BoxyCharm August 2019 FULL SPOILERS for Box 2!

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Looking for the latest spoiler for this box? Find it here:

BoxyCharm August 2020 Spoilers!

We have full spoilers for another one of the August 2019 BoxyCharm box variations!

(If you aren’t familiar Boxycharm is a beauty + makeup subscription box that sends 5 full-size items each month for $21. It was voted the #1 Makeup Subscription Box by MSA readers, and won places in many categories in the 2019 Subscription Box Awards!)

One version of the August 2019 BoxyCharm will include:

Source: xoxodaniyell

Another version of the August 2019 BoxyCharm will include:

Source: boxycharmsneakpeek

And in case you missed it, here are the spoilers all subscribers will receive:

Becca Cosmetics Hydra-Mist Set & Refresh Powder


Tarte Big Ego Mascara OR  Peach and Lily Glass Skin Refining Serum

What do you think of the latest August spoilers?

If you haven’t signed up for Boxycharm yet:

Now through August 31st (or while supplies last), use this link when you sign up for a Boxycharm subscription to get a free Butter London Palette ($32 Value) AND a free Luxie Brush Set ($30 Value) with your first box!

*Valid for new subscribers or those who canceled before July 1, 2019. Expires August 31, 2019, at 11:59 pm ET or while supplies last.

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Click here to sign up. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.


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  1. This will be my last Boxy until after Chrustmas, due to make-up skincare overload, so I hope it ends up being a good one!

  2. So how likely is it you would get the glass skin serum ?50/50?? That’s the only thing Im really excited over in each variation.

    • Sadly, I think the odds of getting the serum are way lower than that. Probably only those lucky enough to get the choice email and selected the serum instead of the mascara will receive it. I think new subscribers could choose too.

      • I “chose” the serum, but got the mascara – Boo.

        Would LOVE to trade any TWO of the items listed below for the serum – I received the Big Ego mascara, the Lashaholic lashes, the Wander Glow Ahead face oil, and the Barbie peel-off mask.

      • What the heck? Why so many lash products? What about us who never use lash products? Things on my eyelashes bother me. If i get eyelash stuff like mascara etc im canceling. I didnt subscribe to sephora or ipsy box bc i see every month they have eyelash items. No thanks.

  3. Liz,

    Those Lashes are from: LASHAHOLIC. Boxycharm has them to us before, so this is not a new item.

  4. More lashes. No thanks!! I’m done with Boxy!

    • Me too! I’m waiting to see the spoilers for Luxe and if I’m not impressed I am done. A whole drawer of mascara and now more lashes I won’t use. I get MAYBE one item a month that fits my profile. More excited for Ipsy GBP lately and now waiting for The Box.

  5. It’s not an eyeline, but a lipliner by Steve Laurant.

  6. The eyeliner looks like the Colourpop Gel Creme liner in Over Board. I hope it is! I own it and it’s amazing!

  7. Anybody get random charmroom points appear in their account within the lastfew days? I’m thinking I did because they sent the lashes I’ve already received a few times 🙄

    • Yes, I randomly had 500 points in my account when I checked yesterday.

  8. Well, here’s to hoping I dont get those lashoholic lashes again!! I’ve gotten them before and hopefully they won’t send repeats lol

  9. I must be the only person who loves peel-off masks. I can’t sit still enough to use sheet masks, and I am on cream mask overload. It’s a nice “problem” to have.

    • I love peel off masks too! They always leave my skin feeling sooo clean and smooth. I almost don’t want to “ruin” that fresh feeling by applying products to my face afterward. lol

    • No! I love them too! 😁

    • I just wish I loved masks period since I feel like I get them every month in one box or another. Between ipsy glam bag ipsy GBP boxy boxyluxe and fabfitfun I have gotten so many masks that I still haven’t opened or gotten use from them. I can deal with the ones you wash off or peel off but I especially hate a sheet mask 😣😒😷😁

      • I think it’s funny they are sending the Pur glittery mask! That’s a brand new item since Pur collaborated with Barbie and the eyeshadow palette in that collection is gorgeous I’m surprised they didn’t get the palette but instead they got a glittery mask that is probably the only product in that collab that won’t sell. There are lipsticks other products in that collection. Who wants a glitter mask NOT me!

  10. Neither box version I’m crazy about, but I would so rather get the second version

  11. It’s a lip liner by Steve Laurent.

  12. I rather do have the first box since I’m new with boxycharm I really want the eyelashes ☺️💖

  13. Would like to see less mascara and more eye liner, skin cream, and face cleaner

  14. I read somewhere that some people have already gotten their shipping for boxycharm. Has anyone else? I haven’t gotten my shipping info and am curious if anyone else has. 😬

    • Mine has shipped too. I got the email early this morning. It was shipped saturday, started tracking today and supposed to be delivered Friday.

    • I received my shipping info today. It’s supposed to be here next Monday. I signed up on Sunday the 4th so I was pleasantly surprised.

      • Also I’m in coastal South Carolina

    • Yes, I got mine on Monday the 5th.

    • I got shipping yesterday that said my box will be here tomorrow

      • Well d*** what state do you live in? I always wonder how their shipping works like I’m in NC and they ship from GA so I’m confused as to why my shipping takes forever I almost wouldn’t even care if I knew what I was getting like ipsy but its cool. It’ll get here sooner or later 😊 and thanks to everyone for the quick responses! Y’all are awesome.

      • I’m in Florida and the shipping takes almost 2 weeks to get to me. No idea why.

    • I didn’t get shipping info, but my box is arriving today

    • I received a shipping notice last night, but it was for the promo that arrived last week.

    • My box shipped last night. I should have it by Friday.

      • Last month and the month before (boxyluxe I think) my box shipped but it said at the bottom of the email “your box will arrive on this date” it had the calendar and said it was going to take two freaking weeks when other people were getting theirs and I’m in NC so GA is like right next door so wtf is up with that 😉

    • I got an email with mine yesterday!

      • Oh really? That’s good maybe I’ll get mine today…hopefully 🙂 glad someone did though 😁

  15. I must have missed the memo but when did the Charms program change? I was pretty behind on reviews for the year but caught up a lot of them in July with no problem. I did April last night but when I started May, I got a message that said I had reached the maximum number of reviews I could submit for the month. So basically, there is no way to catch up. So I will miss four months (including June BoxyLuxe AND apparently the box for August). Am I reading this correctly?

    Also, what does the “one reward per monthly box review” mean? I may not have written that correctly, but there is some kind of new rule in the reward section. Also, do you still have to buy shipping coupons or do you just pay shipping outright?

    Updates were dated July 2019. I didn’t get an email. Did anyone get an email?

    I am cutting either BoxyLuxe or Ipsy Glam Bag Plus so any input would be appreciated.

    • I haven’t heard anything about reviews and charms but that worries me! I always love that you get charms for leaving reviews I hope they are not changing that.

    • That happened to me last month, too. I hadn’t done any reviews since May (and I don’t review everything I get, so it’s not like I had an excessive number), and it let me do 3 reviews before it gave me that message. However, I didn’t even get any charms for the 3 that it allowed.

      • I can’t believe people are not talking about it! I went back and counted and I had $2.50 for 8 or 9 reviews!!! I tried to work it out for minimal loss…four months gone. So in September, I will review June’s BoxyLuxe (more products) and in October, I will review September’s BoxyLuxe. That’s the best solution I can come up with. Then I will promptly cash in my charms and drop all of Boxy. I MAY stay through December but that’s it. I have plans for January 1st to keep only two beauty subs. So far Ipsy Plus and Allure are the ones to stay.

  16. I’ve started following the BOX to keep an eye on it! It does look good, especially for $20! They have sent things that we’ve already received from other subs tho – but some I’ve haven’t got as well. For another month or so, I’m just going to watch it. lol

    Jenn – its The BOX by Fashionsta .

    I sent the link to Liz, a couple weeks ago, hoping she would get them on MSA for reviews!

    • Is it a new box or do you mean boxycharn?

      • It’s a new beauty box called The Box by Fashionsta. It’s been pretty popular, so they’re now in waitlist mode.

      • It’s a new subscription beauty box called The Box by Fashionsta not fashionista and you can google it. It sounds amazing!

    • I’m excited about that Box too!

  17. I got my e-mail last night, mine will be here Friday..also, I’ve been getting an e-mail showing what will be in my box, but I did not get it this time..i emailed boxy and they said they were just doing this on some people..but will start this soon…

  18. The eyelashes brand are Lashaholic luxury lashes. I have a pair of them and love them

  19. Ooo! According to tracking, i should be getting my box TODAY!

  20. The lashes are Lashaholic. We already have gotten them in our box.

    • Is everyone getting mascara and lashes? I cant handle anything on my lashes. Heavy and bothers me. Seems like almost every subscription box has mascara every month despite us stating our preferences to not have these items.

  21. Just got mine today! I received variation 2.

    I got the Becca powder and Wander glow oil, and my variation items were the Tarte mascara, 2 Ace Beaute singles in Iced Latte and Cotton Candy and a Steve Laurant lip liner in Chic. Which is a good nude color! Over all happy with the box!!

    • That’s my box too!

  22. I would love any box that does NOT have mascara and lashes. Eyelash products bother me, feel heavy and uncomfortable. But most subscription boxes always throw a mascara in every month despite our stated preference to not have it. The peach and lily glass skin serum is the reason I subscribed I heard its excellent.

  23. I just don’t really feel like boxycharm has changed all that much, it surprises me I still see them being considered #1 in beauty boxes. I realize this is totally my opinion and everyone likes different things, so it’s really not a big deal, I just don’t see that boxycharm is putting products in their box that are different than what they were putting in 2 years ago. It doesn’t seem like they listen to feedback much either. Ipsy did a huge overhaul and changed so many things. I love that there isn’t one brand that is always in the box, like Pur with boxycharm. I love that on the second of every month you get to choose form full and deluxe sized products to add to your box for $12 for full size and $3 for deluxe. You can choose up to three so you get more product of your own choosing in your box as well. Also, the whole Ipsy shopper is amazing. You can buy a lot of great brands like Mac, fresh, Estate, Hikari, Bobbi Brown all for 10-25% off all of the time. Then that percentage you get back in cash every two weeks or a month. I don’t know, I feel like Ipsy has really stepped it up. They are so good about not putting things in your box that you specifically asked to never have sent, and their customer care team responds quickly and always makes things right. Lol, I am literally not getting paid to write this. lol. Apparently I’m just surprised that with all of those perks and amazing products, that boxycharm is still at #1 status. Wait, you know what? Maybe I do see a specific brand a lot with Ipsy. Purlisse I see a lot, but I also love their skincare so many I didn’t notice it as much.

    • In theory I like the opt out option. In practice, I’ve opted out of mascara and lipstick and got a mascara last month and am getting a lipstick this month…

    • So with ipsy we can really opt out of things like mascara and lashes? (Anything on my lashes annoys me and I cant stand it). Seems that ipsy and sephora always have a mascara as per the spoilers and reviews on mysubscriptionaddiction . Thats why I never subscribed…i dont want products i will never use.

      • Yes, Ipsy will aow you to opt out of two items or products.

      • How do you opt out of items? I got picked 2 things this month I really didnt want

      • You’ll need to email Ipsy to opt out of the two items.

      • Yes. Just contact Ipsy and they will note up to two products they will TRY to never send. Mine are bronzers and self tanning products. I have not received either of them since (except when a bronzer is in a palette with eye shadows, blushes, highlighters and a bronzer or contour color). Note that you cannot opt out of specific shades or specific brands and an opt-out means the whole category. Example: you can opt out of lipstick but not specifically red lipstick. I am not sure if you can opt out of a certain product division within a broader category. For instance, I don’t know if you can opt out of liquid lipsticks or if it has to be ALL lipsticks. Hope that helps.

  24. I am kinda confused on my tiny little box for August. I so wanted that serum and yet again I have another stupid mascara. Are we allowed to Opt Out of items with boxycharm? Also August is not a boxy luxe box or are we getting both? I dont reclal getting such a small box ever.

    • There is no opting out with Boxycharm. Boxyluxe is coming in September. You should have gotten 5 items (the standard amount of items in regular Boxy)

    • My box arriving tomorrow. I hope not a mascara. I have not subscribed to certain boxes such as ipsy and sephora bc each month they send a mascara as per the spoilers and reviews I see. I do not use this. Boxycharm had a questionnaire when i signed up. I hope they use it. I would hate to get any eyelash products as anything on my lashes bothers me.

  25. Those are lashoholic lashes!! They are fabulous!

  26. I got my box today. Super fast it seems. I just got the tracking number yesterday and the label was created Friday. I got the top variation on this page and it was #9. I lucked out earlier this year and didn’t get the ‘Kim’ lashes. Not so fortunate this time. Nothing exciting in this box. I have the mascara, don’t use lashes, got a lot of oils that I already like and don’t do peel-off masks so I just wash off if I use. I guess the Becca powder?

  27. I got my box today. For the 1st time in 3 years they sent me a repeat (the lashes) but I’m not mad. I emailed them and I anticipate that they will offer me charms or a replacement item. I am still happy with my box, despite the repeat. I would have loved to try the serum, but I still think that it’s very well rounded and, for me, the Becca powder alone is worth the $21. Gotta look at the bright side, even when we don’t get exactly what we want!

    I received variation 9:


    Wander glow ahead

    Becca Powder in the lighter shade

    Pur Glitter mask

    Tarte Big Ego Mascara

    • I love your positive attitude! I got the exact same box today and had a baby tantrum! I wanted another option, but you are so right… overall it’s not that bad. The powder is the prize!

      • Haha it happens! I’ve gotten bummed about not getting a variation I wanted too

    • They have sent me doubles at least 3 times and when I emailed they just ignored my emails. I hope you have better luck than me.

      • Thanks 🙂 If not, it’s no big deal. They’ve always been super responsive to me in the past with damaged items. Fingers crossed

      • Those ARE Lashaholic lashes and yes, they were in a box last year. I think in the winter because I wore them for the 1st time to a winter event. Maybe even January.

      • If Boxy doesn’t get back to you I’d be willing to trade you for the lashes.

      • They got back to me and proceeded to argue with me and insist that I never received them. They tried to tell me I got a different brand (which I did but I also got the Lashaholic). It’s the first time I’ve felt like they dropped the ball on C.S. It was kind of a bad call on their part. Maybe I am just on overload but I am actually considering canceling after September, just for the principal.

      • O my gosh they tried to tell me I never received the lashoholic lashes either and I absolutely did! I’ve always heard Boxys CS was bad, it’s like they don’t even care anymore n think people won’t cancel cause next month is luxe

      • Are you saying you want the lashes bc I’m looking to trade mine for the glitter mask

  28. I received my box today.

    Tarte Big Ego mascara

    Becca Hydra mist powder

    Wander Glow Ahead face oil

    Ace beaute eye shadows in French Vanilla & Huckleberry

    Hillywood n Vine Kohl eye pencil

    Anyone want to trade for the eye shadow?

    • This is the same exact box I got. I’m surprised the free gifts didn’t ship separately.

    • I have not received mine yet, but what would you want in exchange for those eyeshadows?

  29. Still confused I am boxyluxe subscriber. I’m confused as to why I received boxycharm this month but haven’t in months past. I thought I would be getting a boxyluxe box in September. Help for this confused gal welcome… THANKS, Carla

    • You have to have regular Boxycharm in the off months if you want to get Boxyluxe. You can always unsub for 1 month then rejoin and cross your fingers you are taken off the waitlist for BL. But, you cannot ONLY get BL

  30. So far I’ve never received duplicates. I’ve gotten like eye shadows but different shades and different brands. I truly love boxycharm they take care of each charmer just have to let them know they’ll do you right. Give it a chance you’ll enjoy getting the monthly subscription I’m sure.

    I’m like excited for to get the August boxycharm. I have to say every month I try to wait patiently. Love my boxycharm

  31. Anyone that recieved their box care to share weight and variation, what’s included? My shipping notice says 0.6 lbs

    • I got my box yesterday, and my box weighed .8 lbs and it was variation #9. The contents were just like the box in the 1st pictured above.

      • Oh thank god. My weight is 0.08 lbs and I was hoping to not get that barbie×pur glitter mask. That has teenage girl or boy written all over it.

    • Mine is 0.6 lbs! Reddit post says it’s to include Tarte mascara, 2 eyeshadows, 1 lip liner.

    • Not sure what my variation is but my box weight is 0.9 lbs

  32. How do you prevent duplicates with Boxycharm? Do you email them? Hope for the best?

    I have 2 accounts and haven’t done anything but pay them, and I ALWAYS get the same 2 boxes. Sometimes it’s great, sometimes it’s OK, a few times it’s been totally throwaway the boxes upon looking at what they sent.

    I’d really like a variety of products but they don’t automatically send 2 different boxes my way. HELP, please? 😉

  33. These are lashaholic luxury lashes

  34. Im also seeing and reading comments of people getting a leave in conditioner in their box and some face spray from a previous box cant remember the name. So they are putting in a bunch of left overs which is what i have gotten every month since i started. Ive never gotten a main variation. I just started ipsy glam bag plus this month and it was amazing. I will use everything so if luxe spoilers don’t look good im canceling. Ipsy is way better imo.

  35. This will be my first boxycharm after stalking it for over a year. Main reason being the Becca powder because I’ve been shopping around for a setting powder and this is one that was on my list. I also like the butter London palette and the luxie brushes. I’m hoping I don’t get this variation though. I don’t use lashes or glittery skincare.

    I got my tracking info quickly though, signed up Sunday night and it shipped today. It will be here next Monday 😁

    • I just signed up, too. I am excited for the Becca powder and Wander Beauty oil because it has niacinamide as a top ingredient. I always love Luxie brushes. I would love the serum, but am pretty open.

  36. I got variation 10:

    Becca powder

    Wander oil

    Tarte mascara

    Pur Barbie peel-off mask

    Briogeo leave-in conditioner

    I only subscribed last month, I believe y’all got the leave-in conditioner a few months ago so it’s not a repeat for me. However I have a hard time believing a 2oz leave-in spray is the “full size.”

  37. Well I must be the oddball bc I really want the box with the glitter mask! LOL I was really shocked to see it in there bc they just launched that collection. I received a text about it just a few days ago …it looked really pretty and wouldn’t mind having the eyeshadow palette. But anywho I’ll gladly trade the eyeshadow duo(if that’s what I get) for the glitter mask with anyone who’s interested 🙂 my daughter loves mask and has never tried a glitter mask before and would be stoked to have it!!

    • Michelle did you end up getting the eyeshadows? If so which ones? I have the glitter mask n would like the silver, pink or purple eyeshadows

  38. I relatively new to boxy charm, well almost six months now, but I am kinda getting sick of all the variations. I never get the items I want. I just got off the waiting list for the BOX by fashionista so honestly, hate to sound like a brat, but if my Boxyluxe comes without any Sunday Riley I am cancelling.

  39. Just got my August box as a first time subscriber. I got:

    1. Becca Hydra Mist (lighter shade) -Powder usually isn’t very thrilling but Becca might be the exception.

    2. Tarte Big Ego -Also not thrilling per se, but it’s mascara and I’ll use it.

    3. Wander Glow Ahead -Excited about this one, particularly as the cooler months are coming around the corner.

    4. Pur Glitterally Pink Mask -I normally don’t use peel off masks but my 9 year old saw me take this out of the box and almost lost her mind. Spa day will be fun.

    5. Lashaholic Instaglam Lashes- Item I’m least likely to use. After getting both these and the Huda lashes in my Allure box this month, I’m wondering if I should actually try them or re-home them.

  40. The lashes look like Lashaholic lashes! We received a set from Boxycharm in the past and the packaging looks identical 🙂

  41. I received my box today, I got variation one with the Briogeo leave in moisture mask. I will not use the Barbie peel mask either 🙁 I love Boxy but this just was not my month, If anyone looking to trade I am on the trade site 🙁

    • I’m looking to trade lashes, lip liner and dose of colors lippie in the shade stone for the the glitter mask if your interested please let me know how I can find you

      • I have a glitter mask available. Flyingpeanut @ hotmail. com if other person doesn’t respond. I’m also on the swap site

      • Your on the boxycharm swap page on Facebook? I’m on there as well. My name is Michelle Bryant. How do we go about trading? I’ve never done it before so you’ll have to explain it to me. Also I buy and sell on mercari and poshmark as well. You can find me under mnbryant1 on there

  42. Apparently Briogio is a variant item. Just saw a video where she got

    *Peel off mask

    *Tarte mascara


    *Wander Glow Oil

    *Becca Powder

  43. I’m hoping one of you may be able to help me! I received my boxy today. I got the variation with the mascara, mask, and lashes- BUT! The info that comes with the product descriptions says NOTHING about lashes. It lists a “Cargo cosmetics 9 shade eyeshadow palette.” Hmm?! Idk if this was an error in printing, or an error on boxy’s Part? Has anyone else had this happen before?

  44. Does anyone getting the peach lily serum that want to trade for the tarte big ego mascara? 🙂

  45. I received my box today!

    Tarte Big Ego mascara

    Becca Hydra mist powder (light)

    Wander Glow Ahead face oil

    Ace beaute eye shadows in Cotton Candy & Iced Latte

    Steve Laurant lip pencil

  46. I got the worst boxy box ever, so disappointed. Faux eyelashes i never wear, glittery peel off mask and another mascara. I usually get variant#1 but this time I get #14. I guess bigger number means more leftover stuff.

  47. My bus arrived in southeast Wisconsin on 8/7.

    Trying to decide if I should drop out now or after the next Luxe. It’s mostly a cost and product pileup situation. I got box variant #2 and am not excited about 4/5 of it, but I have to try stuff. I’ve found myself liking things I didn’t expect to like at all before.

    I’m a little surprised by the Pür glitter peel off mask. Our didn’t seem to be into gimmicky things. I do love glitter, pink, and Pür, so maybe this will be the great peel off mask.

    I think I might just cut back to either the Allure box or the $10 ipsy. It’s fun to get to try things and get a fun package but I’m overloaded. The Allure has has things I’m not used to seeing.

  48. This is the one I got. I don’t wear/ don’t want to wear/ have no stinking interest in false lashes. Boxy is still worth it but I wasn’t overly impressed with this box.

  49. I have the second variation picture. I’m only keeping the Becca powder. Still worth the $21 with free shipping. I’m okay…last two months were a hit for me. So this one being an uggh box is okay. Those eyeshadows – yuck! Plus made in China 🙁

  50. I love lashes and I never get them. I hate getting mascara. I only use it very rarely.

    • Shaunna did you get the eyeshadows? I got the lashes but would really like to have gotten the pink, silver or purple eyeshadows

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