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Ipsy Glam Bag, Plus, + Ultimate August 2020 Glam Bag Reveals!

Ipsy Glam Bag, Plus, + Ultimate January 2020 Glam Bag Reveals!

We have the glam bag design reveals for the January 2020 Ipsy Glam Bag, Glam Bag Plus, and Glam Bag Ultimate! (Thanks for the heads up, LunaLee and Heather!)

Here is the bag design for each subscription:

Ipsy Glam Bag

Ipsy Glam Bag Plus

Ipsy Glam Bag Ultimate

What do you think of the glam bag designs?

For the NEW IPSY Glam Bag Ultimate:

  • New Membership for even more beauty picks. Glam Bag Ultimate is a new subscription with 8 full-sized & 4 deluxe samples, personalized for you, for $50/month. You’ll get to choose one of your full-size products with the new choice feature! 
  • There will be a makeup bag, every month.
  • You can now add up to 5 Add-Ons for your bag. Previously you were limited to 3.

This subscription is $50 a month. Sign up here!

And if you are new to the regular Ipsy, it is a $12 a month beauty and makeup subscription box. Check out all of our Ipsy reviews to see what’s been in past boxes. And check out our Ipsy Spoilers to see what’s coming up in future boxes! Ipsy Glam Bag Plus is $25 a month. Check out our Ipsy Glam Bag Plus reviews to see what you can expect each month.

Ipsy Glam Bag Ultimate

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (146)

  1. Hey hey! Spoilers for the glam bag 2020 are up on the Ipsy site!!

    • Where are you seeing the spoilers at? I’ve checked the app, FB and Instagram. I don’t see anything.

  2. Maybe my standards are just low but I did really like my December Ultimate. I can’t wait for January, the card I got said there will be more customization and better known brands!

    • I get Ipsy Plus, and I was actually pleased this month. I think the bag is cute, and the only thing I won’t use is the Evolue Super Oil.

      • I get the regular glam bag and i was actully pretty impressed! Everything matched my profile and i actually will be recieving a red lipstick!💄🙆 I have been with Ipsy for two and a half years now and this is the first red lipstick that i have gotten! It has been marked on my profile that red and brown is what i wear, but never had recieved either shade until this month! Yay Me!😂

      • Meanwhile, they’ve sent me red over and over – the only shade I marked that I don’t wear! (not so often lately, though – hopefully the system is getting beget)

      • I know, it is crazy how Ipsy keeps sending the same shades over and over again, they were sending me purple, or very light to transparent colors continuously, then i recieved like 3 pink shades of lippies in a row, i dont wear nothing pink. I put that i just wear browns and reds on my profile and i review mt products every month plus have emailed ipsy several times over the shade choices for me. I see people on MSA all the time saying they are tired of getting red, and i was like, i cant even get just one lippie in red.

    • Ipsy also said this on there cards and emails to me when they came out with the Ultimate and the price of the regular bag increased., maybe they will, but i honestly just think it is a way to keep you subscribed to there Glam bags.

    • No your standards are not low at all! Mine arrived destroyed but Ipsy is sending me a new one. I think the bag was fine too!

      I am really looking forward to January’s GBU! That bag is gorgeous and I love Rose Gold!

  3. Anyone else checking daily for actual spoilers? Lol

    • I am. I have skipped the last two months. I would like to know if January is also going to be another skip month before I leave for Christmas break. Hopefully no colabs and a good box for the new year.

  4. I am not happy with Ipsy ultimate at all.. these boxes have been crap for the $50. I’m waiting to see if I’ll cancel based on their next spoilers

  5. Ipsy posted two mystery bags tonight; a neutral makeup and a skincare glambag for $14. They look like the same bags from earlier this year.

    • They are the same bags from earlier this year. They supposedly brought them back for the holidays.

      • I missed the skincare bag the first time around, so was happy to see it again. Do they do this every year?

  6. I love the regular bag for January and canceling plus. Every month I have received a black liquid eyeliner I haven’t used since my twenties have emailed them I would like to try products I do want. I even asked for help to how can we together make my bag better. My responds back today was sorry you are getting the same products but we go by your reviews, I didn’t know giving one star reviews and asking to quit putting them in my bag was better than my 5 star reviews for mascara and skin products ( sarcasm) I already opted out of lipsticks and highlighters which I kept getting except this month finally. Canceling plus going back to the regular bag better anyways.

    • If you’re already opted out of two categories, and one of them is a lesser price category (lipsticks) I don’t think you should be too surprised that you keep getting eyeliners. I know you said black eyeliners, but I have to believe that a big majority of eyeliners sold are black.

    • I hear you on this. I continually get things I have marked as rarely, give 1 star to and have requested not to get. When plus first started I got a great variety of new things. The last 6 months has been what I wrote above. I’ve paused 4 out of the last 6 boxes and the last three I have received had nothing I would use for they were marked as no interest. At the moment they are on pause until I see spoilers but unfortunately I believe that means I miss my window for a choice option

  7. Alert ipsy they sent me an incomplete order and they kept my money careful. Cancel my ipsy suscription

    • If you didnt recieve everything you was supposed to, you can email Ipsy care or send them a direct message through Twitter. Ipsy should send you your missing items, i had to email them about recieving a wrong product here recently and they are sending me the correct item plus letting me keep the wrong product. Any time you have a issue with a damaged, missing or wrong item, you need to let Ipsycare know, so they can take care of any issue you are having regarding your purchases or Ipsy Glam bags. Hope this helps you and please reply back to me if you have any questions on contacting Ipsy.😄

      • Ipsy doesn’t make it right with everyone. It depends on the CS rep that you get. My first Plus box was in June. It was the Sunday Riley box. I was so excited. My box was supposed to have Sunday Riley cream, Suva Beauty liner, Trestique, Girlactik and the Tetris Palette.

        Long story short, my box never left the warehouse. They sent me an “accommodation box”. By the time they sent it, they claimed items were out of stock (they’re still selling them in the June mystery box). They sent me 2 items from the $10 bag, the Trestique lip color, the Girlactik lip balm and a broken Tetris Palette. They also refunded me, but honestly, I just wanted the awesome products that I was supposed to get. They refused to work with me. They never did send a replacement for the palette or send the missing items. “To make up for it” (their words), they sent me a “gift to make me happy”. It was another cheap lipgloss from the $10 bag. It matched the one that they sent in my Plus box. 🙄

        That was my first experience with Ipsy. I never mentioned canceling, yet the rep told me that he would walk me through the steps to cancel. 😡

      • I’m having trouble getting in touch with ipsy I was missing two items in the November bag and can’t get in touch with them.

      • Teresa, if you are on Twitter, contact @ipsycare. That’s what I’ve always done, and they always get right back to me.

      • I second this. Whenever I’ve had issues, I always complain via twitter and get immediate responses. Lol

      • the only thing they tell me is that I cancel my subscription so that it does not continue to bother you and they do not reimburse me for that I am alerting them be careful

      • I am tired of writing ipsy care to you and have not sent the refund or the product. I thought that ipsy was a serious company, I hope it doesn’t happen to you. thanks

      • What was missing from your order?! I’ve never heard of boxes giving a refund ever. If anything, you might get a free month here and there.

      • It was a purchase that came with a cream and a serum only came the cream, as there was no longer in stock they told me that they would make the refund for 50% of the price, I told them they would send me a refund or a serum of another brand and from November I am in this agony and I lost my money.

      • Oh 🙁 what is an ipsy offer of the subscription?!, I’m sorry that happened to you. That’s not a cool thing, especially if it’s something you really wanted to try or gift to someone.

        Maybe you could look on ebay, poshmark, or merci that someone is selling the serum that matches it, you could use them together. Happy thoughts maybe you could find it cheaper for the 50 percent they gave you back 🙁 At the very least, they should have gave you a full refund since they didnt provide a complete order.

      • If you have not received what you ordered, and you have contacted Ipsy to try to get a resolution but they have not fixed the problem, then initiate a dispute through your credit card company.

      • Emma is right, if ipsy wont give you 100 percent refund, you could call your bank, or issue an issue with paypal or however you paid to get a full refund of that’s something you feel is important to you. Also, look at other sites for people selling the other half. Sometime, if you look on ebay you can find good deals on them.

        Sorry they didnt take care of it for you. That’s never a good feeling 🙁

  8. If anybody got the Girlatick lip pencils, i would like to trade a product, possibly a eyebrow product, for one or both pencils! Please reply back to me!😄

  9. I got the 3 bags this month as a christmas present for myself and I’m actually very happy. I don’t like to buy skincare at full price so I enjoy getting it in my ipsy. Makeup wise I have discovered some of my favorite items in my box. Boxycharm Is killing the game lately but I find myself using ipsy items the most.
    I’m not sure wich box I Will keep for next month i don’t really get tempted by the bags alone I have to see products. But I Will keep at least one for sure.

  10. I really like these, but add me to the small list of people who don’t want bags. Maybe every other month or every quarter? But mine are just piling up and not getting used. I’ll have to follow some of the creative suggestions on here for dealing with them.

    • I think your idea is spot on.

      I would love to have a larger Glam Bag every other month or quarter and get products that actually match my profile and are from better brands.

  11. I love these bags! I use them to organize my odds and ends in my bathroom like Bobby pins, black ponytail ties, etc. I use them as gift bags too. My sisters, friends, aunts, and cousins love my gifts because they are usually filled with makeup. I have very dark skin and the makeup colors don’t compliment my skin tone a lot of times. Most of the ladies in my life have much lighter skin than I do so I fill those cute little bags with makeup. My sister commented that she doesn’t need to subscribe because she gets it all from me.

    Anyway, I really like Ipsy even though I gift half of their products. It seems like they try to give you products based off the questionnaire they give when you enroll. My complexion and my desire to wear makeup that looks like I’m not wearing any makes a me a little difficult to curate for. I accept that I won’t be wowed with every product but I make sure that everything is used.

    There are tons of things you can do with those bags and if you can’t find anything there are plenty of places that will accept them.

  12. I posted this way down the line of rants/ telling people to donate things which SOME shelters ( my local one included) do not take for any reason, and general comments:

    Rachel Zoe BOS and at least one other has featured a hard acrylic type box crossbody or clutch purse without a lining. RZ’s happens to be a smoky white marble ( I think there was also a dark smoke option).

    The acrylic purse RATTLES when anything is placed inside because there’s no lining. You likely do have some bags like this, whether rattan or other material which are small.

    I bought a white marbled cosmetic case just like the one they are showing for the Regular Glam bag to put inside my RZ rattling bag.
    This is a chance to either use yours for a lining that matches or coordinates with that bag or to maybe trade with someone who did buy the RZ Box Of Style that season and has the rattling box purse they’d like to quieten down. This type of liner bag is great.

    The one I bought likely is a little larger than the free Ipsy bags, but still, anything was better than the acrylic thing sounding like I had a pack of crayons inside. ( One lipstick CAN make that much noise at a quiet public event).

  13. I love the flat style Ultimate bag for travel! Now if only the contents are as useful as the bag:)

  14. I guess I’m alone. I hate that they brought the bags back. I end up trying to use them until the clutter gets to be too much and I throw them away. I was glad when I returned and they didn’t have them, so I wouldn’t be wasting them. And, even if I DID like or want them, this style would certainly not be my choice.

    • Have you ever thought about donating them to a women’s shelter with products you won’t use? Or you could gift them.

      • Why would she just go do something nice for someone with less when she can come here are gripe and moan about a cosmetics bag?

      • I can’t believe folks throw away perfectly good items. More pollution in landfills. Recycle. Repurpose. Reuse. Get creative. Don’t waste anything. I wish people could have heard the first hand accounts of my mom and grandma from the Great Depression and WWII rationing. These new generations would never have survived.

      • We would, we just haven’t had to.

      • I might have to look some stories up like this. I remember hearing of rationing bonds or tickets or something but never actually heard stories that made sense to me. They explained the gas ones, but that’s all I remember (and I’m 40 lol) but I’m going to go and look for videos about it. But it sounds interesting. I dont waste food. I always put it outside for animals to eat, especially in the winter. But I might look into doing more. I’ve thrown things away I’ve used a couple times (recently was the ipsy serum evolve or whatever last month and this one) it pilled up on my face and when I tried to use it on my feet, elbows and hands it did the same and made them feel all gross. So I tossed it after using it 3 times. I have no one to give slightly used things too.

        I think I might make up little makeup bags of left over things I have saved and maybe leave one at a couple different laundry Matt’s in my area with a note to hope someone has a good day. I do that with my books that I read and dont want to keep in my collection, so leaving one a day at different laundry Matt’s until I run out might be something I’m going to do 🙂 no lady shelters around me….but I think you guys inspired me to try the laundry matt thing like i do with books.

        Thank you 🙂

      • Lori, you have no idea what they went through during those times. No idea. Let’s hope you never have to find out.

      • Jamey, you’re welcome! Everything was rationed and/or unavailable to the general population during the war, fuel, steel, rubber, any textiles, aluminum, food, clothing, coffee, sugar, you name it. Automobile tires could not be found. We grew up learning not to waste anything ( I was born in late fifties.). There are so many uses for these little Ipsy bags! Kudos to you for finding ways to repurpose them!

      • Or we could listen to you gripe about someone else’s gripes about their own purchase…god forbid someone not bow down to the ipsy cult members…

  15. Ohhhhhh nooooo I just got an email survey asking about what influencers & celebs I associate with beauty/would like to see a beauty line from.

    More collabs are coming. 😱

    • Ughhhh I hope nottttt

      • NO!!! Lol. I mean if it was actually someone relevant I wouldn’t mind but I doubt it

    • If I get that email my answer will be NONE!

    • lol I think that email might have a targeted audience. I don’t think they would ask me, a 44 year old woman, my opinion on influencers. The only influencer i’ve heard of is that daughter of the lady from Full House who was admitted to college via a bribe 😂😂

      • I’m 35, so I’m not exactly the targeted audience, either!

      • I’m the same age as you and there’s a YouTuber over 50 that I follow and she does kind of influence me, but not entirely, because she does age appropriate stuff, and I haven’t grown up yet. I trust her reviews but I have only bought the sunscreen she recommended once. I followed an eyeshadow tutorial for hooded eyes and that was great, too. But mostly I watch a few people and then just do what I want anyway.

        I want makeup from makeup companies that have done it long enough to know what they’re doing, make it in a country with human rights (or at least supervise the factories), and where it’s not just some unknown lab slapping a name on a product. I’ve enjoyed Ipsy for years, but I’m put off by gossipy, drama-fueled influencers.

        I don’t want grandma makeup, but I don’t want influencer brands. I think I’ll keep passing on Ipsy since they can’t leave that alone.

    • 😱🤦‍♂️😱

      Please no more colabs

    • Ooooh no :(( could you tell them in the survey we dont want collabs?!?! Yikes. It’s just an easy way for ipsy shell companies to make money with cheap produced products and slap someone’s face and name on there.

      I would love to know how much money ipsy pays them for this gig.

  16. I actually love this bag! I like the marble look so I think this is adorable. I am a Plus subscriber; I do not get Ultimate. I just haven’t been impressed with the Ultimate unboxings I’ve seen on YouTube. I’ve even been a little disappointed in quite a few of the products I’ve received in the Plus. I will probably unsubscribe in a couple of months if it doesn’t get better.

  17. Finally cute bags!!!!!!

  18. Shocked at all these lengthy emotionally triggered comments over a simple bag reveal. Geez Louise.

    • The comments are the best part of the site!

      • Agree with you Alice!!! The show/party always goes down in the comments!!! Hahahaha

      • I make these comments because I thought ipsy was a reliable company, if it happened to me it could happen to you.

  19. Faux marble bags? Ipsy continues to indicate that their curator is on crack.

  20. Not really a fan of marble, so these will be gifted.

  21. You guys would love my local goodwill they sell packs of 20 Ipsy bags for 5.99.

    • That’s a great price!

  22. I love that he’s using them! Mine uses all the plastic jars from Temptation Cat Treats for his ‘what-nots’.

  23. I really only like the plus one, but I probably won’t be getting plus next month. Oh well. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  24. I’m mostly just feeling the small glam bag bag, but I’m debating whether to re-sub or just wait until it’s sold as a mystery bag. Hmmmm… (ponder face)

    • Mystery bags aren’t personalized and cost more. You should resub now if you’re going to do one or the other for sure.

  25. LOL, not my style. If I get this bag, it will be going to my boyfriend. He gets all my unloved Ipsy bags, Test Tubes, and random beauty boxes and uses them in the garage. I think he has nails or whatever in that pink bag that said something about “women changing the world” on it lol.

    • I love that he’s using them! Mine uses all the plastic jars from Temptation Cat Treats for his ‘what-nots’.

    • My husband stores his GPS gizmo in a cosmetic bag I gave him!

    • Bahahaha that’s hilarious!

  26. I love the designs – especially the Ultimate.

    I did get the Skin111 and the Gingerbread in my December Ultimate.

    However, there were items I have marked rarely. Sheet masks, liquid lipstick, muddy brown eye shadow too dark for my fair sin and those GirlactiKk lip pencils. I am not 10 so I don’t want fairy princess lip products in my bags.

    I love nail polish but they keep sending me the same color no matter how I change my preferences. I am sick of berry nail polish!

    At this point I have cancelled and paused. I may reactivate based on the products they show as spoilers.

    I am not going to pay $50 for a makeup bag that may be pretty but not when the products are cheap crap.

    • I’m with you on all the glitter stuff. (I’m 60.) Glitter shadows. Shimmer highlights. Glitter lip pencils. I wish all these subs would stop all this glitter madness. No one can use this stuff in day-to-day professional life. Not all of us go out ‘clubbing’. I wish they would offer a professional sub and a trendy sub. Then, possibly, everyone could get what they actually want to use at a great price.

    • BTW, I didn’t use glitter stuff when I was a young thing, either. I’ve always preferred a classy face.

    • I was so sad I didn’t get the girlactick!! I want them so bad. I’m the opposite, for me, life’s too short not to wear glitter!

      Do you swap on here? I’d be happy to give you something you’d like better for those lippies!!

      (Early) Merry Christmas!

    • I am looking for somebody that might want to trade for those Girlatick pencil balms, i have been wanting to try them! I have eyebrow products or other items that i would trade. If you or anybody is interested, please reply back to me!😄

  27. I much prefer these bags over the silver glitter bomb bags coming out for December. Lol.

    • The December bag is more like Aluminum foil than glitter but I totally get your point.

  28. if they don’t have better products for January i’m going to cancel for a while…its getting to be the same products over and over again..even the same add-on products are the same …so tired of this…

  29. I’m really enjoying the big bags. I just hope there will be some products I’m into. I paused all 4 of my IPSY subs this month, an ultimate, a plus, and two regular. Lately I just haven’t been into what’s in the bags, especially all the skin care, which does not excite me.

    • Same. The bags have been cuter than the products; I’ve paused my regular and GBP for the past 4 months due to lack of impress.

    • I believe Ipsy should allow a choice between skincare, make-up or some of each. I would choose ALL skincare. I prefer to select my own shades of the few make up products I use. This month I will be receiving a horrible shade of Tarte blush and a lip oil which apparently turns your lips bubblegum pink. Just no.

  30. I like it. I’m sure they will be even cuter in person.

  31. How annoying. I felt so very cheated and deceived by that pathetic Ultimate bag I absolutely had to unsubscribe and now they have this great bag. December’s bag was almost as lame as the contents.

    I’m still fuming over the fact that Plus was much better and had almost every Ultimate item on top of some other great ones that Ultimate didn’t have. I was going to skip or at least downgrade to Plus but I read so many glowing reviews from several sources on that Cryo Gel, which was presented as an Ultimate-only spoiler, I left my subscription alone. And then they put that super expensive and most exciting item in Plus as well. The bag that costs half as much. Shady shady shady. And to rip people off like that around the holidays. They promoted Ultimate as having products and brands, etc. you wouldn’t be able to get with the lower subscription tiers. I remember very clearly their rather persuasive response about getting higher end and greater valued products with Ultimate when people tried arguing that it would be better to just buy two Plus boxes. They really failed to live up to those claims this month. I don’t feel there is any way I should’ve had to pay $50 for the unwanted and incompatible stuff they’re sending me. Not when I could’ve gotten a much better and more appropriately customized set of products for half that.

    And I am shocked so many people were pleased with this month’s Ultimate products. I guess maybe I am more angry than most because the only two products I got that I couldn’t have in Plus were that contour palette that I am supposed to be “extra” opted out of per Ipsy Care (but not only received but got the darker one and I’m pale), and the Skin & Co Gommage that’s been in many different subs including Ipsy’s regular bag because I was one of the folks that received it. It’s also the only type of skincare product I can’t use because while it’s one of the gentler ones, it’s still too abrasive for my sensitive skin.
    In my opinion the Plus selection of products was way better than Ultimate’s. The only exciting product out of all products total other than the 311Skin was the Too Faced Gingerbread Body Powder and it doesn’t seem like hardly anyone even got that in their Ultimate anyway. I am used to having “off” months with all my subs, especially as the years go by and I accumulate and try so many products that I am much pickier. But I have never felt so ripped off with ANY of the tons of other boxes ever. Including the many rather crappy Boxycharm variations I’ve often received. Still, even a complete junk box would only be throwing away $25, not $50.

    When I saw my reveal I was pretty frustrated and annoyed because I seriously won’t be using any more than three of the products I got and only one is full size. I tried comforting myself by thinking about all the great reviews on that full size item, the 311Skin product. I told myself if it’s as good as everyone says I won’t feel as ripped off, even though I wouldn’t normally pay $50 for a moisturizer unless I was certain it would work for me or knew I could get a refund if it didn’t. But when I saw that product in Plus and that so many people got it AND another newer brand of skincare product (the serum, oil and eye cream) I couldn’t believe it. I really cannot understand why more people were not upset over how they could’ve gotten a much better selection of products for half the price. Even if you must factor in quantity it would’ve been FAR better to get one Plus and one regular bag for $37 total. The only difference would be one less full size but one more travel size. And you could’ve paid $12 more to add another full size and STILL come out on top having spent less money for better quality AND quantity.

    Last month was so much better than the first or the current one. Sure I got a few things I didn’t want at all, including my usual every-single-month (whether in Plus or Ultimate) products I get despite being opted out of them, AND despite all the many possible products and product categories a full size bronzer, highlighter and blush all in one month. Still, overall the value was there for me and I personally felt it was far better than what Plus was offering.

    Sorry for my negative and whiny rant while everyone is so excited about the bags. I like them too and I would absolutely LOVE to have the one for Ultimate. I’m just really disappointed that Ipsy has let me down so tremendously because I really need/want to cut back on my beauty and sub box spending in 2020 and I so badly wanted to keep Ipsy instead of Boxy. Boxy is truly killing it lately but I just feel so guilty about giving my money to such an unethical company with so many unfair and deceptive business practices. But when I compare what my $50 for BoxyLuxe is getting me to the $50 Ipsy Ultimate scammed me out of this month there’s just no contest. In fact I have to say that I will not only be happier with whatever variations I get in my first Premium this month, I truly believe despite my rather terrible luck with the variants, I would feel like one regular/base December Boxycharm box would’ve been more worth overpaying the $50 compared to the “Ultimate” products heading my way.

    I really wish there was a way to actually speak to Ipsy’s customer service rather than just emailing. I seem to have better luck than others as far as getting a response, but they just placate me with empty words and sometimes extra products (but not the good ones) and then do me wrong all over again the same way or find a new one. After having several long email exchanges with one specific rep last month where I gave positive as well as negative feedback and she responded in just as much detail, I am truly baffled it turned out like this.

    • Yeah, I wasn’t thrilled to see that my Ultimate bag had only a slightly higher RV then many Plus bags that included the 111skin, serum, and magnetic eyeshadow palette.

    • OMG! I feel like I could have written everything that you said. Yes, to all the non sense of this month Ultimate bag. The only item that is valuable in my Ultimate bag is the Skin111 cryo gel that I picked. That’s it, they didn’t even give me the Too Faced product. What people have received in the Plus bag are soooo much better than what I got in my Ultimate and I paid double for it. I saw some people got in their Plus bag the Skin111 + Verso eye cream + Ittse palette + Tarte spray + Evolue serum, all in the same bag. My dream bag! And those persons were not even happy about their bag. My Ultimate bag is so sad. I’m still kicking myself for not cancelling last week. I could have spent the money on an extra box with Boxy or even get an Advent Calendar from others.

    • I too was very upset that the 111skin was in the plus! That should have been the main selling point for the ultimate. Otherwise what’s the point? I’m ultimate and I’m not feeling special LOL and for twice the price, I think I should. For twice the price they should spoil us. I got sheet masks, a liquid liner (black AGAIN), a Brown lippie that wont match my cool complexion, etc… what a rip off!

      Great, now I’m feeling cranky!

      On the upside, I’m loving all the ultimate bags! Not always the print but the size and design are so useful for storing my craft projects!

    • That evlone or whatever serum is horrid. It pills and dont soak into skin. I got it last month . I’m disability I got contouring crap last and now this month. 4 sheet mask I’m opted out of. I did pick the two face gingerbread powder, and they threw the 311 in…I’ve tried the brand before and have had good results. But for 50 dollars, I’m not down for. I haven’t been happy the 3 months ultimate has been out. I always give things 3 times before I decide, and if I see spoilers this month that I dont like , I’m done and will keep plus. Ipsy dont care. They take emails and bs saying they will send suggest to high ups, which they camt care been this would have been changed.

      All these no name brand of skincare and now brushes are shell company items that ipsy is behind so they keep the money in house and get more money. They sure are not doing big things they promoted and said they were going to roll out and I fell like they are setting there in meetings laughing at us for being fools.

    • The serum evolve or whatever is junk. It pills up on your face and hands and feet and kinda sticky. You must shake it up good to make sure it’s a milky color.

      I agree with most of what you are saying, but it seems the, majority of skincare they are sending is from a shell company of unknown brands that ipsy makes “in house” to make more money. It’s not even like they are good products that someone would purchase again. I use sub boxes to try out items and if they work for me, I buy it again or more from whatever brand. It’s crazy how ipsy is doing this “in house” cheap china produced stuff. So the majority of the skincare isnt even that good.

      Also, if the “the Skin & Co Gommage” if it’s too sensitive for your face, maybe you can use it on your body, elbows or feet to get some use out of it?!

      But I agree with the tiers and whole thing. I’ve subbed to ultimate for 3 months now and have been disappointed every. Single. Month. It was supposed to be named brand and good items, then they changed it after people complained to “more of what ipsy provides just full sizes and more products ” so it seems like ipsy set up shell brands to produce products and put a couple named brand here and there and are just ignoring what everyone thinks. I’m so curious to see the number of how many people cancelled from the first month to now and pausing to hope it gets better vs when it first came out.

      The person running ipsy I’m curious if they have a bussiness/public relation background. Since ultimate came out, plus has suffered, when plus was amazing for the first almost year.

  32. Pretty! I really want the big one just to use it as a lunch box lol not sure if I want to spend 50 dollars for that though

    • This month they had the ultimate bag as an add on! I’m 🤞🏼 for the same option next month because I’m in LOVE!

      • I wish they had placed the leopard train case as an add on!

      • Hope so!!

  33. Absolutely gorgeous!!!, especially the big one, but i want them three!!! lol

  34. Cute!

  35. Evidently I’m the only one mot loving these bags…

    I have a love hate relation ship with Ipsy. I love my Plus subscription most of the time. The Ultimate is a different story. The regular is alright, but how many samples do you need. I’m glad we have the ability to skip months which is what I do. After I see the spoilers I decide which one I want to get.

  36. Cute and understated. I will reactivate for January.

  37. Here’s a hint. Anyone recall the RZ BOS winter edition box from 2-3 years ago with the pearlized acrylic box purse in it? One option was black, and the other white ( or marble) I believe.

    I got the white one. Everything bumps and rattles around in the acrylic ( Oh, it’s just hard plastic!) purse.
    I bought a soft makeup back just like one of these to put a few things in and not sound like a child playing with crayons at an event I went to.
    It worked well, looked nice, and all I had to do was reach in and unzip the smaller back which matched. It didn’t show.
    These bags are the exact same material if not size of the one I bought. ( not sure about the sizes but they don’t have to fill the outer handbag up and can be folded on the bottom part as well.

    Just a suggestion as to what can be done with two similar items.

    • bag, bag, bag.. I could spell ” bag” at the age of 2, so where did ” Back” come from? So sorry for the typos.

    • Oh my gosh cuuutttee!! I want all 3- really hoping they will all be available as add-ons!

  38. Now I want all 3.

  39. I’m so confused. Didn’t Ipsy already go through the bag phase with Ipsy Plus?!? Then they said “they heard us” and took put the bags. And now they don’t care that we don’t want the bags?!?! Ipsy put the money into products, not the bags. No one needs THAT many bags! I’ve skipped the last 4 months of Ipsy bc the products haven’t been good.

    • People were complaining more about not getting the bags so they brought them back. In my opinion it ruined the plus along with adding the ultimate.

      • What don’t people complain about with Ipsy lol. They will literally never make us happy no matter what they do.

    • Some of us like the bags.

      • Yes! I love them.

    • I literally stay subscribed to Ipsy for the bags. At $12, it’s the price of a new bag at the store and comes right to my house. The stuff inside is pretty much just an awesome bonus to me.

    • I’m an independent contractor and I use the bags to keep my receipts of monthly expenses. I can look at them and know which month the receipts are from easily this way, helps me stay organized. Some of us DO need that many bags lol.

      • I’m an IC as well, and thank you for recommending this! I might start doing that

      • Yup, I do this too! I also use them to organize cords, chargers, earphones, etc. I know some women that fill them with hygiene products, tampons and unused makeup and drop them off at shelters.

    • The last Plus box that I received was in September. I signed up in June. They royally messed up my first box. I got items from the $10 bag, because they “lost” my box (never sent it). When I saw the few spoilers that they released for October, I was confused. I already owned half of them. November had more repeat items and December looked pretty terrible. I’m REALLY hoping that they make the Plus better or I’m canceling.

      I signed up for the Sunday Riley month. I was supposed to get Sunday Riley, Suva Beauty, etc. Of course, I never received those items (even though they still have them in stock). It’s like they get stuck on one brand for months at a time. I received an Illamasqua lipstick in September. It was broken, so they sent lipliners by the same brand. They’ve featured that brand every month since September.

      I’ve been with Boxy for 4.5+ years. I get the base box and the Luxe box. If Ipsy keeps going in this direction, I’ll sign up for Boxy Premium. It looks better than the Luxe box anyhow. 🤷‍♀️

    • *raises hand*
      I need that many bags and many more!!! Lol. I love the bags. That’s why I dove into all three tiers right off the bat. I did not like my October products, but I liked the bags so I was willing to give it another go. I didn’t care too much for the print and tassels on the November bags but I was so happy with my products that I decided to keep subbing…and now I love my December bags and products and I live the January bags and I’m already convinced that my products will be amazing after a solid November and a Greta December…so yeah, I’m totes happy and it all started with the allure of three coordinating bags….

      • I love the bags too, but I only get the glam bag. I would like to have one complete set though to use as a cute travel set. Or one big one to go with my glam bag for travel. What do/will you do with all the bigger bags? Do you save them to use as travel sets or organize things? Curious minds want to know and copy your great ideas! 😉

        I use my little glam bags to organize everything, and I mean everything! I have pouches for makeup, pens, snacks, first aid, cords…Drawers are organized, bags are organized with bags in bags and so on. But I still have to give some away. I use extras as stocking stuffers, but if I have too many to use even for that, I just offer them away or donate them. I’ve been with ipsy since 2014; so I have a lot of bags! I can’t imagine adding more than a handful of the other sizes too. They would be good to store all the samples that need to be used up though! 😉

    • I’m one that’s actually happy Glam Plus now has a bag. The bag is bigger and more functional imo.

    • I love receiving the bags!

  40. January is off to a good start. If I see good spoilers I won’t cancel.

  41. Super cute bag

  42. These are beautiful!! I just hope their contents will be as good!

    • Ditto!!

  43. I noticed this month we had the option to purchase the Ultimate bag (bag alone), as an add-on. I hope we’re given that option for January. I’d totally buy it as an add-on, and would then have the trio set. The print is adorable. Love it.

    • How much was it to add on the bag?

      • Jordan, the ultimate bag was one of the $12 add-ons, if I remember correctly.

      • $12 for a bag?! That’s a bit crazy, IMO. Marshall’s has cosmetic bags (some are designer brands) for the same price.

      • Yes, it was a $12.00 add-on. 🙂

    • I saw that too & hope that we have the option to add one of each of the bags each time. That would be great for anytime you like the full set but are only subbed to one of their 3 options. This set is beautiful!

    • I wish the leopard train case had been an add on. I certainly would have!

  44. I’m so mad I’ve asked Ipsy to add straps to the bag for YEARS!! Now they do it to the plus and it’s a super cute marble print. 😡😡

    • Why are you mad? Just get the plus bag.

  45. I love them! I kind of want the ultimate bag too lol

  46. I’m currently on pause because I’m on vacay but omg those bags are gorgeous

  47. Ipsy, I hate you. Right when I get ready to cancel, here you go with these cute bags that I can’t resist. Now I’m reconsidering whether or not I should cancel all of my Ipsy subscriptions or just skip a couple of them.

  48. I downgraded back to Plus but I kinda want that Ultimate bag.

    • You can probably add it on next month (hopefully). I like it too

  49. Love it!

  50. I just canceled Ultimate, but these bags look so cute. Now, I want all of them!

    • I also just cancelled Ultimate! I agree the bags are nice but after getting 3 months of garbage and paying $50 I am done. The bag is not worth $50!

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