Oui Please Volume 5.2 Box Spoilers + Coupon!

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We have spoilers for the Volume 5.2 Oui Please box!

Use coupon code FEMME30 to save 30% off your Oui Please subscription!

Volume 5.2 will include:


Classy in Glass. Discover our French glass press available in 2 colors. Sturdy and heatproof, borosilicate glass can withstand extreme temperatures and is dishwasher safe. Not a coffee drinker? It’s just as useful for brewing iced or hot tea!


Hédène Paris honeys are a product of traditional French know-how. Hédène picks the most beautiful wildflower parcels of France to produce its honeys. Sweeten your day with gourmet miel de tileull and an adorable wooden honey dipper.


Refined lines inspired by architecture, Camille de Soos jewelry is handmade in Paris.


Nail-friendly, vegan, cruelty free and trend-setting—nailmatic shakes the nail polish world to move to a more conscious beauty.

What do you think of the spoilers?  Check out our Oui Please reviews to see what’s been in past boxes!

FYI – MSA readers have reported issues with customer care. Please read comments on spoiler + review posts before subscribing.

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  1. Hello everyone! First of all we appreciate every single one of you for being a part of the OuiPlease community. We know these are difficult times right now and we understand your frustration. We will continue to notify everyone by email with updates on new estimated arrival times (please check your junk email in case). We are working on a solution to get your boxes delivered as soon as possible. We thank you so much for your patience, and if you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to [email protected].

    • What I really want to know is why didn’t the boxes go out the week of February 15 as repeatedly promised online?

      • Yea they will conveniently not answer any questions about their sketchy shipping.

        • There are two reasons the box is delayed — you need to read between the lines of their vague posts on Instagram in reply to angry customers, but they more or less explain them. First, although they promised the boxes would ship around 2/15, they actually did not have some products in stock. The products were coming from abroad (France, one supposes) and some were not there by 3/3 when they began printing labels with the expectation that the missing products would arrive soon. Then the global situation deteriorated further and shipping delays became prominent. Second, they are also saying that they care for the health of their workers. This is very nice of course and we should all be glad of it. Since there may not be people staffing the office and warehouse right now, the boxes can’t be prepared for shipment (even in the case all the products came in between 3/3 and now, which we actually don’t know). What irks me is the minimizing of the problem. It is not a “slight” delay by any means. Call it by its name — an unexpected, significant delay — be transparent about the company’s MO, and let people know that at this time the company cannot predict when shipments can go out again. They ultimately will, I am sure of it given previous experiences — but I honestly doubt we’re going to receive something in April and possibly even in May.

          • Also the box that should have gone out in February is filled with winter items. Who wants an “Oh My Cold” winter face serum and throw blanket in April or May?

            These boxes are continually 1) very late, i.e., the September 2019 box that arrived in early November 2019, 2) missing items with no refund or replacement, i.e., one face mask and the tea from that box, many folks’ bracelets, and 3) hit or miss on honoring “preferences.” The curation is beautiful and the box is a good idea, but the customer service needs to be stepped way up.

  2. They might as well send the feb box and this box together!

    • Agreed. Seeing the new spoilers only irritates me more at this point.
      I’m one of the ones who ordered during the sales last September and October for Christmas gifts, only to have them arrive Christmas Eve after the holiday parties were over. And while the 50% off sale looks enticing, I’m not going to pay, when they take the money from your account immediately, when I don’t know when I’ll receive the items. Frustrating!

  3. Just an update on my shipment from OuiPlease — it wasn’t the box that moved, but the missing Les Nereides bracelet from 4.6! I got it today. The charm is a pretty blue butterfly. It would be very nice on a young girl.
    Did other people waiting on their missing bracelets get a shipment too?

    Let’s hope shipments and deliveries can safely resume before too long, without endangering anybody’s health. It does seem a bit unconscionable for OP to advertise the 5.2 box when shipments are on hold indefinitely, though!

    • Glad you got yours but nada here. Haven’t heard a peep about it even though they said a shipment was arriving the last week of January.

    • I have not received my missing bracelet from the last box either. Despite an email assurance that they would ship it once they came back in stock, i have not heard a peep on the subject.

      • Me neither and I got a notice the beginning of February.

    • It is a bit unconscionable. No one should sign up for the next box until all current boxes have shipped and arrived. If they can ship from the shop within 72 hours, they should be able to ship the boxes. I love oui please and was so glad when they began turning things around but I am wondering if this is a cash flow problem and not a coronavirus problem given all the previews for the next box without shipment of the current box and the constant discounts. BREO, Margot elena, FFF and all my other March boxes managed to ship in March. BREO was particularly good about communicating about their very slight delay but still managed to get their box out in March.

      • This is my thought too. If they’re shipping other stuff they should be able to ship the boxes. All other subs are still shipping boxes on time. I am all about being safe with COVID but it was already late before this and I think they are using this as an excuse.

      • I can guarantee it’s not a “coronavirus” problem.ery box they have ever sent it’s the same thing – always promising the date it will be sent, then never honoring that date. It’s really more than a bit unconscionable – the idea that they are now acting as though this terrible pandemic is the reason for the shipping problems they have had since the start. Honestly I would rather they just say it’s a cash problem. Would never under ANY circumstances give this company another penny of my money. If I get the February box by April I will be happy, otherwise I will file a dispute with my credit card company. Whether I get the box or not, this latest stunt about the problems due to the coronavirus have turned me off forever. I am a nurse working on the front lines – this is the last straw.

    • I always thought this was a one woman show and this is why all our shipments always come late. If this is the case she needs to hire people during the packing process, temporarily if needed. However, if she’s using a distribution company then she needs to find a better one. this could be a cost issue but the shipping issues cause her to lose customers. I’ve always been really patient because I don’t necessarily need the stuff but I will say I am starting to get annoyed.

      • They definitely aren’t a one woman show. The company is currently trying to raise money on StartEngine, and if you search for the box there, you can see the executive team.

  4. I just had an email from Ashley, and she said that all shipping is being halted indefinitely due to covid-19. Would be nice if their Instagram, website, and marketing e-mails said something about this! Covid is a concern certainly, but if you are taking money from people I think you have a responsibilty to inform them that you aren’t shipping for the foreseeable future!

    • Ashley better get her hiney down to packaging to get these boxes out. I work in distribution and understand the challenges in importation but also have to acknowledge that the shipping delays began long before this virus became a factor, unless this stuff is from China and not France 😉

      • Absolutely. There was an inexplicable delay long before the virus started halting/delaying shipping for any company. I honestly think it’s just a convenient excuse that’s difficult to argue with. But no matter the when’s and why’s we should’ve been kept apprised of the situation.

        I’m even more concerned about someone’s comment saying their next box is being referred to as the May box on social media. This happened before and ended up shorting people on their one year subscriptions. According to several complaints I read, because of those type of delays some people got four or five boxes instead of six and the excuse was that they still got one year of boxes. That better not happen again or I will consider it my personal mission to flood social media, blogs, Reddit, etc. with comments and warnings about this subscription.

        • I am thinking about contacting my credit card company and see by a chargeback for the annual renewal i did in November. I am still owed one box on my previous annual subscription and not sure I want to risk it anymore. I really want them to succeed and they had been doing so well but seem to have fallen back into their old habits. I really don’t advise anyone signing up for the May box (if you haven’t already) and wait and see that they actually ship the February boxes.

      • Unfortunately they have sent many products made in China before.

    • I had been thinking about getting this box for the longest time. I finally decided to treat myself and paid for it in February. Got the shipping label notice about 3 weeks ago but finally emailed after 2 weeks of no movement. I understand concerns over COVID, but as everyone is saying…the shipping seemed slow before. I’m very disappointed. I know it’s just stuff, but customer service still should matter. Even worse, I love the Spring box but would probably not see it until June. Lol

    • Why haven’t they informed us of this? Argh. Also why are they the only company doing this? Something doesn’t seem right here.

  5. The other color of the brewer is grey, and they both would look so good in my home!

  6. Several boxes have stated late because of shipping issues including Robb Vices and the GQ box I just signed up for. Yet I ordered the Look Fantastic box and it is arriving today International. Curious.

  7. My problem is they are shipping items from their shop in 72 hours, yet there is no rush to get out the sub boxes. Sub boxes should take priority in my opinion. But that’s my opinion 😉

  8. Sorry, but coupon link is broken.

  9. I love ouiplease but I’m not buying the shipping delays are a result of coronavirus. By mid february they should have had the items from France and Texas (where it ships from) is not as affected as many other states its size. Also, it seems that people who complain get their box shipped. I recently resubscribed and now wish I hadn’t.

    • I didn’t realize they shipped out of Texas (where I live) so I guess that’s why I get mine so early.

      • Flora, did you by any chance see on your tracking info when the box went to FedEx?

        • Yes, I did. I have a FedEx home account so I get notifications. Version 4.6 was sent out 12/19/2019 and I received it 12/21.

          • Thanks Flora. I think the box everyone is talking about here is Vol 5.1. Most of us got a tracking notice on March 3, 2020, but the boxes never actually shipped.

          • Oh yeah, Mary. I didn’t receive 5.1 yet either but I did get the tracking number like everyone else. It says FedEx is waiting for the shipment (3/3). I did get an email about the Covid-19 affecting orders on 3/18

            Here’s the text:
            Usual language about the situation and staying safe, etc.

            Practical information:

            Due to sanitary restrictions, our warehouse staff is very limited and orders will be slightly delayed.
            We are working with our International providers to retrieve all products as quickly as possible.
            Not to worry, your current Box will still ship, but please expect longer than normal wait time. If you have received your tracking information, we ask that you please be patient and know that it will become active as soon as your items are ready to ship.
            Our Ouishop remains open and will ship within 72 hours after you have placed your order
            If you have any questions, please email us and we will answer in a timely matter.

  10. I love ouiplease but I am not sure the delay is related to coronavirus as it seems if you complain they manage to send

  11. Still waiting for the last box. They issued a tracking number on 3/3 and it hasn’t moved. Anyone else?

    • Problems with shipping is why I don’t subscribe anymore. I love the curation of this box, though. If I was confident that I’d get my boxes, I’d be all over this coupon.

    • I got mine a while ago, I would definitely check in with Ashley. It might have gotten caught up with all the slow-downs lately too.

      • Are you talking about the March box? When did you receive it?

        • There is no March box. There was February and the next one is April. That’s why this is really aggravating. It was delayed (without explanation) prior to the Corona problems.

          • They are actually telling people commenting on their Facebook ads that the next box will ship in May. Not sure how that jives with them being a bimonthly box.

      • Flora, are you saying you’ve received your February box? Thanks!

      • You got the Feb box, that most got shipping notice for on 3/3?

    • Same here. They’re saying it is because of Coronavirus but it was already late and tracking was already entered before all this happened….c’mon, Oui Please.

    • I haven’t even gotten tracking but CS says they have my order and are delayed due to Covid 19. All good, the spoilers aren’t plague-worthy to me so I can wait 😂

      • My box was sent out on Friday and is on its way. I bet several other boxes went out on Friday too — that seems to be the day of the week when boxes get picked up at the warehouse, based on previous experiences. I am still waiting on the Les Nereides bracelet which was missing in my last box, so I’m hoping everything is there this time.

    • Same no movement

  12. What a great combination of products! For the honey, the description says it’s linden honey (tileull), but the label in the picture says lavender.

  13. In this box is also a pair of super cute socks (I think we get 2-3 options to choose from) , 2 Christophe Robin hair products (the salt scrub and I think the other was a mask) and a face brush (like a kabuki brush)

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