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CAUSEBOX Fall 2019 Box Spoiler #3 + Coupon!

We have the third spoiler for the Fall 2019 CAUSEBOX!

CAUSEBOX is a quarterly subscription box that features brands and items dedicated to doing good all over the world. Many featured brands donate a portion of proceeds to charities and/or may employ local artisans, use ethically-sourced goods, etc. 

Use coupon code WELCOME10 to save $10 off your subscription! (Regularly $54.95 a season.)

The Fall box includes:

Every Fall Box comes with the Travel Wallet by Glass Ladder & Co. or the Felt Letter Board from Underwood Letterpress – Either way you can’t go wrong.

The Travel Wallet by Glass Ladder & Co. was developed in collaboration with Australian designed Kristine Lubinski and made to fit all of your travel essentials.

The Felt Letter Board by Underwood Letterpress is Pinterest-perfect. From menus to to-do lists, to love notes and countdowns – it’s endlessly fun, beautiful, and useful.

Become an Annual Member to customize your box. Choose between the Passport Wallet OR the Letter Board. Quarterly Members will be surprised!

In case you missed the previous spoiler:

Big and beautiful. Ethical and durable. Available in three styles. Meet the Known Supply Weekender Duffel – your perfect getaway accessory.

Annual members choose between Forest Green, Stone Gray, or Lake Blue.


Nashelle Heather Drop Lariat Necklace in Gold or Silver

Wear it long or short, the adjustable Heather Drop Lariat necklace from Nashelle will add the perfect sparkle to all of your adventures – available in gold or silver.

Nashelle partners with Feeding America and NeighborImpact to donate ten meals for every product sold – to date they have donated more than one million meals to the hungry.

Annual members can choose between the Gold or Silver Lariat Drop Necklace.

Here’s a look at the featured artist for the Fall box:

We are so proud to support incredible, independent female artists each season through the design of our box artwork and the rest of our seasonal art pieces. It brings us so much inspiration and joy, and we wanted to take it even further, so we built a residency program. Every season we invite the artist behind the box to our hometown Los Angeles, for 10 days. We eat, drink, and explore the city with her, and we have a chance to get to know her on a personal level, explore her artwork and process more deeply, and learn from her unique perspective. For Fall, we spent an intimate week with Minerva visiting famous landmarks like the Hollywood sign, picnicking in the sun, and watching outdoor movies on a rooftop! We were first drawn to the ​vibrant scenery in Minerva’s work and the diversity amongst the women she creates​. She is passionate about bringing joy through her free-spirited illustrations and wishes to motivate marginalized women to strike their own path. Her designs for the Fall CAUSEBOX tell the story of a woman traveling the world, creating a union between all the cities, cultures, and characters on her journey.

Check out all of our CAUSEBOX reviews for more information about this subscription box and sign up for notifications to get spoilers!

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Comments (111)

  1. Looks like a good box, nothing WOW but not bad, whish we’d knew all the items by now. the necklace looks nice, the weekender… well you can always use. the third spoiler is neutral to me.. but if they include that hat 🙂 I’m sold!

  2. It looks like I’m in the minority here, but what a fantastic box! Some great stuff in the marketplace, too. This makes the end of summer a *little* easier to take.

    • Yes i am looking forward to it too. I use to get a lot of different boxes but ended up giving much of it away. Still like Causebox. It’s one of the few I still get.

  3. What did everyone choose? I picked the gray striped bag, silver necklace, and letter board. I was torn between letter board and wallet but I have a passport holder so will try something new.

  4. Customization and the Market is open.

    • Thanks LisaFalana for the heads up! Now that I’ve made my selections I can chill out about it.
      I wasn’t able to get the site to load with my computer. I had to use my phone.

    • I see, their market is so so good. I want everything!

      • Wow, the items in the marketplace are fantastic! Just picked my custom items and bought the leather tote bag in the market

    • Thanks for the heads up. I never received an email that it’s open. Very frustrating.

  5. The website is undergoing maintenance! I assume this will lead to some answers to questions about add-ons and the fall box! Looking forward to more details!

  6. This is my final box from them, and frankly, I’m glad. So, yet another necklace.
    A duffle bag – I just go one from Popsugar.
    And now a choice between a felt letter board or a “luxury vegan leather” product. The FabFitFun Summer Box included an option for a felt letter board (I have it). And I do NOT like “vegan leather”. How about some truth in advertising? There is NOTHING leather about that product. Call it what it is. IT’S PLASTIC. How is plastic good for the environment? SMH

    • I agree. I canceled FFF because their product selection was going down. I was going to get this box, but those options are horrible.

    • I hate the phrase vegan leather. Let’s be honest. It’s pleather.

  7. Oh no. I really wanted that passport wallet when I thought it was solid pink & must be in matching colors to the portfolios clutches. And I definitely don’t want the message board. FFF already offered this. And

  8. I like this box except for the sign thing. That’s a hard no for me. But I don’t want to sign up for a yearly box without trying it first. So I guess I won’t be getting this box.

    At this point, maybe I will wait until Black Friday to sign up for new boxes…

  9. Anybody know when we get to chose? Couldn’t find it on the site

    • In their FAQ, they indicate the CAUSEBOX Custom tool will become available to Annual Members on the “My Account” page prior to the start of each season. Generally, this will happen the week prior to each seasonal renewal date which is September 1st for the Fall box. Hope that helps, Taren!

      • Thanks!

    • I can’t find it either. I don’t think it’s up yet

  10. I like Causebox. I have tried many and this is my favorite. I like the annual because I have a choice with some of the things sent. So far it’s a keeper for me.

  11. Still a favorite box. I have tried many. So far this one has not disappointed me.

  12. I wanted to change my subscription to Annual and when I hit the button to do so all it would let me do is send an email. Would it be better to cancel and re subscribe? Does anyone know how long it will take them to get back to me?

    • Send an email and request a switch. They contacted me the same day when I switched to annual. If you cancel and resubscribe, you might lose your place in the shipping queue.

    • When do you charge the credit card for seasonal subscription and then will the fall box ship?

      • According to the FAQ on the Causebox site, you will be charged at the time of purchase to reserve the upcoming seasonal box(es) for the duration of your chosen subscription term. They will begin shipping Fall Boxes in mid-to-late September.

      • Thank you!

  13. This is my first box. Can anyone tell me when the customization will open?


    • Customization opens up September 1st. You should get an email, but sometimes they don’t go through. So just make sure you login to your account on the website, and you can make your choices there.

    • it’s open now. my first box as well. 🙂

  14. So far I have loved both the Spring and Summer Causebox and I love all of the items offered/spoiled so far. (Hoping for travel wallet over Feltboard as I just got one from FFF)
    But man, the negative shade in the comments are sort of a bummer.
    Loving each item they’ve shown so far. I think its good variety.
    I haved used almost everything in the summer box so far.

    • Yeah maybe ppl need a break from sub boxes for awhile with so much complaining.

    • Not everyone likes the same thing and some people are rude and don’t take others into consideration. Just skip over those messages. No one needs negativity over a sub!

    • Lol the other day I saw someone under the Instagram post saying she absolutely hated everything about the spring box and the clutch (I LOVE that clutch), i nicely told her she can sell the clutch on second hand platforms and it’s good money, she replied me with a rolling eye… (the clutch was sold $50-70 on second hand platforms).

  15. And cancel. And I will say their website made that very easy. I would not hesitate to come back knowing that.

  16. Slightly disappointed by this. It just feels more FFF than Causebox. However, I was just looking at letterboards the other day, thinking it would be cute for my office.

  17. I pick up the causebox when it’s something I like. This one is a miss for me. I can see how it would be fab for someone else, though.

  18. Does anyone remember which other sub boxes included a passport holder in the past? I know that I’ve gotten one but I never took it out of the box and there are too many boxes for me to go through 😳😰

    • I received one from Therabox

    • FFF had one awhile back and Happy Rebel just had one but it didn’t fold. It was more like a pocket.

    • 😂 i’m glad i’m not the only one

    • I believe I recall getting a passport holder in the last Happy Rebel Box.

    • OuiPlease had one too.

    • Fabfitfun…one box offered passport holders and the summer box just offered the letter board. That is the only problem when subscribing to more than 1 subscription, it’s easy to get duplicates of stuff, the only difference is that it is made by a different brand.

      • Do you remember which FFF box had the passport holder?

    • I already have a passport holder from fossil that I got for 9 bucks. I put a Pause on this Fall box and looking forward to the winter.

  19. Where did this spoiler even come from? I got emails about the necklace and the bag, but not these and it’s not on the website either.

    • It doesn’t look like their site has updated with this yet but we did get a spoiler email this morning.

    • I got an email at 9:00 AM exactly with this 3rd spoiler.

      • I saw the spoiler on Facebook. They also hinted at a tiffin box set, chopsticks, a scarf….with a bunch of close up shots.

  20. Like the spoilers so far! Glad I went ahead and upgraded to annual after second spoiler.

    I already have a leather travel passport holder with personal engravings (and got it from China ;)) but I don’t mind having another one as I travel quite often for vacation.

    Causebox has been looking strong (at least way better customer service and items than FFF with all the defective straighteners!)

    • Agreed! I am excited for these spoilers so far, the necklace and the bag I believed that I will used a lot. I also like idea of passport cases, just sadly that for a long time I won’t be able to travel outside of US, so no use for me, but it is not Causebox’s fault.

      I can see this company do really hard to satisfy their customer, but no company can satisfy everyone. I hope causebox could maintain their style and standard, that’s why I am in.

  21. I’m totally into the passport holder. It’s giving me vintage terrazzo vibes. The letter board is a pretty hard firm no from me. I think they’re totally adorable but I just can’t picture using it beyond maybe staging my living room for photos. It’s going to end up having the same Fleetwood Mac lyric on it until I finally donate it because if gathered dust 😂

  22. Hard pass. Don’t like any of the options style-, quality- or usefulness-wise. Saved my money.

  23. This all looks very cheap/made in China stuff… very disappointed

  24. Bummer. Add me to list of people who don’t need/want the letter board and don’t care for the pattern or color of the travel wallet.

  25. oh i would have LOVED the travel wallet if it didnt have that awful print. and i agree with the other poster, having it match the previous portfolio colors would have been a huge bonus.

    • Right?? I’d actually be jazzed about the travel wallet if it were a solid color and matched the portfolio, but I’m soooo not into that print.

      I wonder if there’s any chance Causebox will see all these comments and add the matching solid colors as options. Then game on! Otherwise, I think I’m skipping this box. What a bummer.

      • It’s too late in production to add colors even if they wanted to. It’s also a cheaper version of the actual travel wallet that glass ladder sells, so this was made “special” for the box.

  26. I will pick the felt board and use it in my guest room with a cute quote. Easy way to decorate a little corner of the house. You can even hang it in a laundry room, tween/teen room.

    I will choose army green bag and will use it to pack for my boys for sleepovers.

    Lastly, I am excited to try the necklace in gold. Never have tried that style before and if I love it and it tarnished I will just buy a 14k one or sterling silver.

    It’s all about discovering new items, people. I think it’s a great box so far and am thankful for no scarves because that has been overly done for fall

  27. I agree about the previous comments about the wallet. I wish the previous portfolio colors were offered so we could have a matching set. I don’t like the print.

    And I have absolutely no use for the letter board.

  28. Sadly, I’m not impressed either. 🙁 Are they trying to copy FFF? Don’t they see it isn’t working? I miss the artisanal products they use to include in the beginning. A hand-knitted or wooden whatever would be so much better! The only thing I like is the necklace. So far everything else is a miss, including the candle (that is probably in one of the future spoilers).

  29. I’m really surprised by all the hate for the felt board. I actually have one exactly like this in my amazon cart. I think it’s a really cute way to leave messages for someone in the house, or to make a small picture board for work. This site makes me sad

    • I think part of the dislike is that fff literally just had this for their summer box. I think there is an expectation that CB is more original and unique and a felt letter board like this can be purchased in Walmart/Target etc. I personally have reservationa because how do you keep it totally clean….seems like it would be a total magnet for dust, pet hair, etc.

      • ahh, I didn’t even notice that FFF had this. I don’t get that one anymore, and I kinda ignore most of their posts haha. The unoriginal part I totally get. This is EXACTLY the same color/style of the one I was going to purchase from amazon.

        As for the cleaning, I bet a lint roller would work? I think I still have one from an old FFF box

    • Pro tip: If you like something, don’t read the comments.

      I’m excited about this box! I’m going to pick the passport holder because I just got a message board.

      • LOL…so true….some days my spirit can hardly take reading comments on these posts. But I’ve gotten so much good information and helpful insights or tips also that I can’t stop reading them either. It’s like playing a soul crushing lottery.

      • Agreed! I want to join in on the fun and excitement but so often, it’s such a downer. But we can make this the happy thread right here! #kiddingnotkidding

      • Haha. I don’t mind people sharing their opinions and I fully realize not everyone is going to have the same opinion but I just get tired of people seeming to not understand that they can share their opinion and not have to insult everyone that may disagree or that may have actually helped create/design/source the item (“This is hideous”, “I didn’t realize this box was for 5 year olds…” etc). I actually think this specific post is pretty tame but every time I click on something now I have to brace myself for a potential barrage of insults….because I do like something. LOL.

      • “soul crushing lottery” you nailed it! haha

      • If someone doesn’t like something that you like, it’s not a personal attack against you. It’s just a difference of opinion. I want a yellow couch; my sister thinks it would be hideous. Do I care? NO. Am I offended? Of course not. It’s just a difference in perception. That’s what makes these subs & comments so interesting – enjoy what you like & laugh at the commentary.

      • Good comments, ladies. I definitely agree with the above statements from Cindy and LB.

        *loving the yellow couch example 🤗*

        “Saying you like something & why” is just as acceptable here as “saying that you don’t like something & why.” These (constructive) comments can be a fantastic resource for the sub box company to read and evaluate = Free Market Research!!

        But yeah, it’s sad when a few people take it too far by saying negative things about people that do/don’t like a product. Everyone has different style preferences and tastes (“opinions”) and there’s no reason to not respect those that differ from yours.

        Hey, if we all liked the same things, there would be only like THREE sub boxes on the market – and poor MSA would cease to exist! 😥😥

        Embrace your differences and treasure your opinions…and give some love to MSA for helping us to do this!!

        ☮️ ♥️ 🎁 (peace, love & sub boxes!!)

    • I got one just like that in the parabo box

  30. The only item I like so far is the bag. 😕
    I’m already thinking about skipping and this would only be my second box. So far, this doesn’t scream fall to me. Just like FFF didn’t.

  31. I’m always disapointed by the fact that they don’t always add stuff that are useful for everybody. Last season’s poncho was a major turn off,… but this… this is tragic.

    • Loved the poncho! What products are useful for everybody?

      • Anything can be more useful than a passport case or a letter board… For sure. And that poncho looks terrible to me. It was literally a piece of fabric with a hole in it.

      • I was referring to the poncho in the winter box. I do agree with you about the summer poncho.

      • I’m joining you guys now. FFF has too much beauty items and although I have loved them for 2 years I am really loving your mission and your choices. Signing up today!

      • I loved the winter poncho. I agree the summer one was shapeless.

      • Oh yes, that one was gorgeous 🤩 Still use every season.

    • Cancel my subscription

  32. I have two more boxes with Causebox and I’m done. That necklace won’t stay put, no one needs a felt board, and the travel wallet is really an odd color choice for fall. The bag is okay, but pretty basic.

    • Same here. This is a waste of money

    • If you are annual you can skip any season you don’t like.

    • Just a general fyi: that style necklace will stay put if you wrap it around the ring twice.

  33. What started out as bang quickly fizzled. I won’t use either of these.

  34. My annual is up. Last box was summer, just cancelled. Don’t like any of the spoilers. Kind of disappointed.

  35. I was hoping the 3rd spoiler would make me want to subscribe but thumbs down. I already have a travel wallet and the letterboard is of no use to me.

  36. I’m really torn. I love Causebox, but this box is really lackluster. I can get sterling silver jewelry at good prices that doesn’t tarnish after one use. The bag is pretty ugly in my opinion and I already have some great weekender bags that are high quality. I’d choose the travel wallet, but it’s pretty basic. Well I think I’ve just convinced myself to skip.

  37. Really excited about the bag and the necklace! I like the travel wallet but do wish it came in color options (even better if the options matched the previous portfolio as another poster mentioned). CAUSEBOX is still my favorite box.

  38. I’ll probably get the letter board for gifting. The travel wallet is a cheap version of the one glass ladder sells. The print is awful. Prints are actually a resin I skipped the summer box. I like the box in general, and was hoping this would replace FFF for me, but there is something juvenile about their prints so I most likely won’t re sub after my annual is up.

  39. I like the idea of the passport wallet. But the pattern is just not what I would have expected in a fall box. It would have been nice if it was in a fall color or at least in the colors of the previous Glass Ladder & Co. color choices. And the letter board was just done in the FFF box. I do like the necklace. And I could always use another bag.

  40. No, thanks. It was fun for a while, Causebox…

    • I agree.

  41. The necklace with minor variations has been offered in several boxes this year. Passport holders and letter screens have too. I wish there was a third choice or at least a color choice on the wallet. The bag is OK. I am beginning to wish I hadn’t gotten an annual sub.

    With the new laws the travel wallet might be handy, but I don’t care for the design.

    • Me too, I really didn’t like the quality of the items in their boxes but I got
      Annual subscription already couldn’t get a refund. Stuck with the remainder of it with products that are poor quality & not enough wow factor!

  42. Really don’t feel the Causebox message with that letterboard… 100% generic. And that wallet doesn’t fit a fall theme, nor the bag colour options? Eh.

  43. Hmmm. Already have a passport holder handmade from an obi. Have less than zero use for the letter board. May just ask my girlfriend which she may prefer and choose based on that

  44. No thanks.

    • I agree I’m not into this box!! Ughh and I’ve already been charged

  45. I thought this box had really high hopes and was headed in the right direction – away from the tactics of FFF. But, this is not a spoiler…this is really a disappointment, even to an annual member. Different choices or colors for the travel wallet would have sufficed, but to have to get a pink wallet or a felt board (which is really of no use) as our 3rd spoiler puts a bad taste in my mouth for the rest of the box. I am afraid they will become like FFF with the addons as well…

    • Both are totally useless to me.

  46. I’ll probably go for the letterboard, since I don’t have one and, as an annual, I’ll get to choose. I love Glass Ladder products but I’m not crazy about that print.

  47. I wish they offered the passport case in the same colors that they offered the glass ladder portfolio already. I’d rather have a matching set than a weird print.

    Even though I like the bag a lot, I might skip. The necklace and letter board (or passport case) aren’t doing it for me.

  48. Meh. Nothing so far has any wow factor. FFF just had that letter board, and I didn’t want it then either. So far other than Popsugar, fall has been a big bust. Usually it’s my favorite season.

  49. The bag is the only redeeming item. I was with causebox for a long time, in spring I cancelled and haven’t had the desire to come back. They have become very popsugar or fff with lots of China stuff. Less small vendors, less fair trade, etc.

  50. Kind of disappointed. I already have enough bags & a ton of necklaces. Not too happy that as a quarterly member I would get either a felt board (which I have no interest in) or a travel wallet. I am fine with the wallet, but the pattern is not my taste. Maybe the winter box will be better, for me.

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