner

FYI – There is only one variation for October so this is the box everyone will receive. Starting on 10/1, new members will receive the Sisley Paris Black Rose Cream Mask as a free gift with their subscription.

What do you think of the spoilers?

Allure Beauty Box is $15 a month. If you sign up now, September will be your first box. Check out the September spoilers here.

The monthly price for the Allure Beauty Box is increasing to $23 on 10/1. Check out all of the information on the subscription box updates, including new perks, in our Allure Beauty Box Q&A!

Now through 9/30, use this link to sign up for an annual Allure Beauty Box subscription and get a FREE Mega Bundle (17 products valued over $264)!  No coupon code necessary, the bundle will automatically be included.

Check out our Allure Beauty Box Reviews + Allure Beauty Box Spoilers to see what you can expect from this beauty subscription box!

Allure Beauty Box

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  1. I have been evaluating boxes for awhile after quitting Ipsy and Boxy, and had decided to go with Allure. Before the price raise! Then I decided paying $13.50 a month (by paying for an annual subscription before the price raise) I’d come out okay. I would not be happy with this box at $23, but I am at $13.50. Let’s see where they go from here.

    • I agree. I was like- LOVING the value and products of allure the passed 5 months- like, what an understated sub box- I thought. Then I was charged for an entire year- $162- instead of $15 for the month of July and, it took months to get this resolved. Finally get refunded and they offered me 3 months @ half off- so, sept oct nov. I’ll stay (if they honor that with increase beginning oct) but only bc of the discount. This box- these products, fail in comparison to their previous valued boxes. Fingers crossed for oct. but usually, they go BIG on a launch like this. Ugh

  2. I’m a yearly subscriber, and though this is a solid box, I’m not wowed by getting a nail polish as one of three full size items in the newly priced box. If they are raising the price this high, nearly as high as Boxycham or ipsy glam bag plus, they need to measure themselves by the same yardstick. This box doesn’t come close. We’ll see how the next few months go.

    • You said it perfectly. I’m not hopeful now that I’ve seen the spoilers for October. I’d like to think they’d want everyone talking about how bomb the sub box is and how worth it the increase was etc. total opposite. It’s gonna fail like when Ipsy launches the ultimate.

  3. I’m keeping this for the vitamin c serum and eye cream solely. I was actually going to purchase the eye cream. Not their best though. I’m giving it till December for them to wow me

    • You should know that the Nue Co isn’t a serum, but instead a powder you can add to other skincare items.

      I personally have concerns with how that might affect the effectiveness of the Vitamin C, which is why I’m skipping this box.

  4. I’m torn between signing up for a year with allure or trying different subscriptions throughout the year that equate to that same price. I did try allure for July and loved a lot of the products but because my skin is somewhat sensitive, I tend to only try one new product at a time, and that can lead to a lot of stuff sitting unused! I wonder if they will have anymore offers once this 165$ deal expires…

    • My take…you’re already saving money toward what you really want by not getting Allure’s annual. $165+tax is a hunk of change up front for most people. Think about it…only 3 full size, no choice item.

      • That’s a really good point! I think I will hold off for now and if there is a box In a future month that wows me, just get the one. 🙂

      • I believe that’s a very wise decision!

  5. I decided to skip this month. At the price point, I would have wanted different full-size products (not nail polish). I really like Allure, but was only interested in the Verso and Dr. Jart. I only sub through Amazon now, so I will just wait for the November spoilers.

    • These are October’s spoilers, not September’s. Just a reminder.

  6. Yeah I expected with the pay increase the box would be better then ever. Especially now that the price is close to ipsy plus & boxycharm.
    But unfortunately it doesn’t look very promising

    • Yeah for the first time in a year I’m going to skip a month (October). I have 7 nail polishes in the same color already, I have a tub of the powdered L-asorbic acid, and I have 5 full-sized eye creams to get through. I’ll same my $23 and hopefully November will be a bit more intriguing!

  7. I love allure I’m so happy and shocked they gave us the chance to lock in the price at a yearly rate. I believe its just about 14$ a box, I live in California taxes are kinda high. But I really believe in allure and think they will come out with some amazing boxes end of 2020 and into 2021. Can’t wait

  8. Ok for $13.75 a month but definitely not for the $23. Unless you want something specifically in the box.

    • Yeah, I’m torn. It’s a pretty good deal for $13.75 a box but honestly I’m not very excited about anything here or in last months box and don’t know if I should sub for a year.

  9. Sadly I’m just not excited about their first box at 23 dollars. If I look at other beauty boxes at this price like Boxy or Ipsy. I’m am sad because I didn’t want to cancel and always loved this box so much so that I didn’t even look at spoilers and made it a surprise every month. Luckily I ordered from Amazon so I can cancel or subscribe in seconds.

  10. This looks like a good box for me and I LOVE that they don’t do variations. Since I’m locked in by paying for a year at the lower rate, this is a great deal for me for this month at least! The lipstick doesn’t look like it will work for me, but everything else looks like it’s worth a try!

    • Actually this year they started doing variants, but for this box they stated no variants for October. I’ve been happy with the variants I have received so not a big deal for me.

  11. I see the value, but I just don’t have the interest.

    • Yeah same, I’m torn. It’s a pretty good deal for $13.75 a box but honestly I’m not very excited about anything here or in last months box and don’t know if I should sub for a year.

  12. This is a pass for me. In fact, I think I’m going to cancel the remainder of my subscriptions. With masks and social distancing, I put my face on a couple of times a month. I’ve got a GIANT box filled with stuff I won’t use that no one else wants either (ELMIS cleansing balm anyone?).

    • I love the Elemis Cleansing Balm. Maybe try selling it on eBay?

  13. hi! could anyone help me decide? im debating between doing allure annual or fabfitfun. any recommendations ?

    • FFF. If I was down to deciding between an annual with allure or fab fit fun, I would choose fff. At least you have the option to customize. With allure, you don’t. This way, you can wait for Allure spoilers and sub just for the ones you really really want.

      • Fabfit without a doubt! Way more products, full size and you get access to amazing deals!! I’d much rather have that than just deluxe size products.

      • Thank you ! That makes a lot of sense. ♥️

    • I had a terrible experience with FFF – between shipping issues, shoddy products, and slow CS.

      • Same

    • I am not one for lifestyle subscription boxes (I’ve never seen a “lifestyle” item that I’d actually use), but I got an FFF box once because it was heavily discounted that time, and I *still* regretted it. I would have liked it just fine if it had more makeup, but it was mostly hair and body care products that time, iirc. And some belt I would never wear.

    • I personally went with Allure. It is monthly, mix of make up and skincare and brands that you normally don’t see in every other box. I sub FFF for two years. They give inferior make up. Skin care brands in FFF usually I can find them in TJMax heavily discounted. Other product is very bad quality. Never regretted or looked bad after I canceled FFF.
      I kept sub for adds on mainly but they increased prices dramatically, it was no longer worth it.

  14. hi !

    i was thinking of doing the annual as well, but im debating between this and fabfitfun annual.. would you guys help me decide? thank you !

    • To my view, this is a total apples to oranges comparison. FFF is about $15 more per year (for annual subscriptions) so they are generally in the same price range, but outside of that, they are quite different. So it really depends on what you are looking for. FFF comes seasonally, so 4 boxes per year. Allure comes monthly. FFF is a lifestyle box – some beauty is included, but it also includes housewares, home decor, clothing, jewelry, etc. Allure is strictly beauty (with an emphasis on skin care lately). FFF allows some customization, Allure does not. FFF runs add-on and edit sales (a lot, TBH) where you can purchase extra items at a discounted rate. Allure periodically (but not super often) offers special items to subscribers at a discount (for example, the K-beauty box they offered in the spring, I think it was the spring, was a great deal and a great box). Both put out spoilers. Both, as far as I’ve observed, have people who love a given box, and people who are disappointed by the same box. Allure is pretty good about timely shipping, FFF less so. I will add, until recently with the announcement of the price increase for Allure, most people seemed to be overall quite happy with Allure. Not so much for FFF – a lot of people believe it has gone downhill over the years. I think that’s the most pertinent points. To my view, it comes down to what you are looking for, more of a lifestyle box with a wide variety of products (in which case pick FFF), or a box that is focused on makeup and skincare, etc. (in which case pick Allure).

  15. Does anyone know if I would be able to call this month to sign up for the annual subscription starting in October, but then skip the October box and have my first box be November? Lol. I’m seeing people say that you can lock in at the $165 annual rate if you start your subscription in October, but also that you can skip boxes you don’t like, so I’m wondering if I can skip the first box. Would I just call now to sign up for the annual sub for $165 and then in a couple weeks call and say I’d like to skip October?

    • I would call and ask. I was told that you must start the yearly sub in September to lock in the rate. I was hoping to start mine in October and pay my monthly rate for September.

    • I emailed them about this same thing and they told me that I can only start before October 1st if I want to lock the deal and I won’t be able to skip Sept and Oct. You might have a better chance skipping October if you just accept September’s box

      • Literally just got off the phone with Allure, and got a totally different answer. She said my subscription will start with the October box. Also confirmed that I can skip a box at any time, and extend the subscription. Will not renew next year, because $23 is too much for a box with only 3 full size items.

  16. Although this is a solid box, it simply is not worth the price for me. I only pay $12 for Ipsy. I get to pick one of my products, plus there’s add ons and Ipsyoffers. Just purchased one offer for $20 w/ a value of $89. Plus the other perks of Ipsy including free items for redeeming points, ipsycash and being rewarded for referring people.
    With Allure, there’s just a large price hike with a promise to deliver 3 full size products and nothing more. No perks. No choices.
    I am completely shocked that there are not variations though.

  17. This is a decent box and I wouldn’t have minded paying $15 for it but there is no way I’m paying $23 for it. The value just isn’t there for me personally. Ipsy GBP and Boxycharm are both only $2 more and you get 5 full size products every konth. Allure is crazy for the price increase if this is what the boxes will be like in my opinion

  18. Am I mistaken or isnt the box cost going up to $23? Im asking because I see its still saying only $15 for the October box?

    • If you subscribe presently, it’s still $15. I bought a three month gift subscription for myself for $45 to try it out.

      • Do you know if one can skip a month with the 3month gift subscription? Thanks!

      • Are you still getting the new customer gift with the 3 month sub? I was planning on getting a 6mo subscription for myself but I wanted the gift too.

      • I’m sorry, I don’t know.

      • I just received my first box, and it did indeed include the Anastasia highlight palette 👍

  19. Is the Verso Super Eye Serum really full size, or just a small travel size. On other sites the full size is 1oz. and it’s in a hard plastic bottle with a pump. I actually can’t find this kind of tubing of the Verso Super Eye Serum anywhere. Makes me wonder if it’s old product?

    • I’ve noticed that about Allure. They tend to claim something is full sized but it’s often a slightly different size than what you can buy online or in stores. I don’t know if they get special sizes sent to them from the company or are using old products but it’s not the first time that has happened. I also don’t like how they claim hundreds of dollars in value but are giving deluxe samples for half the box. The value they claim is based on full size products not calculated at actual size. I always do my own math to see how much a box is really worth. September’s box is definitely not over $100 worth of products like they claim. My box at most and being generous with the pricing is worth about $50. I do like most of my Allure boxes but I do think they need to be more honest and upfront with how much they are really worth. I also refuse to pay $23 per box. I went ahead and signed up for a year membership to lock in the price. If the boxes are not better by January then I’ll cancel since it says you’ll get a refund for any future boxes left on your membership.

  20. While I agree maybe not a “wow” factor for the first upgraded box, the vitamin C powder alone is worth the $13.75 (with annual subscription). The eye cream even at .67 oz retails for $65 so I’ll be interested to try that also.. the rest of the items are just a bonus ! Plus I absolutely love Dr Jart products. I subscribe to Allure specifically because they seem to have more skincare. I use to have Boxycharm and have more eyeshadow palettes and lipsticks than I’ll ever use, plus I appreciate Allure so far has minimal variations. With Boxycharm I used to get great stuff then it seemed the great or even good variations would only go to the “influencers” and I ended up canceling. Im excited to see what the year Allure boxes will bring!

    • I subscribe for the skincare too! I can do without all the bright palettes that I will never use. I have discovered and purchased some of these skincare items because they really are great. I have been getting the box for over a year and will continue as long as the skincare and hair products continue.

  21. How do I cancel? I emailed them, but have not received a response.

    • Call 1-800-274-1603. I called yesterday without any problems.

    • I just called to cancel. The entire call took less than a minute and a half.

  22. I decided not to pull the trigger even for the low price. I have plenty of stash and Ipsy GBP, which Is 60% choice. And Ipsy has been killing it lately with the daily offers, so I’m stocked and spending money anyway.

  23. Been going back and forth on this and can’t seem to pull the trigger to upgrade to annual regardless of the “great deal”. I think I will be cancelling and purchasing one offs I really want when they arise. This October compilation doesn’t appeal to me at all really, except for the Sisley, lol. For sure I’m on overload tho and happy for those who are happy and looking forward to the box. 🙂

  24. I’ve decided to save my money and not purchase this, or renew Ipsy GB. I’ve gotten to saturation point and cannot justify more spending on products I simply don’t need.

  25. I get if the products aren’t to someone’s liking but there is no argument that this box doesn’t deliver in value. The Topical C is 70, The eye cream is 85. The nail polish is 16. The lipcolor is 20. So the box value when you add in the additional samples is over 200. I’m more than ok with paying 13 for it.

  26. I was hoping that there would be a bigger “wow factor” for (at least) this first box with a higher price tag. But, I am interested in trying the vitamin C product and the eye serum.

    • I get what you’re saying. The vitamin C is probably the highlight of the box for most people because it can be expensive, but I just make my own C serum from L ascorbic acid, and it’s easy and cheap to make. I subbed for the whole year. If I had seen the first upgraded box, I probably wouldn’t have.

      • I make my own C serum also and have about 20 times the powdered L-asorbic acid mentioned here remaining in my current stash. I love it but really don’t need any more!

  27. So the is not bad however with this being 23.00 almost the same as Boxycharm and Ipsy,there should be NO foil products AT ALL…..I still think in the long run Ipsy and boxycharm is going to out do them because they have 5 full sizes,you get to customize and the value of their boxes is always at least 150.00 each month,my boxes have never been below 200.00…..This is just my opinion,I am going to give them 3 months and decide from there…..I am wondering if Amazon will have a couple items that are different each month like they usually do,does anyone know if they will or not.

    • Fools are extra, it is a promotional product and not part of regular box.

  28. I’m so glad I signed up for annual! Don’t know about this at $23, but for $13 and change, it’s awesome. I just ran out of my vitamin C serum, looking forward to getting this!

  29. I’m debating between annual Allure or renewing my Ipsy annual. Ipsy just offered me 12 months at 11 month cost plus gift. Allure is a little more expensive but has several full size. I may not purchase either. I have so much already.

    • I just finished my Ipsy annual and do not recommend it. So many cheap items with bad ingredients. Lots of it I never used and donated. Cheap quality. Allure is such better quality, I recommend that over Ipsy if choosing between the two.

  30. Not bad for the $13.50 or whatever I’m paying as an annual at the $165 price, I’m planning to ditch Ipsy and try something new

    I’ve been curious about Retinol for a while so that will be interesting to research more and hopefully try or else gift

    Sigma is a bust, that shade is all wrong for me and I prefer bullet lippies

    Verso is interesting!

    Dr Jart I’m always interested in

    The nail polish looks pretty and I don’t have many if any pinks so that’ll be nice

    The rest will be useful I think

    All in all I would be bummed at $23 but with the low annual pricing I’m interested!

  31. The only thing I want is the nail polish!!

  32. Looks like I’ll be continuing to skip—especially with the new higher price tag.

    • Yes, I know the value is there and the brands usually decent, but are they products I really want is the question. And most months the answer is no for me, so locking myself into an annual is something I’m not willing to do. Nothing about this box under the new price structure looks any different to me than when it was $8 cheaper.

  33. I have really long hair so I wish the shampoo and conditioner were not foil packs. I have had good luck with Rusk products and they usually smell great.

    I’m technically a new subscriber, so I might get the cream mask. Really happy I renewed when I did.

    Most of the rest of this is okay.

  34. Ugh, I wish they sent all cruelty-free brands. No reason to send or promote brands that test on animals in this day and age.

    • there are quite a few boxes that specialize in cruelty free brands of cosmetics and skin care. many are featured on the MSA site.

      • Thanks, Dia. I am aware of that and am subscribed to most already. I am trying to make a different point. If more consumers raise their voice, the companies will listen proactively. Allure, of all companies, should make that point to their suppliers, IMO. No reason for animal testing anywhere in the world, specifically in the beauty industry.

    • Why would Allure limit themselves like that? They are targeting a much broader market.

    • I agree that more brands should be cruelty-free at this point but at the end of the day Allure is still a business so I don’t think they will convert to a whole cruelty-free company due to many of the top brands being the reason why people are subscribed to their boxes. Also, there’s not a 100% guarantee that All of the brands would really be cruelty-free as they may say that but still test on animals in other countries to avoid the law that prohibits the act in their own country.

    • The FDA says there is no legal definition for “cruelty-free” or “not tested on animals.” Because of this, companies can claim their finished products are not tested on animals while relying on their raw material suppliers to do animal testing. Also many common ingredients were tested on animals many years ago and companies can use that information to substantiate product safety without ongoing testing.

      I think there is enough confusion that there needs to be legal definition of these terms. Many companies are just out to make a buck (capitalism, who knew) and they are willing to use loopholes to make their product look good. These terms can make us feel better about buying a product but does it really mean anything? I don’t know what to believe.

  35. Meh…I was honestly expecting the first month with the higher price tag to be more impressive. I got an annual subscription in July so I’m technically paying the lower price but I’m not really wowed at any price. I thought they’d come out with a really good box this month or at least an exciting, sought after item to try and convince subs to pay up for that annual subscription.

    • Yes, THAT would have made more sense.

    • Exactly!

    • I agree, I’m not really sure what the WOW item is supposed to be.

  36. Anyone got the mega bundle for subscribing annual? What products were included?

    • Unboxing videos of it are available on Youtube.

    • Check YouTube – there’s unboxings of it on there.

    • I got it.

      It’s mostly leftovers from earlier boxes.

      ModelCo eyeshadow trios
      Eyelites liquid Eyeshadows
      Floss lipgloss
      Doucce lip pencil
      Ofra highlighter
      LM hand cream (which I actually liked)
      Eyeshadow brushes and a liquid highlighter.

      I ended up pitching everything that was a duplicate or I don’t like.

      The box was really nice. I kept that.

      • I’m thinking of going for annual but I’d rather have the Sisley instead of the mega bundle. I think I’ll call and see if that’s possible. This box looks good to me!

      • Ana, I got both the mega bundle and the new subscriber gift for August when I signed up.

  37. I am still on the fence: I like some products, but not 100% sold on others. If it were still 15$ I’d definitely buy it. Anyway, I still have time to ponder…

  38. Why would current subscribers get the Dr Jart if we just got it last month? If we only switched to the annual plan we should NOT have REPEATS give us the sisley or something we never got! It says on their website you won’t get dupes. Wth

    • It’s not the exact same product, plus it was a variant and not everyone received it.

    • I’m really happy to get any dr.jart
      I didn’t get this one last month but I wish I did to get another one!

      • I like it don’t get me wrong, and I’ll use it. It’s just weird to have a dupe in the first box that’s supposed to be better than before. At least that was the justification for the higher price. That’s what I mean. Ok if it was full sized it would be like wow here’s a great product but as a sample. .it’s not

    • It is NOT the same product.

      • I was wrong it’s the lip and eczema stuff was in Sept box. Oops

  39. I love this box, but $23 for only 3 full size is not great. I’ve also never heard of any of these brands so I think I’m going to pass.

  40. Just wanted to share a few things having just called to upgrade to annual (yeah, that was a big debate in my head for a while). The way they did it was to cancel my monthly subscription and then set me up with an annual sub starting in October. She did tell me that I would be getting the mega bundle they are currently offering to new annual subscribers. She also volunteered that if I saw spoilers and didn’t like a particular box, I could skip that box prior to the 3rd of the month, that I’d just need to call and ask and the sub would then be extended out a month. All of my account info, etc. stays the same. I really debated going annual, but at $13.75 (plus tax) a month with the ability to skip, I am hopeful that in the end it will have been a good decision.

    • Hi Sherri,

      So, if we go annual, it will go from 23/month to $13?
      That is a GREAT deal!

      • Yes – you pay $165 (plus tax) upfront for a year’s worth of boxes. So instead of $23/month (plus tax) as a monthly subscriber, the $165 annual rate calculates out to be $13.75/month (plus tax). But that $165 rate is only good until October 1. After that the annual rate will be higher.

      • Closer to $14, but yes.

      • I’m in NJ and it came to 175 with tax they charged me but I haven’t heard from them. But I was supposed the tax was 10 dollars lol

    • I am having this same conversation in my head! Repeatedly, lol. Generally, it’s a solid box, and I haven’t had any problems with delivery. On the other hand, I think about the times that I’ve committed to other subs, and then it seemed the membership went downhill.

      Thanks for the info about skipping a month, that might just sway my decision.

      • Yeah, I was back and forth in my head so many times it was like a tennis match was going on in there, lol. In the end, I guess the way I saw it was that overall I’ve been quite happy with Allure for the price point ($15). For sure I don’t love/wouldn’t use every item in every box, and some boxes were definitely “winning” more than others, but before this news of the uptick in price (and theoretically quality), I had no plans to cancel. So now I’m getting the box at a lower price point than what I’m currently paying for what will be (I presume/hope) a box that is at least as good as it was before.

    • Ha, I called today to upgrade to an annual too. I went back and forth on it for a while, but ultimately decided that I’m losing nothing by upgrading. I’ve had the subscription for over a year now, have never skipped a box, and I’ve generally been happy with each box. Some are better than others, but I’ve found each box to always have useful items. Upgrading to an annual is a no brainer. This way we have a year to see what the box looks like at $23/month, and if it’s not worth it, I won’t renew my subscription next year. The person I spoke to also told me that the annual would start in October and only later did I realize that I didn’t ask if that meant I would get the September box or not. Did they give you any insight into that?

      • Jess, yes, we discussed the Sept. box. I was already charged for mine earlier this month (as part of my monthly sub, which is now cancelled), and the agent I spoke with told me I’d be getting a shipping notification for that any day now. She assured me that there would be no disruption in service, and other than being billed the $165+tax now, and no longer being billed at the beginning of each month, nothing would change in terms of shipments, my account, etc.

      • Hi Jess. I signed up for the new annual in August, and requested to start with the September box, as I already received my August box from Amazon. When September rolled around and I still didn’t see a charge, I called to see what was up. That rep told me that they were starting me in October, so that I would get the the full benefit of the deal.

      • Ah ok! Yeah, my credit card expired last month and I forgot to update it with them, so when they tried to run my card a few days ago it didn’t go through. I think that means they’re skipping me for September. It’s not a big deal – I’ll just grab the box from amazon – I just wanted to make sure I’d get one instead of zero or two, lol.

    • I went with the annual this year. I thought it to be a good deal. I know the Mega box is all repeats , but Xmas is coming. I think allure has always been a well rounded box. I do not think I would sign up at $23.00 but at $13.75 I think it is very well worth it. Nice to know you can skip a month.

  41. Will be skipping!

  42. Love everything but wish the lipstick was nude pink.

    • I agree… It’s a beautiful red. However, for my lifestyle, it’s not practical (especially now that we’re all wearing face coverings). Perhaps I’ll blot really well, just after applying it to my lips to remove some of the pigment and add a gloss on top. Maybe it’ll leave a nice flushed red shade, instead of the deep red. 🙂

    • Oh no, please, I’m so tired of nude pinks. A berry color would have been nice, though.

      • I’m happy with the red.

      • I have so much nude and red that I don’t really care either way🤣.

  43. I wish they specified, in milliliters/ounces, what size the Verso eye cream is. I know they say “full size,” but the packaging shown here does not match the packaging for the 1.01 oz size shown on Dermstore. I don’t know if it’s a case of Verso manufacturing different packaging for Allure, or what, but it makes me suspicious.

    • Revolve carries the Verso in this packaging. .67oz

      • Is it the retinol eye serum, as pictured above, or the eye cream (sorry, I should have been more specific in my original comment). I have the eye cream, and .67 IS the full size.

      • On revolve it actually looks like the eye cream and hat is in a similar container. The super eye serum is different and i can’t seem to find it anywhere in this packaging. Anyone?

      • You guys are totally right. I’m even more confused now! I’m assuming it’s a custom made, .67oz product.

    • Hi!
      We reached out to Allure and this is the new packaging Verso is using. So this is the full-size product, it’s just in new packaging from Verso. Hope that helps clear up the confusion. Thanks!

  44. The only thing I won’t use from this is the liquid lipstick so I’m happy!

  45. I called Allure and they put me on a new subscription. I already had an annual subscription that was into month 2 so they said I could sign up for a second box using the option to gift it to myself. I believe it was $165 for the year. I wonder if I’ll get the Sisley product with that gift subscription.

    • Oooh, that’s good news to me. I’m currently in month 2 of a 3 month gift sub, and I was going to wait until toward the end of this month to purchase an annual gift sub, but I wasn’t sure if it would take since I’ve heard of Allure cancelling subs when more than one sub is sent to the same address. But I thought I’d take a chance anyways in the hope gift subs work differently. 🙂

      • “If I already have a subscription, can I buy an additional stand-alone box if I want two of a certain month’s box?

        We do not sell stand-alone boxes, but please call our customer service team to sign up for a second subscription to receive an additional box.

        Please note: Do not try to create a second subscription online as our fraud detection system may cancel both new and old subscriptions.

        Phone: 1-800-274-1603
        Monday-Friday 7AM-11PM CST; Saturday & Sunday 8AM-6PM CST”

        Luna, one of my favorite people on here! I pulled the above from their FAQ. Also, you could ask them to start your annual with November instead, unless you want multiple boxes. If you purchase end of September to lock in $165, you’ll be getting 2 September and 2 October boxes. Right? September is Month 2 gift sub, and also Month 1 annual sub? October is Month 3 gift sub, and also Month 2 annual sub? I’m thinking way too deep about this lol!

      • Laney – just FYI, I upgraded to annual today (9/9) and my annual will start with October’s box, not September’s (I was already billed for Sept. under my (now defunct) monthly sub).

  46. Especially true since this is the month it goes up to $23!! Certainly not worth it for this stuff!

    • depends what you find useful. for me, the vitamin C powder and eye serum alone make this box worth $23.

      • I’m with you, Dia. I’m especially interested in trying the formulas of the Sigma lip (I wouldn’t want to try it on via store tester even if it wasn’t a pandemic), eye serum and nail polish. And I’m more than happy with the shampoo and conditioner sample instead of a sheet mask.

    • Totally agree with you Angela. What happened to Allure? Remember that amazing Huda Beauty collab or the ABH edition box? I just bought a years worth of allure to try to beat the $8 increase but now i cant cancel and I’m nervous…
      Boxycharm is way better for the price since these two boxes are almost in the same range. So underwhelming and such tiny samples.

  47. There are a few new and exciting items in this box. I’m looking forward to the Nue Co Vitamin C powder, the nail polish and oddly enough… the fig shampoo / conditioner packet (I love the scent of figs). Very nice assortment.

    • I love fig scent, too!

  48. I wish Allure had the option to skip a month because I don’t want anything here. Also the Sisley cream should go to everyone not just new subscribers! Might cancel and resub if better next month.

    • You can skip I believe. I heard others have done it. Call them.

    • Can anyone clarify here? I thought we could skip a month. Thanks!

      • Yes you can definitely skip a month. I’ve done it through there regular sub and subbing through Amazon also. Hope this helps😊

      • You can – I just posted a comment saying that but the MSA comment length police (lol) haven’t put it through yet.

    • When you sub through amazon you can.

    • Get it at Amazon, You can skip easier in a click when you don’t like the spoilers

    • You can skip, I always skip via email if I’m not interested in spoilers! I did skip for October because I have most of these type of items that I need to use up, my sub will resume for November. You can email or call 😊

  49. Underwhelmed by this. Going to my Amazon account and skipping. I still have hopes for this box. Hoping for a better November.

  50. Hmm, pretty much the only item I would use in this is the lipstick.

    Well, also maybe the Rusk shampoo + conditioner duo, but that’s not the kind of item that makes me excited.


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