Ipsy Reveals Are Up for the September 2019 Glam Bag Plus!

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August 2019 Ipsy Glam Bag Plus reveals are up! 

Here is what I will be getting in one of my Ipsy subscriptions:


Which products are you getting from Ipsy Glam Bag Plus this month?

And here are all the products Ipsy is sending in Glam Bag Plus this month (Each Glam Bag Plus Box includes 5 of these):


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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. LOL got the same Bag except my Lipstick is in Midnight!

    • I’m getting the same as well. Midnight Lipstick.

      • I received the Murad and I just get the regular old school ipsy bag.

        • You added it on? Mine didn’t even give me an option to add that! 😭😭😭

          • I think she means the Murad Hydro Moisturizer that was an item in the small bag. The Murad Skin lightener was not an add on for anyone.

    • Box twins! I’m happy enough with my box. Nomad gets good reviews for its shadows. I’m not sure I’ll use even half the colors because I’m such a natural makeup person. I have the Ciate powder and use it daily, so I’ll definitely use that.

    • I have 6 boxes and they are all the same, except one item being that stupid Paris Hilton cleanser no one wants and I have already gotten. I don’t understand how in 6 boxes I didn’t get 1 Glamglow or Murad product. They alway advertise these great products and then when the time comes we don’t seem to get those products in our boxes. I don’t understand. The whole purpose of this was for my family to have a bunch of DIFFERENT products to choose from each month. I don’t want old stock of products, we should be getting new released items, or at least different items. All the profiles are vastly different. The last 2 months the boxes were all the same. Something is going on with IPSY because it never used to be like this. I never used to get repeated products either and this is the 2nd month in a row this has happened. (Yes I have emailed customer service about it). We planned to upgrade all our boxes to the ultimate but after a few month of disappointment we have made the decision to cancel our boxes. That was hard because we have been with IPSY for years but we can save our money and just wait for a sale and go to ULTA or we might switch to Boxycharm. We are unsure at this point.

      • Since you are able to add-on to the boxes maybe 2 or 3 boxes would work better and do the add-on’s. I personally feel like if they are allowing us to add-on why not allow us to swap out one or two products. Or allow the loyal customers who have been with Ipsy 12+ months be able to pick 3-4 products a month. There just comes a point in time where you have had enough of products you will never use and Ipsy needs to recognize this.

      • you get 6 boxes every month?! that’s $1800 a year you spend on this!! you are better off just getting a few high end luxury products every 6 months for the amount you are spending. hello La Mer and Chanel!

        • There not all for me silly. Only one is for myself. The rest of the boxes are split between other family members that live close by that pay me back. I would not just buy 6 boxes for myself that would be insane. I would rather just go to Sephora and pick out products. I was upset that we all got the same products because we like trying different things and it’s no fun that everyone has the same items. That takes the excitement out of it. Also we have already had the Paris Hilton cleanser and no body liked it. So not sure what we are going to do with more of it.

          • Just wondering, but what variation did you get? I got the glam glow but would’ve rather gotten the murad or even nomad palette

      • I would just email them! Ipsy support team is great, and I’ve been with Ipsy for years now.

  2. I am pretty happy with what I am getting this month considering there really wasn’t very many product variations this month. I am getting the Ofra x Madison Miller palette, ciate translucent powder, wander beauty brow pencil, Apto Mask, and the Murad serum, and then I added on the Glam Glow cleanser and thrive causemetics mascara 🌺

    • Omg you found the golden ticket and actually got the Murad serum that everybody (including me) wanted!!

      • That serum has an active ingredient of 2% hydroquinone. You can buy Nadinola cream with same ingredient for about $5 in a drugstore.

        • Wow! Thanks for this tip! I was super sad that I did not get the Murad, but after checking out the Nadinola cream it looks like a better option for me. It got slightly better reviews than the Murad, and the extra strength has 3% hydroquinone. Thanks for making me feel better about not getting the one item I really wanted!!

          • Murad’s second ingredient (after water) is alcohol, not the best thing to put on your face.

    • I would’ve added on the glamglow cleanser but I didn’t even get the murad serum and I really only wanted this box for the serum. I’ve used it before and it’s BOMB! I actually needed it but it used to be $60 now it’s $72!

      • I was really hoping for the Murad too. I don’t understand how I didn’t get it honestly. I have aging skin concerns including age spots on my profile. I have basically told them that I don’t want makeup. Last month I did not receive the one item i really wanted either.
        I am hoping when we get to pick one item that it won’t be between 3 horrible choices like liquid black eyeliner, orange red lipstick and a peek off mask horrible for older skin. What profile tips does anyone have for how to get items like the myriad this month?

        • Sorry. Autocorrect. Murad not myriad.

        • I got to choose one product from five that I really didn’t care for any of and I ended up with three of the five I had to choose from. ☹️

          • I didn’t even get the email this month. I had actually forgotten it was about to be the 1st of the month and was actually the first time I’ve ever been late paying for ipsy bc I was waiting on that specific email to remind me. Won’t be doing that again.

        • I’m surprised I didn’t get it either I’m older and said I don’t want make up specially wild colors that don’t work good on older people but I No sooner or later I be getting make no sooner or later I be getting makeup I get makeup a lot And colors and eyeshadows I can’t were and a ton of highlighters the make a older person look older😖

  3. I am pretty happy with what I am getting this month considering there really wasn’t very many product variations this month. I am getting the Ofra x Madison Miller palette, ciate translucent powder, wander beauty brow pencil, Apto Mask, and the Murad serum, and then I added on the Glam Glow cleanser and thrive causemetics mascara.

  4. I certainly hope they fix the server issues before the Ultimate launch.

    Also, I’m a little bummed that the Glamglow was an add-on choice but not the Murad.

    • Server down = $21 savings for me!
      I was able to make add-on choices but not complete purchase.

      I’m just guessing that increasing add-ins to 5 more than doubled the website time people are on? It took me a lot longer to choose 5 items (only really wanted 3) but FOMO made me linger long.

      Now I’m over it and don’t really care because this was too much effort/time refreshing for a holiday morning.

      Overall, I’ve always been very happy with my boxes – including this month. The Powder is a repeat though? Nice enough – but I just don’t use it often.

      • Wish I could say the same. I spent $132 on add-ons this month 😞 I think I have a problem 😂😂😂

      • Arrgh! I can’t see my reveal! The server keeps timing out. This is so frustrating!

        • Skipped and saved some $$$

      • I will… I haven’t seen my bag yet sites down but that’s one item I wanted

      • This is the first time I’ve seen the ciate London powder in an ipsy glam bag plus ! I know boxycharm had a Becca one last month,but this is the first time I’ve seen the ciate London powder in an Ipsy plus. I’m pretty happy with my box this month. I’m getting the nomad palette, the ofra and Madison miller palette ,the ciate London powder ,the disco kitten peel off mask ,and the brow pencil. I would have rather had the eyeliner rather than a brow pencil but other than that I’m happy with mine this month! I really wanted that nomad palette so I’m super stoked I got it!

        • Bag Twin! I’m also really excited about my bag this month. A lot of months, the items that I was least excited about become my favorite things. Example from last month: I was so disappointed to see theBalm palette in my box until I started to watch some tutorials/reviews on YouTube. When it came in, it was so easy to use and I took it with me on my out of town trip instead of three/four other things. It was a huge time saver and the pigmentation was amazing.

    • Agreed !

  5. The only reason I didn’t skip was because I wanted Murad. It’s not even an add-on. How disappointing.

    • Me too. Very disappointed this month. I hope starting next month we will be able to choose an item like that for our bag and not just between lipstick and eyeliner.

  6. I had no Murad option. bummed about that.

    • Me either. It’s happened to me a couple of time where I don’t get the item in my GBP and I don’t see it offered in my addons. I don’t get it!

      • Not all items featured are available for add ons. The murad cleanser wasnt available as an add on last month to anyone, same with the serum this month. I think maybe it’s a brand thing where only certain brands or products being available. I could be wrong about that part but I know the serum wasnt available to anyone unless they got it in their box. I’m SUPER bummed about it, trust 🙁

        • I believe the algorithm they are using will bring Murad back to us in some form (GBP). I felt like I had already received most of the products that were not in this month’s bag. Everyone knows the Murad is a hero item, so don’t worry. I predict it will still be around in one of the options in September. I regret not picking up another GlamGlow cleanser. I received the Bubble cleanser a few months ago and it is awesome. But it came in a huge tube that I’m pretty sure refills itself when I am sleeping.

          • No worries, they have the two glamglow cleansers at Marshall’s right now for about $12. I personally found the smell of the glamglow for this month to be very scented so if you strong fragrances are not your thing, it’s best to bypass it. But if you like it, they have it at Marshall’s and I believe I saw it at TJ Maxx as well. I live in California (Orange County).

  7. I am so thankful that skipping is easy and it worked in my favor this month.

    • Not always! lol they sent me an email saying my sub was paused for September on the 30th and the next day they charged me! I like everything I got so I kept it though 🙃

  8. My box reminds me of a boxycharm box sadly😔

  9. Really really really hope the murad serum is featured in the ultimate box. I see so many comments of people wanting it and hardly any comments on people actually receiving it. There were so few products available in GBP the month, surely they will have the serum or something along those lines for the ultimate box.

    Also really hoping they put more tools like a nice jade roller or something in ultimate. I’m just so bummed about not getting the murad, I am trying to keep the faith ahahah

    • I have two subs and got Murad in both of them…..I wanted the Nomad palette but it isn’t a big deal

      • I have 3 GBP and got the Nomad palette in each one. Would you like to trade one of your Murad serums for the palette?

    • I was only excited about the Murad this month and thought my profile was perfect for it but alas none for me. I am guessing they only had 3 of them to start with.

  10. For me, this month is terrible, worst yet.

    • agreed victoria worst ever for me also. hopefully i end up liking some stuff after giving them a try

      • Ditto!!!

    • It’s so weird because this is the best month for me.

    • Agree:/ was everyone able to pick an item this month?

      • I’ve never had the option to pick an item,apparently it was rolled out to only a select random bunch but starting next month everyone will be able to choose.

        • I was able to pick but the rest of my Glambag was terrible. Worst month ever. Site crashed before I could see Plus.

          • I’m so glad I didn’t subscribe to GBP!

      • No I wasn’t able to pick one this month :/ it made me sad. But does anyone know why There was was a review button under the items before they actually showed your sneak peeks? When I clicked on the link for the items that were featured in the page on the first of the month,they had a review button already,anyone know what’s up with that?

    • This is the worst one I’ve gotten so far too! I’m super disappointed especially since I added the ultimate for October and now I have a feeling it’s going to be crappy like this… bummer

    • Wish I had skipped this month it’s terrible!

      • Worst month for me too, don’t like one single item in my GBP :/

    • WORST MONTH EVER! Agreed.

  11. OFRA Madison Miller Squad Palette

    CIATE LONDON Extraordinary Translucent Powder

    Illamasqua Antimatter Lipstick in Cosmic

    I DEW CARE Illuminating Diamond Peel Off Mask

    NOMAD Eyeshadow Palette

    Plus 5 add ons.

    This month is great, the only thing that would have made it better was if I were to have gotten the Murad Serum.

  12. I’d trade my entire box for the Murad if anyone is interested let me know😊 glam glow, Ofra, powder, pomegranate mask and brow pencil in taupe

    • I was going to say the exact same thing!

    • I got the Murad and will happily trade!

  13. So glad I paused this month. Very underwhelming

  14. Their site is down…too much traffic crashed one of their servers. Grrrrrr

    • Glad I got on early,I only picked one $3 add on anyway. They don’t have much for add ons that interested me this month.

      • I got on around 6am n had no issues either. My Plus bag had:
        1. Nomad palette
        2. Glamglow cleanser
        3. Ciate finishing powder
        4. Pomegranate mask
        5. Ugly red lipstick
        Ok with 4 out of 5 so not bad. Perfection would’ve bern getting the Murad serum instead of a blood red lipstick lol
        Added on:
        1. Ofra/Madison “moondust” highlighter
        2. Contour brush
        3. Watermelon overnight serum

  15. Not a good GBP this month for me. GB & GBP BOTH disappointing this month and the past several months. I don’t like several of my GB items this month.

    GBP I dew care disco kitten. Not the least bit excited about this. Can anyone help by sharing some insight as to if this is a good product? I have masks as rated low don’t want/don’t need nor use but of course I got this.
    Same for Ciate London translucent powder. Does anyone like and use this?? I welcome comments. Thanks
    I’m not overly excited about the other items either but I suspect I will try and use the rest.

    • I actually added the disco kitten as an add on. It will be a stocking stuffer for my teen. She loves glittery/shimmery peel off masks. But I personally have no interest in the product.

    • I got both of those items in previous glam bags. I did not care for the disco kitten but I did like the Ciate powder. I am getting the Ciate powder in my plus. I just switched to the plus from the bag this month

    • I use the Ciate to set my under eyes and im in my 40’s, I love it! It’s really nice and light and it keeps my concealer in place with no creasing. It does not accentuate any fine lines or texture and doesn’t dry me out.

  16. I got-
    Murad serum
    Ofra Madison palette
    Wander brow pencil in taupe
    Lipstick in cosmic
    Ciate powder
    Added the glam glow cleanser

    I’ll use everything except the powder so I’m pretty happy.

  17. No FOMO here, glad I skipped. I was going to select the glamglow that I dont really need but it was sold out as a selection so I’m surprised to see it available as an add-on. 🤔

  18. This month, I’m receiving: the Apto Pomegranate Mask, illamaska lipstick in Midnight, Murad serum, Ciate London Powder and Ofra trio Palette. I’m really happy with the mask, Murad and the Ofra palette. The lipstick has me quite upset, as my beauty profile indicates I do not want to receive reds… but that I love pinks. I would much have preferred to receive the lipstick in the shade Cosmic, so I purchased it as an add-on. The Ciate powder is just “meh” (I will use it, but can do without it). So over all, I like my box, but I do not love it. I still love Glam Plus, though. I’ve received some amazing items, thus far (since October 2018).

  19. Just a reminder, if anyone is bummed that they didn’t get something they want, Mercari (selling app to buy and sell used and makeup/skincare/clothing etc.) is usually flooded with items that are featured in subscription boxes, which drives the price down. If a particular item that’s pricey/rare is sent to many people, more people are selling it and it becomes more affordable, at least for a short time. Just a heads up!

    • Poshmark as well…

      • And ebay.

        Though Ofra does go through & mark sub box sellers’ items as counterfeit, so they are more difficult to resell (one of the reasons why I strongly dislike this brand).

    • Thank you, Karen!! I just got on the mercari app and got the murad aha/bha cleanser for $16 bucks and free shipping!!! Now I’m hopeful for a flooding of the murad serum. Even if i get it in the ultimate box, I’ll happily purchase another (or 2) at a major discount. That stuff works miracles!!

      • Yes I am totally addicted to Mercari! A nice advantage it has over Poshmark is that often the shipping is free (buyer always pays shipping on Poshmark correct?) It’s also been a nice way to clean out some of my makeup/skincare to make more room for more makeup and skincare lol but I don’t feel quite so bad buying new stuff if I’m using profits from the old stuff to do so!

    • Thanks. Didn’t know about this one..
      Had recently thought of this with eBay…
      What’s more addicting than beauty boxes? Marketplaces reselling it! Trying to find the best deals…lol…

  20. Apto mask- yay!
    Glamglow cleanser-boo
    Ofra palette-Boo
    Illamasqua red lipstick-Boo
    Ciate powder-boo

    1 good item, really bad box this month

    • Box twins. I second that really bad month for this box.

      There is no chance they consulted my profile when they sent this red head a red lipstick.

      I only stayed on with the idea that I could get the Murad as an add on if I didn’t get in my box.

      • Box twin here as well! I want zero of these items. That stupid red lipstick was the last straw for me haha. I canceled my gbp out of sheer frustration with this lack of personalization. I *just* opted back into lipsticks hoping to get a nice shade and boom, another hideous red appears. To make matters worse, I opted out of highlighters instead and still got the palette! That cleanser is on closeout at TJ Maxx/Ross too so it’s no prize.

        That said, I kinda regret cancelling since next month they are adding bags and allowing us to choose one…sigh I guess I can always sign up again. It really is an addiction!

    • Box twins, saw my box for a second though wasn’t able to do add ons and now the site is back down again.

      • I managed to get back into the site and it wouldn’t give me the option to do add one , earlier before it went down I picked mine and it wouldn’t process my order. My box is pretty disappointing this month.

    • I totally agree soooo disappointing and I’m starting to believe I email a ghost because I have upgraded every chance I have and I thought maybe loyalty would count ?? I guess not…I reached out asking why I have NEVER received a face brush EVER not one bronzer EVER and how i don’t personally wear eyeshadow but of course use it on clients so I upgraded my profile a bunch of times but I still have yet to truly feel it is personalized…especially when I started reading people saying STOP sending me bronzers and brushes!!!!! I’m like this is a joke right??? I literally have been begging for these items because I’m having a hard time finding my “holy grail” bronzer…contour and brushes soooo much more affordable but great quality so that’s what I thought would be great with my plus to show me hidden gems in these areas….no such luck AT ALL and when I saw This month I really felt neglected maybe I was holding on to hope that they would blow me away and show me they care about my concerns and get amazing brushes and bronzers and beautiful blush…ya right. Definitely dreaming because this month is actually making me think on giving up, I have been overly patient and I have supported them a long time but red lipstick and MORE eyeshadow shows me my profile is nonexistent and it’s random…very sad….who doesn’t get one bronzer one blush and no face brushes alllllll this time even reaching out so nicely if they can please help me receive items I need and will buy from them if they help me find products I may not know much about….and it kind of looks like every one gets the same which takes the whole “personal experience” away for me …. so yea red lipstick I won’t use eyeshadow I’ll give away and I’m starting to realize I give it away the whole thing almost so often I feel stupid 😢❤️

      • I’ve had Ipsy for 5+ years, in my experience it takes several months before changes to the quiz effects your selections. The more you review and rate etc the better customization gets.

        IMO a lot of people that are satisfied with their customization aren’t changing their profile and preferences frequently.

        There are always complaints about brushes here so I’m sure a lot of them are on the swap site, poshmark, mercari & eBay. Ipsy plus hasn’t really included many bronzers just the palette with them. There have been bronzers as add ons from the regular bag though.

  21. I got:
    OFRA palette – highlighters are not my thing at all
    Disco Kitten mask – this looks interesting
    Ciaté powder – meh
    Wander brow pencil – I have very dark brown brows and they’re sending taupe
    Paris Hilton cleanser – really dislike gel cleansers

    The only thing I’ll use is the mask. 🙁 It’s definitely not my favorite box this time around.

    • Amy, I understand that eyebrow pencil (I’m getting it too) is actually a deep chocolate brown…don’t know why the heck they are calling it taupe. So, this just might work for you.

      • I hope you’re right—that would be great. I assumed taupe would be much lighter. Thanks Barbara!

      • So glad that I skipped this month!

      • I thought they had two colors to send out-taupe and chocolate. I am hoping the taupe is a light color. Brow items are typically to dark for me. I thought it was good that for once, they are sending something that will work for fair haired gals.

        • I’m fair and blonde and currently use this exact pencil in taupe so unless the formula has changed since I got it, it should work for you. I was thrilled to see it in my box. It’s my favorite brow pencil and I’ve tried a lot of them.

      • I got this pencil and needed taupe. Now I won’t be able to use yet another product this month:( so basically I paid $25 (plus tax) for a cleanser

    • I got the Paris Hilton cleanser a few months back and I use it to wash my brushes

      • That is so smart!

  22. I’m getting the Glamglow cleaner, Ciate powder, Apto mask, the red Illamasqua lipstick and the Nomad palette.

    I’ll definitel be swapping the Nomad palette and maybe the lipstick. Everything else will be used.

    • Definitely*

    • I would love love to swap for the nomad palette, if you are interested?

    • I would love love to trade for the nomad palette if you’re interested?

      • I’ll be glad to swap mine.

        • Hi!! would you still be interested in swapping your nomad palette for something?

  23. Getting Nomad palette, Ofra palette, Ciate powder, Wander brow pencil, and Disco Kitten mask.

    I think it’s the first time I’m not getting eyeliner in either GB or GBP. Was hoping for the Glamglow or Murad.

    • Box twins! Interested in trying the Disco Kitten but I am so overloaded with highlighters right now…I’l be glowing forever

  24. I’m getting:

    Ciate setting powder
    Wander brow pencil in dk.brown
    Nomad palette
    Ofra palette
    Disco kitten mask

    I couldn’t be happier! Ipsy really nailed it for me,the longer you have it the better it gets and this for me is the best box yet ❤❤❤❤ I’ve never tried any nomad products so that’s exciting!

    • This is exactly what I’m getting!! And I’m so excited!!!

  25. I love my GBP this month. Getting the nomad, ofra, ciate powder, eyebrow pencil, and the disco kitten. I will actually probably use all of them even though I have wayy too many palletes but I guess thats a happy problem.

  26. Wish I’d skipped. This month is horrible. Got a bunch of repeats that I skipped previous months to avoid receiving. Hate to see what it’s going to be like when the ultimate bag becomes available if it’s already this sad. Never thought I’d say Ipsy might be on my cancellation list.

  27. I’m getting wander Pallete- not my style.
    Ciate powder even though I say on my profile I don’t use powder because I have super dry skin.
    Solar lipstick even though I’m a redhead and have no use for this and my profile is marked accordingly (4th red/orange in boxes in a row.)
    Paris Hilton cleanser. She is famous for sex tapes, so not too excited to put anything from her on my skin. Nor would I d er support her lifestyle by buying her brand. And finally, the Ofra highlighter.

    This is the worst month ever. I signed up for all three tries and if this is the direction their going, I will cancel all three. So disappointed.

    Honestly the only product I wanted was the Murad, which they did not offer as an upgrade.

    But you know what they did offer as an upgrade? The babe lash I ordered from them two weeks ago and they said they were sold out when they sent me a box with one while billing me for three and I had to email for a refund.

    Getting nervous about that ultimate upgrade.

    • The Paris Hilton cleaners is really good . You should give it a try.

      • YEAH so happy to hear the Paris HIlton cleanser that I AM getting is good for someone. Hoping I also like it. THANKS

      • I am also happy to hear that. I’ve had that cleanser for awhile in the box wondering whether to give it away because….Paris Hilton lol. But if it’s good, I’ll open it up.

        • i actually used all of it, it’s great!

    • I was hesitant to try the Paris Hilton cleanser, too, but I gave it a try. I have a bunch of opened cleansers (daily, clay based, bubbling, exfoliating, etc.) but I find the Paris Hilton one is gentle enough for every day & I find myself using it frequently. I didnt think I’d use it and was considering giving it away. I wasnt sure if anyone would want it though due to the brand. I’m glad I used it and I will continue to use it until it’s gone. Its gentle and not drying. I like it. Hopefully you’ll try it and be pleasantly surprised like I was.

      • THANK YOU Stephanie, so happy to hear good news on this cleanser as its the only product I think I will end up using in my GBP this month. What a disappointment all my other stuff seems to be.

        • People on the Ipsy page over on facebook are saying the Paris Hilton cleanser is good!

    • Hey Debbie, If you can forgive Paris for her past indiscretions, I think you might find you really like, if not love, that cleanser. I’ve tried a lot and it’s my absolute favorite. I didn’t think it would be much when I received it either, but it’s really like a gentle bubble bath for your face and it smells amazing! I’ve squeezed some into travel containers because now I can’t be without it, and when this giant tube is done I’ll definitely be buying more!! It was a big surprise for me and I hope it will be for you too 🙂

  28. How do you select your chosen single product? Can anyone pick one yet, or is that pending with all the upcoming changes next month?

  29. I’m disappointed in my bag this month. I’m not receiving the Nomad cosmetics palette even though I really wanted it. I received setting powder, even though my profile says I want to receive that rarely. I’m receiving a brow product, even though I don’t do my brows. It’s like they’re ignoring my profile. They sent me nail polish last month even though I indicated I’d like to receive it rarely and there were other options that my profile said I would prefer.

    • I am getting the Nomad palette this month, and it may have worked for me a couple of years ago, when I had auburn hair, but I’ll never use this. Are you on the swap site? I’ve never used it but am able to (I believe). I’d like for it to find it’s way to someone who wants it.

  30. So sad with this months items 😕😳… Only thing worth it is the Madison Miller squad palette

  31. At first glance I was SO BUMMED bc I did not get the murad serum. But the more I think about it the more, I’m excited to try the ciate powder and I really wanted the nomad pallet (unlike adventurous colors). That said, if ANYONE is open to swapping, I would probably swap my entire box for the murad serum.

    Getting: ofra highlight pallet, nomad pallet, the pretty pinkish coral lipstick, ciate powder, and apto mask. Added on thrive mascara, lash serum (I use it on my eyebrows) the nice contour brush for only $3 and the taupe wander brow pencil.

    I reallllllllly need the murad serum for my intense sun spots and hyperpigmentation so if anyone wants to swap for basically anything or all of my box lol, pls let me know!

  32. I’m thrilled with mine!!! Probably the best yet, then I did 5 add ons. I haven’t loved the past 2…at all. But this one is perfect!!

  33. This is my first Ipsy and first GBP so I wasn’t sure how it would pan out for me, but I am pretty happy. I’m getting the Wander Beauty eyeshadow palette, the Ciaté London setting powder, the Illamasqua lipstick in Solar, the I Dew Care mask, and the Ofra highlighter and blush palette.

    • It’s my first box too and I’m getting the exact same thing! Idk if I’m too happy about it though… I really wanted that Nomad palette. Oh well lol.

  34. So glad I skipped GBP this month.

  35. I’m new to GBP. How do I select an item and how do I opt out of a product?

    • Okay so starting next month, everyone will be able to choose one product in their bag. To opt out of particular products, you have to email ipsycare and opt out of two entire categories, ie eyeliners and bronzers, or whatever you dislike.

    • Log into your Ipsy account – there are tabs along the upper half for “Ipsy Glam Bag” and “Ipsy Glam Bag Plus” — Open the tab you subscribe to on the 2ND of each month and it shows you what products were chosen for you…BUT you can ‘ADD ON’ more products’ by clicking that button and there is a list of $12 or $3 products to add on to your accounts. You only have a day or so to select add ons if you want them. *You cannot deselect items they already chose for you…. BUT you can fill out the personalization questions in your Ipsy account to help them pick better items for you. It is not always guaranteed you will get the best picks though.

      • LR that was so kind of you to take the time to walk through that. I love seeing kind people post on this site. Makes me smile 🙂

      • Thank you for the info!!

      • They won’t listen to you for gbp if you try to opt out of eyeshadows and highlighter/blush due to the limited variety. You will get one or the other so don’t be like me and waste an opt out!

  36. Yep both my bag and my gbp are full of brands I have marked as not for me… I just do NOT like Ofra… and I see plenty of things that match my profile that I am not getting and things I am getting that don’t match at all… super confusing… but to be honest, there is not anything I am dying for this month anyway… I cancelled Boxy in both forms because it had gotten that way and Ipsy had been better…. they are only getting one shot at doing well with Ultimate considering the price…..

  37. This month sucks. That nomad palette is hideous!

    • I’ll take it off your hands.

  38. MURAD
    Rapid Age Spot and Pigment Lightening Serum

    OFRA x Madison Miller Squad Palette

    Antimatter Lipstick in Cosmic

    Extraordinary Translucent Powder

    Frame Your Face Micro Brow Pencil in Taupe

    Add Ons

    Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask

    Wonder Honey Green Aqua Bomb Cream

    Pomegranate Mask

    Idk what’s in my regular bag yet but my plus is totally worth it.

  39. I’m so disappointed with this month, but I still think it’s an incredible deal. It’s the antimatter lipstick in Midnight that is throwing me (30) and my mom (71). We both got a bright red and neither of us look good in reds. Even the featured model is very beautiful, but that shade of lipstick looked horrible on her. We will be donating these shades, though I honestly think very few people can pull off this color. Most excited about the Glamglow cleanser.

    I love the theme for this month, but I’m not getting North Star out of it. With all the pomegranate, I’m vibing more with Persephone and mythology.

  40. I am a little disappointed with this month’s bag. I have 2 gbp and 1 reg, I wanted the nomad palette and the Murad so badly, but of course I didn’t get it. Anyone willing to trade?

    • I got 2 nomad palettes. What did you get?

      • I got 3 Nomad palettes 😂😂😂

        • would you want to trade something for one of your nomad palettes? that’s the one thing i wanted and didn’t get and it’s my bday month so booooo. anyways if you want to trade for one of them please let me know!

  41. So glad I skipped this month! There’s only one item on the whole list I’d be interested in. I started receiving Fashionsta The Box in August and it’s sooooo much better! I’ll give it a couple more months, and if things continue as they are, I’ll be dropping Ipsy for sure.

  42. In my bag this month:

    Paris Hilton Cleanser
    Ciate Setting Powder
    Wander Beauty Pallete
    I Dew Care Mask
    Ofra x Madison Squad Pallete

    I was hoping for more skincare than makeup products since that’s what my profile is suggesting. Not mad with the products I ended up getting though!

  43. I’m getting the Nomad Palette, the Apto mask, Ofra palette, Paris Hilton face cleanser and Ciate powder. I really wanted the GlamGlow but was able to add it. I also added the IT redness cream.

    This is only my second box and I’m happy with it. I chose the Nomad Palette and was surprised to see I was also getting the Ofra! DD will love it!

    • Box twins and this is also my second month. I love this box. Excited for the Nomad Palette. Their brand is amazing and i already own two of their palettes.

  44. I am sooooo disappointed with this month’s GBP 😰 i got a product that I’m opted out of, and the Nomad palette i selected is not in my bag?! 😭

    Just think how much they’re going to mess up the Ultimate bags next month. They promise customization but they don’t follow profiles that much after all

    • I opted out of lipsticks and I got one this month.

    • Last month the item I selected was not in my glam bag when the reveals went out so I emailed customer service and they sent the item I selected in addition to the items they selected for my GBP. Email them, they will make it right.

      • That was NOT my experience unfortunately. I was given choices a few times and only once (September) did the item actually turn up in my box. Sucked that I wasnt even excited about the 3 choices I was given to choose from. I end up with one maybe two products that I will actually use each month which kinda sucks. I’m also waiting on two items they were supposedly sending to make up for not sending/including my CHOICE item not once but two or three times already. Still havent received that and its been a few weeks. want to be excited but finding it difficult to be.

  45. I have two glam boxes, and 2 glam bags, and although it’s not my favorite month, I’m happy. Still worth it for me. It’s odd how few products they had for the GBP this month, or is that just me? Next month I start the ultimates instead of my current subs, and I’m slightly nervous about having 2 of them now.

  46. Very happy with my box this month, I’m getting:

    Ciaté powder
    Apto pomegranate mask
    Wander brow pencil
    Ofra palette


    Farmacy sheet masks
    Luxie contour brush

  47. Bag twins! I got everything but the nomad Pallete, which I don’t mind. Would have loved to get the Murad!

  48. Wow I’m box twins with MSA this month and I’ve got say it’s my all time favorite box I’ve received. I wanted that eye shadow palette (hello finally something unique and not in my collection!!!) and the Ofra face palette so bad and I can’t believe I’m getting both! That lipstick is a great shade of coral. The ciate powder is legit my favorite setting powder and I just ran out of it so I’m thrilled to get another. I tried the turmeric apto mask and loved it. Used it all up so fast. Excited to try another. I feel like I won the lottery this month!

  49. Signed up for 3 GBP to get the Murad serum and literally got every product besides the serum. Anyone willing to sell or trade theirs?

    • Murad has a deal on their rapid lightening regimen it’s $40 and includes gwp and a $25 rewards card. If you search google you’ll find it.

      (This isn’t the full size serum but it includes the agile regimen)

    • There’s a Murad rapid lightening set for $40 with gift. If you can’t swap for it.

      • Thanks! Where is it?

        • Search for murad age spot regimen, (found the set is also an Amazon the serum in this set is 0.25 Oz but you can see the sizes there. After the rewards card your basically paying $15 for it. Hope that helps.

      • Hi ana, where did you find the murad for $40 as a gift with purchase? I need that serum badly but is so expensive at full retail price

    • Did you get the GlamGlow? That’s what I actually wanted and not the Murad, but I ended up with the Murad instead. I’d be open to trading if so.

      • Yes, I did receive the Glamglow, Jessica. I would love to trade!

      • Jessica, I have the glam glow and would LOVE to trade for the murad!

        • Like, don’t you see there was an exchange already going on. Wow, way to be a vulture!

        • 👀👀

    • Ashley I’ve replied several times and they keep getting filtered out. Hope you can trade for it if not a search engine for Murad set should help.

      • Thank you, Anna!

    OFRA x Madison Miller Squad Palette

    Extraordinary Translucent Powder

    Antimatter Lipstick in Cosmic

    Frame Your Face Micro Brow Pencil in Taupe

    TROPICALCLEANSE™ Daily Exfoliating Cleanser

    Not my favorite month, but this selection is the best for me. I’m not going to complain.

    • I got the same bag as you, but I got the Murad instead of the GlamGlow. I’m really excited-I wanted the Murad badly, and I was convinced I was going to end up with red lipstick and Eyeko eyeliner and got neither! I can always use more powder and am still looking for the perfect brow product.

      • Joy, that would of been my perfect bag except for the lipstick.

        • *OFRA Madison Miller Squad Palette

          *Ciate London Extraordinary Translucent Setting Powder

          *Illamasqua Antimatter lipstick in Cosmic

          *I DEW CARE Diamond Illuminating Peel Off Mask

          *NOMAD Eyeshadow Palette

          I an very happy with this month. The only thing that would have made it better is if I had gotten the MURAD Serum.

        • Well I skipped this month for both accounts bc Boxyluxe is this month and bc Ulta is having their 21 days if beauty sale. I am more likely to find the exact 5 things I want in the sale for the $50 so I chose that route. There’s some great products in this box, but I just took the option I thought was best for me this month. Really looking forward to ultimate launch next month though 🙂

      • I was hoping for the Murad instead of the highlight pallete (which I’m opted out of). Oh well!
        I guess I do like it better than the eyeshadow pallete.
        Otherwise, I feel it’s a decent box.
        I opted out of eyeliners, as I have received two Eyeko eyeliners in previous boxes and hated it!
        I love that I’m not getting red lipstick!

      • Joy we are bag twins! I was also shocked that I got the Murad and not another red lipstick. Yay!

    • Very happy this month! I’m getting:

      – OFRA COSMETICS OFRA x Madison Miller Squad Palette – I picked this 😊 Love Ofra highlighters and excited to try their blush. This comes with the Sweet Stuff/pink blush AND I’m getting the peach one in my regular glam bag!

      – ILLAMASQUA Antimatter Lipstick in Cosmic – Awesome! Love lipsticks and would’ve been happy with any of the colors.

      – WANDER BEAUTY Frame Your Face Micro Brow Pencil in Taupe – Great! I lost my IT Cosmetics one and everything I’ve gotten from Wander has been good.

      – GLAMGLOW TROPICALCLEANSE™ Daily Exfoliating Cleanser – Yay! Always excited to try cleansers no matter how many I have lol.

      – APTO SKINCARE Pomegranate Mask – Yay! Love masks.

      • Mine is almost the same as yours except I got the Ciaté setting powder. Also my lipstick is in midnight. I think it’s time to update my beauty preferences so that I don’t get so many red lipsticks. I’ve gotten either a red blush or 💄 in the past three bags.

      • This is my first GBP, I had the regular GB years ago. Have to say, I am pretty excited and happy with everything!

        I am getting
        Nomad Pallet
        Disco Kitty Mask
        Ciate setting powder
        Ofra x Madison Pallet
        Eyeko eyeliner

        I was a little nervous I would get the lipstick. I never wear it and always wear liquid/gloss products. There were only 2 things I marked on my beauty quiz as not wanting and that was lipsticks and hair treatments. Seems like theu listened, at least for my 1st box xD fingers crossed!

        I added on the glamglow scrub, the eyelash serum, the 111 eye treatment, and the IT bye bye redness.

      • I’m optimistic about the pomegranate mask, the Ofra blush/highlight bar looks okay, the ciate powder is usable, I don’t mind bright lipstick, so the illumasqua pinky coral color is fine by me as well. The Nomad palette is the one thing I will not use at all. The only color I would use from this palette Ipsy already sent me in my glam bag and I’m a long way from hitting pan. I love Nomad cosmetics, just not these colors.
        It’s not an awful glam bag but there’s nothing I’m excited about. Woulda liked the glamglow cleanser & almost added it on, but it’ll probably show up in my bag in a month or two (maybe three).

    • Mine is almost the same as yours except I got the apto pomegranate mask which I’m really happy about. Also my lipstick is in midnight. I think it’s time to update my beauty preferences so that I don’t get so many red lipsticks. I’ve gotten either a red blush or 💄 in the past three bags.

      • Sorry about this duplicate reply that appeared way after I posted it this morning to another post!

    • Box twins! This is the first time I have been very gotten a wearable lip shade from a subscription box that didn’t resemble poop! 😁

      • I’m personally pretty happy with my box considering what the variations were. I got the Ofra Palette, Nomad Palette, Ciate setting powder, I Dew Care peel off mask, and the Wander Beauty eyebrow pencil in dark brown.

      • I was pretty happy with my box this month. I really feel like it corresponds well to my profile. Fortunately I was able to do my add ons and check out before the site went down. And I received my confirmation. I added the Skyn serum and 111Skin serum to both my Ipsy and IGBP. Love me some serums!

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